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    1. Ha ha 😀. The pheasant was at the beginning of the shoot but I didn’t decide to go at that point instead I waited for the reason we went 😀. I had about 4-5 feeding around the splash which will be 1 a time I hope for the season 😎. the ducks were mallard , widgeon and teal. It’s all we really get. We’ve had a few greylag around besides Canada’s
    2. We loved it and I’m hoping you’ll not mind another visit again in the future
    3. 😂😂. But I don’t have a snake.
    4. This is my 3rd season on there and this year alone we’ve had 5 geese , 20+ ducks . you know what they say about people. Treat them how they treat you. You couldn’t of looked after me more and it’s appreciated nev . hs2 goes straight through the middle and I’ve already lost 5 farms to it. It’s upsetting to think it goes through my mates ashes .
    5. I guess your right. I’ll price them up
    6. I’m really not happy with the quality and to do it I’d need £300+ vat. All of a sudden they’ll need a lot better clips etc. Maybe one day but thank you
    7. Welcome to view and measure if your ever in the midlands. I’d even machine the stuff
    8. Sorry pic sideways . It’s only mk1 and made from leftovers at work 😎. I made it for a giggle
    9. One each as we have a bloke who can’t shoot due to illness. He just watches It is 😎 and cheers
    10. well an excellent night was had again after We had our fortnightly shoot tonight on the splash . only 2 of us were shooting tonight so I had 3 duck and a pheasant and my mate had 4 duck. I lost my 4th in the splash somewhere somehow even with the dog .
    11. Staffs refused me loads . I think 3 times I asked but had to wait until renewal. loads of ground and ammo use too
    12. I had 223 for 4 years and 243 2 years before renewal and I’m all open . my round count was around 1000 on 223 and 400 on 243 . Maybe that was why . as you say if your an idiot with a 22lr you can kill just as many people. I feel when people get ground passed to 22lr they think they can shoot any direction because it’s passed
    13. It’s always been the same. I admit I’ve never met a shop that don’t ask I’m never asked for mine but my Fac is on the system at the shop I go to so maybe that’s why .
    14. I stand corrected but it’s still daft. no sgc required to buy carts but a primer is prohibited .
    15. I’m always lost on the passing of ground. Mines passed upto 243 but it’s just as dangerous as a 308 in reality. i had a chicken farm passed to 22hornet right next to a golf course. another lad I know got it passed 22lr.
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