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  1. So many mixed opinions on the gsx750f! I think the only true way is to pass the test and have a ride haha
  2. Thanks for all the input guys, I’ve had a sit on a few bikes and the gsx750f feels okay but the upright adventure bikes are so much comfier, I just can’t get away with the looks 😂
  3. I’ve been looking at the 98-2005 models but ideally 03 onwards I do like the look of the bandits but I just feel daft sitting on them with being a larger build haha
  4. I do like the look of the Honda but being 6’ 3” and 23 stone I think I’ll swamp a cbr600
  5. Hi all, have any of you bikers on here got any experience of the Suzuki gsx750f? im doing my direct access atm and keep looking at them as a first bike as I plan on doing quite a bit of touring but don’t want something silly fast to start with. thsnks
  6. Sorry, should Also have said for home loading
  7. Evening all I’m looking for a new bullet for my .243, I currently use Sierra 80gr sp but have had some issues with the points deforming in transport so looking to move to a ballistic tip. the use is stalking roe, red and fallow, foxing and long range vermin such as crows out to 600. id like to stay in the 80-90gr range if possible. Any input is appreciated
  8. Well in the end I’ve picked up a nice army and navy Boxlock non ejector from halls, paid £140 all in and I’m very pleased! It’s a tad short but I’ve a nice block of ebony looking for a good home in the garage! pics to follow once I’m home
  9. I don’t actually, apparently they’re like rocking horse droppings with hens teeth in...
  10. If you’ve already got a scope and have £650 to spend have a look at the bergara b14, you should be able to find one brand new in your budget and they’re amazing rifles, outshoot most custom builds!
  11. hello, could i have the lee case trimmer please.  How would you like paying





  12. A set of lee .303 dies with full length and neck sizing dies, factory crimp and bullet seating die. £30 lee quick trim case trimmer with .303 die £10 100+ once fired ppu .303 brass £15
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