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    1. I tell him this 😀 but he’s getting slower of late and tired . I don’t want him to stop tho
    2. Im game 😂 My dads teachers have all gone . He is 68 at Xmas tho
    3. I’m not even going to be there at 6am lol. How much younger 😂😂 I’ve had a few ask already . Let’s hope I get a willing lad 👍
    4. I only drink tea Cheers dude . I know it’s myself but you are right . Lads chase money tho unfortunately not a skill. That’s a great age to be fair College go through a lot of that but it’s mostly common sense as you know. I teach machine /workshop and site safety . i just want someone willing to learn
    5. As many know I run a joinery company in Tamworth staffs. I’ve recently had a lad leave so I’m looking for a youngish lad not a grown man to train up . It could be a job for life as we’ve been trading since 1974 . they will have to go to college but we can arrange that and work the occasional Saturday but mostly it’s Monday to Friday 8:30-5 . Message me please if your interested 👍😎. we are a dying breed in the joinery trade so you’ll be a skilled tradesman at the end
    6. They won’t last that long Let’s sort it .
    7. We had 100 geese and 20 + ducks on our pond last night. Not a single shot tho 😞 as nothing came back
    8. I actually don’t drink ever but I’ll have a tipple on the shoot but only 4 of us drink . I need to find space for mince pies next
    9. This is my job as such tho so I have no excuse. Thanks 👍 I should do another really now you say that. Running out of space tho 😀
    10. I use a Carista obd reader. £15 and fantastic
    11. Nope , just dust 😂😂😂😂 A builders house is never finished you know 😀. Being a tradesman tho I have to make sure everything is perfect otherwise I get overs trying to point things out lol
    12. Cheers. I’m still smiling thinking I didn’t expect that in the end. 😀
    13. Yup . The railings need a coat of paint lol 😂
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