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  1. Robden

    Magnetic fix, 12mm high rib.

  2. Robden

    Magnetic fix, 12mm high rib.

    'fraid not. But thanks for the "offer."
  3. Robden

    Magnetic fix, 12mm high rib.

    Hi Al. Yep, did the job. Went for the Caesar Guerini summit. ATB Rob....
  4. Robden

    Magnetic fix, 12mm high rib.

    This high-rib is fixed by magnets, and if needed, a small piece of double sided tape. I bought this to try on my MK38 to see if I would like a gun with a high rib..... I did......So I bought a gun with one. So now, this is no longer needed and up for sale. This is the 12mm high and 750mm long version. New they cost £225 plus p/p. I'm looking for £150 (includes p/p). Rob....
  5. Robden

    CG dts kinetic balancer

    I'm looking for Caesar guerini dts kinetic balancer for my Summit impact. TIA. Rob....
  6. Robden

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    My grand parents were very lucky. Seven sons and two daughters all fought in the war and they all came home. As they (my uncles) said " Their friends didn't give their lives.....they were taken from them!"
  7. Robden

    I NEED a magnetic 12mm high rib.

    Now sorted. Thanks PW for this facility. 😂
  8. Robden

    I NEED a magnetic 12mm high rib.

    Looking for (or close to), as title, for 32" barrels. Rob....
  9. Robden

    Silver pigeon 1 sporter

    I was told to tape a drinking straw onto the rib, then keep practising until I can see through the straw every time.
  10. Robden

    Sloes galore.

    After you have removed the gin soaked sloes do not throw them away. Spread them out on a shallow tray and cover them in a melted good quality dark chocolate. Let them set then divide into squares. "MMmmmmmmmm!"
  11. Robden

    Packing in the Fags.

    I too am the wrong side of 60. Been smoking since I was teenager. Tried but never managed to stop....................Until 3 years ago when I tried with the 'e-fags'. Not had a fag since. Do I still miss it? Yeah, course I do. Sitting outside on an early summer morning with a strong coffee and an electronic device, is just not the same. Now my smoking/vaping habit only costs me £2 a week, no more noisy breathing and generally feel better all round. I don't think the wanting will ever leave (I know some peeps that stopped tens of years ago and still have a fancy at times) but it certainly gets easier. The best of luck to you.
  12. Robden

    Big cat?

    Maybe, just maybe, the OP is correct...............a big cat.
  13. Robden

    E. Chamberlain Andover Gunmaker

    Great photo and as was the norm' then, everyone wore ties.
  14. "WOW!!" https://basc.org.uk/blog/press-releases/featured-news/basc-statement-on-lincolnshire-police/