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  1. Wimborne, I do know a few who go to parkstone gun club . Bruce , Alex
  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ What part of Poole ?
  3. Just down the road from you Just down the road from you with 14 permission 😁
  4. Yes I have , yes they are good but can give high or low readings depending on where you place them on the barrel I know exactly where to fit mine by testing with another chronograph I have heard good and bad about LMBR
  5. Find what size they are the go to bearing/ O ring unit far cheaper than bagnell & kirkwood
  6. I have Hawke vantage side focus which was on my HMR but changed it for discovery ffp side focus , far better scope imo
  7. You asked me if it’s FAC , I said yes slugs don’t seem to work in sun 12 , even the light ones
  8. Apparently a few have tested them and said they are just as good as .25 and may be better Will let you know πŸ‘πŸ»
  9. Ordered 1000 of the new .22 ZAN slugs over the weekend , arrived this morning . Brilliant once again by probably the best slug manufacturer out there . can’t wait to go down to my 80 yard indoor range to zero these in then try them out to 150 yards , see if they are any better than H&N slugs
  10. Discovery ffp on my HMR, vector ffp on my .22lr
  11. Try cleaning the barrel first never worth buying from the airgun Centre , unless you live close . Personally I would phone them up and tell them your problem . Hull cartridge has picked a gun up from my home and delivered it back again
  12. Did you buy it from the airgun Center have you tried cleaning the barrel are your settings right on your chronograph what chronograph are you using
  13. villaman


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