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  1. That was the trap and Oakedge isn’t a “small” area. I wasn’t “moaning” I was pointing out the risk to others. That said , with a £400+ bill coming my way I’d be entitled to moan. I’ve been shooting 10yrs at grounds all over the country, never had the same problem. If the sign says car park, it’s exactly that, the organisers are responsible for safety. Its only luck that it was cars and not people being hit.
  2. That’s the feedback I’m getting about him. He needs to remember that paying shooters are his income. i won’t go near his shoots in future.
  3. If you’re attending this event be aware that there are fallings clays hitting cars in the car park. Cars have been parked in the marked car park and have been damage. ”Steve” the organiser is not interested in responsibility and is stating “owners risk” and “wind” (no wind here today). The event could cost you a lot more than you planned , as it will myself, due to poor planning on behalf of the organiser. 
  4. First man with the cash gets the deal, move on my mate. There are lots of guns on the market, all the best ??
  5. What's in a name, thanks. Got it
  6. Anyone know were I can find/see the squad lists for the English Open ?


    What's your budget ?

    Teague Ext Chokes

    Looking for 2 x 3/8 , Teague INV + chokes Cash waiting Thanks.
  9. A bespoke pair of Longthorns. Oh, and a Pink .410 Semi for LoneGunman 😂😂😂
  10. MITCHF

    Teague Ext Choke

    I can't see any ?
  11. MITCHF

    Clear out

    All sold and posted. Thanks for making an old many happy :-)
  12. MITCHF

    Teague Ext Choke

    Want an Invectore Plus 1/2 Teague Extended Choke
  13. MITCHF

    Clear out

    Bore snake sold and both whistles 👍🏻
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