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  1. That's normally been my experience, but this time they went to the far end of a f-art...... They phoned my referee and questioned him in depth, tested my safe, took out all the guns and cross referenced serial numbers against my ticket, wanted to see all my medication (after declaring a heart attack from 4 years ago), wanted to see my clay ground membership details, AND ate all my Hobnob's😳. I was starting to feel like I'd done something wrong, so I asked 'why the in-depth investigation' this time? I was told "We're not too busy at the moment, so we have plenty of time to go through the process"🙄 Nice guy though, the FEO; and 9 days later I have received my renewal👍
  2. KB1

    Business electricity supplier dispute

    To be fair we don't know all the in's and out's enough to help him, but if he's signed a lease and has used electricity since that time, then he is liable to pay.
  3. KB1

    Business electricity supplier dispute

    How would they fold if he's used electricity supplied by them?
  4. KB1

    Business electricity supplier dispute

    You can change your supplier at any time if you haven't signed a supplier contract, but you will have to pay for any electricity you've used with the current supplier. If you call a supplier of your choice, they can switch you over almost immediately, providing you don't have any outstanding debts with the current supplier.
  5. It's crazy how it differs up and down the land. I sent mine in last Tuesday and got a call from my FEO today. He's coming to see me tomorrow👍
  6. KB1

    Nikon P900

    Sold now👍
  7. KB1

    Will I get a sgc

    Oops😳 I didn't read from the outset....... just picked up from another thread😬
  8. KB1

    Northern Lights

    If you download the 'Aurora Pro' App, you can see the best places and strength predictions.
  9. KB1

    Nikon P900

    Just bought myself a Nikon P1000, and am selling my P900. Just over a year old and in mint condition. Will sell to the nearest offer to £250 + p&p if required.
  10. O/U with half and half....... haven't a clue which barrel I'm discharging first as I never check the selector😐 Don't think it really matters with equal chokes.
  11. KB1

    Feo visit

  12. KB1

    Northern Lights

    Saw them in Iceland a few months ago..... well worth a short visit. Be prepared for a few late nights, and a bit of driving around for clear skies though.
  13. KB1

    USA Shutdown

    I think that would extend way beyond PW🤔
  14. KB1

    BREXIT - merged threads

  15. KB1

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I'm surprised her Ex-BF lets her anywhere near the TV these days🙄