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  1. My SGC expires July 2022 (Cheshire) should I apply now?
  2. I'm going tomorrow, but my hairdresser is useless. I always say that I want it 'long and thick'. The trouble is she does what she wants.....a reverse Mohican (Pawnee actually) so it's shaved in the middle with a bit at the sides.
  3. If it were me and both are easy fixes, I'd fix them and sell the car with no faults.
  4. I think it's down to the gun and the person. I shoot Ely Superbs in my Zoli. My friend tried them in his Greeny and thought they were quite punchy.
  5. "Sneak!?!" I don't have to sneak. I go when I want to...........(the wife said it was okay as well)
  6. The ones I've seen have still been 'handed.'
  7. Old pair of shoes, bang a few 6" nails through the sole, run up and down......simples.
  8. Robden

    Gundog pup

    There will be plenty for sale in a few months when people are back at work. "A dog is for life, not just lockdowns."
  9. Before Covid, we were having a bit of friendly banter with the owner of our local Indian restaurant. I said to him that if I married his daughter, I could have this loverly food everyday, without having to look at his ugly mug. He said, "Not a chance. I won't let her marry a white man." I said, "That's a bit racist Mohieth!" His reply was. "How can that/I be racist? I'm Asian." And he (we thought) was a well educated man. We tried to explain it to him, but he wasn't having it.
  10. No. That'll polish out. 😀
  11. Spot on! Sometimes I don't mind being old. I'm not sure that England/Britain will be a nice place to live in a few years.
  12. I totally agree with Scully. In fact, I'd go as far to say that, " I feel more racist now, than ever before." Not only through this thread, but all the BAME, BLM, taking the knee carp. As an aside, I have a white friend married to a black girl, who have just had their first kid. Guess what one of the first questions was asked by BOTH families..........
  13. Agreed. These idiots and the 'anti-lockdowners' will soon be moaning/crying if we have to have another lockdown, to help to stop people dying.
  14. Depends on which way the traffic is going, or have a van at both ends.
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