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  1. kingsy18

    Hawke scope

    After the side focus
  2. kingsy18

    Hawke scope

    Looking for 1/2 milldot s/f scope,nothing to pricey
  3. kingsy18

    New airgun

    Vermin control,budget £700
  4. kingsy18

    New airgun

    After a new airgun ,brocock sniper or hw 110k ,any views on either,can,t make my mind up
  5. What EU shops do people use or recommend.
  6. kingsy18

    Airgun scope

    Would the base of 6 mag be too much for ratting or will it be ok
  7. kingsy18

    Airgun scope

    Bit of both ,£150 s/h
  8. kingsy18

    Airgun scope

    Going to be looking for a scope in near future,will be looking for a side focus any recommendation for one to go pcp air rifle.Dont want to spend too much.
  9. kingsy18

    PayPal cover

    Anyone on here had airgun posted to them.Whats best way to pay and get covered if it gets lost.Interested in a pcp
  10. kingsy18

    PayPal cover

    Are you covered by PayPal if you purchase airgun from private seller
  11. Trouble is how do I get a proper diagnosis during lockdown,don,t fancy going to docs with everyone coughing and spluttering.Thought of private physio ,but not sure if they,ll be working know.
  12. Woke up this morning with my knee aching like hell and tightness in lower thigh and trouble bending leg,googled it and sounds like quad tendonitis anyone had this and how to recover from it.
  13. kingsy18

    PCP set up

    Would have taken that set up if you were nearer Decided on the bsa ultra se
  14. Been thinking s/h,as i,ve seen quite a few good deals ,but it's the thought of only £100 cover with parcelforce that puts me off,don,t fancy spending £600 on full kit and it gets lost.Looked at pellpax but not delivering rifles ,only enquired on here to see if someone had purchased something lately ,would be after a PCP.
  15. Anyone know if there are any airgun shops still delivering to home addresses,just thinking of buying an airgun to do a bit of plinking in garden to kill boredom during lockdown
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