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  1. Looks as though there will be a lot of smaller days on offer, not a bad thing I reckon, I've seen 30-50 bird days being advertised for teams of 6. Another problem is that lots of the guns are in the older age category, they would be fine on the peg (distancing), but gun bus and hospitality will be a problem.
  2. twenty

    Sea Eagle.

    Photographic evidence showing the injuries prove the shotgun theory, I would think it was shot as it hovered in the air, a fair amount of the breast was damaged, and also the inner flight feathering on that side of the male bird, two people were witness to the bird dropping from the sky after a gunshot, that is all I know. Photographic evidence available at Raptor persecution UK (Kestrel shot in Gloucestershire)
  3. twenty


    Apparently they were once a common sight in the UK, with breeding colonies a regular sight up until the late 18th century.
  4. twenty

    Sea Eagle.

    Only a couple of months ago a Kestrel was shot near Newent, (West Glos),......the culprit was never found, although people heard the shot and saw the bird fall. It was taken to a local wildlife hospital but could not be saved.
  5. A local shoot has lowered its deposit for shoot days from 50% to 25%........though still non refundable, has promised to honour the booking if re-arrangement is required.
  6. twenty

    Sea Eagle.

    An immature White Tailed Eagle (Of the Genus,Sea Eagle), spotted over the Forest of Dean yesterday being mobbed by Buzzards. Probably one of the six eaglets released on the Isle of Wight last year, from established breeding sources in Scotland.(over 100 pairs). The UK's largest bird of prey, 4th biggest eagle in the world with a wingspan of 2.4mt/8ft.
  7. Michael Fatialofa the Worcester RFC lock forward managed to walk unaided yesterday, this comes eleven weeks after a serious neck injury sustained versus Saracens on January 4th. He was virtually paralysed from the neck down, and had surgery on a spinal cortusion (compression of the spine) at St Marys hospital in London, and then moved to Stoke Mandeville. Well played the NHS.
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    I'm not going there,..........there might be someone taking us seriously......all the best
  9. twenty


    They taste very similar to Osprey.......
  10. twenty


    That's interesting, do they breed at Llanelli ?,..........In 2017 a spoonbill pair produced chicks at a RSPB reserve near Leeds, others have bred in East Anglia. All the best,
  11. twenty


    A Spoonbill on Frampton flashes yesterday. An unusual, but not rare sight in this area, (Slimbridge WWT)
  12. twenty


    I know how you feel, its disappointing when they don't take up residency in your owl box. To be fair, it probably means they have found natural holes to nest in, but if you persevere your luck might change. I had the exact opposite experience to you, I put up two owl boxes, one in the woods, and the other in a ramshackle farm building, and the following season they were both in use, Tawnies in the wood, and Barn owl in the other. Tawny owls are early breeders ( February- March), so you may have missed out again, Barn owl breed April onwards, good luck. All the best.
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