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  1. My lads are currently in the workshop making their own things tonight. They have a key and I trust them 110% . The only rules is stay together and don’t work alone . They can use anything they like as long as they tell me if we run out. My perks . I’ve met a lot of great people including on here because of my job. I work on my house for nothing. I gained my best deer stalking permission by hanging his door 😁
  2. Like all calibres tbf . Who’s counting 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. @Dougy now don’t get big headed 😂.
  4. I’ve been following classic 2 strokes on Facebook. It’s a bad idea 🙈. so many RGV 250s and cr500s
  5. How do you use it ? Pc ? I pad ? Phone. How much are they ? Doh just read it’s an app 👍.
  6. We use anything we have like sapele.
  7. I said I’d never renew with basc but to be fair I’ve used them several times this year and they have been useful this last time . (At last) They have spoken to the firearms team a few times for me . I just wish I had stuff in writing off them .
  8. I heard they’re making them again tbf . I’ve seen similar on jobs / new builds.
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