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    1. I’m 38 I look in the mirror and notice the greys are bunching together but I’m not my dad, my grandad possibly but I’d be proud to be my dad . My boy looks like me tho . My lads at work were born after I left school and Infact went to school with ones Mum and the others uncle as that’s how he got the job. My sister passed away 22 years ago and I look and realise I’ve been without her longer than I had her which is upsetting. My oldest has 2 years left in school 😮. my lads at work call me old 😂😂. How is 38 old My mate said to me the other day “ you know we’re over halfway through our lives” funny I don’t worry about that . I just hope I don’t cause upset for those behind I used to get Id’d in the clubs when I was 30 but my mates were 21 and walked in .
    2. I’d of helped if it wasn’t for covid 👍.
    3. We keep 2,3,4,6,9,12,15,18,25 mm mdf in stock .
    4. I removed the bonnet sticker last month . I get around 20mpg out of this It’s battered really . Dents /scratches etc off tree and bushes . Last season it was plastered in mud but the rain had cleaned best part of it off before I washed it. It was mostly moss this time I have no idea why the pics keep turning
    5. I realised that and couldn’t be bothered to change it 😂 My battery went flat leaving it a week but it’s awesome really
    6. Not bad for 15 years old 😎and 2 years around the duck pond . It’s never got stuck and trust me it’s been through some muck
    7. I’ve been that bored I actually cleaned it today. That’s twice in 2 years 😂😂. its just passed another mot with only cv boots and a stinking caliper
    8. I might have a surface plane going really cheap that’s brand new and some routers etc if it helps make the trip worth it. 3 hours Away is only local 👍
    9. I run a joinery forum with Winnie bezza off here on Facebook. the joinery bible if your interested Plasters too
    10. It could be 12 month tho I guess.
    11. I was looking for mtx 200 to relive my youth then I realised those £600 bikes are now £3000. my mate sold his dt175 for £300 only 12 years ago . What a big mistake.
    12. Jesus 😮. I’ve just got pictures and that’ll do
    13. All fingers chopped off will be returned unless they’re mine You know your always welcome nev I’ll never live it down will I 😂. I’ve only chopped 2 fingers you know 😂😂😂 and broken 6 I think , a leg , foot , hand etc lol Thanks dude , your always welcome to anything when I start my holidays by you again . Hopefully this year
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