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  1. team tractor

    Foxy in the street

    My other half sent me this a few weeks back while I was at work. 10am walking through my street
  2. team tractor

    Howa .223 bullet choice

    If I’d of known I’d of given you some ammo last time you came down. ive some (40) 55gr Winchester varmint x you can have for free but I just want the cases as I reload only now plus a few sako . i managed 1” groups at 100 yards with them in mine but now get 1/2” with reloads . I can sort you out a load if you reload and ill clean it for you right . your 308 lol 😂
  3. team tractor


    I think I’ve seen it 15 times today on Facebook. Yours included
  4. team tractor

    parking tickets

    I know how you feel. I’ve just had a £44 fine off the nhs plus £8:40 . they say I’ve had a prescription off my prepayment when it’s expired but they can’t tell me where or what . Its killing me to pay but I can’t fight it. ive asked for a copy of my prescription but they say they can’t do that .
  5. team tractor

    The mrs and energy drinks

    I would but I treasure my twig and berries lol. She’s a stunner tho don’t you worry. 18 compliment, to be less than 16 is just funny tho
  6. team tractor

    The mrs and energy drinks

    My other half is 25 years old and decided to shop at Morrisons today with my 3 year old and 5 month old. They refused her an energy drink. She never has them but had been up all night so needed assistance. shes driven there and got the little ones and the woman on the next till has known her since a child . But she rufused point blank . youve got to be 16 but at 25 lol 😂 . She’s livid
  7. team tractor

    Lamping with the hmr

    I love the round . I guess it’s accounted for 4-500 now Out of my terios. Just driving around a couple of fields shooting off the mirror . i put in for a hornet 17 as I reload but I love the hmr to much
  8. team tractor

    Lamping with the hmr

    I’d rather see munty . This area is meant to be rammed but they all keep walking into the housing estates instead. maybe I should move house lol. not spotted a single fox on here But it’s full of ducks
  9. team tractor

    Lamping with the hmr

    First time out on the lamp on the syndicate I joined last year. I’ve been over plenty in the day to get used to the ground but we spotted at least 30 bunny tonight. 7 shots 6 bunny .
  10. team tractor

    B & Q Club card

    I priced a window at £450 last year and the guy came in with a price of £145 off someone else. i asked him if it included fasteners, glass, preservatives, hinges , what quality of timber. He hadn’t asked the guy that
  11. team tractor

    Sat afternoon thread

    ha ha it’s true Broke my arm last time I fell off the ladders I was 20 tho and stupid( more stupid)
  12. team tractor

    Sat afternoon thread

    I’m just scared of falling
  13. team tractor

    Sat afternoon thread

    Heights never bother me but due to my legs every one gets scared for me. I hate rides tho
  14. team tractor

    Badger damage

    I’ve got the same by me and it’s badger. We don’t have boar but wish I did
  15. team tractor

    B & Q Club card

    Aren’t they in massive debt ? We now have a sign up with our costs and expenses. people are after things to cheap but then want higher wages. Our rent is £900 a month without rates, electric, wages on 6 of us, 2 vans, £200,000 in tooling, containers etc. We sold some doors last week and a fellow company out priced us making £1 per internal door inc delivery. You can’t trade like that. ( we buy from the same place at the same price)