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  1. villaman

    New jsb pellet .

    Looks a bit like the H&N Barracuda hunter extreme
  2. villaman

    New jsb pellet .

    Head line New jsb pellet ,but its a gun
  3. villaman


    I use AA express 7.9gr running @ 805 fps for that very reason ,takes less wind Someone did a very good post on the airgunforum about heavy and light pellets .177 and the conclusion AA express 7.9 came out the best
  4. villaman

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    5 on Thursday Total 104
  5. villaman

    Shock horror my HW100 goes wrong!

    Give me a regulated gun any day of the week, no stupid power curves Did you make sure you had air in the cylinder before shooting .? If the gun has been left for some time dry fire a few times and this goes with most PCP guns
  6. villaman

    AA tx200 / HW97 How many of you tune theirs

    LGU this from another forum basic engineering inside isn't as good as we all thought. Comp tubes aren't hardened so they burr up badly and the shoe jumps out and then the lever won't return. The only place to get a hardened tube is Germany at least £70 plus delivery.John Rothery doesn't carry any spares and it's a long wait for him to get them
  7. villaman

    AA tx200 / HW97 How many of you tune theirs

    Many on another forum had problems with TX200 ,IMO you can shot both straight of the box . I stripped my 97 gave it a de-grease ,polish then re greased and now 4 fps spread over 30 pellets , better than most PCP guns
  8. villaman

    AA tx200 / HW97 How many of you tune theirs

    What a load of rubbish you talk
  9. villaman

    Fx impact .22 fac

    Give Tony a ring at A-S-I great bloke to deal with , I have dealt with him many a time and always been very good Some one I know sent his impact to airfective ,away for a few weeks and cost a few hundred notes but came back leaking The impact is a very easy gun to work on so you could do it yourself but on this occasion send it of for a full service
  10. villaman

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    Had a walk around my squirrel permission to check the feeders and they have started feeding from them , spotted three on three different feeders . walking along another part of the wood and out of the corner of my eye caught a sight of a squirrel on the ground Ranged it at 78 yards which is one and half milldots on the FX .25 FAC impact ,went down on the bipod , and released the lump of lead . As you can see a spot on shot and the damage is unbelievable Total = 9
  11. villaman

    H+n barracuda ft

    Cant see them being any better than JSB heavies 10.3gr and these have a better BC
  12. villaman

    FAC air .22 or .25

    if it for rats then any cal in sub12 will do the trick ,I have shot hundreds with sub 12 .177 and .22 Rabbits crows, pigeons in the fields then .25 FAC
  13. villaman

    FAC air .22 or .25

    These FX guns are fantastic @FAC levels ,I can turn my .22 FX crown FAC from 35 down to 10.6 FT/LBS with in seconds . No other gun can match that and change barrels plus liners ,100plus shots running @30ft/lbs not bad is it
  14. villaman

    FAC air .22 or .25

    Not just .25 slugs but .22 slugs hollow point
  15. villaman

    FAC air .22 or .25

    Put down for .22 and .25 . FX guns are the way to go specily the impact and crown three way to adjust them . I have .25 impact running at 47 ft/lbs with 25.4 gr AA fields and .22 crown running @ 31ft/lbs ,both guns are fantastic . With The crown in 10 seconds I can have the scope and gun adjusted down to 12 ft/lbs and even lower if needed ,how many other guns can do that with !!