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  1. Never had a problem even 28 shot mags
  2. Carl at airtech will do bigger cylinders . Had mine tuned by Carl at airtech with a bigger cylinder and shroud/ silencer which is carbon fibre. Great gun before but absolutely fantastic after reg and tune , this was done over 4 years ago
  3. Just ordered H&N slugs .25 https://jsb-diabolos.de/?slugs,78
  4. Tried JSB slugs in .25 out of my impact , results so far are very , very good . Hitting one mildot higher than JSB 33.9 gr mk2 pellets . These slugs come in at 33.5 gr , 150 per tin and £7.20 per tin slug on slug at 75 yards , can’t wait to try at 100+ yards
  5. Yes , but only 216 which did not group that well but 217 are very , very good apparently, need to give them a go
  6. Slug liner and my mate is using stx both guns are deadly with these slugs
  7. 700 mm .25 on the impact my FX crown shots H&N 21gr slugs .22 superbly best slug I have tried £11.30 per 200 and in a tin delivered
  8. Tried every settings, reg pressure and the best group 600 mm at 50 yards .25 H&N slugs £15 for 240 and not £15 for 100 !!
  9. Decent price my **** , and never worked in my impact either
  10. And they are like that at 75 -80 yards as well
  11. You will have a job to beat JSB mk2 33.9 gr pellets . I have these running @ 70 ftlbs reg pressure 125 , power wheel on one and line 3 on my impact
  12. All depends on what you want to spend , but for the money BSA ultra .177 would be my choice , great guns to tune and reg fitted later if you need . My next choice would be and probably the best off the shelf pcp ,HW100K and this gun is one of the best selling pcp guns for the last 12-15 years for a reason
  13. Still keeping the **** sling shot hammer system, shot count is very low in FAC and it’s still over rated , overpriced , that’s daystate for you
  14. I don’t care what size they do , I am not paying £15 per hundred ,when H&N slugs work out at £11 per 200 and with in 25 mm group at 100 yards and taken 100’s of rabbits at 100+ yards with them . iI can buy 150 rounds of .22lr ammo cheaper than the over rated , over priced, over hyped FX slugs, in fact they don’t even make them but got into bed with ratsniper in the states
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