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  1. villaman

    HW95 fettling

    I have a 95 and it was great out of the box , but sent it off to Dave price ( wonky donkey ) and my god what a different gun before sending off , I fitted a heavy silencer , which calmed the muzzle flip
  2. villaman

    Night vision

    I know exactly what you mean . I could never get on with photons or tv screen units
  3. villaman

    Night vision

    Some cheap nv units coming up for sale , like photons , ATN units since Pard have taken over the market and rightly so , imo if you afford the pard that’s the way to go . Brilliant NV at a good price
  4. They are made by JSB but with AA dies
  5. Had two guns tuned by them and attention to detail is something else . iI heard good and bad about them , mostly good I must say and that’s why I decided to make the trip up to them . Both talked to me telling me exactly what and why they are doing these alterations to my guns
  6. villaman

    Sub 12 or fa

    Another one for FX impact or crown my mk2 impact . 25 with a few mods can run at 84 fpe , although I have it running at 72 fpe
  7. villaman

    Sub 12 or fa

    Good choice but not Weirauch they seem to have problems in FAC
  8. Get in touch with HW tuning or Andy Beakett I have his phone number if your interested
  9. Got nothing to do with your neighbour as long as the pellet stays in boundary do you go round every time and tell your cutting the lawn
  10. villaman

    Sub 12 or fa

    But it still will not stop rounds bouncing around unlike .25 pellet 500 .22 rounds about £80 500 pellets £12 so swings and round abouts
  11. villaman

    Sub 12 or fa

    And with 22lr rounds which bounce around the place , not so much with pellets , for this reason my .25 impact running @ 77 ft/lbs is the gun I go out with
  12. villaman

    Sub 12 or fa

    Sorry but you are wrong with that comment, 4” group at 100 yards , it might be all you are capable of my groups at 100 yard are around 22 -30 mm using 18.1 gr pellet
  13. Air guns are far better than the bang, bang guns 😁 what part of Dorset ?
  14. Get in touch with custom rifle scopes
  15. villaman

    Airgun tuning

    Get hold of blackmax on the airgun forum or I can pm his number
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