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  1. KB1

    plastic polution rant

    Maybe because upping the use of paper and cardboard will accelerate deforestation? I don't profess to have the answer, but see recycling (When taken seriously) as one of our best options.
  2. KB1

    Strange world

    I did say to her "I've seen you eating a Sea Slug once when we were in China, so you can't complain about what people say"😁
  3. KB1

    Strange world

    My Mrs wants to poke your eyes out😀😁😀😁
  4. KB1

    Ted Baker Hip Flask

    That deserves a hug😁
  5. KB1

    Cabinet Keys

    Not to mention consistency😀
  6. KB1

    Cabinet Keys

    My FEO asked where I keep my keys.... I said "I'm not telling you, its a secret"😀 He said, "Good answer".
  7. KB1

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    You could just talk to her and explain🙂
  8. KB1

    wander round

  9. I love cheese, all sorts of cheeses, but in particular I love a strong mature cheddar. Recently I discovered a new cheese (new to me) called 'Sussex Charmer' which is a blend of cheddar and parmesan..... It's probably the most 'morish' cheese I've come across👅 At present, I can only find it in Sainsburys (Or online for extortionate prices), but I would recommend to anyone who likes their cheeses to go out and try this true gem.
  10. KB1

    wander round

    What's the one next to the Pigeon?
  11. KB1

    14 million in poverty

    Just to throw a spanner in the works..... A large percentage of people classed as living below the poverty line, fork out each week on the lottery (some, way beyond their means). Do any of you on here stop to think that you are complicit in their demise as you put yours on? PS. I'm guilty of playing regularly, and dreaming of winning even more regularly😎 and if I did win, I would have twice as much fun as the fat cats, and couldnt give a hoot about being called any names. Family comes first!
  12. KB1

    My Wife (once again)

    My wife's Chinese......... How long have you got?😫
  13. KB1

    14 million in poverty

    I was in Iceland last week, and they're not far off that price now😳