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  1. Barrel change

    I can get the rifle very cheap but it’s a .25 and the barrel is rusted mostly on the muzzle end and has already been shortened. I’ll replace it with another bsa one in .22.
  2. Small trailer

    51/2 x 4’ trailer good solid steel chassis with ply base and sides large ammo tin tool box and heavy duty rubberised cover. £50 pick up from Farnborough
  3. Barrel change

    How hard is it to change a barrel on a BSA Scorpion? I could do it with ease on a bolt action rifle but never really played with air rifles.
  4. Woodward No.3638

    Outstanding look forward to seeing the progress and the photos of the pair inaction
  5. 270 VS 308

    No probs but all 7.62s!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 270 VS 308

    May not have been clear I’ve only had one rifle listed witb7.62 and that’s 7.62x39. Ive had 308 win and 308 nm also on ticket. Never had a problem buying 7.62 NATO or 7.62 x51 ammo for a 308 win. Oh and 7.62 Russian is 7.62x54R not 7.62x39!!!
  7. 270 VS 308

    Likewise my 308 ammo wont fit your rifle. You have I assume a rifle chambered for 308 Winchester there is no 308 chambering! Also if you swapped my 7.62x39 bullets into your 308win you’d have an issue as the bullets are bigger. Ammo comes in chammbering bullets and barrel in diameters
  8. 270 VS 308

    Only had 7.62x39 on the license and had 308s for over 20 years never had an issue with either target or sporting ammo.
  9. 270 VS 308

    308win is 7.62x51 same as 7.62x63 is 30/06 Spr. No need to to have the bullet diameter listed ie 7.62 Oh and cheapest 7.62 ammo is 7.62x39 steel case from former USSR
  10. Hearing protection

    Yes I used to wear cens for over 12 hrs at a time.
  11. Hearing protection

    Cens are the best in ear but muffs offer better protection than any plug due to protecting the bones behind the ear. My audiologist advice if digital muffs and a cap for best protection
  12. Shotgun parts?

    Numrich will now only ship RFD with manufacturing on their certificate god knows why.
  13. Only one rimfire??????

    What disciplines do you shoot at the club? explain to him why the 3 rifles need to be different to allow you to be competitive in 3 different types of shooting. He is correct the onus is on you to justify them all just maybe not been helpful in explaining why and how.
  14. Ruger 10/22 bits

    I’ve a screw cut factory barrel sat here.