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  1. What a shame, gutted for you mate.
  2. Spotted a very early brood of Goldfinch youngsters being fed by both adults yesterday, they were obviously a very early clutch, as they were in the back garden, after presumably fledging in the last few days. This would have made the incubation in Late Mar, early Apr, which is early........they were quite happily being fed sunflower seed from both parents..........plenty of House sparrows feeding young at the moment, some fledged, some still nest bound........Jackdaws locally seem to have had a good year, can have up to 10 at a time in the garden when i have provided scraps for the smalle
  3. I Know, Cuckoos used to be a background sound to many a day in the country for myself, and I'm sure, yourself.
  4. I agree, they should be banned, i have found quite a few of the wire frames scattered about the countryside.
  5. The BTO report on Cuckoos states a reduction of 37% over the last 15years, the main causes would seem to be a decrease in 'host' breeding species, habitat reduction, and a steep decline in their main food source, moth caterpillars. Outside of the UK, weather pattern changes are affecting their migration, and there has been some food shortages in their wintering grounds. Hope this goes some way to explaining. All the best.
  6. Pair of Little Grebes (Dabchicks) nest building locally yesterday.✔️
  7. A Spoonbill and a Cattle egret at WWT Slimbridge yesterday. A Little Tern at Cotswold water park as well, for anyone in the vicinity. 4 Common Scoters on the River Severn incoming tide, at Purton (Slimbridge) Yesterday.
  8. He will deal with the culprit himself, it is not the first time he has lost poultry to charlie, and as old'un said, he's a shooting man.
  9. Lets hope so, but doubt it.........please keep PW up to date with any 'local' news you get, thanks. All the best.
  10. Fish make up 99% of the Osprey diet.......small rodents ,amphibians and rabbit make up the other, Osprey chicks would not hatch until late may, early June, so lambs would probably be well sized by then.
  11. The security on this new site ( if taken on ), will hopefully be a 24/7 arrangement, I don't think anyone in their 'right' mind would try to vandalise it again........would they ?.........who knows, in this world we live in eh. All the best.
  12. Following the nest vandalism of last week, The Brenig Osprey trust has now set up a replacement nest site for the birds, this has been positioned within 400 metres of the vandalised nest site, they have constructed a replica nest, and added a false egg of similar colouration...........hopefully the pair will take this arrangement on, as they had only just started their clutch ( one egg ), and not started incubating......fingers crossed, but fair play for the effort put in.
  13. The Brenig Osprey trust have now set up another ' spare ' nest site on the lake, this is within 400 metres of the vandalised nest, they have constructed a replica nest, and have added a false egg as well............fingers crossed the pair will take this on, as they had only just started their clutch and were not incubating.
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