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  1. I have a few boxes of the original ones as per picture of the case previous
  2. Picture please
  3. came across this nice little stash in an elderly gentleman’s garage few years ago ! He preferred black golds !! So I bought them of him 🧐👍
  4. I have 2500 of them ! Compression formed ! Bought job lot 2 years of a nice old gentleman who preferred gamebore blackgolds !!
  5. Fit early browning,mirkou and Winchester invector choked guns
  6. You don’t say what make of gun they are for
  7. Where did you buy them from please ?
  8. Bigdavet

    Muller chokes

    Petty my 525 only invector! Or i would have had them !
  9. If you other man not sort you ! I can 👍
  10. I will have these please. We are coming to Grimesthorpe Saturday! Will pm you this evening
  11. There is a picture of the last box of blue lights they did
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