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  1. I probably have about 70% of my clients with a matched pair but most shot singles and save the doubles for grouse and special days.
  2. As does your 100 year old sbs! Op shoot what you enjoy is the key here a carp shot will shoot badly with any well fitted gun and great shot will shoot great. The main difference will be in the finer details balance, build quality trigger pulls etc are you good enough to notice the difference only you can answer that. But one thing is for sure if you enjoy what your shooting you’ll shoot it better.
  3. Lots of us have our own stock oil mixes that’s the way he does it, I wouldn’t but each to their own. part of the skill is knowing how to use your oil in a way that gives your finish.
  4. I think he’s right about a cycle I thought it was just here, the foresters felled and replanted 80 acres of oak this year on my permission so was hard to tell.
  5. Not many here I doubt I can get you many if any this year against the locals.
  6. The fact you talk about 200 yards shows you don’t full get DG hunting. Yes regulating barrels to converge at a set distance (normally 75 or 100 yards) is complicated but that’s the gunsmiths issue but it makes the hunters live safer and easier in the field. A skilled barrel regulator will often get both regulated with in 10 shots (this of course does something go wrong). There are not loads of bullet options in these DG rifles, unlike medium bores where 308 ammo runs to pages per manufacture for example. You spec what you want to have rifle regulated with and just keep buying that.
  7. For a client Hunter essential no desirable yes. Most people now stand next to a PH who will deal with the cick ups however if you hunt with clients or are a PH your requirements are very different, if your shooting normally somethings gone wrong. Coupled with the fact most of these guys shots are take at close range and in haste, most PHs shoot over express sights regularly and well so a scope will be a draw back, especially when that scope lives half its life bouncing about in a land cruiser, would you trust your life to it when express sights won’t move?
  8. I thought you’d have more taste than a 458 WM try a traditional 416Rigby or gentleman’s 404 Jeffrey 😜 I’ve have/had a handful a DG rifles some bolt actions which work and are nice but there is something just nicer about a double rifle.
  9. It’s easier to regulate a sbs due to the way the ribs and wedges are set up. Also the reason you shoot a set load, the express sight (open sights) are filed to get them regulated (zeroed to the barrels), scopes can be fitted. OU are more often seen on the continent in ‘light’ calibres (30 cal 8mm and 9.3mm mainly) for boar. Whilst you can pick a ‘budget’ double for £4K they are often much much more. As to use a bolt action much to slow if you have a issue, now a days rounds jam in chambers are a lot less common but still a death sentence in a buff charge. As a bolt action is only faster until the magazine is empty 3-4 rounds in most big bores, the sbs will over take it at the reload.
  10. That should be and looks to be a straight butt it’s just the butt plate has a the curve. As others have said simple remove the butt plate and check it with a steel rule or other straight edge. That’s then a straight forward installation of a grind to fit pad.
  11. Not the style most of us do in Britain. It was ok for Combat but we must be cognisance that armys use weapons sets in different styles, from my experience the British Army it would not have been as good as other options. How the French deployed their shotguns in Afghanistan it could have been a good option.
  12. I wouldn’t with a 22 lr or any 17 I may take out a 22 hornet or 222 if the must be shot but most likely I’d use a shotgun.
  13. I’ve got lumps of walnut off cuts if your local you can have dig through.
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