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  1. welshwarrior

    Air rifle

    S200 mk3 in 177 any good?
  2. I’ve had really good results in all 222 rifles with Hornady .224 50grain SST bullets I now favour RS40 powder regardless of twist or barrel length.
  3. Thank you I was looking at these online today I think that’s what I’ll get.
  4. Flat bases are like the ones of the left a boat tail is a longer more aerodynamic bullet like those on the right due to you slow twist you need a short bullet to stabilise generally but not always a lighter bullet is shorter and a flat base shape will be shorter than a boat tail bullet. When dealing with Non Lead Ammo NLA the bullets are generally copper which is lighter than lead therefore a the bullet of the same weight a shape will be longer. With your twist in 222 you’d have to go to a lighter bullet to get stability.
  5. Try a 50 grain flat base to start it should be ok. If not drop to 45s. Rebarreling depends on the barrel (blanks cost between £300 and £3000). Assuming you just want a standard grade barrel hunting barrel about £1000 after proof and some sort of finish.
  6. Have a look 1:14 is not great to allow for NLA ive rebarreled mine at 1:8 and can now shoot 70 grain lead or 50/55 grain copper
  7. Good offer well done that man.
  8. So is it a power shower? I’m told showers with pumps inside that use the hot and cold are termed power showers and need an upgraded cable (Listed Building not new build)
  9. Thank you. No it’s a separate 3 core 10mm cable straight of the fuse box for a power shower or electric shower I need to avoid.
  10. Ok that sounds an option as it would be like your MILs set up. Do you know the Mira model number so I can have a Google. TY
  11. 1:12 is the old traditional twist so limited to 50grains or below in lead or short 45s on NLA
  12. Should have said the hot water tank is lower than the shower. Im told the showers with built in pumps need a separate 10mm cable to run safely this run is to long/difficult to be really viable.
  13. Easy judging by the picture hand it down to TT junior for when he drops a lump of concrete on his leg.
  14. I’m looking for PW expertise please. Im redoing a bath room and want to fit a shower over the bath, the water pressure is not brilliant so I was going to add a pump under the bath. On the other side of the wall is a mains socket on a ring main. is there a pump I can run off this that people recommend and what type of shower will work best? Thanks guys.
  15. Eye dominance most likely culprit
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