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  1. Traded in a Lanber sporter 12g and a Franchi Harrier 20g to trade up, Happy with what I have now, but still miss the other two............got peanuts for them as well
  2. Great stuff, congratulations to all involved.
  3. Great game all round, NZ didn't get much luck today, but they are a very sporting team, fair play to them.
  4. twenty

    Glossy Ibis

    The buzzards seem to use a different nest every year, there are probably 4 or 5 sites they use, all in the same wood, but they seem to change every year, assuming they are the same pair. Grasshopper warbler caught and rung in the mist netting last week.
  5. Sundays coverage is Channel 4, 9.00am till 1.10 pm..........Then More 4, 1.00pm till 4.50pm,........then back to Channel 4, 4.50 till 6.30pm. With the British GP on Channel 4 in the middle of the cricket....... 1.10pm till 4.50pm.
  6. Oh that's good news, thanks for that, I will have to try and find the right scheduling, at the moment C4 has the British GP all afternoon on Sunday 14th.
  7. Very sad...all the best.
  8. Are Channel 4 covering it live ?......heard something about it, but cannot find any programme schedule. Great cricket by England yesterday, pity Jason Roy was given out, he was nowhere near that ball when he was dismissed, deserved a century.
  9. I take capsules, have done for thirty odd years, had aching elbows and wrists from years of bricklaying. Don't know whether it is psychological or not, I wear a copper band as well, and touch wood, have had no arm problems since.
  10. twenty

    Glossy Ibis

    I do agree with ringing, as you do, the mist nets that are set by the BTO at one of my local reserves seems to be a good way of going about it, obviously this method does not allow for nestlings to be rung, but the different species that are netted over a few hours is unbelievable, these birds, being mostly mature are rung, weighed, measured and sexed within a minute or two by a very professional team, and are on their way as quickly as possible. Glut of Jackdaw locally at the moment, even in my garden it is not usual to see 8-10 whenever I top up the feeders, put grain down or throw out scraps, got a blackbird pair on their second brood at the moment, they are only a few days from fledging, hoping that the supplementary feeding will keep the corvids from interfering with the songbirds, had a collared dove visit the other day, have not seen one in the garden for a good time, loads of Goldfinch and their young visiting at the moment and a lot of House Sparrow. My son had his first delivery of poults in yesterday, he was hoping that a buzzard brood in one of the pen areas would have fledged by now but unfortunately they have not, he has laid out some squirrels to try to alleviate any major problems, but accepts that his birds will become a training area, but that's life isn't it.
  11. Great photos, well done.
  12. Five separate Quail sightings/callings over the weekend along the Cotswold escarpment.
  13. twenty


    Five separate reports of Quail sightings/callings along the Cotswold Escarpment over the weekend, From : Whitminster, Tresham, Windrush, Sherbourne and Clapton-on-the hill.
  14. twenty

    Glossy Ibis

    That mental health plea is a sucker punch to the current set of Judges and magistrates, they are so out of touch with reality. I have always thought that ringing, and the sundry information that is taken (weight, primary feather length, sexing,) takes far to long, ok, most breeds would probably not abandon their young at the ringing age, but I once saw a full clutch of goshawks lowered to the ground individually in a sack, each were rung, weighed, measured and sexed, this seemed to take ages to me and surely risked disaster
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