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  1. I’m sure browning did one
  2. It does depend on the disciplines rules some are 12minutes for 9 shots for example you can’t space that out.
  3. Unless your going to shoot a rare cartridge that’s hard to find on higher enough volume of others its unlikely to worth while but that said it’s a hobby in its own right.
  4. No easiest to field strip is the 51mm mortar about 3 or 4 bits.
  5. They’re robust but complicated rifles.
  6. It’s worrying that it maybe clumping together for any reason.
  7. I’m looking for a cz 452 thumbhole stock has anyone got one kicking about?
  8. MelB3’s wife’s work is very good.
  9. Depends on the bird the hand moves on the forend/barrels depend on the type of presentation.
  10. I used one as a coaching gun and ejection was suboptimal shall we say, I’d never look at one as a DG rifle if that’s your use. personal for a DG rifle I like a CFR they are more reliable when you get excited.
  11. I use a pbir torch and compared to the others I’ve tried it’s brilliant. Other where T20 T38 Solaris
  12. Dan Bromley of Bromley and sons
  13. I’d buy both sets of barrels at that price where on Cyprus are you I lived near Limassol for a couple of years.
  14. Read Mike Yard Leys article on the duffers gun. After lots of testing Beretta skeet and 1/4 in a gun of similar age proofed the best at standard driven game. I use IC and 1/4 with most of my novice game clients who need a rental gun and it works
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