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    All things game fishing, pigeon shooting, rough shooting, stalking & wildfowling.
  1. That sounds like a good idea, but I'm struggling to picture it. Can you post a photo?
  2. Hi everyone, I needed some new pegs for my shell decoys, and decided to try making a few myself. I had the materials lying around in the garage (garden canes, pop rivets, superglue and kitchen towel) but I'm guessing that each one of these costs something less than 20p to make. A wee 4mm drill hole through the shell's back receives the pop rivet with enough room to let the decoy bounce just a little in the breeze. A wee coat of matt grey spray paint should stop the rivet from flashing in the sunlight. I'm sure I won't be the first person who's come up with this, but quite pleased with the idea. Will try them out on Wednesday.
  3. 34 yesterday over game crop stubble, the new doggie's first proper outing. That makes 45 so far in 2017 I think. Weather forecast is for a wild day here on Wednesday, so hoping to get another crack at them over the cover crop stubble then before it gets ploughed.
  4. I have the pigeon shooting on the farm next to the estate I work on, and last year when the cover crop strips were cut I had two tremendous days over decoys. The birds seemed to hit it very hard indeed for those two days but then it just went dead. They were on it almost immediately after cutting too. I was dropping some venison off at the farmer's earlier this evening and he told me they have just cut the crops today...I hope the birds can wait until Saturday before they start thumping it, if they start thumping it. Been some big flocks around the estate the past couple of weeks, but not 'pin downable' so hopefully this will give them something to focus on.
  5. Sorry, I meant Federal Power Shock. Slip of the keyboard...
  6. Thanks everyone, some really useful info and opinions here!
  7. Hi everyone, Just curious to find out what PW members reckon the best weight of .243 bullet for roe is? I'm still relatively inexperienced in deer matters and when I started out, a friend who is a professional stalker recommended always using 100 grain bullets. There's no doubt that Federal Premium 100 grains do the job, but I'm finding that they make a hell of a mess on the way out of the animal. I shot a doe on Friday and her whole right lung was more or less hanging out of the exit wound. I lost a lot of that side of the carcass as a result, which I didn't feel too good about. I realise everyone will have their own opinions and to a large degree the choice is down to personal experience and preference. I'm just curious to see what the range of preferences is. Thanks to all, WG88
  8. As a ghillie on a salmon river, there is nothing which disgusts and annoys me more than the pathetic, high browed, snobbish view that fly fishing for salmon is a more skillful and morally superior way of doing than any other method (actually it's often less skillful than other methods, but that's another story...) One of the things that I love about the sister sport of shooting is that this level of snobbery is usually less evident. I would argue that if you're going to shoot something, what difference does it make if you shoot it with a single barrel, a side by side, over and under, semi auto or pump action? You're still killing it, and I don't imagine that the pheasant much prefers the option of being shot by a side by side to a semi-auto! As long as the person using the weapon is a safe and responsible shot, what does it matter?
  9. Thanks guys, will probably give them a go as JC has them listed in their bin ends list just now for a reasonable price.
  10. Hi all, Has anyone used the 28g 6 Fiocchi F3 Game? Any thoughts on them if so? Cheers WG
  11. I would agree with 3in1. WD 40 has always been fine for me too, if used sparingly. I have a tin of Browning Legia stuff just now which is good because it's formulated to be used all over the weapon (wood and all) It seems good but it's unnecessarily expensive.
  12. Thanks for advice everyone. This gives me a few ideas of places to start looking to fix the issue.
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