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  1. It would be brilliant if we came under the Organised team sport banner
  2. Hope the shooting organisations are on the ball with this, most shoots book 9 guns standing, plus hospitality.........a dozen beaters.........gun bus, beaters wagon ? Team sports have weekly covid tests on all players. Hope it is, I'm down to beat on twenty three days this season.........hope they don't bring in travel restrictions again.
  3. Team sports need weekly testing at the moment, eg Rugby,Football ,Cricket etc, What about beaters ?
  4. Will this end the driven game season, as of next Monday ?
  5. Feel for you, all the best.
  6. Brilliant detail there, well done.
  7. Great stuff, well done, and a good read.
  8. twenty

    Rare bird alert.

    Reports of a Rose coloured starling from the village of Stone, nr Berkeley, over the weekend.........feeding on garden hung fatballs. (photos at gloster birder).
  9. twenty

    Rare bird alert.

    I haven't seen one in the UK, but apparently there have been over 40 reports of Rosy Starlings this year, according to Bird Guides UK, hope you get to see it. Honey Buzzard over the Forest of Dean yesterday.
  10. All the best mate, I've been there, and I feel for you.
  11. Six Common Cranes reported in Gloucestershire yesterday, Two at WWT Slimbridge, one of which had a leg ring, the other a visiting bird, Four at Halmore, (near Sharpness), on a recently cut Barley field stubble.
  12. Nice shot........I'm reading Eric Hoskings , the bird photographer's autobiography at the moment.
  13. twenty

    Golden plover.

    They are lovely to see aren't they........the summer plumage is brilliant.
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