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  1. kingsy18

    Falcon m18+

    Had it about 2 year,8/9 out of 10,still on my rimmie,if you want pics PM me your email address
  2. kingsy18

    Falcon m18+

    Falcon m18+ ffp mrad 4x18x44 ,great on 22 rimmie and with nightvision,in good condition £165 posted
  3. Looking for a wildcat evo 204 diffuser anybody getting rid of one
  4. Is it varmint or sporter barrel
  5. Getting to the final is an achievement,thought not wearing the medal was disrespectful ,I,m sure a lot of the lesser sides would have been quite happy to get to the final medal or not.
  6. Doesn't make me feel so bad now,as we only lost to the boks by 3 points
  7. kingsy18


    Purchased a scope off Ebay, wasn't,t as described so sent back for refund.Sent back with tracking number which was signed for ,but the person says it's not his signature and he hasn,t received item .Where do I stand.
  8. You interested in splitting and selling scope

    1. It's easy for us armchair critics to critisize if you played well or poorly,might be a pith poor game next week but a win is a win and nothing will be said.Good luck to whoever wins that's all I can say.
    2. Jeez how we won that I don,t know,France absolutely blew it.
    3. Thought it was 21000 worldwide of which 9000 in UK
    4. Seem to have read everything about the repatriation of people ,not read much about the 9000 job losses
    5. Sightron stac 4x20x50 moa 2 ret in good condition comes with box and paperwork £335 posted
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