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  1. The gun fitter know how the client like his/her gun set up by talking to the client at about their shooting and preference then watching them shoot. The gun fitters experience then comes into play.
  2. If the gun fits where did you have it fitted to shoot?
  3. Mr Grumpy is alright now my FEO has granted me a double rifle in 500 NE in case he charges!
  4. So I we have an ideal here but we need some work. chicken gyms to get them fly high faster and further. beaters should be easy as 2 stroke chicken chasers are already made. Chickens aren’t defenceless either so that improves our public image the bird below regularly corners my daughter never seen a partridge corner anyone.
  5. If legal where you are a bolt gun firing subs do it it’ll work well. I’ve worked with very accurate 308 sub sonics before that are very useful for discreetly removing problems discreetly. cant see why deer and boar wouldn’t work as well with well placed shoots.
  6. A light gun will stop faster and also take off faster. Simple fact they are more controllable 32” some people struggle with but a 30” 20 b around 6 1/2 lbs is generally nice forgiving gun to shoot.
  7. You have NRA ggg brass that is loaded to military specs it has a crimped primer you need to de crimp it primer pocket before repriming. Except for 2019 batch the brass is very good around lapua standard. Look at imperial 2019 target rifle shooters reports the brass was soft and a primer issue caused it to stretch and snap lots of extractors.
  8. A guy your build I’d be looking at a 30” more forgiving to shoot.
  9. They handle like OUs generally and sit at the heavy end of sbs the Parabello is a little more towards the traditional sbs but still not fully there. Not heard they where for the traditionalists who wanted a sbs clay but makes some sense. like the sp 20bore the Beretta sbs is a lively gun that’s still controllable and very pointable with the longer barrels.
  10. Not an AK 47 but a CZ carbine in 7.62x39 It’s very efficient and far from marginal delivering a lot more energy than a 22cf. It also allows a shorter carbine that’s very nice to shoot in woods. The ‘better choices’ are based on your preference otherwise we’d all just have 308 win and everything would be null and void.
  11. Hope he recovers fully.
  12. 7.62x39 is easy to get UK deer legal with the right powder. you’ll not get it deer legal subsonic but the Americans do put it together I believe hard to get semi auto to cycle reliably and magazine length can be an issue. Trail boss will give an accurate slow round but not quite subsonic in my playing around. id like a load like the 300 whisper that I can use on a restricted energy range near me. I’ll play soon!
  13. Great boots imho much better thanMindel and Lowa. I now don’t wear anything else and the custom fitting is well worth it. Avid user for over 20 years now.
  14. Take quite a bit of getting used when I did I like the berserker but it made my traditional rifle feel odd. So after a year of trying to switch between I decided I could get rid of the traditional wooden pretty rifles so the GRS went.
  15. I have a plus 4 and coat if that’s of use?
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