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  1. Why did you pre-order one if you just intended to sell it for a profit? I know its good business for you, but it's a **** move if you did it with the sole intention of selling it on - if you didn't, I apologise for my belligerence.
  2. Good evening all, Hope everyone is good and keeping well. I have been incredibly inactive on PW due to personal circumstances but I am back (not that anyone was that worried ­čśé) but still. The reason for the post is to see if there is any permission / if anyone needs an extra gun on the barley in a couple of weeks time? I am based in Canterbury, Kent and whilst I have other permission, 1. It's quite a distance from me and 2. It's getting very busy up there and frustrating with shots going off here there and everywhere scaring everything off! I am 24, fully insured and have been shooting for a number of years. Very tidy, respectful of boundaries and land and ultimately, a safe shooter. If anyone needs a hand, let me know. I know the response is likely to be bleak, but if you don't buy a ticket, you don't win the raffle. Thanks all, have a great week! RJD121
  3. Hi Daz, I hope you are well. Just wondered if the offer is still available for a couple of days shooting? I am looking to try and get a couple of days elsewhere this year as my current permission is becoming very busy! Thanks Ryan Hi Daz, I hope you are well. Just wondered if the offer is still available´╗┐ for a couple of days shooting? I am looking to try and get a couple of days elsewhere this year as my current permission´╗┐ is b´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐e´╗┐coming very busy! Thanks´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ Ryan
  4. Thanks for the advice all! It isn't my first day out ever, just my first day out this year! I am going to be taking your advice and going to have a look around this evening with some binoculars, see what is around. I know that if you turn up and there is 3.21 million pigeons in one field and none in the other, then it is pretty obvious, my point was more about do pigeons have a preference on food this time of year? Going to be setting up at 06:00 / 06:30 ready for a full day out!
  5. Good afternoon PW, I am going on my first shooting day of this season on Saturday and am really looking forward to it, gear is in the car already! My question is about what to shoot over. The land that I have permission on has Peas (not yet cut) / Laid Barley (cut) / Rape (cut) What would be best to shoot over or is it just a lottery on the day?
  6. RJD121

    Hide Net - Kent

    Oh thank you mate, I'll go and have a look up there
  7. RJD121

    Hide Net - Kent

    Hi PW, Just trying to see if anyone has got a spare hide net for sale somewhere in kent? I am meant to be going shooting next weekend and have got poles, just no net! Let me know if you have and I will happy to collect RJD121
  8. Would you sell the netting by itself? Thanks
  9. Just wanted to say thank you so much to you both for your generosity. It is really nice of you to help me out and I really look forward to getting out soon with my new decoying gear and trying it out!
  10. I am indeed, thank you very much! Regards, RJD121
  11. Hi Soulboy, this is a great offer. This year will be my first season shooting having got my license in December, really excited to go but only have a small amount of gear (about 5 decoys and a hide net) would it be ok for me to take these off of your hands? I live in Canterbury and could pick them up tomorrow? Thank you RJD121
  12. Hi there, I am looking for any sort of Pigeon Shooting equipment, Decoys, Magnets, Hide Nets, Poles, Flappers, the lot. Let me know what you have got and what you want for it! Thanks RJD121
  13. Hi, yeah that might not be such a bad idea. I have had it up for sale for about 2 months, but I originally.had it up a little more expensive because I didn't know what it was worth! I might try that with the price and see what interest I get. Thanks
  14. I am really struggling to sell it! Can you think why someone wouldn't buy it?
  15. Ah! I didnt realise that I had to go into the 'Full Editor' to do it! Thank you very much!
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