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  1. My renewal was due last October got extended until December ,and now it's been extended until March as firearms dept are still waiting for reply from docs.Think i,m going to be waiting a looong time .Can still get ammo though ,that,s a bonus.
  2. Had a helion xq38f previously ,wanted to see how the axion xq compared to it and if it didn't,t would I be able to return it if it didn't and exchange for something else.
  3. I did have a helion xq38f in which I regret selling but needed funds at the time,thinking of getting the axionxq 38 lrf,as there are no shops near me where I can try one so i,ll have to order one online.Just wanted to know what my rights are.
  4. If I purchase a thermal and charge up battery and try out the thermal and it's not as I expected,can I still return it or do they class it as used.
  5. Swaro habicht 8x50 on medium sportsmatch mounts does me fine.
  6. Ludricous lumens night sabre with red hpr+ led 👍.
  7. Only need to spot them and call in,don,t use nightvision ,I use scope mounted torch,just want to know if you can tell its definitely a fox when moving.
  8. Trying to find out which thermal to get is a minefield,that,a all Ii,m looking for is something simple with no bells and whistles.Something that can pick up a fox at about 500yds clearly is the pulsar xm30 key up to this.Are any of the other brands apart from pulsar repaired in UK if something goes wrong.
  9. Can somebody recommend me a good book to read for dsc1.
  10. What's the norm on rfd fees for transferring a firearm
  11. What's the norm on fac renewal waiting times during this covid 19. Put mine in 4 months ago.
  12. Come to the conclusion that my eyes are not as good as they used to be so considering changing a my scope.Got a meopta meostar with the illuminated dot and starting to find the crosshair and dot a bit too fine. I,m going to be looking for a scope with a slightly thicker reticle ,mag in the 3x12x50 range ,euro glass any recommendations.
  13. kingsy18


    Anyone use the .270 what's your opinion,plus what would be best barrel length.
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