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    1. How’d you do that in different time zones like aus or Canada? Although it’s possible It’s perfect so not to disturb each other asleep or at work. I see pictures of my family For work wise it’s brilliant as I said . I’ve had customers loose contact and get back in touch plus the joinery forum I run has 2000+ members and I’ve found /made some brilliant contacts in the trade that make me my living . I think peoples understanding of Facebook is dole dossers moaning at each other , people spending hours on it but it’s easy to look away just like tv. i chat to 10+ people off here on Facebook and I’m happy to call them good friends I have the landowners on mine in their 70’s and my own parents. You just add who you want and delete the idiots
    2. I’m on Facebook but it really is a must for modern day people/business. It’s great to show your work and company off. We advertise kitchens and joinery on it and it makes us money. People say it’s not needed but I have family and friends around the world and it keeps us connected. Remember it wasn’t that long ago people thought phones weren’t needed on the names front pc ive noticed lots changing their names back to normal names.i guess it’s so people can be monitored Plus on the buying pages it’s nice to know who your dealing with .
    3. I’ve had a camera down the throat last year as I’ve been suffering with stomach acids for years and it’s got worse. I tried gluten free and I felt better but a week later it came back just as bad so I think it was more I’m watching what I eat. Last week the pains came back and I was took into a&e with suspected appendicitis’s but it’s been ruled out and I’m awaiting a camera again but different end . It’s going to be a hell of a selfie . I know how you feel at the minute and I’m eating wraps for lunches or rice. If your worried about nutrition , can you purée food ? Will it help ?
    4. On the news yesterday I witnessed a woman saying she’d come up from cormwall. How did she get there
    5. i Know a lad that never speeds, looks after his motor , enjoys the drive I know another with a welded diff , 250bhp and on the floor. He loves street racing and I’m worried for him to be honest . He’s a lovely lad but the car isn’t safe to me. Both are 21 and I know which I’d insure. One pays £700 and the other £3000 .
    6. My lads at work pay over £3000 but it’s a 250bhp car at 20 years old. He smashed his first car up driving silly and has again with this one. ... i can see see why it’s so much to be honest . To many lads pass then think they can drive while drifting and going double the speed limit . i know a lad who had his insurance canceled 4 times on a black box
    7. On a 50-60 mph run I get 38-50mpg . It’s 3ton and 215 tyres compared to a Peugeot hdi and a lot bigger van so I know it’ll never be amazing but most of my driving is 2 miles to work through the town . The mrs fiesta is getting 56-65 mpg around the town which is pretty cool
    8. I average 30-32 in my year old van
    9. My terios insurance was £400 last year and it dropped to £380. I rang them up and they said that’s the cheapest so I asked them not to renew, said thank you and bye. She said hang on let’s try a new policy not a renewal and it’s £251 now it was a totally fresh policy last year as I’ve never owned a car in my name. Not bad for 1 years ncb .
    10. Mine has it but I never notice it. I just drive it because I enjoy it.
    11. Check the mot history out . It really put me off one. i was looking at rot boxes for £2000 and the amount of work they needed was ridiculous.
    12. You never buy one . I had 2 off him but wish I’d took more money.
    13. Books says 125k on our fiesta . My mate says it wouldn’t of made 100k
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