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  1. Robden


    Can you not eat green ones then?? Anyone actually tried them for themselves?
  2. ditchman, you have such a way with words........👍
  3. If they are black or green, I'll have them please. PM me your details and I'll pay this afternoon/evening. Cheers. 👍
  4. I don't think I could drive knowing that the light is showing a problem. But what IS the fault?? The bag may not inflate in the event of an accident when it's needed to possibly prevent serious injury? Or, it may just inflate for no reason when carrying passengers and doing 70 on the motorway? You pays your money.............................................
  5. Ouch!! I know that itch.......it has to be scratched. Good luck.
  6. As you say "in my opinion." So you won't like the '19 Crimes' line then?
  7. Mcguigan black label Shiraz or even Merlot. 2 for £10 on offer at Morrisons.....been on offer for months. Often buy 6 at a time.
  8. Don't fancy walking down that footpath with all those wads and no cases there. A lot of the lead would have had to cross the path.
  9. Do they need a covid passport for entry??
  10. We had an indoor toilet........in the kitchen next to the back door, which we had to leave open "sometimes." We also had a galvanised bath hung on the wall outside, which had to be dragged inside for bath nights. No wonder we only used to have a bath once a week. Kettle and pans of water on the stove to get hot. The rest of the time it was strip washes at the kitchen sink. And you know what? We never gave it a second thought. And we still went to school, often wading through thigh high snow.....we loved it. Today though, one flake of snow and the schools shut up shop......whimps.
  11. My old mum would have said that you must like them raw, putting them on this late. 🙂
  12. That sounds disgusting. How can you eat all that........without bacon? 🙂
  13. Yep. I grew up in the East end of London and they were, Velocettes, BSA Bantams. The "proper" police bikes were usually Triumph Saints, which were quite lowly geared, earning them the acronym SAINT...Stop Anything In No Time. Bloody hell I must be old. I remember the Wolseley 4/44 police cars with a bell just above the front chrome bumper.
  14. Thanks timps........again
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