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  1. Silly girl. Willing to leave Britain, and to come back to do us harm? Now that things have gone pear shapped, wants to come back....well, TOUGH.
  2. What the hell?!? Everytime I go to write something, it changes before I can post it.
  3. Decent enough wage that I could retire in my 50s and still shoot 3-4 times a week (when allowed) 15 years later.
  4. Are India pushing it too far? England have no chance of getting the runs needed, but can they manage to just defend for the last day and cause a draw?
  5. Don't suppose there's much chance of rain is there??
  6. What a wicked wicket........entertaining though. I think that the key to winning this test was winning the toss and batting first, knowing that this wicket will just keep getting worse for batting. I expect the bowlers love it.
  7. Watching now. India 103 for 3. 12-14000 crowd and not a facemask in sight.
  8. Well, I reckon I'm on to a winner and possibly a promise. 🤔 The wife's got a bad back so I've got her a chair that she can sit on when doing the washing-up.........and people say that I'm selfish.
  9. Golf is too easy. It's just hitting a ball with a stick. Bit like shooting clays. Throw a clay, aim with gun, pull trigger. What can go wrong............................................😀
  10. Old school here. Deep fat fryer all the way. However, if I'm buying frozen chips I get the oven chips. Two minutes in the dff and they're done and taste 100% better.
  11. Oh well. Root's gone for 218 at 3pm. BTW a quick way to see what the time is in India. 9.30 here, turn watch upside down, 3.00......simples.
  12. Root needs another 17 for the "Double ton."
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