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  1. What aren’t people getting? I’ve had dogs for 10 years, this is the very first time they’ve barked, as soon as it started I worked on stopping the issue, as we all know nothing is immediate with dogs, especially when it involves their base instincts. I immediately went to the neighbours and explained the situation and what I was doing to remedy it, what has annoyed me is the fact that the complaints are coming from the “nuisance” neighbour, who has a history of causing trouble, and has basically accused me of neglecting the dogs hence rspca visits, the complaint is an irritation but not massive as if they do investigate they will find no barking from my property. BECAUSE THE BITCH IS OUT OF SEASON.
  2. I feel it is unreasonable to call the rspca twice and then report straight to the council when I’ve been round explaining the situation and the issue stopped 4 days before a complaint was filed.
  3. I believe you need to go back and read the original post properly, i understand why people do t like dogs barking, I’ve even been to the neighbours before any complaints where put in, he barked for a period of 4 days, for approximately 1 hour over the whole day. I explained to them that the bitch was in heat, and I was doing everything to keep him quiet, hence why he was barking for short periods of 3ish minutes, the time it takes to put down the paint brush, trowel, etc. And get to the back garden and soak him, making him shut up. Other than this short time period THEY HAVE NEVER BARKED
  4. The barking was for a total of 4 hours over 4 days if you do the maths, purely because he wanted to get to the bitch in the house, any other time you won’t hear a peep from either of them, as soon as she passed the point where she would stand he stopped barking and hasn’t made a noise since. Also, it probably irritates me more than anyone else when they do bark, hence wasting 4 days hiding with the hose.... the neighbour is just the the usual, complaining about parking (doesn’t have a car), complaining about us coming and going at strange times, I work shifts and the las works in a bar (both quiet and discreet) she tries taking our bins if she hasn’t put hers out and just generally pleasant things like that haha
  5. Evening all, me and my partner have just received a letter of noise complaint about our dogs barking. The story behind this is my bitch came into heat so I put the dog in the kennel during the day on the 9th match to separate them and he started to bark, I spent about 3 hours on and off with the hose pipe out of the kitchen window until he stopped howling. This was between 3pm and 6pm. This occurred for perhaps 3-4 days but the barking was not constant, 2-3 minutes every 20 minutes ish. Since this has happened I have received 2 visits from the rspca for a black chow chow that has been abandoned in the kennel, both officers seeing that I have lemon spaniels and being impressed with the kennel overall so nothing has cans of that. We have now received the complaint letter from the council, stating they received a complaint on the 18th March, when the dogs have not been in the kennel since the 12-13th. I also have footage showing my dogs just chilling in the back yard while other dogs in the neighbourhood bark solidly for 10 minutes, I also have footage of a neighbours dog barking at mine through the fence and my 2 just standing watching. Do I have any grounds to find out who complained and counter claim against them for harassment? I have suspicions who it may be, and I’ve even been to the houses on my street explaining the situation before I recieved the noise complaint. I would normally just ignore this situation as I know that no matter how they investigate they will find nothing. But we are new to the area (6 months) and are already having issues with our neighbour, who I believe filed all the complaints, and I believe she is also the reason the previous owner moved on after talking to other locals. Any advice greatly appreciated. Jamie
  6. I believe the standard length of pull should be the trigger blade to the centre of the butt pad.
  7. Hi guys i have a mk4 1.5dci Clio in need of a clutch. I have plenty of experience of doing Land Rover clutches and I’m currently on a mechanics apprenticeship, albeit on trains, so experience is there. I have access to a full garage with 2 post lift. What’s it like working on a front wheel drive? I’d like to do this myself but just don’t have full confidence with having not tackled a FWD before and I don’t know what’s involved. Thanks, Jamie
  8. If you’re driving to Preston then malmo is only another 15-20 minutes from the centre on the a6
  9. I'm assuming he says that because most new guns with 3" chambers made these days do have steel proof so in 20 years it would be accurate to say that 3" chamber means steel proof on most guns
  10. haha that is very true! it's just that in my cabinet of 11 guns everything with a 3" chamber is steel proofed.
  11. well I stand corrected then
  12. as a general rule how is that incorrect? I've just had a quick look and other than old live pigeon guns nigh on everything else with a 3" inch chamber is expect to be steel proofed I'm happy to be informed otherwise but without going into specific makes and models I imagine my statement is pretty accurate.
  13. If it has steel proof it will take any steel load, HV or standard of the correct chamber length but it is recommended to stick to 1/2 choke or less. If a gun is not steel proofed then it *should* be okay with standard, lightweight steel loads through less than 1/2 choke but that choice is yours
  14. You'll have to find a gun that you like and then google it to check, as a general rule anything with a 3" chamber will be steel shot proofed.
  15. Hello, does anyone know where to source 80g gamekings? I have a good load developed but now can't find any more of these bullets. I can find 85g game king or 80g blitz, have they just changed the labelling or discontinued the 80g game king? Jamie
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