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  1. If you only shoot on 6x like me a s&b 6x42 is very hard to beat.
  2. I think age does come into it some of use are a fair bit younger (near half your years) and wear hearing aids. Mine is definitely from a result of shooting, well some was shooting and the rocket he fired landed near me, but I’d done my fair share of shooting that trip with out the ability to wear ear defence.
  3. Try the New NHS models I’ve been really impressed by mine they are better than my 3 year old expensive private ones. A real step change from my first NHS jobs 10 years ago, an audiologist friend recommended them. Yes they aren’t rechargeable but they do have the Bluetooth bells and whistles as well, as looking and working well.
  4. Barrel length isn’t the only issue here it’s also weight of the barrels. I’ve got very light 32” barrels on an OU. It handles faster than a standard weight 30” sporter. The longer barrels point better as well as swing smoother.
  5. What models? pre 1970s match 54 not as good as the current match 54 trigger, but then they’ve been used a lot more. match 54 better trigger than match 64 which better than the 1750 etc.
  6. I’ve used a few seen a lot they are ok for the money more effort was spent on the outside than the inside. If you get a good one they do the job fine bad ones have a habit of double discharging or breaking strikers. Most used one by now have most likely had both issues rectified.
  7. I have both the CZ is my go to rabbit rifle over an Annie which I fine to light in the hands for stable freehand shooting. I also have a BRNO mod 4 target rifle and an Annie match 54 both very accurate both do what they need but the Annie trigger is just better.
  8. As Gunman said I’ve found I can’t blend into the modern Browning finish and now totally strip and refinish the stocks to get a proper even finish.
  9. PVS 14 add on don’t use it on anything over 223 or the recoil will damage it. Not sure on the torch.
  10. For the multi choke yes, can’t remember for the fixed but I don’t think so it was awhile ago.
  11. Send it to Teague and have them open up the chokes to suit you. Well worth I had a Kemen done and another multi choke both fantasy and his work is brilliant
  12. It depends a £200 Schmidt and Bender 6x42 will last a lifetime even second hand, against a new £200 4-12x50, the Schmidt’s glass will outshine it all day and more importantly all evening.
  13. Good gun very under estimated check the hand for cracks. I agree with other about 1k is right.
  14. Sounds like a 007 will be better.
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