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  1. Surely driving lots of miles is a good reason to have a good car choclate cam shafts used to be the thing with Vw but I’ve not heard of Conrods going . I’ve only ever had Vw and swear by them
  2. My soon to ex wife was to busy yelling at me 99% of the time . I used to go the chippy. I gained 3st 🤣🤣🤣. Any advice on keeping a wife please 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Not the oil I was thinking 👍. I can’t argue with that tho 😊😁
  4. Cheers dude . She’s really happy so I’m happy . More Xmas ideas 😂 Dude I’ll WhatsApp you a pic 😂 Cheers 😊
  5. Cheers nev . All firewood too 😀.
  6. I’ve never read it tbf but we naturally use tung oil .
  7. The girlfriend was showing me a load of products on ettsy this week and I’m shocked at the prices so I surprised her in the workshop yesterday what we can make . I’m shocked that these actually sell so now I’ve lumbered myself with a list 😂. I know it’s slightly different but she’s happy . £70 in my pocket 😂
  8. The reason to use other oils on worktops is because they’re food safe. Tung oil is normal . Osmo isn’t I don’t think
  9. Well that’s different. Cool tho
  10. My boy is practical at 11 years old but I was kicked out of a few schools and just went to work instead with my dad. im very practical but thick on paper. just remember we all can’t be doctors and the local bin man is just as important as the teachers in the school . We all do our bit
  11. That’s what I meant . I drive a ####head not a discovery
  12. Can’t afford a discovery 😂
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