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  1. Sorry to hear of your mis fortune my friend .wishing you a speedy and successful recovery . Dave
  2. I bought 7000 pure gold f2 28gram 7’s 65mm when they stoped making them and re branded them regal game . Absolute awesome cartridge for keeping a tight pattern at long distance diamond shot ! Paid £165 ! Should have been £265/1000 gamebore had a pallet full they wanted rid off !
  3. Internal ? Or the old style winchoke external ?
  4. Yes. ,it’s my original one I bought early 90 ies , sold it to a good mate , unfortunately he’s had his ticket removed through no fault of his own , I have 8 of my own in my collection , hoping to find a good hom e for it
  5. My friend has a nearly new Kofs 20 gauge multi choke wants £350 for it
  6. I have a few boxes of the original ones as per picture of the case previous
  7. Picture please
  8. came across this nice little stash in an elderly gentleman’s garage few years ago ! He preferred black golds !! So I bought them of him 🧐👍
  9. I have 2500 of them ! Compression formed ! Bought job lot 2 years of a nice old gentleman who preferred gamebore blackgolds !!
  10. Fit early browning,mirkou and Winchester invector choked guns
  11. You don’t say what make of gun they are for
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