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  1. villaman

    HW95 fettling

    Had a top tune done on my 95 by wonky donkey ( Dave price ) and my god it’s good
  2. Hope to test on Tuesday evening out to 75 yards in my indoor range
  3. Impact mk2 which has been modified and shooting @ 72 Ftlbs with 34 gr JSB don’t need slug liner , will shoot through both liners
  4. Testing begins and more are coming to us in different head size
  5. Yes you might be right but a liner can be a external or internal and easily removable in my eyes
  6. villaman

    New tool

    Don’t bother buying slug liner , wait until H&N and JSB to come out with .25 slugs , which won’t be long now , April at the latest so I have been told
  7. Slug liner is a liner which goes into a barrel pellet liner goes into a barrel and these are for FX guns normally
  8. .25 poly mags are good in FAC
  9. Another over priced ,overrated **** from gaystate then
  10. villaman

    FX new slugs

    They shoot well in daystates as well as FX guns
  11. villaman

    FX new slugs

    I think you find most of the new slugs coming out , including H&N FX and JSB slugs can be shot in a standard barrel
  12. 80 yards is only 2 .5 mildots on my set up
  13. villaman

    FX new slugs

    177 still rules in sub 12 pcp now
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