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Found 23 results

  1. Just been offered some land to shoot on, looking for a cheap .22LR setup and possibly a 17HMR. New to shooting so just want a cheap set up, ideally with a surpressor and a shortened barrel.
  2. For sale, this Sharpes Innova complete sight unit, ready to go. Just slip on, tighten down and shoot! From a 1980 Japanese Sharpes Innova in .22 Asking price is 25GBP + post.
  3. yHaving just sold both my rifles I have the following items for sale:- 207 .22 rimfire Winchester subs £15 41 PMC Zapper 22 copper coated high velocity rimfire £5 227 .17 17gr V-Max Rimfire £50 1x virtually unused Tri-pod sticks , still in sleeve. Extends to 5ft plus £25 1x well used Bi-pod sticks £5 + P+P 1x Hawk sport HD 4x12x50 AO Scope £25 SOLD 1x extra long rifle cover( I used it for an F.A.C gas-ram air rifle which was huge. Only used a couple of times so it is mint!) £20 A
  4. Well after only taking 5 weeks to process my Fac, yesterday was the first opportunity to get to the gun shop, ended up walking away with a pair of Tbolts in .22 and .17Hmr. Wife said as I was fitting bipods, I thought you were getting 1!!! ? good job she doesn’t know about the .223 slot ???
  5. http://www.pneumaticballistics.com/22-bsa-20-shot Should work in all bsa rifles. As above in .22 cal £45 + postage cost Open to offers Tia
  6. Hi all, my name is Matthew and i am 25 from Northwich, Cheshire. I have been shooting airguns for at least 10 years, this includes target shooting and hunting equally. I have 2 plots of land that i have permission to shoot and I am going to take the plunge and apply for my firearms Certificate, for a .22lr and .17HMR. I currently own a Daystate Mk3 .177/ Stoeger X20 s2 .177/ Cometa 300 Nickel .22 I love the Daystate, the accuracy and precision is constant and reliable, however... i am also a massive fan of spring rifles. I guess they both have their pro's and con's. Anyway, thats m
  7. i occasionally do a little tactical or 3 gun shooting but my 1417 bolt action is well ....not suited! any smith and wesson , heckler & koch , or others particularly with extra mags etc . i have slot and cash ready
  8. Hi I have a Army surplus shop in kings lynn and im looking at supplying Air pellets .177 and .22...Please can anyone advise me on which ones are the better make to stock...Thanks Kirk
  9. I have for sale three sealed bags of 100 .22 Hornet Winchester Brass - £32 per bag of 100 posted.
  10. Ok just got my new Air Ranger.22 (dare I use the word awsome ) Lovely rifle. However I have heard so much advice on what type of pellet ( hard/soft, long /short, heavy/standard etc). That to be honest I don't know if I am coming or going . So my question is to anyone using a 40ftlb Air ranger. Can you please point me in the right direction with regards to pellets?
  11. I would like to buy a .22 LR but would like to know the ones to keep away from and the ones to concider. It would be for fieldwork zeoed at 60yds. for rabbit bopping, I am concidering an auto (slr) because I can be confronted with 20 odd rabbits at a time. Advice please.
  12. Wildcat Whisper moderator. Virtually brand new Had about 50 rounds through it In original box £75 MOD is on FAC Wigan Area
  13. Hello all, I have a tin of these pellets which I have hardly used so I've decided to split them up in sample packs if anyone is interested. I don't have that many (around 6-7 packs of 40). - 40 Pellets - 2nd Class Delivery £2.40 Bank Transfer £2.70 PayPal 1st Class Delivery £2.70 Bank Transfer £3.10 PayPal Prices included postage. I'm not making anything on these after costs, but hopefully they may help a few people out! Cheers!
  14. I'm looking for a CZ American 453 or 452 with Yodave trigger in .22lr with moderator, decent scope and possibly bipod. I'm also looking for my first FAC shotgun, I'm financially challenged, so I'd be happy with a cheap auto or pump 8/9+1. I'm also looking for a S&W 15-22 Dark Earth with mags, site, etc for mini-rifle comp's. AND a belt system load2/4 with kydex mag holders for the 15-22. I'm in Bristol, but frequently travel to Devon.
  15. First of all, Hello everyone, I think finding this forum is going to be a great addition to my shooting. Im Alex, 25 in Birmingham. Been shooting for a few years, due to recent move to built up area (away from parents) am now struggling to find land to be able to shoot on. If anyone has any land available, i would be most appreciative if they could make contact. I will happily shoot any pests anyone does not want to persue in exchange for shooting permission. Pick of the bag always offered to land owner, shoots left as i found them, clean, tidy, no mess, and all wildlife respected
  16. Here is the question: IF you were you going to get a CZ455 with barrel swap facility would you with your initial purchase 1) Get it with a factory (varmint) barrel in .22 and then get a lilja barrel in .17hmr or 2) Get it with a factory barrel in .17hmr and purchase a Lilja in .22 Which caliber would be the better 'accuracy' upgrade and make the most difference. The cost is pretty much the same either way so .........? Lilja link: ( http://www.riflebarrels.com/products/cz_455.htm)
  17. ROY

    S410 MAG

    Does anybody have a spare mag/mags for an air arm s410 in .22 they would like to sell me for sensible money???
  18. As above folks i'm after a full die set for a .22 Hornet. I need a full sizer, neck sizer, seating die. Also, flaring and crimping dies would be good! No heavily used rubbish though folks..... Thanks.
  19. Just had the FEO round to check me out for Rimfire FAC, .22 and 17HMR. All OK but he asked if I had experience with the calibers. I had to reply that although I had 30 years with a shotgun and more with an air-rifle, i had not shot a rimfire, tho I am familiar with safety aspects.the ranges they shoot to, ballistics, etc. He told me he would like me to get some experience with someone with a rimfire, just to get a feel of the difference I guess, discuss safe shooting and tips, get a few shots down range etc. He pretty much made it a condition, and to give him a call after, where he wo
  20. http://youtu.be/nwpxd2LnsL4
  21. Hi guys, new to the forum, and I wanted a little bit of help from you . I've just received an air rifle from my father who got it off his grandad. He reckons it about 30-40 years old, but I'm not taking this as gospel. If anyone could tell me what model the gun is, that would be fantastic. It's not in its original colours as someone along the line decided to paint it in a rusty coloured paint, and I'm halfway through stripping/sanding off the paint to apply a different finish. I've attached a few photos just to help (sorry about the picture quality and lighting, can take more if need be). If i
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