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  1. Theres a bloke called Kieth who works from home in prudhoe, he’s the one that Weldon and bywell send a lot of their work to. Drop me a pm and I’ll forward you his number
  2. Hello, I’ve got a Brno zkw465 with a small problem. When using Hornady 35gr factory ammo the extraction is really difficult, the bolt lifts fine but takes a fair yank backwards to extract the case. When I tried some other ammo, ww super (assuming Winchester?) the extraction was easy but out of 3 rounds fired I had 1 of the cases split, it could’ve been a duff case but I’m not sure. Does anyone have any ideas where to look?
  3. I’m just to used to military style triggers and don’t feel comfortable with it, I’ve tried persevering for a couple of months but I’ve let 3-4 shots off early with the set trigger and decided enough is enough.
  4. Hello! Move just picked up a lovely little Brno zkw 465 in .22 hornet With the double set trigger. When using the normal trigger it is far too heavy and nigh on unusable, the set trigger is fine from a bench rest but also zero use in the field. Hs anyone got any idea on adjusting this or is it a gunsmith job for changes to the sear etc.? im not bothered about keeping the set trigger, I’d much rather have a nice normal trigger. Thanks jamie
  5. You’d like to think so but I bet there’s another letter in the next couple of months
  6. I have cctv and the council have investigated each of the 3 complaints and have found no issues with the dogs.
  7. So to update this the council where in touch again within a month of the original complaint saying that they found no grounds for the complaint to be made. However this has now happened 3 times in all. I clearly have a disgruntled neighbour but no body is saying anything in person. Surely after 3 investigations all coming out in my favour there is something I can do to find the identity of the complainant and take legal action? Surely this must class as harassment? 3 False complaints in 6 months?
  8. Thanks, I’ve got the .243 for distance and have got the hornet as an everyday wander about rifle. Thanks for the info on bullets and loads!
  9. Brilliant info, I’m not really adventurous as far as trying different bullets etc. Goes so I’ll be sticking to the hornet types, but every little helps! I’ve been looking at bullet weights and can’t decide between the 35gr or 40g bullets, any pointers?
  10. Thanks for all the input guys, I think I’ll have a go with no crimp to start and then buy a crimping die if needed
  11. Cheers Robertt, So you just load the usual way? A small chamfer and deburr then fill with powder and seat head in the press?
  12. Evening all I’m picking up a .22 hornet this week that I plan to load for. Im already familiar with loading as I load for several other calibers. When researching the hornet I’m a bit lost as there’s so much varying advice on expanding the neck before seating the bullet then crimping afterwards. Any firstbhand advice or experience is greatly appreciated. Jamie
  13. Hi guys, im looking at ordering a Howa .223 varmint with a 24 inch barrel. it will be used for shooting in practical optic competitions and targets out to 6/800 with 600 being the usual maximum distance. Im ideally wanting to shoot 69gr bullets but I’m struggling to find out the twist rates to see if they will handle the 69’s. Im right in thinking that 1-9” is the ideal for these? Cheers
  14. I’m in Durham but I’m happy to rfd or meet halfway? ill have a look and see what they’re going for as I’ve never really thought about selling it mate
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