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    1. I hated doing the linkage but more because the kits weren’t cheap so I bought a ktm . No linkage was wonderful. all I used was an old socket and a vice
    2. I can’t fault buffalo river. It’s just simple and works. 2 keys and no electronics on mine and had it years. i was given another out of a repo job that’s great and I just bolted new locks on it
    3. I’m confused sorry
    4. I follow him on Facebook. C510 ### it is. Cummings power
    5. Cool thing about mx/enduro bikes it’s only 5/6 hours to rebuild or a day with new bearings everywhere. I used to spend hours on end after each race , stripping, rebuilding, racing then starting over again.
    6. One way to give the wife 12” My wife smiled when I showed her . Quiet cool 😎
    7. Poor bloke. I was sat in a 4x4 in the past and both guns pointing at me. Both had bolts pulled but it was so uncomfortable looking down the barrels. Never went again. in one trip I learnt so much. Everything they did made me do the opposite. On one instance he shot through his radio with the hmr. Strange but we became good friends until he passed last year in his 50’s. i feel sorry for the guys family tho in this case
    8. You lucky ***. I wish I had some fishing that good.
    9. My boy shot me several times a few weeks back with his auto . I did shoot him first
    10. I was suspended from school for flicking an airrifle pellet at a mate. I got to school and found I’d got a box of marksman pellets with a few left . I threw/flicked one at my mate. I was seen and suspended from school . they said it was very serious as it was airrifle pellets . I told them without the gun they are no more than a piece of lead
    11. My mate sold his frontera recently and the police knocked his door a week later. It was found abandoned. The guy he sold it to had sold it again without a v5. My mate just explained and all was good. That’s just selling so as long as you get your bit I wouldn’t worry . Get a receipt and fill the v5 and cert of destruction and don’t worry. I’d advertise spares repairs and get more for it plus you don’t need to worry then . Ill add that my terios is £700 but I’d spend £500 on it as it’ll cost more than that for another. If you know the cars sound I’d splash out.
    12. I’m seeing more rabbits in places I’ve never seen them.
    13. I had to provide land for mine. I told him it’s the same as a sec 2 but he wouldn’t listen Don’t forget the smile factor involved
    14. I don’t drink so unsure on names . I went from John o groats to landsend via each coast on a moped but riding 13 hours a day I never had time to visit the pub lol 😂
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