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  1. Good. Hope he's right. Not like a doctor I had once and kept trying different drugs until he got it right.
  2. I don't do it, but if I did and won the lottery.................I'd pay someone to shoot for me. Lol. 😊
  3. Sadly, I remember when these were quite a common sight on the way to the "ACE CAFE". My mate had a Thruxy and I had a Triton (when I could keep it running).
  4. One of the reasons I haven't joined twattter or faceblob.
  5. Robden


    Another "smooth" sax, John Klemmer's Barefoot Ballet.
  6. I don't understand all this racism stuff. Surely "Black lives matter" is racist in itself?!?? What about the yellow lives and white lives? Shouldn't it be "ALL lives matter??"
  7. "Doh!" That's an old photo of me when I was 21.........I had, had a lot of worry though.
  8. I'm using a pair of Pilla Panther glasses and would like to change the lenses to a Vermilion colour. Can you tell me please what Pilla's designated number is, for this colour? Even better if you're selling some:)
  9. As an aside, where did "scorchio" come from? I remember the sketch but not the programme. Caroline Aherne? The one show? The fast show?
  10. Robden


    Only if you have too much. Doesn't do much for your complexion either. My avatar........is me.
  11. I have pair of Zeiss shooting glasses for sale with case. They have the adjustable nose piece for high/low setting. They currently have my prescription lenses in but it’s cheap & easy to get your prescription/colour lenses made. There's a couple more photos if required but can't upload here due to limited MB. £55:00 posted. (Advertising elsewhere).
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