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    1. Loads of man in a van around. My mate is 2 hours away and would drive down for that. Genuinely. is it an all day job ? Or more? Are you going far ? Their is 2 of them . Would that do ? If your on Facebook their is loads of local lads doing this on your local groups. We have spotted Tamworth.
    2. Do they fit . I know it’s meant to be the same
    3. Evening all. I have a diawa 5 shot 12g and I want to put a sling on it. im lost on how to fit it the barrel end ? Anyone know of any way or swivels to fit a barrel ?
    4. Lol that made me chuckle
    5. 2 passed the initial test and then both failed out of 25 I think it was. i had to drive her to Durham at 4 1/2 hours each way with a 6 hour assessment between. They never tested fitness or anything but just ridiculous maths tests that I showed my accounts and they were stumped on parts. Scored 100% on communication. Surely that’s important
    6. Someone very close to me failed by 1% last year and this year has gone for it again but now told her she needs higher grades and to go to uni or college. She can’t enter it. funny she’s out as a special on duty as I write this . Same rules, same everything but without pay. Shes driving and arresting and trying her hardest to become a REG. I personally feel they should be a special for let’s say 200 hours and be allowed to enter the regs. They are no different. her sergeant failed the REG course the other day but he’s a sergeant In control. The questions involved are zero to do with police work.
    7. I thought it wasn’t common until the other day . The national abouretam has loads on the wall.
    8. I was told put plenty on until you see it creeping. Then stop as it’ll run. Im not a sprayer but enjoy mucking about
    9. Had my cheapo out looking for munty for a few days now. Roll on weekend
    10. It’s crazy in my van I can dial a number in on the tiny button radio screen legally . I admit the buttons on the steering wheel are awesome. I can control most things without moving my hands. My mate was done for using his iPod to select music but then again he didn’t have fast food delivery on his insurance either lol. 6 points
    11. team tractor

      GT 85

      And me. Spraying it around my garage like air freshener I love gt85 just for the smell. Always got a cab in my gun room but never thought about using it on my semi . ( might sting lol)
    12. Cheers lads . I love the drive through there
    13. On our way home the other day I noticed I was low on fuel but had enough to make it to the A5 . my wife asked where do the locals fill up ? I’m also wondering the same. We drove for 40 miles on main roads without seeing a petrol station . Anyone shed some light on it ?
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