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  1. It's an old model, for removing the screwback cases of watches. Different shapes for different cases, and they slide for different sizes. Here's a more modern one: https://www.onbuy.com/gb/adjustable-opener-watch-repair-tool-remover-back-case-wrench-cover-watchmakers~c11143~p25621520/?exta=cjunct&lid=58621109&stat=eyJpcCI6IjQuNDAwMCIsImRwIjoiMC4wMDAwIiwibGlkIjo1ODYyMTEwOSwicyI6IjEwMCIsInQiOjE2Mjc3MTIzMzUsImJtYyI6IjIuMCJ9&source=cjLeft+My+Tag&AID=13876643&CJEVENT=bd25e409f35411eb8138f6fc0a18050e
  2. If you do it with leftover lamb, it's shepherd's pie. If you do it with leftover fish, it's fisherman's pie. If you do it with leftover cottages..................😀
  3. I'd like to comment on the "loathsome little slug".........Sorry slugs, but the editor won't print anything I would to say. So much for not wanting any publicity!!!!!!.........To$$£r.
  4. Never given it a thought before so, how do you get to see your online medical history?
  5. Sounds just like my bedroom used to be, but posher...........I only had a 'Gat'.
  6. Well this will encourage new shooters into our sport...................not.
  7. I know just what you mean. 70+ now and everything still working (well, nearly everything) but my brain keeps saying "Yes you can." but my body keeps saying, "Oh no you bloody can't."
  8. Nice!!!!!!! Don't think he wanted/needed to hear that.
  9. Robden

    ENG v DEN

    Was Barry Kane booked for trying to cheat?
  10. I know of one. It's on a "SORN" not mot'd for ages (so probably no insurance) and it's used everyday for about the last 6-8 months.
  11. Have a look: https://www.mmbalmainauto.com.au/PDF/State_of_charge_12_volt_batteries.pdf
  12. Thanks for your kind words. "G" was very easy to keep clean, with just one word......"In." Keeping him dry? Not so easy. Any excuse, even "accidently" falling in.
  13. Thanks. Yeah, he saw the fish rise just before. I got ready with the camera because I knew he couldn't resist it. The next rise and..............never did catch one though.
  14. "Ta-Da" Found a copy on an old 'notebook'. Forgotten how to make it bigger on here, but it's okay on my phone, laptop, etc. Thanks all, for trying.
  15. Wondering if anyone can help please?Back in 2018 on Feb 8th, in "Dogs in Action...sort of" thread I posted a photo of my dog (George) leaping into the water to go fishing.Sadly, since then George has died, and I can't retrieve the photo I used.The first on this page: All other photos are there, but of course, not this one. All I get is, <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key>monthly_2017_05/large.DSC08498.JPG.89b665ffc18955cae5126f8cadbfcda8.JPG</Key> <RequestId>8K6DTS670DWYVK2V</RequestId> <HostId>Svm8XM5070ZHwnglU1cUlQipNck9F8VNNWbet2nbGwg1RoqIBA2M2AsVG6X6Q2y8Hdu2V1xdoOY=</HostId> </Error> Thanks very much for any help and/or advice. Thanks very much for any help and/or advice.
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