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  1. Morning from a sunny if chilly Devon, Sheer distance precludes me from attending this event, but I wish all concerned both an enjoyable and successful day, thanks for the invite. Regards Steve
  2. Hello from sunny Devon, I've just acquired a Browning Twelvette in good order to add to my JMB collection (know this was his son) and I'm after a raised rib barrel ideally 26" or WHY, wonder if you can help please? I think we've 'spoken' before on pump club, and I lived nr Silverstone for 30yrs before moving to Cornwall and now in glorious Devon! 01398 332130 will find me most times. Regards Steve
  3. Hello from a damp Devon, Thanks for the offer of the 25 10/22 mag Impala, but it's an original 10shot I'm after as it doesn't protrude from the profile of the gun and get in the way or knocked about Nice woodwork on that new BPS the gentleman in Scotland's got, I'm very impressed with that ! Regards Steve
  4. Afternoon Gents, Just to let you know that I've sold one of my Sec 1 ithaca M37's as advertised on Gunstar for £330 fairly easily, but not it's not the Deerslayer which has become a 'keeper', and very handy for local vermin control etc etc. Off topic I know, but I'm after a 10 shot magazine for a Ruger 10/22 ........... anyone got one gathering dust somewhere?? Regards Steve
  5. I require another standard 10 shot magazine for my Ruger 10/22 in working order. Do you have one gathering dust somewhere? Cash, cheque or transfer.
  6. A very handsone pair Impala, you must have a sizable collection of pumps by now. I'm 50/50 with Browning & Winchester, many of the latter are JMB's designs anyway, pre WW2 rifles and shotguns just have that style, feel and smoothness seemingly often lost by 'progress' more recently. I guess this is caused by the economy of manufacture and to some extent materials, many seem to possess acceptable mechanicals to be let down by woodwork thats only fit for firewood, resulting in a nasty cheap looking weapon. Reassuringly Grumpily Steve
  7. Hi, Theres several videos on U Tube that show you how to strip/clean and reassemble your gun, hope this is usefull. Good luck
  8. Afternoon, I've got an Ithaca M37 Sec1 you could prize off me iff your interested? Send me you e mail & will send photos. Regards Steve
  9. ............. my Ex had a set of mugs just like those .......................... difficiult to get a grip off .....................................
  10. All 1st Class passtimes Fulltime scores........ Magpies 0 M37s 1 ............ no score draw with the trout again! Off to 'punch paper at local rifle club with 62a ............ at least the targets dont fly or swim away! Enjoy the glorious weather
  11. Ah-ha 'I wondered when you'd spot that one' ............ as Captain Mannering would have said............. Yes Impala's quite correct I've a Winchester 62A .22rf rifle, which is a slide/pump action, and a delightful gun to use, and the first firearm I ever fired, at a shooting gallery in Wilson's funfair at Kenilworth in about 1960 when I was 11/12. Slightly 'off topic' the same gallery was still in use with the same 62a's at Banbury (Oxon) steam fair in '01 or '02. Shan't be watching the 'wedding' probably trying to introduce a M37 to a magpie who is plundering the local 'tweety-birds' nests of eggs and chicks or catch trout in the river Exe. Happy Days, Steve
  12. Yes indeed, and the assumption that pumps were issued to the Military in WW's 1&2 were probably due to: a. Cost and b. Simplicity of cleaning and servicing 'in the field. Like the revolver vs automatic in the world of pistiols, the user is less likley to loose components of the gun whilst cleaning a pump than the semi auto. This is especially true when the barrel removes as easily as 1897's & M37's do. The timings ran from the 1st to 5th shot, with observations made to ensure all rounds hit the target, difference was approx 5 seconds for the pumps and 3 seconds for the autos.we did'nt bother with decimal points. Unsurprisingly, the Winchester 69A was the fastest pump if my memory serves me well. The lawn mower beckons Grrrrr !
  13. Morning fellow pumpers, Been moving house etc etc from Cornwall to Devon, now 90% complete thank goodness, hence lack of 'comms'. I'd like to comment on a discussion a while ago on PC regarding the practicalities of 'slam fire'. Owning or having recently done so, several Winchester '97's, Ithaca M37's and Winchester 62A, I have had the opportunity of timing of 5 rounds 'on target' (an old jerry can) at about 10 yards distant, against a Browning Auto5, Beretta A400 and BAR. Using 3 different experianced shooters, familar with the weapons (all Sec 1), in favourable outdoors conditions, the self loaders beat the pumps every time buy a margin of approx 50%, which surprised us. The reason is presumed to be the time the pumps took to 'return to target' before working the action, against the auto's reloading themselves during the recoil phase of the cycle, thus all the shooter had to concentrate on was acquiring the target and squeezing the trigger we concluded. Therefore assuming equal mechanical reliability, we found there is no advantage to the 'slam fire' of a pump against a self-loader, even at 'bayonet ranges'. Militarily, and with paper cases, pumps might have been found to be more reliable, with little/inexperianced/no maintenance, but we did'nt try dunking them in seawater etc at any point ! Hope I'm not 'ejected' from PC as a consequence of these surprising findings. Thanks to Pete and Tony for their help in conducting this comparison, and to Carolyn for bringing endless refreshments in ear defenders! Regards Steve
  14. "better to be thought a fool, than speak on prove it" ? Abraham Lincoln.......... Mr Morgan could do well to pay heed to these wise words?

    Can't 'find' the Pump Club on site has something electronically happened??

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