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  1. Hi Gents, Never used G/B in anything but O/U guns, but extraction problems with my first M37 were solved by polishing the chamber to a mirror finish, and using 'high brass' shells like Winchester Super Speeds which cured it. Worth checking the condition of the extractor claws and that the top one is correctly aligned woth the 'slot' machined in the barrel. Hope these 'words of wisdom' from Impala originally help. Steve
  2. Evening Gents, I'm on my second 1897 (see earlier photos) and third M37 so I'm getting the hang of them. A friend in Northamptonshire has a Norinco clone '97 which in my humble opinion is awful in every respect. I refused to actually fire it. I had an original trench gun in the '70's , but apart from it's scarcity value, was neither one thing nor t'other .I've still got the 1917 bayonet and US scabbard . I'd be patient, save my money and a genuine '97 will turn up sooner or later. When all said and done not every one can get a Sec 1 variation, n
  3. Hello, You don't happen to have a spare barrel by any chance please? Steve
  4. I'm seeking a Browning Auto 5 Final Tribute or other special edition, in excellent/mint/unfired condition, or preferably unadulterated but Sec 2 considered. Must be in UK Mainland have FAC & SGC and cash!
  5. Evening Gents, As I type (8/7/20) there's a Stevens Model 67 series E @£ 165 advertised by Guns and Guns of Surrey if anyone's interested? It's FAC but at that money would be worth converting to Sec ? Hope this is of use to a fellow 'pumper'! Regards to all Steve
  6. If the 62A was in good order that would be a bargain as on GT and GS they currently range from £195 for a Rossi copy to an ambitious £795 ! Mine's a 1941 just before production stopped due to the Yanks entering WW2, works perfectly, I love shooting it and can still get a 3" group at 50 yards. Regards to all Steve
  7. Morning from a sunny Devon, Day 5 of self isolation so going through 'stuff' on my computer and found a photo of two of my Winchesters together which is I guess is fairly uncommon sight. At the top is my Winchester 1897 Black Diamond Trap in 12 gauge from 1910, and below is my Winchester 62A in .22rf from 1941. The ^"A or one just like it was the first firearm I ever fired as a 12yr old at Wilson's Funfair in Kenilworth, Warwickshire in the early '60's. Apologies f
  8. Morning Gents, Interested in comments on '97 trench gun. A RFD chum had one decades ago and I had the opportunity to try it as well as 'feel the steel'. My verdict was as excellent weapon for what it was intended for ie close quarters combat and as a deterrentant on guard/sentry duty. Aside from that the applications are/were limited due to the spread of shot at say 20 yards, I looked into converting one of my '97s a while ago but decided against it as I was going to ruin an original gun, and I didn't think the 'Boys in blue' were likely to give me a S
  9. Thanks for your kind remarks gents, and thanks for the correction Impala, it is a 1977 not '87 and is further thus dated by the chequering on the stock, rather than the rolled on later guns and the smaller 'corn cob' fore end unlike to larger ones on later guns.The dealer who sold it told me that it was owned by an 'eccentric' gentleman who had owned it from new, and had sold his entire collection due to a stroke. Looking at it, I'd guess it he was a collector rather than a shooter as I've never had a used gun with so little blemishes upon it including my B2G Looking forwards to Impala ha
  10. Hi Folks, Just a quick one to show my latest addition to the family. Another Ithaca M37 from 1987, seemingly with very little use and no abuse. When it stops raining for 10 minutes looking forwards to trying it on a few clays in field next to house. It's only the third one I've had ........... so long way to go to catch up with Impala! Regards Steve
  11. Evening Gents, Not a pump but relevant I think, I've shot everything except wildfowl with a Miroku 600 26" skeet gun for 45+ yrs. It's always done the job for me, all I do is change the shot size and wadding dependant on what I'm expecting to shoot. Thanks for the kind remarks re my latest purchase, will post some photos when it arrives. Steve
  12. Good afternoon Ladies and Gents, Just bought another Sec1 M37, reputedly in unabused original condition (the way I like 'em) the third I've had so far plus two 1897's, .......... just can't leave them alone! Collecting from local RFD Fri/Sat, lets hope it stops raining for 5 mins so I can step out and try it. Photos to follow. Regards Steve
  13. Morning from a sunny if chilly Devon, Sheer distance precludes me from attending this event, but I wish all concerned both an enjoyable and successful day, thanks for the invite. Regards Steve
  14. Hello from sunny Devon, I've just acquired a Browning Twelvette in good order to add to my JMB collection (know this was his son) and I'm after a raised rib barrel ideally 26" or WHY, wonder if you can help please? I think we've 'spoken' before on pump club, and I lived nr Silverstone for 30yrs before moving to Cornwall and now in glorious Devon! 01398 332130 will find me most times. Regards Steve
  15. Hello from a damp Devon, Thanks for the offer of the 25 10/22 mag Impala, but it's an original 10shot I'm after as it doesn't protrude from the profile of the gun and get in the way or knocked about Nice woodwork on that new BPS the gentleman in Scotland's got, I'm very impressed with that ! Regards Steve
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