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  1. team tractor

    Vegan in the family

    I get married next year and my mums asked about my auntie who’s a vegy. I said theirs grass outside I really mean it. I guess we will have a bit of salad possibly on the buffet. Mrs TT’s cousins are vegan and I’m lost on it. No cake She knows I hunt after I commented.
  2. team tractor

    Ditchman and God

    This year as you know I’ve had my fingers sown back together and also had my appointment come through today for my vasectomy and I can get it for free now again Obviously it’s not my ticker or blood so I’m great full for that. hope you get sorted
  3. team tractor


    He’s said ive had a 243 so let’s leave it at that currently. this time he said ok but nervous on 17hormet as I’ve a hmr and lr. Nothing like I know and I told him. dropped my rounds down to 200 from 300 but I reload anyway so don’t care about that. He said he has to be seen doing something. Its pointless as I could load 1000 and chuck them in the loft and he’d never know.
  4. team tractor

    Lockable internal door

    If it’s a 35 mm door you can’t fit a 5 lever lock correctly and it’s pointless as it’s not recognised by insurance etc. if you’ve got slamming strips you’ll be able to remove them and push them back 10mm to fit a fd 30 door and fit a 5 lever lock. Only 3 lever locks fit in 35mm doors and they’re useless. Hinge bolts are great but pointless again on an inwards opening door and if the walls are plaster/stud.
  5. team tractor


    He asked why I need a few new bits like sec 1 12g and said ok after reducing my c/f rounds. 5-10 minutes later he left. Nice bloke but last year they refused sec 1 12g as I had 243 at the same time . Totally lost on it all. My mate had his sent in the post the same week. Its a PR exercise I think .
  6. team tractor


    Not really valid excuse tho. 23 years sgc holder and always had an interview . Every variation I have an interview too. Ive never had a fight since school , got points on license etc and work around schools for a living. Even my rfd has just had a visit. i think it’s a time thing
  7. team tractor


    Sounds normal to me. I’ve had interviews for variations. im staffs so don’t rush on the deposit on one. I sent my renewal in in the first week of jan and had it 3 weeks ago
  8. team tractor

    Wi-Fi extender

    Heard about these yesterday for the first time
  9. team tractor

    .17 Hornet

    Cool cheers. You not playing at Catton tomorrow?
  10. team tractor

    .17 Hornet

    I’ve just got the slot for one and wondering the same.
  11. team tractor

    Horse fly bites

    My leg is still itching after I think is a month now . The skin went grey and dry after 10 days but I could still itch it now . Wierd things . do I guess you’ve both had antibiotics?
  12. team tractor

    Suzuki Jimny.

    Looks like an older G wagon
  13. team tractor

    Am I entitled to travel time?

    My lads clock 10-12 hours in a single day at college . That’s plus driving back. thats a standard day now at burton college. To much to do and little time to do it .
  14. team tractor

    Poor shots and guilt

    I had a bunny a few weeks back with my hmr at 40 yards. It rolled down the hill and I thought ok. I moved onto the next and recovered them both. On walking up I noticed the bunny id shot had missed its head and took the base of the head through its neck. It was paralysed and just sat there. I felt pretty **** after it looked at me. As I’ve got older I’ve taken more responsibility for my actions . I had another 2 last night for the pot.
  15. team tractor

    Am I entitled to travel time?

    It’s claimable through the government scheme your through. we don’t pay our lads but they get expenses through citb . As as far as I’m aware of it’s not on your contract it’s not claimable. to add i hate unions as they killed off the country. with my lads we travel out in my time but come back in theirs. It’s the same for most building companies except if your driving .