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  1. Aye and at home I’d do the same through the beacons but it’s my back yard I know where the bolt holes are safe routes and recognise the changes in the weather. Others will die of exposure for being ill equipped on the same days. Local knowledge trumps most kit but if you don’t have the knowledge go prepared
  2. It’s also very true that Beretta are falling out of favour and no serious clay shooters use them anymore. Who’s won anything with a Beretta recently. They really are just a cheap starters gun now.
  3. Try around 10 recipes not very successfully I just order a bottle or two at a time now.
  4. Foil blanket hex blocks waterproof map compass gps first aide kit comms if you have one mini flares.
  5. If he submitted his renewal paper in plenty of time 12 weeks minimum then they are liable for the storage fees if they won’t issue a temporary sgc. Worth getting the BASC legal note on it and then reminding the police of their legal obligations.
  6. You’ll likely find the gunsmiths insurance will not cover him if the guns not reproofed therefore he won’t do the work with out reproofing (my insurance wouldn’t) gifting out of proof guns is also a grey area that I’m not getting involved in. Fitting mulitchokes is involved to get right so you’ll end up with a biggish company they won’t risk it for a couple of hundred quid and will say no proof no work.
  7. Exactly how I do it on coaches guns gives great flexibility and lasts.
  8. Fitting of multichokes does require reproof. You fitting a construction inside the barrel having removed a large proportion of the metal.
  9. I fit inserts in the stock and use 2 short machine screws easy and ultra stable easy to change as well.
  10. If it’s a long tang 80’s model I think I’ve got one
  11. The steel case (here anyway) is FMJ so not allowed on deer and I can’t find any factory ammo thats not fmj so have to reload, this ends up around 30/30 velocity I love mine the Grendel looks tempting though.
  12. I reload mine and a nice 1/2” group at 100 yards with a load that’s deer legal here. Their a lovely light little rifle welcome to the club.
  13. Clean it especially barrels and grease the hinge pins and choke threads.
  14. 12 or 20 bore if it’s an older gun is it long or short tang?
  15. Any deer legal rifle will do the job it’ll do it best with the right bullet. As to 30-06 doing more damage than 243 to roe and muntie you’ve got that backwards big and slow does less meat damage than small and fast. 308 or 30-06 are my go to rifles for any deer, 243 is hardly used and up for sale now I don’t do much park work. Which chambering is a never ending circle and depends on your choice and preference.
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