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  1. welshwarrior

    Kids and Guns.

    Not a rant a good reminder for some. Often ive correct young clients in gun handling to get the reply my Dad showed me that or told that was fine. Regularly the dads go quite and look embrassed whilst I explain why there is a different/better way. Gun handling is very very important and should never be paid lip service
  2. welshwarrior

    The Admirable Gordon R

    PW at its best well done both true gents from what I can see.
  3. welshwarrior

    Boot recommendations

    Altbergs or Altbergs for me.
  4. welshwarrior

    . 22lr cases

    Team Tractor gave me a nice key rack with 223 brass as the hooks looks and works well
  5. welshwarrior

    Leather Boots

    Well worth they will bespoke make your boots if you like used to be a 10min walk for me now 4 hours but still worth it.
  6. welshwarrior

    Super cheap O/U stock+forend

    Send me your address I’ll look at a set of old spainish or Italian wood.
  7. welshwarrior

    Brno opinions

    Mine a 1950s rifle passed down to me shortened to 12.5” and still accurate not ammo fussy and working.
  8. welshwarrior

    Brno opinions

    Rugged reliable accurate what more do you want not the best looking rifle but I don’t care in a Desmond.
  9. welshwarrior

    Stock repair reccomendatioms please

    What type of repairs?
  10. welshwarrior

    Leather Boots

    Altberg made in Britain (that’s a positive) made orginally for the British infantryman if that’s not a hard live for a boot I don’t know what is. Ive been wearing them for 20 years now. One pair has lasted me 15 years including going on sunny holidays to Iraq and Afghanistan. They will resolve them for around £50 which is worth it on a decent boot. They will look after you as a customer if ever needed.
  11. welshwarrior


    Try contacting Purdey or if a 30” is ok I’ve a client looking to sell one.
  12. welshwarrior

    Awful attitude at gun shop.

    I’ve had it before guy bought a gun for his daughter had it adjusted to fit her. Then bought it back after her first game day (the reason he bought the gun) wanted his money back as it would only fire one barrel. Refused to wait whilst the gun was tested due to business meeting I refunded him refused to refund his days shooting costs. Glad I did it fire 150 cartridges perfectly for between 3 people of varing cartridges, it’s a shame she disliked shooting or couldn’t shoot wish he’d hired a gun instead of abusing my good will. All guns are now tested before any refund is discussed now.
  13. welshwarrior

    Gun opens itself when fired

    Could be a simple as a worn top lever spring it could be a lot more.
  14. welshwarrior

    Caesar Guerini vs Beretta?

    Come now it wouldn’t explode modern guns are designed not to, the gun wouldn’t close so couldn’t be fired so couldn’t explode.
  15. welshwarrior

    Source for Miroku spares

    BWM are the importer but will only deal with RFDs who hold accounts.