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  1. I cant fault mine, i bought it by accident as i was in the shop looking to buy a Beretta 692 after shooting the two the blaser had to come home. The handling is on the lively side as others have said which prompted me to go down the 32" Grade 5 route, now i'm used to the gun it'll be staying a long while...
  2. Evening Guys, I'm in the market for a semi auto, at the game fair i shot the new winchester SX4 and got on with it immediately. after doing a lot of reading the general consensus seems to be that SX3 is a better gun. My question being is the SX3 ergonomically identical to the SX4? i know for sure the SX4 is a good fit for me and don't really want to buy an SX3 to find out its a poor fit. any advice on the matter will be greatly received.
  3. I bit the bullet and booked onto the campsite, really looking forward to it....just hope the weather will be on our side! ?
  4. I use a wildcat evo on my T3X lite and couldn’t be happier...excellent mod
  5. Raytrade uk I believe are Remington importers
  6. Evening Guys, looking to see if any of you have any experiences with the Remington V3? I’m liking the idea of returning to semi auto as I stupidly got rid of my last and haven’t really got on with the replacement over and under. the Remington V3 has caught my eye as the reviews seem decent but does anyone here own one that would like to share their experiences with me? i’m attending the game fair and if there’s one there at a good price and providing it fits well I’d quite like to take it home....that is unless there’s a better option??
  7. Hi Guys, I'm looking to attend The game fair at Ragley hall this july, was wondering if any of you have been in previous years and what are your thoughts? was looking to head there in the camper and make a weekend of it, can you really spend a weekend there? is there plenty to see and do? i don't want to book a weekends camping and be wanting to pack up after day 1
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, I went with the lite and couldn’t be happier with it
  9. Has anyone got any experience with Athlon Scopes? seem pretty well specced for the price. Availability of suitable scopes seems limited at the moment, are the 2018 scopes on the way out?
  10. Thanks guys, a lite it is. as for reloading i wouldn't have a clue where to start...maybe something for the future
  11. Hiya Guys, Looking for an opinion on which model Tikka to buy? I've set my heart on a Tikka T3x but can't decide whether to get the lite or the varmint? the rifle will be used mainly for foxing and shooting steel when time permits. Is the varmint really that heavy? and is there a huge difference in accuracy between the two variations? Any first hand experience of the two to help me make the decision will be gratefully received. really don't want to spend out on the wrong rifle
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