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  1. Ammo I use federal premium 17 gr but the best I have found is Norma 17 gr
  2. I have a BSA supersport .25 , but only takes the rhino pellets , might fit another barrel, I believe BSA lighting .25 fits
  3. villaman

    New pard

    Early pards were a fantastic price @£330 which I have , knocked spots of every other add on and by far better than the awful photon . Like every thing else things have gone up loads , every time I order building materials, specially timber , I get told ,by the way timber has gone up in price again . so £500 is still not a bad price for the best all in one NV unit , we have been spoilt in the past
  4. No this is a airgun , I did see the vid on .50 cal though
  5. Tikka t1x are very good and CZ 457 royal . I have the tikka with about 15 mm groups at 100 yards with federal premium 17 gr and Norma 17 are slighter tighter group @100 yards
  6. But 50 is better , something like Seneca Dragon Claw
  7. I have a tikka 17 HMR 16” barrel and yes very nice , but also look at CZ457 which I have in .22lr both cracking guns
  8. Not out yet and probably won’t be until later in the year
  9. From the 1st October - 1 April which is a caravan park closing dates , 203 squirrels shot . So this year 153 926
  10. villaman


    Have you a link for them ?
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