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      Shooting stuff, shooting more stuff.
    1. Great British Game Week

      Check out @BASCnews’s Tweet:
    2. Great British Game Week

    3. How do you clean yours?

      Shamefully I must admit I'm not as big on cleaning as I thought I would be.... probably every 1000 cartridges, full strip down, trigger mech out - everything gets a scrub and a lube. I only use plas wads so does reduce the amount of carp that interferes with self loading.
    4. Disgusting

      Makes a lot of sense 👍
    5. Yet another national amnesty

      Thank god these bad boys are now off the streets........... https://ibb.co/coXCtR
    6. Today is : international men's day

      Very well put Also stats like: 76% of suicids are men. 97% of workplace deaths are men. 70% of the homeless population are men.
    7. Today is : international men's day

      We feel your pain brother, we send you virtual man hugs.
    8. Today is : international men's day

      The term international as a word means involvement of, interaction between or encompassing more than one nation, or generally beyond national boundaries. For the purpose of today's celebrations - you are enjoy it TC, some of the statistics ive read today are quite alarming contrary to most scorned womens beliefs, men dont have it easy.
    9. Happy international men's day
    10. Great British Game Week

      GBGW kicks off tmrw. Does anyone do anything special? Loads of lovely looking grub being branded around in advance on social media, gutted as my frezzers only got prepared pigeon in it... the pheasants that have wandered onto where I shoot have eluded me so far. Anyway in the spirit of taking part I will be doing something pigeon based. MM
    11. A chronic lack of funding means that over 1 million older and disabled people are going without the care they need, including help to get out of bed, wash and eat - without this basic help they cannot live a decent life. I'm sure we all know someone who's been a victim of social funding cuts, and its not looking like the problems going to get any better. Im not a big fan of petitions, but this reflects deeply on a certain group of people's quality of life. if you could take a moment to sign it would be greatly appreciated. MM https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/204631 P.S dont forget to confim via the email sent after signing or it doesnt count. Litterly only takes 5 minutes.
    12. A1 decoys poor delivery?

      Ah thats very kind of you, I will PM you
    13. Under Pressure

      Good effort you stuck at it and bagged some birds.
    14. Help identifying please

      +1 looks like a copper to me.
    15. Disgusting

      Clothing- primark. For the record - anyone strugling with game disposal in Essex, please let me know and I will collect. MM