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  1. Combination gun

    This is exactly the reason . I often walk round and think if I see a munty I’m stuffed.
  2. Not the best of days

    I’m cool with nappies. This is my 4th time what am I doing lol I actually wish as I could work then
  3. Combination gun

    That sounds an awesome bit of kit
  4. Not the best of days

  5. Opening FAC

    What year was this tho
  6. Combination gun

    I’ve seen a few 22lr, 410 about but I’ve never seen bigger . I’m interested now
  7. Not the best of days

    I’m so happy and thank you Lol . I’m on it with the physio
  8. Not the best of days

    Wow wow wow how awesome is the surgeon . Surgery was only Friday and I’m shocked. Splints made to protect them and 1st physio over. I’ve gone from straight fingers bending in to a fist. Last week My splints
  9. 3D Printing

    I thought miller too
  10. Racist or not racist.

    I can’t stand bullying. I also can’t stand racism . i have Hindu , black , seek friends etc and we get on great with obvious banter. If a person has been killed the bully’s need locking away with no excuses. i know a lad who was punched in the face because he was a squaddy . He died 3 days later in a coma. The guy got 3 years But it was an unprovoked Attack . The poor guy was defending his wife.
  11. Opening FAC

    It best be open on my renewal this month . Not that I can get out
  12. Not the best of days

    I wouldn’t rest it on a plank of wood either I’m still in shock that you’ve not said a cocky comment lol. im currently going through hand remodelling Ouch . That’s not uncommon tho . People turn the lawnmower off and forget it’s not stopped. was it recent ? You joining in
  13. Not the best of days

    That video is where they don’t use a guard dude. Most wood machines have massive gaps. If it’s spring loaded you can still feed your hands in just like a piece of timber. We have switches on the big kit that turn off the feed rollers if your hand enters but once the timbers through it leaves a hole still.
  14. Not the best of days

    I’m not allowed to drive and my camera has just gone off to minox again for a refund this time. i can play PlayStation as I’ve 2 fingers useable lol. I’ll rest it in my palm.
  15. Not the best of days

    It’s annoying that we try our hardest to keep up to spec and spend thousands. We had an illegal block on our tennoner and I said to my dad it’s now out of spec so before it was used it was swapped. We were given the machine anyway . I just won’t risk stuff but my unfortunately in our game if your cutting a 3” timber , the guard has to have a 3” gap etc. i guess I’m just unlucky this time. Sounds like your dads what made Britain great.