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  1. welshwarrior

    Cost? Cerakote v hydro dip

    Barrel action and bolt handle shroud but not the bolt body even where the bolt enters the rear of the action that channel is still chip free.
  2. welshwarrior

    Cost? Cerakote v hydro dip

    My 308 is Cerakoted looks like new still after 4 years.
  3. welshwarrior

    Anyone recognise this wheel?

    wish it had it on then I’d know who’s it is but found it when clearing out a house I rent out. No one owns it so it can go to the redecoration fund.
  4. welshwarrior

    Anyone recognise this wheel?

    Perfect thank you.
  5. welshwarrior

    Anyone recognise this wheel?

    Inside it has 16x61/2J 45 and ive found a stamp Honda 205 55 R16 I’ll try and clean more carp out of the inside of the spocks see if I can find any other markings.
  6. welshwarrior

    Anyone recognise this wheel?

    Thanks can’t see any bmw or disco wheels like it.
  7. welshwarrior

    Remington 1100 Forend Wanted

    I think I may have nocking about.
  8. welshwarrior

    Anyone recognise this wheel?

    I’m looking for any info on the wheel picture ideal make and model of car it’s off, it’s 16”
  9. welshwarrior

    Berretta or zoli or something else HELP!

    Either or the both good guns I own berettas and will be buying a Zoli game gun next in 20 bore.
  10. welshwarrior

    Beretta not fitting, what will?

    No one can advise you with out see him and a gun. This if beretta don’t fit and browning will is utter carp it may work out by chance but nothing more than luck is at play. Now witb a semi auto often you have shims to adjust the drop and cast so they can be set up to roughly suit most people. So my advice go and see someone that understands gun fit and adjusting stock, and take the shins witb you.
  11. welshwarrior

    Article on Fibre versus Plastic

    Personally I’d like to see CPSA FITAS ISSF all ban plastic go fibre only it would still be a level playing field the good cartridges makers will catch up very quickly and I doubt you’ll see any drop in scores that technology will quickly follow into game shooting as most cartridges loaded will be fibre the plastics will go stangent then vanish.
  12. welshwarrior

    Carrying .22lr

    22 all in mags. Other larger calibres in a bullet wallet for spares and if detachable a full magazine
  13. welshwarrior


    Yes you can post barrels and talk to Dan Bromley of Bromley and Sons he’ll help you and they will be stunning
  14. welshwarrior

    Cheap Spanish Sidelock SxS

    Drop me a pm with email address on it and I’ll sort stuff out it’s not expensive that’s for sure.
  15. welshwarrior

    Cheap Spanish Sidelock SxS

    A non ejector any good I a Larona