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  1. Thank you dougy and nev . I just hate waste . nev . Those pieces you had this week we going to be firewood anyway so I’m just glad you can use them . Even if your car used 6mpg to get to me 😂
  2. As I said to you it’s nice to see it used . £40 of oak that was to be binned because of those stains .
  3. Plastic is so cheap in comparison. The bonus is it’s just glued together. I have plastic windows for the low maintenance
  4. Without glass you’ll be looking £600 + vat in softwood. £750 + vat in Sapele ( hardwood) timber has sky rocketed currently. Glass will be on top . I think they run £100 per m in double glazed units currently but it was £60 per m earlier this year. Personally it’s scrap as the bars have gone too. sounds crazy it’s best part of a grand but we live in crazy times . sorry to the admin if this isn’t allowed but I’m just trying to help out.
  5. I dread the electronic restrictors coming in . my mates had to have a black box fitted yesterday to get insurance. He’s 34 years old for gods sake. No points but 1 claim . His crafter is slow too
  6. A rep that visited ours last week has had to wait 18 months for his rav hybrid . my vans 7 months in without a build date yet 😫.
  7. Sorry dude I didn’t see the comment. It just strolled off 😃. It came back 3 times
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 I just click whatever’s on my phone 🤣
  9. He parked on my drive then she lied to social services about him being there during lockdown. No charges against him ever . The best was I had him removed for trespassing 😁😁by the police but yet again he kept his job.
  10. Well I’ll never date another police officer after marrying one . I met a lovely polish girl last year but she told me she had joined the police so after 2 months I had to walk and wished her well. She’s since left after finding out the corruption. my soon to be ex wife set me up . 5 armed officers dragged me out my own house in my pants and I had another 5 investigated for corruption. I was kept on bail for 3 months while their inspector lived in my house with my wife. My mate is an officer and I trust him 100% but he’s told me about others being thrown out . Nev and another friend on here are both retired officers and I trust them both very much after they’ve both stood by me .
  11. But at least you tested 👍. Hope you feel better soon .
  12. Let me know if you need anymore wood 👍. Looking great
  13. But would it really hurt to get a test ? Surely a cheat infection isn’t contagious? when I had it 18 months ago I thought it was a chest infection and was put on steroids as covid wasn’t announced until a month later
  14. I’ll be up to fill my bags 👍😁
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