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  1. The words were along the lines of . if you go legal we will remove the chance of new conditions in February. The amount of paperwork work I’ve filled in is crazy. i was set up by the police .
  2. Wow I didn’t expect this lot . my main question I’d like to know is do basc have any power ? The reason I wanted legal expenses is because I’ve lost my guns and I’m having silly conditions put on me. basc have been dealing with staffs firearms direct but I feel they’re are just excepting what they are saying and rolling over. . I was arrested in feb , no evidence was ever put forward after a set up. I lost all my guns and I’ve never been charged with anything, ever. Now 7 months on I can have my guns if I leave them at my parents . I feel basc have just said ok then . I have no wh
  3. Tamworth staffs . cut it with a diamond blade in the angle grinder very easily
  4. I have loads of fruit tree 😀. I bought it for my dad 15-18 years ago. we have a local saw mill and it stocks lime too
  5. Ive just removed this out of a kitchen I’m working on . It’s 30 mm thick and sizes in the picture. its a £400-600 piece new I guess so if I can get £50 I’m happy .
  6. I’ve always got oak off cuts if it’s any use
  7. That’s the one plank I kept . Your always welcome to anything I have
  8. Finished. 90 minutes 😎. the idea is every beach/location I go with a certain person we grab a pebble
  9. A while back I was fortunate enough to have some walnut left over from a church job . Well today I finally thought of a use . . it’s a long way off so far Slowly slowly 😎. Well about 15 minutes so far 🤣
  10. Well depending on what she looks like 🤣
  11. I remember entering a corner years ago on the road on knobbly tyres on my enduro bike realising it’s probably the end . What a buzz tho when you make it alive . I sat and cried shaking but also felt great. we are all going out of this world one way so doing something amazing to help is up there
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