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  1. As much as I love the idea I have no intention as I simply don’t have the ability or knowledge. it’s a pair of aya box lock ejectors in the Southams sale if anyone is interested
  2. Evening all, I’ve noticed a few guns for sale in auctions in the white recently and was wandering how these come about as being offered? are they factory rejects or similar? obviously not something I would even consider as the knowledge and skill needed to complete one is way above my level! thanks
  3. Got the B14 hunter in .243 and I can’t fault it, abused it for 3 seasons as a stalker in Scotland, used on everything from stoats to stage, out shot full custom Callum Ferguson rifles at informal competition and much nicer build than both the tikka and Remington it replaced. I still have it now and use it mainly as a long range vermin rifle, with some load development and practice I’ve taken crows at 700+ with it. Definitely one of the best rifles I’ve ever owned and one of the only rifles I’ve not heard many bad reviews of from people who’ve tried them. My next rifle will also
  4. I have wide feet, in Altbergs I wear a 14w, the medium is too narrow but a normal Meindl fits me fine. However, may not be what you’re after but I find meindls don’t last half as long as other makes, when new they’re really good but I used to replace mine after 6 months where as my altbergs or lowas generally lasted me up to 2 years of full waterproofing then another year of being good enough pay your money and make your choice
  5. No, 2 1/2 is 65mm, some get away with 67mm but my old army and navy doesn’t like them
  6. Welsh pheasants are simple... it’s the cunning northern ones that are difficult haha
  7. Thanks everyone, to be honest I have no idea what chokes are in the sbs, I’m usually one of the “if it goes bang it’ll be fine” types I think Wymberly has a good idea in taking the over and under just incase thanks all
  8. Morning all, I know it’s done to death but I’ve been getting doubts put in my mind off others i shoot with. I mainly shoot walked up days and the odd average driven day and use 30gr 5 for everything but I’ve got an invite to a high bird day in the borders, I could use my o/u and follow the sheep with 34g 4’s but I love shooting my old English sxs. Will my standard 30gr 5’s be up to the job or do I need something else? thanks
  9. So many mixed opinions on the gsx750f! I think the only true way is to pass the test and have a ride haha
  10. Thanks for all the input guys, I’ve had a sit on a few bikes and the gsx750f feels okay but the upright adventure bikes are so much comfier, I just can’t get away with the looks 😂
  11. I’ve been looking at the 98-2005 models but ideally 03 onwards I do like the look of the bandits but I just feel daft sitting on them with being a larger build haha
  12. I do like the look of the Honda but being 6’ 3” and 23 stone I think I’ll swamp a cbr600
  13. Hi all, have any of you bikers on here got any experience of the Suzuki gsx750f? im doing my direct access atm and keep looking at them as a first bike as I plan on doing quite a bit of touring but don’t want something silly fast to start with. thsnks
  14. Sorry, should Also have said for home loading
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