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  1. Mine split after 12 months , linings went with in 6 months , pile of **** and the same happened with grub boots . Went a surplus store , had some nice boots , bit like muck boot £30 , still going strong after 3 winters
  2. The new ones aren’t a patch on the old , new ones have the reduced IR so to have a nice clear picture, you need external IR
  3. villaman


    Trouble with the fx ones are , you have to make sure it’s in the right place, to far forward can give you lower readings and to far back can give you higher readings .
  4. Yep , accuracy is up most , but using slugs is a total game changer at distance of 100+ yards , even in wind
  5. All depends what ftlbs , my fx impact .25 running @ 70 ftlbs using 33.4 gr pellet and crown .22 running @41 ftlbs using H&N slugs would do the job at 50 yards some still think FAC airguns only go up up to 28-30 ftlbs using pellets , but with slugs , it’s a game changer , specially in .22
  6. My crown.22 @930 FPS runs at 40 ftlbs
  7. So if your .410 will do what you want it to do , why bother with anything else
  8. I will through in FAC air in to the equation
  9. .22 crown FAC . With 18 gr pellet on pellet @ 70 yards
  10. Any of the FX range impact , crown , wildcat mk3 All can be easily adjusted , to suit pellets or slugs you are using . With my crown .22 running @ 42 ftlbs with 21 gr slugs and absolutely laser , even at 130 yards and more
  11. Disagree with you , FX wildcat is a fantastic gun FAC and sub12 , trigger is nice , mags work , nice cocking position, balanced great , very accurate, set the power to what you want , what’s not to like about it , might put in a variation for one in .22
  12. Think it’s this make , but like everything price’s have gone up or not available https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eyoyo-Multifunction-RangeFinder-Measurer-Hunting/dp/B072N71QBS
  13. I have £35 one and does the same as £250 one . Had Hawke in the past but never really lasted that long , so had this cheap one longer than both of the Hawke , probably 3 years
  14. Mate had a brand new Anschutz shot like **** , went back for repair , but both of my tikka and CZ are far better, even after his Anschutz came back apart from the trigger , and that’s from a owner of the Anschutz on another forum a lot not happy with them as well
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