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  1. 😂 I think I’ve lost 50mm off most of mine in 20 years
  2. I know of two police officers that aren’t in the force anymore 🤣. shame they were pushed not arrested but that’s near enough. . The iopc have limited powers unfortunately. Because I was never charged with assault but only accused it meant the officers couldn’t have their phones monitored . If I’d been charged they could of gone into them . How stupid is that .
  3. I’ve already had additional interviews because of this . I lost my guns 2 years ago in feb for an alleged assault. Zero evidence except for her word but I was arrested, bailed for 3 months and had my guns back within 9 months . My feo is truly amazing and has done everything he can to help . I provided mental health assessments off my own back . I was never charged as it never happened and unfortunately as I wasn’t charged they couldn’t check the phones of the corrupt officers in question. my feo rang me to see how I was and then came to my house . He asked about my relationship status etc . Bloody lovely bloke Simon Is.
  4. Well I get longer out of a mattress that a relationship currently 😂. ive a date with a girl from your way tomorrow night . I’ve literally just fell down the stairs 🙈. I’ve an icepack on my leg 😂
  5. I managed 9 years . Ok 4 -6 months is long currently
  6. I paid £100 of one for a double mattress around 10 years ago and I managed 3-4 years out of it . I never get more than 2-4 years out of my mattresses anyway. to be fair before people joke I actually swap them when I get a long term mrs out of respect to them 😀
  7. I’m insure where to post this but I’d like a Munty head doing . I’m in Tamworth staffs and haven’t a clue on any taxidermists
  8. 😂😂😂 or caneston 😂. Ive been lucky I guess . Now I’m enjoying the shooting season instead
  9. Hmmmm I had the snip , split and became a slag according to my mum . It’s been fun and my mates have been gobsmacked at the pretty ladies .I’m having a break currently They know . I tell them I’m a country sports lad . Only a few are bothered . I had a Munty , brought it back and cooked it for the one 😂. She loved it Blooming good fun . Honestly I’d be kicked off here if I told you what I’ve been up to . 😂. Pm me for a giggle
  10. Now that’s a nice name to see commenting. Great to see I’m hopeless nev . 😂
  11. 😂😂😂 I’ll try that instead The court have given her the court costs . Short term marriage states they leave with what they brought in . Let’s hope so . I just want rid now
  12. I’ve concentrated on me . I train and cycle lots . I fell in love with a girl I just can’t have . We want each other but I can’t handle her kids tbh .
  13. Have a word with my dad please . I’d like a track saw 😂
  14. Thank you everyone. I think I’ve completed every dating site 😂 met lots of lovely ladies . I dated one off pof for a month . I was chatting to my mates about her and a random guy was with us . It turned out to be his brothers wife . I had to apologise and he was cool luckily . She was cheating. dated Italian, polish etc . The thing I’ve noticed is it’s awkward with kids . Some of the kids are crazy unfortunately and I’ve had to walk away from the most beautiful woman. 6 weeks and a day then to go . Mines dragging her feet on the financial side now but I was only married 6 months before her affair started . Short term marriage. ive come to terms with what I might have to pay but it’s great I’m officially single .
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