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  1. welshwarrior

    Tip 'guidance'

    Yes but depending on how poorer a show depends how poorer tip.
  2. welshwarrior

    Tip 'guidance'

    Personal I tip a minimum of £40 and then work on £20 per 100 or part there of after the first 150. If I think the keeper done well I up it if I think it’s a poor show I reduce it.
  3. welshwarrior

    Silver pigeon 1 sporter

    I’d agree with his statement but can’t comment on how well that gunnfitted you as I’ve not seen it. SP is a good reliable gun and if it suits you will do you well.
  4. welshwarrior

    Beretta 687 stock bolt

    There are 2 or 3 different stock bolts lengths depending on the age of the stock.
  5. welshwarrior

    Beretta 686/7 bits

    Ok I’ll look think I’ve a modern one in the odds and **** bin.
  6. welshwarrior

    .30cal brass

    Do you just want some 308 brass? Or 30 cal?
  7. welshwarrior

    Beretta 686/7 bits

    Modern or original 687 stock there’s a couple of lengths.
  8. welshwarrior

    20 Bore recomendations for Game

    Very hard to beat the mk60 hp for value for money lovely gun as well.
  9. welshwarrior

    Clay Shooting Coach or Instructor

    A coach does more than just look at a shooting technique there a whole lot more to shooting well than mounting a gun swing bang.
  10. welshwarrior

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    As per most modern budget guns. Quick seal ie poorly and cheaply.
  11. welshwarrior

    Anyone ever seen this happen on a gun?

    Dry it long and slow in dry but not hot air on the action ensure the forend is on the barrels and gets the same treatment. After the long slow dry the wood needs resealing inside and out and the metal work needs a good clean and lubricate then reassembly.
  12. welshwarrior

    Well it's done .....

    Looks outstanding well done.
  13. welshwarrior

    cleaning brass

    I use sea clean then resize tumble in walnut cob then reload.
  14. welshwarrior

    Beretta 686/7 bits

    Both screws and what length bolt
  15. welshwarrior

    BASC reports Lush to advertising watchdog

    Good work BASC I see nothing from my other organisation on this sort of stuff.