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  1. Will everyone does us all a favour stop telling people about it if it gains mass popularity the prices will rise and Im looking for another right now.
  2. Find a cartridge you can get locally and fits your budget, shoot that until you can tell the difference.
  3. I love that idea got some fencing to do at home and some pens to rebuild next spring, time to get the arc welder out!!!
  4. So remi 700, battleproven sniper rifle action of the US military for years, works not fancy but totally customisable as well. Howa modified/adjusted 700 action works and you can get a micro action for the 223 winchester xpr not used one much can’t comment. Tikka older ones great The T3 is a long action for all case lengths to much action IMHO for a 223 be ok in 3006 etc.
  5. I love to take a mixed batch off you if you still have some.
  6. The size and shape of the stock is different so a field pad won’t fit a sporter or trap gun.
  7. That’s the wrong pad for that gun looks like field pad fitted to a trap stock.
  8. To be honest I wouldn’t know where to start I’m sure I can work it out but I’ll need spacers to get the wider flotation type tyres on anyway.
  9. LB thank you. SW. No it a little non braked trail the cheap little ERDE thing.
  10. I’m looking to fit some quad type wheels to a small alloy trailer I have issue the trailer is 115mm PCD 4 stud and most quads or 110 or 100mm. ideas and advice please.
  11. It’s not the rod that only moves the safety when the hammers are cocking, ie opening the barrels. It’s a weak spring most likely just get it fixed quick and easy.
  12. In my experience not just beginners some people just don’t shout about it.
  13. I’m glad they found it useful and others noticed the change (not sure who it was I’m afraid) but I tend to find it’s both. Good shooting isn’t about a good gun fit a good Mount a good Swing a good Routine etc It’s all of these things bought together and applied correctly together that makes a good shot. A ‘perfectly’ fitted gun and mount won’t help the person who focusses in the barrels and pokes at the target, in same way a P or K gun won’t.
  14. Why does it matter how many RFDs have try guns. A better question or questions may be How many RFDs have access to a gun fitter? How many Gun fitters have try guns?
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