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    1. I used to pay £7 a year on my c90 How I do know but it was legit. Wish I still had it
    2. I don’t know anyone that’s had a go and doesn’t want another go .
    3. My mate paid £8 for a recoil pad off eBay and it’s lovely and soft if you get stuck .
    4. I’ve got to add my bit. Don’t use anything smaller than 3’s . 5-6 is for pigeon and that’s it. I’ve witnessed 6’s hit a fox in the boiler room at 15 yards and it kept running with both barrels inside it. It shocked me and I use 3’s on a drive now or bigger .
    5. team tractor

      1917 film

      Dam it . That’s spoiled it for me 😢
    6. I remember the first time I used a 12g on holiday . We were on the back of a cruise ship and I shot 25 for 30 shots . ( not that good now) I turned around and the crowds all clapped and cheered. My happy memory and that’s 25+ years ago so looking at that picture it’s making me smile inside. That’s a hell of a memory and you should be proud 😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍.
    7. I doubt it but time will tell. I’ve got 3 others to shoot with 😀
    8. I use his jacket and I swear he’s laughing at me as I miss everything everytime I wear it honestly. id planned on using it at the club where we met but several others have gone/died and it’s just to upsetting there. I might get it out this week. I haven’t shot it since I went with my daughter on the rats . Funny enough she also hates me and I haven’t seen her in 8 months . 14 for you
    9. I’ve an bsa s10 sitting in my cabinet in .22 that I’ve shot 3 times in 5 years. My mate passed away and his son/wife gave me it as a memory. We shot hundreds of rooks together with it . Maybe I should get it serviced properly and the bottle /cylinder tested and start using it . It’s old now tho
    10. You tube it 👍 it’s got trailers
    11. My mum got caught out with this £450 /500 thing for the first 3 years.
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