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  1. Thanks very much for that. But TBH you would probably be safer sitting on the trap-house the way I've been shooting lately. 😊
  2. Don't why I posted TBH. I'm just so bloody annoyed at myself for being so stupid to cause, what could have been a fatal accident. What has really shocked me, is that it's soooo easy to do. I think I'll end it there............Thanks guys.
  3. Shooting O/T Friday. Friend shoots on peg one and moves to peg two as I get ready to call for the bird on peg three. As I mount the gun, I notice that my front bead is hanging off and shout "Oh eff it." My friend then says "What's the matter?" And *** do I do?!!?? I swing the LOADED gun round to show him. It was only for a second or so, but it would have been enough to.................... Now, I can't stop thinking about it and have even had a dream about it (although in the dream, for some reason, it was Dara O'Briain.) I was supposed to be shooting a comp today but cancelled as my mind would be all over the place. Friend says not to worry about it. It's just like having a near accident in a car. My only saving grace is that, out of habit, my finger only goes on the trigger as I call pull. Even while typing this, I still can't believe I did it.
  4. Robden

    Rice breast

    Could this be found in shop/supermarket bought birds?
  5. A friend of mine had the same thing, but can't remember which gun though......long time ago. He bought it new, one Thursday evening but couldn't shoot until the Sunday. He spent the next couple of days "playing" with his new toy, and like you say, the snap caps kept popping out. Come the Sunday and from his first shot, the gun acted quite normal. Can't recall whether or not he used the snap caps again.
  6. Need more info'. You say "look" similar, but is it mechanical or quartz? Dress, sporting or diver style?
  7. Totally agree. In fact one of them is begging for, not 2 or 3 quid but..............bl@@dt £19. A friend of mine donated to one of them a few years ago and a week later he was inundated with emails, texts and phone-calls......begging for even more. Never again.
  8. Doubt it. OP last visited October 13th. Probably just a wind-up anyway.
  9. Be careful what you wish for boy. I was like you years ago. Now I'm one of your "wrinklies" and get the cartridge heating allowance, and glad no one listened to me back in the day. Now, I think it should be doubled to keep in line with carts and airfares. 🙂
  10. I'm quite confident that it is new, as in never been used, but it's 4 years old. Would the warranty be from date of purchase or manufacture? I will of course ask these questions if I go back to try it. It is from a gun shop, and in fact, I've bought my last three guns from them.
  11. I thought that but they're bound to be bias.
  12. Had a look at the above gun today with a view to buying. Listed (and looked) as brand new, but dated to 2015. Could it be "new old stock"? I know other things are sometimes listed as "NOS" but didn't know if guns are the same. Thanks for any in-put.
  13. Robden

    At last.

    Well done you. It's great innit? I've had and done similar.
  14. Totally agree. When I was at uni' (many moons ago) I worked at a malt vinegar bottling plant for a few weeks. When an order was complete, the labels in the machine were changed, from some well known names to never heard ofs, but the vinegar in the vats was still the same.
  15. Oh yeah. I remember that at school............"Typhoid corned beef." Mustard pickle, CB toastie.....MMMmmmmmmmm!
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