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  1. welshwarrior

    grandson pigeon shooting

    Shortened length of pull less drop (raised comb) rebalanced
  2. welshwarrior

    grandson pigeon shooting

    Depends on his age that’s he’s average high and build for! Bid difference between 8 & 18 year olds 😜 my 6 year old uses a tk36 410 that’s been modified and he Shoot’s quite well.
  3. welshwarrior

    Knife carry while shooting

    Same 3” lock knife I carry everyday shooting at work used for most things removing suck cartridges, removing staples cutting tape string a seat belt, freeing a stuck dog etc.
  4. Just like the clay shooter I watch regularly who can’t hit the clays as its the wrong colour got the wrong lenses wind blew them off line ref didn’t see that chip its a Thursday it’s .............. when they mean their rubbish shots.
  5. Hellfire 32g 5s in the main.
  6. welshwarrior

    Poor shots and guilt

    Two types of shooters those that have missed and liars.
  7. welshwarrior

    pattern plate /gunfit

    I use a plate at 16 yards for gun fit but more important than the distance is the interpreter of what went on before and during the shot. Quite a few people tense up shooting a pattern plate and flinch this can render the result null and void. Shooting moving targets under observation is also an important part of gun fitting.
  8. welshwarrior

    World English Sporting

    Well shot glad you enjoyed it we left the sportstrap up until Monday for anyone to shoot if they fancied it.
  9. welshwarrior

    Hatsan escort 12g

    They are ok now however I’d buy used a remi 1100 or beretta 301 302 or 303 or Browning b80
  10. welshwarrior

    World English Sporting

    How did you all get on
  11. welshwarrior

    A most see

    What do you shoot what types of guns.
  12. welshwarrior

    £180 for a recoil pad fitted?

    How’s he doing it grinding to a close fit then it expensive. Sanding the pad and stock to a perfect fit thus removing some finish then reoiling the stock from the chequering back and polishing the pad in the traditional way £180 with pad is a good price 2-3 hrs work.
  13. welshwarrior

    Breakdown Shotgun Cabinet

    I’ve one near Uxbridge
  14. welshwarrior

    World English Sporting

    Excellent it’s looking a great set of courses from what I’ve seen. I’ll hopefully see you all there. Daf
  15. welshwarrior

    Clay ground fall out

    275m or 300 yards is the normal figure.