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  1. Totally agree, I’m not new to the shooting element, just the hunting part. I’m an outdoor person anyway. Just looking for easy reference as I begin.
  2. New to the shooting game, well The hunting game. So are there any easy reference guides for quarry, and general shooting matters?
  3. Done me ok the last couple of years to be fair. I get it done in Tesco it adds at the pharmacy
  4. Be interested if you have a decent bolt .22LR also @wabbitbosher
  5. A little bit more than I wanted to spend, but I really like the look of that.
  6. Steve, Do you have some pictures?
  7. Buckinghamshire happy to travel a bit
  8. Just been offered some land to shoot on, looking for a cheap .22LR setup and possibly a 17HMR. New to shooting so just want a cheap set up, ideally with a surpressor and a shortened barrel.
  9. Just been offered some land to shoot on, looking for a cheap .22LR setup and possibly a 17HMR. New to shooting so just want a cheap set up, ideally with a surpressor and a shortened barrel.
  10. If I was closer I would have this. Do you travel south at all?
  11. Apologies, haven't logged for a while been away quite a bit. Got my FAC now, I have a number of .22 LR and .17HMR on there, the FEO upped the ammo limits without asking so buying ammo was cheaper.
  12. I have said in other comments that you can be identified by the police etc for that purpose. Plus even if you hide your IP you cannot hide your computers GUID, so you can still be identified.
  13. You will possibly find you are targeted now for tire sales, the price wont be the cheapest either. Clear your cookies and unplug your router for a few mins, you will get a new IP address and they wont know you have looked at them
  14. @grrclark Are you a tech type of guy? I think the state of firearms licensing its unlikely they will invest in an area that simply isn't an issue at present quite unlikely, but not impossible. I think most people do not realise how much data they consent to being released through agreeing to terms and conditions of websites, forums and social media.
  15. Don't use the trigger words, MI5 may be watching I apologise if I didn't answer part of your question, it certainly wasn't intentional. My comment on the number of police officers was a rebuke to the claim the police monitor the internet, monitoring and research are very different things. Plus firearms licensing isn't crime and therefore prevents use of surveillance or covert action. You are quite correct, the police employ intelligence analysts/researchers for much of the internet stuff, but officers do carry out minor open source research for minor offences. I think the last I was informed there is 1 Civil Servant to 2 Police Officers, I don't know how true that is, but I am guessing its not far off. I would argue the covert claim, as the police don't tell suspects they are gathering evidence, this isn't covert as far as the police definition goes, this is due to the fact that any monitoring or targeting falls within the surveillance category. But I accept the dictionary definition. Very valid points, but do we think a firearms licensing department, who are under manned are using AI? You raise a very good point, Experian have a massive database non of us can escape. You conspiracy theorist
  16. My realistic assessment of the ability of the Police, because you don't agree doesn't make it an invalid opinion. I have already said that social media is looked at but not 'monitored' as some people claim. I by no means have a closed mind on the subject, and I would like people to engage and express what they think. Some already have.
  17. Do you think regular Police Officers are the ones trawling the internet for information 'just in case'? I think someone is sensationalising the ability of the Police to monitor the goings on of the internet.
  18. How would Jeremy Kyle still be in work if it wasn't for teenage brained adults fighting over Doris calling them names over social media if they didnt have Facebook.
  19. I am trying to stimulate debate, so would you care to expand on your comment? I have already said the police use the internet for law enforcement, such as a complaint is made and the police recover the evidence from the internet. But monitoring and recovering data as part of a complaint are very different wouldn't you say?
  20. There is 1 Police Officer for every 517 people in the UK, the average computer ability of a Police Officer is at best basic, with many resorting to 1 fat finger typing. Lets take in to consideration shift wort over 24 hrs a day, 365 days a week. So in reality how many police officers are 'monitoring' the internet every day? There is something like 200 million emails sent annually in the UK alone, 89 percent of adults use the internet daily (about 42 million people), with about 36.6 million people having a facebook account. This is excluding all other social media, chat rooms, deep web, dark web, tor etc etc. The stats speak for their self http://www.hondachat.com/showthread.php?t=IDLEupJzDoC7VLP8o Who is reading all this data? Its GB's a second? Lets not detract from the fact the police to view parts of the internet for law enforcement or intelligence purposes. But if innocent people think they are being spied on, you need to put your foil hat on more often and stay off the gin. I think people have to much faith in the nearly bankrupt and short sighted government abilities if this is the case. But again @Gordon R, I am interested in why you have a different opinion and I thank you for contributing.
  21. Not publishing an action does not make it covert as there is no statutory duty for the police to disclose such action, moreover the individual has published their material, therefore they consent to others accessing it. When you buy milk do you tell everyone? Are you acting covertly because you didn't? Police do not monitor the internet per se, (well not in relation to minor crime or firearms licensing anyway) they do conduct open source searches retrospectively, as do many others. For the police to act in a covert manner they must comply with legislation and get authority, for the police in this scenario to 'target' an individual, this would not be authorise as it does not meet the criteria for 'Directed Surveillance' which this would fall within if the police make more than a specific number of attempts to access a persons online data. Lets keep in mind here that a FEO works for the police and therefore must comply with the same legislation/policy as a Police officer has to. But I understand your view and appreciate the healthy debate. Thank you. Im interested in your views then on what the police should be able to do in what circumstance.
  22. So do employers these days, its the cheapest way of getting info.
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