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  1. Seen a physio last night,told me to stay away from surgery for as long as I can.Gave me exercises and see if that helps after a few weeks. Thankfully pain has calmed down a bit,sod when it pops out though. Thanks for replies.
  2. Anyone torn a knee cartilage,apart from having surgery is there any other way of solving it,can,t afford to wait for NHS waiting times to long.
  3. Need to machine out a bigger diameter on rear moderator bush,can it be done by yourself or do you need specialist tools,or is it best not to fit at all.
  4. Anybody use one of these moderators if so how do you find them ,plus where can you purchase the steel and extra baffles.
  5. Anyone use rifle with 24" barrel for stalking,if so how do you find them are they cumbersome or should I go with a shorter barrel.
  6. kingsy18


    Looking for a used pair of binos something half decent,8x42 anything going
  7. Ludricous lumens nc48 night sabre torch with white turbo led with dimmable switch in used condition,comes with battery and fig8 mount £40 posted.
  8. kingsy18

    222 brass

    Assortment of norma,federal,rws once fired brass 89 cases £20 posted
  9. Used pair of Nikon monarch 8x36 binos with pouch,£40 posted
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