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  1. More rubbish spoken , they didn’t go bust because cheap Chinese guns
  2. Had both and still gotTwo HW 97’s and with a de grease , polish of internals and regrease it’s just as good as tx any day . No need to spend £200 as mentioned ,that is just a stupid comment
  3. I have tested loads of different pellets and weights over the many years I have been shooting air guns and come to conclusion a few years ago , lighter pellets in either cal take less wind , faster so less time in the air to be affected by wind I have been shooting falcon accuracy plus 13.3gr in my .22 guns and AA express 7.9 in .177 , both are excellent hunting pellet in sub 12
  4. Hills are probably made in China anyhow
  5. I will have to check this out again , only because we did it with a discovery ffp scope the other day and everything was spot on at ranges from 30-80 yards , from 4-12 times mag
  6. I have two Fx rated guns , impact .25 , crown .22 and would not buy any thing else . These guns are so adjustable to suit the pellets your are shooting and even change the barrel liner to shoot slugs , how many guns can you do that with . Had daystate in the past but will NOT buy another ,that’s for certain
  7. villaman

    HW99 galling

    Might be not sure though
  8. villaman

    HW99 galling

    Who would be the best at sorting out HW99 galling problem ?
  9. BSA ultra will match any top price daystate **** pellet for pellet , I know had both and still have the ultra . Will never have another over priced , over rated **** from daystate again . HW 100 in any format is a fantastic all round gun and that includes HW110 ,14 (10 for110),shot mag , best cocking and loading ,regulated , best silencer , super accurate . Very,very quiet . My money would go on a Hw100k that’s why I have two
  10. Go for it , it’s a game changer wether it’s on air gun any cal . I use pard 007 on my sub 12 and can expect a very good bag when I go out .
  11. Looks a bit like the H&N Barracuda hunter extreme
  12. Head line New jsb pellet ,but its a gun
  13. I use AA express 7.9gr running @ 805 fps for that very reason ,takes less wind Someone did a very good post on the airgunforum about heavy and light pellets .177 and the conclusion AA express 7.9 came out the best
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