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  1. No winter weather in the west country so far either, we had snowdrops out before xmas, witnessed a pair of woodies mating last week (although they have been recorded to breed all year round), the herons have started to return to the Heronry (late Jan/Feb is normal though).........and the lawn hasn't stopped growing either.
  2. A Kestrel for a knave, Barry Hines...aka Kes.
  3. The Royal formerly Known as ' Prince'
  4. I can sympathise with all the previous posts, I cared for my father until he passed away, and he turned from a very mild mannered man to a cantankerous so and so. Also he would think the world of anyone who came to see him once in a blue moon, but his attitude towards me turned quite vicious, and I was the daily carer. I tried to understand his illness, but when you can do no right, it gets very frustrating. Other family members including my brother and the grandchildren thought he was, 'doing very well'.........but they only visited occasionally. I kept all my opinions to myself and the wife,...basically to keep the family peace. Luckily I can remember the good times with Dad, he was a grafter and a good family man, and that's how I want to remember him. All the best.
  5. You can't beat seeing good dogs in action, well done mate......five weeks left. All the best.
  6. twenty

    merry christmas

    All the best, to PW members
  7. twenty


    Ha ha, very accurate and true,................also mentioned in dispatches, and worthy of losers medals.........Dominic Grieve, Hilary Benn, Michael Heseltine, Kenneth Clarke, Tony Blair, John Major, Chuka Umuna, and Owen Jones. All the best.
  8. All the best to everyone on PW
  9. I watched it and thought it was very good,....one question though, what did the sled dogs feed on ?......or did the BBC not want to show any seal kills.
  10. That's what I thought, he has been quiet of late.
  11. And picking all the fruit and veg, that (apparently), only eastern Europeans can do.
  12. I agree, I think all the TV channels seemed biased against the Conservatives, not Labour.
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