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  1. Thanks ips Cheers das, I've looked at these on McEvoy's website and they seem a good gun, maybe I'll go and try one
  2. I am quite happy shooting 21gm carts so recoil on a lighter gun should be ok ?
  3. I know ! I realise my 31 year old 682 is a great gun and apart from its weight I love it but I'm not shooting as much because of the pain. Probably wouldn't get rid of her as it was my first gun after many years not shooting but I need to get back to looking forward to missing clays !!
  4. This is my dilemma, my current OU is a Beretta 682 Sporting which weighs in at around 8 ½ pounds. Its a great gun and I enjoy shooting with it as it soaks up recoil like a sponge! However my problem is that Ive an issue with the tendons in my left shoulder and despite visits to the Physio and a regime of strengthening exercises the problem still remains. I shoot off my right shoulder so the weight of my gun is born by my left arm and its causing me pain whilst shooting and afterwards. I have a SA which is much lighter and shooting with it is fine. My question is do I go for a lighter 12g, a
  5. I've a Bernadelli 12g, nice gun lovely quality. Weber on here sells them.
  6. Good cartridge at a reasonable price, well it was back in the day !
  7. I understand that due to Brexit these carts have become uneconomic to import from Spain for sale on the British market so stock up while you can !! £140 per tho @ Kelbrook.
  8. I wear varifocals normally but was advised that they may prove to be a disadvantage whilst shooting. I've invested in a set of Eyelevel single vision glasses which come with 4 different types of polycarbonate lenses. I find them excellent to use.
  9. I have a 1986 682 Sporting and it has mechanical triggers not inertia.
  10. MMXVI ... The beauty of a classics based education, not !!
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