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  1. They are full adjustable just takes some playing around and a fair bit of time. I cant remember off hand the order of adjustment to get the best from it but sure google will help you for the manual.
  2. Thanks guys I’ll have a look seen a 1100cc one with trailer but they are based in Telford.
  3. Beretta 690 ladies gun and Blaser are very good personally think the beretta is better.
  4. I have a Tolley Live Pigeon Gun I use when people say a sbs can’t keep up beautiful to shoot on high birds but getting on and needs to be loved more than worked.
  5. I’m thinking of getting a small quad a kid can drive but also pull a small trailer behind. Nothing fancy or expensive just fun for him and take a little weight for me.
  6. I use mk 60 high pheasants and Kemen KM4s both do the job exceptionally well the MK60s are cheaper and prettier the KM4s handle a bit better and are slightly less tiring to shoot. I do like the plain black actions and understated straight strong wood on the KM4s though.
  7. Yep a Beretta will last around 300,000 they are the main stay at almost all shooting schools and high user areas.
  8. Lanbers I’ve lots of other Beretta Browning/Miruko are my main stay. Coaching guns never last very long as they are used more than most.
  9. The lanber won’t stand up to the amount of cartridges a serious clay shoots. Secondly the gun’s don’t quite handle as well as some of the ‘better’ names. there a good gun (I’ve 5 as coaching guns) but they won’t stand up to hard use, I’ve shot 2 to bits in 3 years from new.
  10. This isn’t going to be very helpful but the one he shoots best with. He needs to try loads of guns and shoot each a few times if possible he buys the one he gets on best with then learns that gun. As to lanbers etc they are ok but I’ve never seen one placed anywhere in a proper clay shoot.
  11. Kids are loving the hens Burster the rooster is a bit big and grumpy but the girls are great and come for cuddles and treats dropping at least an egg a day and they are lovely bright yellow yokes.
  12. Hand them to an RFD if it section 5 and likely is he can pass it to the police. You get handed section 5 as an RFD from time to time police would rather you take it and pass it to them than leave it in unregistered hands.
  13. There along way down the garden and I’ve got my traps out to erm fix them. Where we are there will be rats about nature of the woods.
  14. I’ve inherited some with a house I’ve just bought, will be looking to add more but stuck BO especially the cockerel as he’s massive a cool kids think he’s great.
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