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  1. I have tried 21 gr .22 at 870 and accurate, but run them at 945 and accurate at 150+ yards
  2. Discovery ffp works really well , hawke vantage , hawke airmax , west hunter Have a look here brilliant person to deal with https://premium-quality-air-rifle-accessories.ecwid.com/
  3. You are better off with normal scope and pard 007 for night . Imo 008 in day time is no where good as a scope
  4. Thermal spotter pard 007 is all you need or just a pard 007
  5. villaman


    Slugs will work from 880 fps if your gun is set up . I use either H&N 21 gr 218 or ZAN 21 gr 217 , but find ZAN slugs deform more on impact . Both accurate at 100+ yards
  6. Trouble is most are looking for the holy grail
  7. Tried makos slugs but could not get them to work in my guns
  8. villaman


    Some interesting points to take account of . I do shoot .22 FAC more than any other gun running at 950 fps with ZAN 21 gr slugs . Might look into 177 FAC a bit more , specially for a few squirrel & wood permission’s, 9 hole golf course / small sporting centre I have , but can’t complain with kill rate with .177 sub 12
  9. villaman


    I must admit love shooting 177 sub 12 @ 810 fps with 7.9 gr JSB express . Now it’s got me thinking about one in FAC , but I can’t see any advantage over the other two Cals at the moment I shoot both .22 & .25 at 25 -100+ yards and wonder where 177would fit in
  10. villaman


    So why is it not that popular Stu , you are the only person I know of owning one . I have asked at several clubs to see if anyone is shooting one , get a vary strange look when I asked 😁
  11. villaman


    Any point in FAC.177 ? personal I can’t see no advantage , in fact disadvantage over .22 &.25 and have read that .25 is the ultimate cal for FAC air with speed , weight & size . is that why not many have FAC .177 . I only know one person who swear by .177 FAC I think he might be on this forum 😁 what are your thoughts
  12. villaman

    New pcp???

    Ultra are very good , but needs a reg fitted . Wouldn’t sell mine though and had it tuned with reg fitted If you want the best off the shelf sub12 then HW100 K , I also have one these , you don’t need to touch them for years and years
  13. Reported back to ZAN with my findings and he is making me a new design in 10 gr slug . ZAN and his company are absolutely unbelievable how many would go this far . I have tried most British companies for slugs , just wish the attitude was more like ZAN !!
  14. Yes a few are looking in to lead free slugs now and hopefully might be testing a few very shortly
  15. Accuracy is not a problem but low ftlbs is and will not shoot vermin less than 11ftlbs
  16. Slugs are definitely more suited to FAC ZAN slugs in .22 & 25 are some of the best I have tried on accuracy & expansion even out to 150+ yards
  17. Tried the both the 10 gr ones last night in my HW100K & ultra . Accurate out to 40 yards but HW running @9.75 , ultra 10.8 ftlbs so lower power than pellets
  18. Yes free and postage payed for as well
  19. Received these slugs from ZAN today to try FOC including postage What a great bloke & company to deal with
  20. Had three in the past but couldn’t get on with them . Much prefer the ultra out of any of the BSA guns and specially after a reg and tune
  21. Well I have more ZAN .177 slugs coming next week in different weights to try . Will let you know what they are like . I am impressed with 10.3 gr ZAN slugs so far that’s for sure
  22. JSB heavies 11.6
  23. All depends on the gun and gun tune like I said had the ZAN slugs running @ 11.3ft in my regged BSA ultra and low 10 high 9 ftlbs in my HW100k
  24. Well you never know until you try and like you said a regulated gun is probably needed . I am achieving 11.3 in my regged ultra . ZAN is sending me more but in different lighter weights , hopefully suits sub 12
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