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  1. Yes I have a few FX guns as well in FAC
  2. Why is it well put when I explained I had s410 and seen others ? you AA boys really are !!!
  3. I never go by post only but real life and yes I had a s410 with rust , my shooting partner had one which showing sign of rust putting , another mate had a s200 with rust pitting and seen a fair few more with the same . Like I said the blueing on AA barrels and cylinders were a bit thin to say the least . I don’t know if AA have improved on this matter on the latter guns or not
  4. Not fake news at all AA blueing is not the best , they need a lot more care than most , unless the new ones are different like I said look it up a fair few post on it
  5. It a well known fact they get rust spots
  6. S410 barrels had problems with rusting as well
  7. Ultra is a a great accurate gun but so is the HW110 with more shot count and very , very accurate nothing wrong with the other two this would be my two , to choice from and probably go for HW Had the other two as well but sold them
  8. villaman

    The Germans

    Won’t go wrong with any of HW spring guns . Love the look of the BSA lighting and love to have one , but heard so many not happy with accuracy
  9. Slugs take the wind better , far more accurate at longer range . The only reason I use the crown more because it’s.22 and can shoot slugs . At the moment we are waiting for .25 slugs to come , after testing H&N .25 slugs with great results then it will be game changer again , although 33.9 mk2 JSB are very accurate even at 100 + yards
  10. If it’s for barns then sub 12 in any cal would do the job , or FAC fx and dial it down . I can have my crown running at 40 ftlbs and with in 40-50 seconds I can dial down to under 12 so the best of both worlds , same with impact .25 Or .22
  11. I have FAC .25 impact pushing out 70 ftlbs with 34 gr pellet and spot on accuracy out to stupid ranges Also have a FAC .22 fx crown pushing out 40 ftlbs with H&N slug , these slugs are a game changer . Laser accuracy at 125 yards , take rabbits at this distance often with a straight kill . This gun is the one I take out of impact , CZ 457 .22lr and 17 HMR
  12. You will always get your gaystates fan boys which will buy it and they will tell you you it’s the best gun money can buy . We all know most pcp will match it pellet for pellet and I am sure my BSA ultra @ £400 will match it or go one further
  13. More over priced , over rated ****
  14. Totally agree stu and @ 150 ftlbs is more than.22 lr using subs
  15. I had fox on my license when I only had .22 and .25 FAC air
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