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  1. 75 once fired 17 hornet hornady brass £25 posted
  2. Cazoo ,carzam anybody used these to purchase a car.Seeing better prices on their sites than what I can get locally,what are the pros and cons.
  3. As above £45 posted
  4. Outside Carmarthen 20 in box
  5. 2 boxes hornady 50g rounds £30 pick up only area code SA17 ,must be on ticket
  6. 18x1 bridge still available
  7. Used evo 18x1 bridge £45 posted ,22-250 diffuser £45 posted
  8. This is where I,m getting a bit confused,phoned an rfd up last week to say I was interested in purchasing a rifle.Asked them about the transfer procedure,they said that they send rifle to my rfd and he fills my cert ,they didn't,t need me to send cert to them. The mind boggles
  9. Isn't,t it safer for the receiving rfd to fill in cert,rather than the buyer posting his cert to any individual.
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