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  1. I've got a Jack Pyke coat, it's waterproof and warm and in your price range.
  2. These seem to be returning Scandinavian birds, and always back to the same areas. A Red Backed Shrike was also sighted in June of this year at Shab Hill, on edge of the Cotswold escarpment.
  3. The weekend bird reports for Gloucestershire were very impressive. Another Great Grey Shrike, this time at a traditional site in the forest of Dean, (the bird at Snowshill in the Cotswolds still resident as well). Two Richard's pipits at WWT Slimbridge, and another at Frampton. A Snow Bunting and a Yellow Browed Warbler at Sharpness
  4. twenty

    Bewick Swans

    yeah, spotted again yesterday,....Snowshill in the Cotswolds, photos at Gloster birder online.
  5. First of this years returning Bewicks into Slimbridge WWT this week. A Whooper swan at Saul wharf, and others at Minsterworth and Frampton. A Great grey shrike (returning winter bird),at Snowshill in the Cotswolds
  6. twenty

    Heads Up

    Thanks for the info
  7. There are plenty of Forums on PW for you to engage in, have a re-think. All the best.
  8. She is steadily improving, still wobbly first thing in the morning, but head tilt has improved and she is still full of life, It was diagnosed as Vestibular Syndrome, it was just me guessing at a stroke, she had the eye flicking as well. Thanks for answering, All the best Yes she is slowly improving, and still as affectionate and loving as always, Thanks for replying, it is good to hear such a good recovery rate from all the replies I have had here on PW. All the best.
  9. She is full of beans at the moment, her head is still tilted, and slightly unsteady on her feet, but apart from that there is little difference, she is 14 years old, (is that 98 in dog years),but lively as ever...............fingers crossed. There is no way she will suffer if the time comes, I'll give her a cuddle from you......all the best........thanks for replying.
  10. Good to hear these recovery stories, hopefully it will all work out ok for ours, and we can share a few more years, as you did, sorry for your loss.............thanks for replying
  11. thanks Thanks....lovely photo.
  12. That's great to hear mate, thanks for replying, hopefully we will get the same result. All the best
  13. At the moment she is still full of beans, tail wagging, running to greet you, eating like a horse and as obedient as ever ( although slightly deaf), the only obvious problem is the head tilt and slight unsteadiness. I can assure you if I thought she was suffering, or had no life, or fight in her, I would be the first to admit that the time was right to end the suffering. I'm hoping that maybe in a few weeks time I may be able to report a noticeable recovery, if not, the time may have come, but all the advice we have had at the moment says to give her a chance to pick up. Thanks for answering, All the best mate.
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