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  1. Air guns are far better than the bang, bang guns 😁 what part of Dorset ?
  2. Get in touch with custom rifle scopes
  3. villaman

    Airgun tuning

    Get hold of blackmax on the airgun forum or I can pm his number
  4. I have one , nice and clear glass but the side focus screws came lose
  5. Don’t bother with HW 100 fac they are not that good . Go for purpose built FAC gun , at the moment FX are leading the way forward in FAC AIR GUNS
  6. villaman

    17 hmr

    Looking for 17 HMR what would you buy and why ? Been offered savage laminate stock with stainless steel barrel are they any good or just keep to cz and Anschutz
  7. villaman

    best rifle

    No FX impact .25 mk2 700 mm barrel 34 gr pellets running @ 920 fps is the best airgun for rabbits 😎
  8. villaman

    best rifle

    HW 100k , BSA ultra I would recommend
  9. HW110 fantastic gun had one in .177 but sold it due to getting my fac , but handled the k version to day and what a lovely gun . I need one and will be buying one soon
  10. AA express 7.9 in my k with in a 5 pence coin at 70 yards flies flatter and faster 805 fps none of my .177 guns will shot bis mags
  11. More rubbish spoken , they didn’t go bust because cheap Chinese guns
  12. Had both and still gotTwo HW 97’s and with a de grease , polish of internals and regrease it’s just as good as tx any day . No need to spend £200 as mentioned ,that is just a stupid comment
  13. I have tested loads of different pellets and weights over the many years I have been shooting air guns and come to conclusion a few years ago , lighter pellets in either cal take less wind , faster so less time in the air to be affected by wind I have been shooting falcon accuracy plus 13.3gr in my .22 guns and AA express 7.9 in .177 , both are excellent hunting pellet in sub 12
  14. Hills are probably made in China anyhow
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