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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Everyone, This is my new video which has just gone live. Please share it around and it would be great for some feedback.
  2. Hypothesis The Fiocchi ‘Pigeon 32’ cartridges that I have been using appear to cause excessive wounding. Earlier investigatory testing on the pattern plate (at various ranges with various chokes) showed these cartridges behaved erratically; the pellets tended to stick together with a lot less pellets than expected hitting the target. Better shooting performance could be achieved by trying two readily available brands and undertaking pattern testing in the method described by John Harradine for the BASC, June 2013. To provide some context, here are some example results from e
  3. Bulk buying cartridges Evening all, i have been in touch with Just Cartridges and am considering doing a bulk buy of cartridges to the Scottish Highlands. Would anyone be interested in buying larger quantities of cartridges and sharing the shipping. This would be on a not for profit basis. * you can mix sizes, manufacturers, bores and wad types - as long as each is ordered by the slab of 250. 10,000 minimum order before it becomes economical.
  4. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. We found this in East Sussex, covered in dirt & rust. After a good soak we managed to scrape enough of it off to read the writing. It says ELEY-KYNCH 28 ICI 28. I'm intrigued to see how old this cartridge is, it appears someone has drilled holes into it at some point. I'd be grateful if anybody knows anything about this.
  5. Hi everyone, Just curious to find out what PW members reckon the best weight of .243 bullet for roe is? I'm still relatively inexperienced in deer matters and when I started out, a friend who is a professional stalker recommended always using 100 grain bullets. There's no doubt that Federal Premium 100 grains do the job, but I'm finding that they make a hell of a mess on the way out of the animal. I shot a doe on Friday and her whole right lung was more or less hanging out of the exit wound. I lost a lot of that side of the carcass as a result, which I didn't feel too good about. I re
  6. Best fibre wad cartridge for clays? Best (plastic or fibre) for game? Thanks in advance. SE
  7. 100 Caladonian 26.5 gram 5 shot - £15 100 Saga 28 gram 6 shot £15 25 Alphamax Bismuth 32 gram 5 shot plastic wad £20 25 Impact Tungsten Matrix 30 gram 6 shot £25 50 Eley Grand Prix 26.5 gram 5 shot (old school late 60's plastic waterproof case) £10 Also got about 100 various mixed 16 bore cartridges for sale including some oddball shotsizes, grand prix/alphamax in BB, AAA etc, ideal for the 16 bore enthusiast £15 Cosidering the ridiculous prices of 16's, a bargain I am sure you will agree particularly the bismuth/tungsten that retail at bundles these days! Collect o
  8. 400 Express high Velocity 12G cartridges for sale LST288 28gram, size 8 shot Plastic wad 1400 Fps I no longer shoot clays and need fibre wads now so this lot need to go! £70 the lot including a 3/4 box free! Collection from Rayleigh, Essex or may be able to drop off if local.
  9. Hi all, Up for sale is an Elderkin and son cartridge bag (the same Bill Elderkin that writes the gun reviews in shooting gazette) It is made from top quality leather and canvas and is oxblood in colour. Has a wide canvas shoulder strap for comfort Holds 75-100 cartridges Hinged lid so it will stay open whilst in use if you want it to Quality brass fittings Lovley item, only used about 5 times £17 posted
  10. Wildfowling is something I have as good as no experience with and I was wondering if someone could help me chose the best type of NT Cart. I quite like my gun, and it wasn't cheap so for that reason I would quite like to avoid the use of Steel shot primarily to reduce the damage to the barrel as much as possible. Additionally, cost is a major factor I know steel are often the cheapest but what would be the best cartridge and most cost effective for duck primarily. I was thinking 30g or 32g 5s. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks T-Bolt94
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