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  1. Still keeping the **** sling shot hammer system, shot count is very low in FAC and it’s still over rated , overpriced , that’s daystate for you
  2. I don’t care what size they do , I am not paying £15 per hundred ,when H&N slugs work out at £11 per 200 and with in 25 mm group at 100 yards and taken 100’s of rabbits at 100+ yards with them . iI can buy 150 rounds of .22lr ammo cheaper than the over rated , over priced, over hyped FX slugs, in fact they don’t even make them but got into bed with ratsniper in the states
  3. 216 , never had 217 out when they first came out .
  4. Tried .22 out of my FAC fx crown and at 100 yards and not good , specially at over 15 p per shot . i will keep to H&N slugs 21 gr
  5. Didn’t find .22 or 25 any good
  6. 900 mm 110 800 110k
  7. Don’t for get to clean the barrel if it a new gun or even second had
  8. I believe they sold out to H&N
  9. villaman

    Choice of two

    This ^^^^^^^^
  10. BSA ultra will match any airgun , including top price ones pellet for pellet all day long Sportsman gun Centre has CZ now and not Edgar
  11. Stay well clear of daystate , all the negative comments you have read are completely true . Will never touch another daystate as long as I have hole in my backside and that’s putting it politely
  12. villaman

    New airgun

    Nothing wrong with HW110 but plenty of issues with brocock, it’s a daystate after all
  13. https://www.airgunnation.com/topic/the-new-fx-wildcat-mkiii/
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