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  1. Six Common Cranes reported in Gloucestershire yesterday, Two at WWT Slimbridge, one of which had a leg ring, the other a visiting bird, Four at Halmore, (near Sharpness), on a recently cut Barley field stubble.
  2. Nice shot........I'm reading Eric Hoskings , the bird photographer's autobiography at the moment.
  3. twenty

    Golden plover.

    They are lovely to see aren't they........the summer plumage is brilliant.
  4. twenty


    Yeah I Remember........Now that was a high tide ! ....
  5. Thankyou for your time and effort.........keep sending the jokes in.
  6. twenty


    A sub adult Gannet (3rd yr ?) on Frampton sailing lake yesterday,......although the lake is only a mile from the Severn, the open sea is probably 30miles downstream, probably came up on the tide, as there has been no stormy weather to bring it inland recently.
  7. Hope everything turns out ok......its horrible when they are unwell isn't it. All the best to you both.
  8. Yeah, maybe 28/29g would help, I use 1/4 and 1/2 choke at the moment, with 32g 6's
  9. I've taken to wearing a recoil shoulder pad, which I will continue with on driven days, but looking to go semi auto for pigeons, although to be fair I have been using 32g carts, so maybe I will go for a lighter load.
  10. That's what I'm hoping for.......my shoulder has had enough.......I'm a 1950's whelp.
  11. twenty

    Marsh tit

    Yes, both of these are on the Red list of 67 British birds, so is the Herring gull, believe it or not.
  12. You learn something every day don't you, interesting piece on the Barbary pirates and their trade.
  13. Lovely photos........well done.
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