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  1. I be more tempted with a 20 than 16 or 28. Easier to find a gun and cartridges, splits the 16 and 28 nicely. 16 is fashionable right now so read unexpectedly expensive. 28 takes more skill to shoot well. As to the shoulder injury a well balanced and fitted gun will likely help more (injury type dependent) than a light weight gun.
  2. Trigger problems are a pain especially intermittent ones. Had a client with a used beretta that would not fire the second barrel. Could see anything work fine for me, it can back again still wouldn’t fire second barrel I fired 250 through it no issue, asked the father to try 25 no issue. It can back again, asked to see his daughter who it turned out shot with the gun, stock was about an 1 1/2 to long she wasn’t releasing the trigger fully! Very unhappy father wouldn’t be able to share tge 20 bore 😱. So excuse shops where they hear intermittent and trigger. But this sounds like a true mechanical issue certainly not human issue.
  3. Perfect thank you very much. I’ve got him a ultra
  4. Sorting the FIL out with a basic pcp set up any advice on a cheap pump it won’t get used a lot!
  5. I’ll be shooting some Hampshire specials with the little 28 bore so not another dead season
  6. Thanks it’s getting there but just needs time, no big birds this year 😥
  7. Not yet. I’m not shooting for a bit as I’ve broken my back earlier in the year, when I’m back pulling the trigger properly I’l be having a look. Has anyone else had ago?
  8. I’ve a brand new Boyds thumbhole in pepper laminate if that’s of interest?
  9. There seems to be a bit of controversy at the moment with the PRL company (now has a new name something like GB PRA) claiming they invented PR and have sole rights to setting up events and RM RPA who have created a good name for themselves.
  10. It’s an Andrew Tucker foresight for TR shooting
  11. Can you show me down the ‘tube’ it a Foresight may be able to give you more detail.
  12. Sell the HMR shoot tree rats, rats and tin cans with the air rifle. 22 out to 100-120ish 222 from then on.
  13. There’s one 2 miles away but won’t deal with local villagers as their incinerator plans got stopped due to the pollution effects and the locals monitor the Test for when they leak stuff in. All very petty but I’d rather pay more than deal with companies like that anyway.
  14. That would be useful thank you.
  15. Can’t get cement, ballast or sharp sand here. My shed and patio projects are not going well!
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