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  1. It’s been a great weekend, but I unfortunately have to be that guy who points out that it is still officially winter until 20th March.
  2. I don’t think I agree. Neither China or India are imposing sanctions on Russia, and the latter are still receiving arms from Russia as of today. I’m no economist, but if Putin can focus on his Asian trading partners to compensate for his European losses then I wonder if might be able to ‘weather the storm’.
  3. Apparently he has no connection to the gun shop anymore and just rents the studio space.
  4. I honestly have no complaints. The wait was less than I expected and the visit was professionally done.
  5. Thought I would post my experience below for Cheshire police. Applied - 15th October. Paid £60 for GP’s letter, which was required to be submitted with the application. FEO visit - 29th January. Certificate received - Today, 14th February. I was very pleased with the whole process, to be honest. 4 months for a new application seemed very reasonable too.
  6. I paid £60 back in October. I was initially told 6-8 week wait by the receptionist but after a few phone calls to check up on the progress I got it after 3 weeks. Cheshire Police won’t allow you to submit an SGC application without the letter, so I was somewhat impatient to receive.
  7. The lock to the loft hatch, not the safe.
  8. Hey, thanks a lot for the advice. Really appreciate you and others giving me some ideas that don’t sounds like a massive upheaval. I’m going to discuss these with my builder on Friday and hopefully have it sorted shortly afterwards. I have a relatively low ceiling in the upstairs hall, so can reach the loft handle by hand. I have a key to the lock on my house keys, but also have spares. I have a pull-down loft ladder installed too, so the whole process of opening the loft hatch, pulling down the ladder and climbing up there takes about 30 seconds. I had emailed the firearms department to check if the loft was a suitable location in advance, and their response was though they can’t formally approve without an inspection, there is “no reason why the cabinet can’t go in the loft”. I’ve still got that email in case the issue is raised later.
  9. Thanks, that was actually my understanding as well, which is why I initially had no issues with it being glued to the wall. Especially once I realised how strong the glue was. It wasn’t until someone cast doubts that I started to become concerned myself. I think what I’ll do is speak to my builder next week when I see him, and see if he is willing to bolt it to the wall as per the advice I received above. If he will do it quickly and cheaply then I may as well to hopefully resolve any potential issues. If not, then I’ll get the name of the glue that he used and contact the FEO and ask if they consider this a valid method of fixing. He did actually build a wooden frame around the safe for me. There’s nowhere around the base that you could get a crowbar 👍
  10. Thanks both, I appreciate the ideas. I’ll pass this along to my builder when I see him next week. I feel better knowing there are possibilities that don’t involve removing the safe first. I had also heard that some FEOs would be concerned with a safe in the loft so I made sure to check this with the firearms department first. I made them aware in my email that I was both - planning to install in the loft, and that it was a horizontal safe as opposed to a traditional upright. I got a positive answer back for both, and still have the email reply just in case it’s queried on the visit. The method of fixing was unfortunately the only thing I didn’t check beforehand.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I’m a fairly average size guy - 5’10 and 13 and a half stone. The fact that it takes my full weight very easily is the only reason I’m considering waiting for the FEO visit to see whether they may approve. Thanks for the reply. It may be a good idea for me to email the FEO in advance. I did this to check that the positioning of my safe would be ok before installation. I wish I’d asked about fixings then too, would have saved me a lot of trouble. Forgive me if this is an ignorant question, but concerning your fixing suggestion, would the safe need to be removed from the wall before this was done? That’s actually exactly what I’m hoping for, that there is a way to bolt the safe to the wall without ungluing the safe (which sounds like a pain of a job)
  12. I’m 3 weeks into a first-time SGC application, but I’m starting to have concerns about my cabinet. Due to space constraints, I purchased a horizontal space saver cabinet, that holds 2 broken down shotguns. It’s been installed in the loft fit to the breeze block (new build house, so breeze block only comes about 60cm off the floor - hence the horizontal safe). I’m not DIY-minded, so I got a workman in to install. As there were no holes pre-drilled in the back of the cabinet, only the base, he asked if he could use a strong glue to fix the cabinet to the wall. I initially didn’t think this was a problem, so I agreed and said it would be fine so long as the safe was ‘extremely secure’. I tested it out after he has finished and was happy enough. Tried putting all my weight into it and it wouldn’t budge an inch. He also bolted the safe to the wooden loft boards using the pre-drilled holes. It wasn’t until a week later when I was having a shooting lesson, and when talking about my safe the instructor told me that he didn’t think the police would accept a safe that had been glued rather than bolted. After looking around on the internet, it looks like he’s right. I actually have the same workman coming around at the end of next week for an unrelated job, so I’m wondering if I should query with him the idea of having the safe bolted instead of glued, or wait for the FEO visit and see what they say. It’s my own fault for not researching properly before installation, but does anybody have any knowledge of how much of a pain this would be to fix? I don’t know the name of the glue that he used off-hand, but I’ll get that when I speak to him.
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