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  1. And they are like that at 75 -80 yards as well
  2. You will have a job to beat JSB mk2 33.9 gr pellets . I have these running @ 70 ftlbs reg pressure 125 , power wheel on one and line 3 on my impact
  3. All depends on what you want to spend , but for the money BSA ultra .177 would be my choice , great guns to tune and reg fitted later if you need . My next choice would be and probably the best off the shelf pcp ,HW100K and this gun is one of the best selling pcp guns for the last 12-15 years for a reason
  4. Still keeping the **** sling shot hammer system, shot count is very low in FAC and it’s still over rated , overpriced , that’s daystate for you
  5. I don’t care what size they do , I am not paying £15 per hundred ,when H&N slugs work out at £11 per 200 and with in 25 mm group at 100 yards and taken 100’s of rabbits at 100+ yards with them . iI can buy 150 rounds of .22lr ammo cheaper than the over rated , over priced, over hyped FX slugs, in fact they don’t even make them but got into bed with ratsniper in the states
  6. 216 , never had 217 out when they first came out .
  7. Tried .22 out of my FAC fx crown and at 100 yards and not good , specially at over 15 p per shot . i will keep to H&N slugs 21 gr
  8. Didn’t find .22 or 25 any good
  9. 900 mm 110 800 110k
  10. Don’t for get to clean the barrel if it a new gun or even second had
  11. I believe they sold out to H&N
  12. villaman

    Choice of two

    This ^^^^^^^^
  13. BSA ultra will match any airgun , including top price ones pellet for pellet all day long Sportsman gun Centre has CZ now and not Edgar
  14. Stay well clear of daystate , all the negative comments you have read are completely true . Will never touch another daystate as long as I have hole in my backside and that’s putting it politely
  15. villaman

    New airgun

    Nothing wrong with HW110 but plenty of issues with brocock, it’s a daystate after all
  16. https://www.airgunnation.com/topic/the-new-fx-wildcat-mkiii/
  17. A lot of ******* on both forums so be careful
  18. villaman

    New wildcat

    Be nice to see the whole package on 20th. Media black out so why release this advert get more like gaystate
  19. villaman

    New wildcat

    New wildcat
  20. villaman

    FX .25 slugs

    I think it’s only hear say at the moment they are talking about it on airgun nation forum . I also read somewhere about it but can’t find it again , I will keep searching
  21. villaman

    FX .25 slugs

    Crown or impact both are up there , my personal preference would be the impact in .22 700 mm barrel . I love my crown but can be a bit long . Just add another to the list to look at is the all new FX wildcat , should be out very soon
  22. Never found them to work in .22 or 177 with BSA , FX , HW , airarms
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