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  1. KB1

    Royal Portrush Open

    That's got to be one of the daftest posts I've seen on PW🤪
  2. How I wish someone near Carlisle would post such a dream offer😪
  3. To promote Northbrook Sports Club, maybe 😳. Anyway, what's the point in many GWR attempts? (Rhetorical question)
  4. KB1

    Royal Portrush Open

    So much talent out there……… You don't know what your missing😀 Felt sorry for Tiger today😕 Difficult to watch….
  5. Anyone else shirking work to watch this? GREAT STUFF!!!!!
  6. BASC subscription😁. Beats all the PW rhetoric.......
  7. I will bow to your superior knowledge, seeing as I only learnt of their existence 2 days ago🤐
  8. You live and learn…….. I'd never even heard of one before😳
  9. KB1

    Tommy Robinson,

    Thats right, religion is reserved for those who buy into Flying Horses, Sea's parting, Noah's Ark, Angels with wings, Splitting of the moon, Devine healing, being 'spoken' to by God, etc, etc 🙄 and Race is something we humans have struggled with for centuries, and will probably do so for centuries to come……. TR is just a by-product of the rest of humanity🤔
  10. I'm going to hazard a guess……….. 9/10🤔 😳
  11. I'm 58 this year, and I've been shooting (Mainly Rough & Clay) for as long as I can remember. Of late however, my guns haven't seen the light of day (Apart from the odd cleaning spree) for at least 6 months. Sometimes this is because I'm too busy with other stuff, but mostly because the passion just isn't there anymore…….. Question to PW members: On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you say your shooting passion level is? Mine is currently about 3😥
  12. They cost about £3+ a packet online, but Aldi & Lidl are selling the big packs for £1 each. These are the best tasting crisps we've (Me, the Mrs and the kids) ever had!!!
  13. KB1

    Crystal Hunting

    Thats spooky……. my neighbour was just telling me that I should try there🤔
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