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  1. Must say I couldn’t agree more we have weeks where our rifles fire 400 rounds plus in a week with out much thought and there’s no lasting damage as long as the barrels are properly maintained as target rifles we get 7000 round life but they are still shooting 1-11/2 moa by then
  2. Yes this quite normal on larger grounds your SGC says the police trust you (not that you are competent) some grounds will also ask for proof of insurance if you are unescorted. Having a SGC does mean your capable of looking after a novice (some with out a SGC), why should the ground take the risk. I’ve caught people doing really stupid things on grounds when unescorted and I don’t blame grounds for being cautious as it’s them that get the blame and repercussions after an accident.
  3. Thanks I can get and will use Barnes copper 224 50grain bullets when reloading but when times tight it’s easier to just grab 100 factory and go, instead of reloading them.
  4. I shoot a few muntie as well with it but REACH UK have said ban the use of all lead ammunition, they don’t mention limiting this to game, their statement of all offers no exemption!
  5. I’m looking to go fully lead free in the CF rifles whilst the my 308 and 30/06 are simple to do as there’s load of factory options. The 222 looks harder I’m currently reloading for it but like to have a factory option readily available especially in a fox rifle. So does anyone do a factory 222 round in copper, I can’t obviously see one and Barnes my preferred option don’t. Ideally 50 grains but can be heavier, I’ve a 1:8 twist fitted so no issues on stability. Or I’ll probably have to look to re cut the chamber to 223.
  6. There’s more to bring a left handed gun than just being cast on at the face. For example I’m right handed and shoot guns set cast on at the face and cast off at toe. Many will tell you that’s a left handed gun but it’s not in fact the toe will hurt most lefties more than a gun cast off through out. If he’s new which he sounds to be time spent with an instructor would be more beneficial IMHO so someone who knows the wider issues can help him set up a firm foundation early. Missing most clays on a round is unlikely just to be down to gun fit, I would expect to see and have
  7. Andover area but FMJ now sold and remained pending payment
  8. What scope are you using? I will rezero my 3006 for the first time in the 10 years soon as I change to copper ammo it flown around the world and been down many a dirty track in the car or quad not need adjustment yet.
  9. As above should fit with little or no fitting
  10. I’m surprised no one wants them.
  11. I’ve some 6.5x55 ammo I’d like to move as I don’t have a 6.5 anymore 100xppu FMJ 139 grain 40xppu SP BT 139 grain 22xNorma HP 100 grain £50 collected
  12. There seem to be some that do gassed and gasless so I will look for one of those.
  13. But I’m looking for a stick welder to finish my home reactor kit to go off grid 😜 thanks for all the advice guys I’m keep an eye out for a mig set up.
  14. I zeroed my photon on my lads ultra se after putting it in a scorpion stock. I had to make a new stock bolt as it needed a shorter bolt. The rail and mounts are a touch high but workable for now it’s putting 20 pellets into a finger nail group at 20 yards so ready to ambush some rats.
  15. Please let me know we maybe able to help each other
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