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    Or even a blacklash. 😁 Wouldn't be surprised if Hamilton's fan base is shrinking now.
  2. This is tastier and quicker than a so called ready meal. Since finding this I've had it loads. It's quick and great tasting. Spaghetti Carbonara (with Eggs and Bacon) I include a recipe for this well-known dish because most people I know get it completely wrong, either adding milk or cream or letting the eggs become scrambled. This recipe is the real thing. It was brought to Lazio from Umbria by coal men (carbonari), who came to sell charcoal to the Romans. Since then it has been adopted by the Romans and is famous worldwide. Serves 2 (good portions) 220g Spaghetti or Spagh
  3. Is it worth trying these people? http://spieth.de/products/sport/clay-target-equipment/
  4. As per title....amazing. I thought I did well sewing up a hole in a pocket. Didn't last long though.
  5. Remy, black bottle. I always get one for myself at Christmas. Doesn't last long though........reckon the bottle leaks.
  6. After missing a couple or so, I then find that I'm trying, not to miss, rather than going after it. Subtle, but big difference.........IMHO.
  7. Good. Hope he's right. Not like a doctor I had once and kept trying different drugs until he got it right.
  8. I don't do it, but if I did and won the lottery.................I'd pay someone to shoot for me. Lol. 😊
  9. Sadly, I remember when these were quite a common sight on the way to the "ACE CAFE". My mate had a Thruxy and I had a Triton (when I could keep it running).
  10. One of the reasons I haven't joined twattter or faceblob.
  11. Robden


    Another "smooth" sax, John Klemmer's Barefoot Ballet.
  12. I don't understand all this racism stuff. Surely "Black lives matter" is racist in itself?!?? What about the yellow lives and white lives? Shouldn't it be "ALL lives matter??"
  13. "Doh!" That's an old photo of me when I was 21.........I had, had a lot of worry though.
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