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  1. Ha excellent. Superb in fact 🤣.
  2. She gave it up as I feel she’s dragged to many down with her. 5 officers were harassing me and it could of ******** up their careers easily . She wasn’t liked and was transferred to another station. She’s left now 😁 I found out she’s claimed £45,000 in benefits in my name . mom happy she’s gone now 😁 Thank you . I spent the weekend on the beach with just my kids . It’s weird but my kids adore me 🤣🤣🤣
  3. I’ve just paid for papers to be served on my ex after she keeps ignoring the court paper. I’m £3000 in so far but that includes getting her new fella out of my house for trespassing 😁. my ex was having an affair in the police and I only knew when I was arrested at gun point by 5 officers. ( women can be evil) I was arrested for assaulting her but after her lies came out she’s lost her career in the police thank god . I’ve never hurt anyone in my life . She also claimed benefits in my name ( fraud) 15 months later I’m so much happier and my mates including off here have been amaz
  4. Dude Adam told me yours is a beast . I need pictures. And a chrome exhaust tip 🤣
  5. To be fair to you it’s now a standard price at howdens to the trade but only the last few months . They were £90 and with covid we’ve all had limited supply’s . doors /sheets are going up 15% a week sometimes
  6. The trick is I dated an ex hairdresser through lockdown 😃. In fact 2 . One in each lockdown . Now I’m single again I have to pay 🤣
  7. You void the guarantee using osmo or other varnishs on them as it penetrates the veneer . I know I know that all the sites use it but if you use Mono Coat it’s approved . It’s strange as I’ve never ever had an issue with osmo I sell roughly 500 to 1000 a year from my showroom just of this model . £70 now if you can get them due to a complete lack of supply. £100 for a Thames /Mexicano which is a totally better door as they have 20mm lippings on the side abs not 6mm plus the panel has oak in the grooves not softwood 👍
  8. I have 2 suppliers of blades I can recommend The bits of walnut you had of me ?
  9. I think him seeing mine has provoked him into this . 😂
  10. She’s at mine on Wednesday. I can’t wait to show her
  11. Today I came home to a parcel from boo . I sorted a load of wood out for him and he gave me one of his sticks as a gift . To notch work too . well he’s gone the extra mile today and sent my daughter one with her initials in gold letters .
  12. Just received a gift from boo 😁
  13. 100% on that Maybe the problem is you have NO eye deer 😂😂😂😂. sorry I couldn’t resist
  14. Boo just gave me a stick with a horn handle and it’s amazing.
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