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  1. And an FEO will have told the gunsmith. It’s really not a issue or problem. My one RFD is in Surrey the other Hants (at one point only 3 miles apart) they don’t agree one require spare shotgun barrels listed the other doesn’t. Its not as if you need a variation to do it or have a limit on how many you hold.
  2. That’s a local view often put out by the FEOs and it’s easier just to follow their view of the rules on something like this.
  3. Hot caustic blacking in the main.
  4. Most insurance companies can’t take control of a gun and therefore ask you to deal with it by handing it in to the police or an RFD. it’s cheaper for them as RFDs tend to charge insurance companies a decent rate 😜 same as they charge then as businesses.
  5. Yes you can barrels are on a shotgun aren’t restricted but some forces do require them to be entered on to your sgc. all easily done but worth speaking to your FEO so you get his view of the rules, but you can keep everything but the action body, the FEO may even take it away for destruction
  6. That was in flight with a 12 bore its a hard shot that’s why it’s the current (as far as I’m aware) record.
  7. I watched a man (with a 5-6 others) break a clay at 155 yards breaking the recorded even with a rangefinder people still said it wasn’t used correctly or argh they just made it up. So even with a LRF there’ll be another excuse why people can’t do things that they do.
  8. Here in lies my issue I’m often at the 36g 3/4s and can’t see an option in steel and bismuth etc will see me out of the market. In the lower birds my 28 can’t shoot current steel options and I can see no improvement possible here with out going to 26/28g loads not something I’d like to do in an old gun. Then my son with a modern 28b will be on a 12/20b in 4 years but my daughter will be on a 410/28 what affordable options will she have?
  9. Not found a load I’d shoot game with yet. Pigeons are closer and die easier.
  10. They may pattern as well as lead dark storm but will they kill as well I doubt it as steel is to hard and too light.
  11. Used one a few times in Canada it killed big deer witb authority and was not abusive on white tail. I had a 375 H&H (225 grn) and a 30/06 (165/180 grn) with me. if I’d owned the whelen I would of just used that and been very happy here with it and most other places.
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