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  1. .22 reximex myth pcp,with brand new 3 litre air tank all in good working order apart from a bit of glue that spilt on rifle ,comes with moderator 2 magazines and o rings ,scope not included.£435. Pick up only.
  2. Hi have you got any pictures please kev

    1. kingsy18


      Pics added to advert.👍

  3. Pulsar axion 2 xq35 pro in very good condition,comes with box and paperwork,2 years warranty remaining £1075 posted.
  4. Still drink it,think it's the best coffee of them all.
  5. Yes ,buy online and get it delivered,can see there's a company called pellpax who do it but don,t have the rounds I am after.
  6. Has anybody used a live ammunition delivery service ,if so who can you recommend.Looking for 95g 6.5 creedmoor rounds nothing round my way.
  7. kingsy18

    Airgun scope

    Sorted now guys
  8. Decided on reximex myth 22 similar to Kral np02 and arken Zulus not sure if the arken is overkill but hey ho.Thanks for advice guys.
  9. Got a thermal spotter,might be bit of rabbiting as well to 50 yds,which is better for the longer range 177 or 22
  10. Will be looking for a PCP as well as night vision,going round in circles on what PCP to get🥕🤭
  11. What night vision scope do you guys use for ratting,been reading about a few but need a degree to understand the setting up,just want something simple don't need all the gizmos
  12. kingsy18

    Airgun scope

    Looking for a half decent scope for an airgun,budget to £300 ,no hawkes
  13. Seen a physio last night,told me to stay away from surgery for as long as I can.Gave me exercises and see if that helps after a few weeks. Thankfully pain has calmed down a bit,sod when it pops out though. Thanks for replies.
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