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  1. Do they do it in Grey squirrel ?
  2. They are perfect little hunters are they not, love them or hate them, they have devastating agility on the wing, We have a "Hedge bandit", (Sparrowhawk), that regularly patrols the local gardens, the bird feeders are perfect ambush areas, I have witnessed two or three songbirds struck and killed in my garden, they were just minding their own business on the feeders or the lawn and bang, curtains...........that's nature. Had one attack our canary when it was out in the garden, the hawk slammed into the cage and its talons were between the bars as it grasped at the canary...................poor little chap was quiet for a few days before he got his singing voice back.
  3. No changes to the weasel coats as yet, normal summer colouring,....the mink had a black coat, with white patches from the chin to the vent.
  4. In the same trap last weekend, A male weasel on Saturday, another male weasel on Sunday, and a mink on Monday. All on a bridge crossing a stream.
  5. I spotted some of those last weekend, I thought they were crocus, now I know different, thanks..........are they rare.
  6. twenty


    My son has had a Jimny converted to a flat bed pick up, with a good set of off road tyres it goes anywhere, it has been lifted a bit as well, outdoes all the ATV,s he has had in the past.
  7. We have a game hygiene certificate, and this was required to be produced before they collected from us,.......once they have your details, that's it, they don't require to see it on each collection.......they collect all our Duck, Pheasant, and pigeon whenever required during the shooting season, and pigeon, in realistic numbers, any other time of the year.
  8. They were still picking up game and pigeon from us in February this year, and their website is still active,....hope they haven't gone out of business though.
  9. Try Willo game in Shropshire, they pick up fresh birds, don't know about frozen......tel; 01588 650119
  10. Collins nets, Bridport, about £2 ea for letter box inserts,
  11. As Above, 22-24 weeks minimum, but judge the birds condition, and go from there.
  12. I think once they leave the pen they are OK, hex is normally picked up by infected faeces from other birds in the pen, vet medication in the water system normally clears up problems in 4-5 days,
  13. twenty


    Yeah all our local ones have gone now, a few swallow still about, and I spotted a wheatear (cock) yesterday.....probably heading south to overwinter in Africa.
  14. Same here, seen lots in the daytime.
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