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  1. Having been to some of these shoots and shot a few (Brigands a favourite of mine, and epic is a great way to describe Waterfall). people do kill the birds cleanly you have to know your limits with the kit your using. The shoots also have options to show the birds lower if the guns aren’t capable. A light weight sbs with 30g 7s is the wrong gear. Heavier long barrelled guns heavy loads (40g 4s) personally I would not engage a 90 yard bird 60-70 yes. One thing I will say massive amounts of guns over estimate the range of a bird a bit like fishermen I assume. Range estimation is a dieing art.
  2. It due to the geometry in the action and the angle of the striker that’s not been rectified in the modern guns. It’s not corrosion but striker pitting.
  3. I very much doubt we’re all emailing the Sectary of State. My FEO didn’t know today but is being brief on the matter in a day or so, speaking to the Home Office Firearms team in a few days on other matter guess I’ll ask them as well.
  4. I would agree that there’s not single sgc exemptions but I’ll ask.
  5. My FEO is around tomorrow I’ll ask him see what he says.
  6. So who do we have to tell I’ve a fair few at work mostly trophies.
  7. Have a look at Evolution theirs are very good and a reasonable price with loads of options.
  8. I’m just interested as seen it and not heard anything about it all. Personally I don’t use night vision
  9. Anyone tried one of these night sights? Looks good but never trust evil bay promises https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F312755587587
  10. Must admit I’ve stood next to thousands of clients and never thought about parallax error etc. Also if your head is trying to look down the barrel to get a similar view as the firer your standing in the wrong place get away from the client so you can see the whole shot feet to barrel, lead isn’t the only reason they miss. A coach needs to be looking at footwork shoulder body hands head barrels and the shot string not just the muzzle positions.
  11. The metal on some .Japanese Brownings is hard to black well. If he’s struggling get them to Dan at Bromley and Sons and they’ll come back perfect.
  12. Watch with interest as I’m just fitting oak work tops to my utility room.
  13. Recutting someone else’s work is harder than starting a fresh. Repointing can go either way depends how straight the other blokes straight was imho.
  14. All good guns on your list. However none of them are any good to you if they don’t suit you not just fit that can be tweaked but actual handling etc. I loved the maxim but just couldn’t shoot it well.
  15. They are quite involved on some guns now I’ve changed focus I don’t do them anymore I send people to Simon at Doverigde he very good at them and honest on turn around.
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