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  1. kingsy18

    Tax relief on vehicle

    Already got a commercial van just wandering if I would get tax relief on Suv as well.
  2. kingsy18

    Tax relief on vehicle

    Looking for a bit of advice ,I,m a self employed builder and I know you can get tax relief on vans ,could you claim tax relief if you purchase an awd suv Mods can you move this to off topic
  3. kingsy18

    freelander 2

    Thinking of getting a freelander 2 thought i,d ask for a few opinions before i go and buy one,found a 13 plate with 23000 on clock with tow hitch,only thing bugging me is the low mileage if its got a dpf as they can clog up.Any advice.
  4. kingsy18

    cz picatinny rail

  5. kingsy18

    cz picatinny rail

    cz 455 /452 extended picatinny rail ,190mm long ideal for nightvision.£40 posted
  6. kingsy18

    4x4 for £2.5k

    suzuki grand vitara 1.6 petrol any good,06 plate with 57000 miles on clock,still using it at moment but thinking of putting up for sale.
  7. kingsy18

    shooting on marshland

    open ticket
  8. Just picked up a permission with fields on marshland ,i know guys shoot there with shotguns ,whats your rights with a rifle.
  9. kingsy18

    cz picatinny rail

  10. kingsy18

    cz picatinny rail

    looking for a cz455 long extended picatinny rail,anyone selling one
  11. kingsy18

    CZ455 22LR and 17 HMR/WMR magazine

    whats the 22lr 5 or ten shot
  12. kingsy18

    garden shed

    Can someone tell me what pitch 100mm height is in 3 meter length.
  13. kingsy18

    bushnell legend ultra hd 3x9x50

    looking for one of these scopes with side parallax
  14. kingsy18

    garden shed

    Bit of info here please,going to build myself a garden shed.Going to be inner skin of 4inch blockwork and shiplap exterior.Can someone tell me if i need to put breathable felt behind the shiplap.Shiplap will be fixed to battens.
  15. kingsy18

    bushnell dmr