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  1. BSA ultra se with the best mod still ,which is HW mod . Still the bench mark for all mods others have tried to beat it , but at the best may of equaled it
  2. Only problem with the older wildcat is the stupid 8 shot mag and low shot count . The new mk3 has a better mag and a few more shots . Impact 28 shot mag even @72 ftlbs I am getting about 65-70 shots
  3. Well imo only one to get is FX wildcat or impact , but it would have to be second hand for that type of money . I have mine running @ 70 ftlbs with 33 gr ZAN slug or 72 ftlbs with 35 gr ZAN slug or I can take it down to shoot at 50 ish ftlbs .
  4. Have you cleaned the liner with a pull through
  5. Sounds like it might be they are not dead and ran off , just a thought or they kicked them selves a few yards from where they dropped
  6. The more who say 10.5-10.8 is fine then the police will push for this . and there is a difference between 10.5 & 11.5 fpe for definitely
  7. You would have to be doing something stupid to have your gun tested in the first place I had the police turn up on two permission and not once did they say my gun needed to be tested , but I did nothing wrong in the first place . In fact they asked if they could have a go , as they never seen a airgun like it and that was HW100K, they loved it , but who wouldn’t. Funny thing they didn’t have permission to shoot on the land 😂
  8. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/plymouth-mass-shooting-gun-control-law-dunblane-b1902605.html
  9. Wimborne, I do know a few who go to parkstone gun club . Bruce , Alex
  10. Just down the road from you Just down the road from you with 14 permission 😁
  11. Yes I have , yes they are good but can give high or low readings depending on where you place them on the barrel I know exactly where to fit mine by testing with another chronograph I have heard good and bad about LMBR
  12. Find what size they are the go to bearing/ O ring unit far cheaper than bagnell & kirkwood
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