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  1. You could make a few bob selling the wood for turning blanks……..
  2. Nothing to do with the super league……..
  3. At least some Americans see it for what it is…...
  4. He pretty much sums it up……….
  5. So sorry for your painful loss. Our hearts go out to you xxx
  6. If you can watch to the end without welling up, then you did better than me.
  7. KB1

    Dirty pigs

    I've been playing for 40+ years, and never heard or seen anything like that……….. Hope I never visit your course🤢
  8. You're actually correct…...
  9. Exactly the same happened to me with DPD, photograph etc, however the driver told his hierarchy that he knocked at the door……….. Until I said I would be happy to send a copy of my CCTV recording, showing him stopping 10ft from the door, taking a photo and then returning to his van🙄 Don't deserve a job, some of them!…………. although they gave me £50 off my tumble dryer as an apology.
  10. KB1

    Ups and downs

    I just want to be locked down😩 Still having to travel 200 miles everyday for work…….
  11. It's all too easy to jump on the 'Orange Man Bad' bandwagon that been spoon-feeding MSM lemmings over the past four years. The guy didn't stand much chance from the outset with the Democratic party vitriol and main stream media political bias on his case from day one. Despite all of the rhetorical BS, he never did anything heinous that anyone could provide evidence for…... The thriving economy under his tenure wasn't something Wall Street and other world markets could sweep under the MSM carpet…... As for inciting violence, then all you have to do is google (If they haven't alr
  12. KB1


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