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  1. I'm glad that I'm just your everyday, run of the mill Klingon.
  2. Can you not eat the eggs then?
  3. Or.......................just use old fashioned salad cream.
  4. CG are excellent. A friend sent his (second hand) for a service. He had a phone call saying that his stock had a split in it, and did he want them to replace it. He asked how much would it be and they said..........nothing (free) as it should never have split in the first place.
  5. You sure it's half and half?? Was it checked with one of those brass plug things? My Zoli was sold to me as half and half but when I had it serviced by Zoli, I asked them to check it. They said that it was threequarters and full. I've since part ex'd it for the CG Invictus.
  6. Indeed, confused.com. Friends daughter (nursery school teacher) was asked by a toddler to draw a cat. She is NOT allowed to, as it would be her interpretation of a cat. Oh, I put toddler in bold because I shouldn't be assuming what it's gender is....................Sometimes, I'm glad I'm old.
  7. Shouldn't that be chestfeeding?..................you'll be in trouble now.........again.
  8. This method is used when making BIR curries. Very quick and very nice. Check out "Al's Kitchen" on youtube. BIR = British Indian Restaurants.
  9. I did this when I lived in Suffolk. Two days later I had a phone call from the LFO (?) asking why I had two guns with the same serial number........."DOH!!"
  10. Also known as "the devil's soup" or "a bowl o' red." Different areas had different recipes.
  11. I've no idea what you're going on about. Any photos please?
  12. I must admit that I only did the easy stuff, like wear a mask, wash hands etc.
  13. Why BOJO? What about all those that agreed to pass the Coronovirus act? Are they all whiter than white, and didn't break any rules/laws?
  14. Blimey!! Didn't know it took that long. 🤣
  15. Indeed. I did this and my insurance reduced.
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