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  1. In which case £250-300
  2. But so many sold with out them!!
  3. Do you have the calibration rings for the different bores?
  4. 1/2x20 unf is the most common 1/2x28 unef is about but a lot less common.
  5. I’ve seen Purdey’s have new barrels made as the owner wanted 30” not 26” etc. Also guns restocked as the original stock was of odd dimensions that belonged to a relative so the new owner had a new stock made. Often when done by Purdey it’s been as good or better than the original and could be passed off as original by an unscrupulous seller. My view if it is done well and will shot well for the buyer no harm is done to the value.
  6. Kowa and opticron are good but well sort after by the TR/FTR and F Class boys.
  7. welshwarrior

    243 wanted

    I’ve a remi 700 semi custom but in walnut stock I’m thinking of selling pm if you want more details.
  8. Spent longer get wife’s and girlfriends over well meaning boyfriend husbands fathers etc trying to teach them than any other set of problems. Get an instructor to do the intro and basics then take their advice and develop onwards.
  9. Ask them to formally put it in writing and to confirm who or where BASC or anyone else’s legal team should respond normally makes them apply the HO guidelines accurately and sprite they where written.
  10. No they won’t you get to see a pair if you’ve not seen any shot at if someone is shooting and your scratching you backside trying to find a choke etc unlucky you should have been watching. The ref can and they often are slack on this. Sim pair you can see twice if you’ve not seen them shot at.
  11. Used but good NI patrol sack in DPM cover postage and a donation to Scotty’s Little Solider's Charity.
  12. I cut the stocks down in fillets 1/2” each so as they grow another section is added back in. A machine threaded insert in the stock stops the holes growing around wood screws and keeps it all tight.
  13. I can only see a 9+ but that’s got 11 slots in the foam.
  14. I’d not get anything but a Brattonsound a ST11+ Is very good reliable and big cabinet.
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