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  1. KB1


    Maybe you are right, but I thought it would be interesting leaving it in this thread, just to see if folk can answer a simple YES or NO🥴
  2. KB1


    Aside from all the for and against BREXIT eloquent arguments, pearls of wisdom etc. constantly trotted out on this thread, isn't it about time we all just nail our colours to the mast? As I've said previously, I didn't vote one way or the other and would benefit personally from staying in the EU. However, I think democracy is more important that my personal preference. So, try if you can to answer to answer the following question with a simple YES or NO, without adding qualifications, if's, but's and all that malarkey🙄 Do you think we should honour the 2016 Democratic Referendum Result? YES
  3. Not many about with reverse function….. One with reverse you could try is RoboKaddy, you may find some second hand ones for sale on-line.
  4. Probably blow it up on todays modern trolly🤪 They have sat nav and course info computers built in….. Some of them now even follow the owner (who carries a fob) all around the course, even going ahead to the next tee on 'their' own🥴. Apart from that, some do have a reverse function, but most have only forward as going up and down steep parts of the course is usually avoided; as with the buggies. On the negative side, they can cost upwards of a full set of clubs……..
  5. Enough people have pointed it out to you, and now it seems it's descending in virtue signalling……. so it's probably better we agree to disagree and leave it there. On a positive note, I generally find myself in agreement with most of your comments on here👍
  6. Comparing racist rhetoric to a Tattoo name is to say the least, extreme……. I think it's also fair to say, that there is a modicum of ignorance in the understanding of peoples perceptions when it comes to the intentional meanings behind 'a name' depending on your generation etc. For example, many people who get a tattoo on their lower backs actually ask for a 'Tramp Stamp'. Many Tattoo artists advertise multiple 'Tramp Stamp' designs. The internet is full of 'Tramp Stamp' paraphernalia………. It's only derogatory if you view it in that way😳 I've never heard of anyone with such a tattoo refer to it as "A Lower Back Tattoo", but I've heard many refer laughingly to their own as a "Tramp Stamp', as it doesn't carry the label as attached by you🙄 One example: https://www.gettattoosideas.com/lower-back-tattoos/ You may not be PC or a liberal snowflake, but there are plenty out there and they would have called this one out a long time ago if it was in any way misogynistic……
  7. You're a funny onion at times Scully🥴
  8. NO, 'he' definitely is NOT🙄 and it's about time you put on what is normally you're sensible head, and accept that you can sometimes be mistaken in your judgement 🤔
  9. No, I don't see what you mean, as I'm referring to a particular type of tattoo, not a person🙄 For example, if I had said I don't like 'Sleeve's', would you then infer that I am calling people sleeve's? To be honest, I thought you had got the wrong end of the stick when you saw my original comment as a 'sweeping statement' when in fact it was a reference to a particular type of tattoo……. Anyway, its too trivial a thing for me to have a protracted disagreement on, so I'll leave it there.
  10. KB1


    No worries 👍
  11. Perhaps you need to take stock of your rant Scully, and realise that you have read it wrong from the outset…….. You point out (As above) that I 'didn't mention anything about lower back tattoo's until now', when the phrase 'Tramp Stamp' refers ONLY to a tattoo on that part of the anatomy 🙄 Just because you weren't aware of that at the outset, that doesn't justify your protracted moral outburst at someone commenting on a particular dislike.
  12. KB1


    How did you get from EU Reg's & Directives to Immigrants?
  13. KB1


    EU Reg's & Directives in the thousands to-date🙄 and they still come by the bucket load……. on the whole, adding unnecessary costs to everything we do, produce and sell.
  14. KB1


    +1 Only, we've never traditionally been a small fish…….. and without the EU laws currently stifling the UK in many aspects, we would be free to be that big fish once again👍
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