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  1. Harry chased Meghan until SHE caught HIM.
  2. Just caught up with this Topic JDog, and it is exactly the same scenario as my sons experience with his sprocker. Like your dog he broke his elbow after a collision with another dog, the initial operation cost £2500, and approximately three weeks later the screws/pins moved (after being confined as requested), as you say the vet came out with technical jargon and the result was another £2500 operation, which took about an hour. So total now £5000 plus the follow up Physio costs.
  3. twenty

    Otter hounds

    Same information I received when I asked about how often otters were killed, basically never, and as you say it is the speed and agility of the otter in water that gives it a massive advantage over the hounds.
  4. twenty

    Otter hounds

    Great Photos, the coat colour variations in your photo of the pack, were very similar to those that attended the Estate.
  5. twenty

    Otter hounds

    A very interesting read, thanks for that, The pack that attended the estate was thirteen and a half couple, of these, probably only about seven couple were pure Otter hound, the rest made up of fox hound and mixtures. There were various coat colourations as well. On the day it was basically a meeting of a pack, plus another enthusiast who brought along two couple of pure Otter hound.
  6. twenty

    Otter hounds

    The mink were trapped outside of the fence, in adjacent woodland, bordering the lake . Touch wood, there has been no evidence of either species getting through the fence since its construction, although otter prints have been found outside of the enclosure. There were photos taken, I will try and get hold of them if I can.
  7. twenty

    Otter hounds

    Yes that was mentioned, that's a shame.
  8. twenty

    Otter hounds

    The syndicate carp lake on the estate has been completely otter fenced after fish losses, but mink are regularly trapped, the latest only last week. Lovely hounds though, and informative and knowledgeable staff.
  9. On the Estate that my son keepers, they welcomed the local otter hounds yesterday, A brilliant day was had by all, Tradition at its best, no creatures were harmed, but four hours of fun for all concerned, Hounds especially.
  10. Great post, started taking my son with me when he was 11 years old, and he still joins me occasionally now (17 years later), and its quality time.
  11. Had first poults in 2 weeks ago on the estate my son keepers, (Shropshire)
  12. A couple of wild broods spotted last week in North Shropshire, on a keepered estate.
  13. one jackdaw and three crows this afternoon 4343
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