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  1. Hi do still get the batteries? Do you have any available at the moment ? Im in Sheffield thanks
  2. How does everyone carry there flappers from the car to the field. I have a ff6 and dont want to dend the arms on it stuffing it in with other stuff so just wondered what other people have come up with. Thanks
  3. Hi would you sell this ? Thanks
  4. £30. Hatsan escort 51 mm chokes. Set of 3 whith case and key. They look new and have not been used. Unsure of sizes 5 notch 3 notch 1 notch price includes postage or can be collected from Sheffield
  5. Brilliant guys thanks alot for all the help
  6. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I should of put on for 28 grams of lead. Thanks
  7. Hi. Im looking for some help. I need some load data for 20g has to be a 70mm as using in a semi 20 gauge cheddite hull 70mm fibre wad vectan A1 powder 2000 primer i need the powder weight and also over shot card and wad sizes. thanks
  8. Had a clear out and found some shells and a couple of full bodys. No pegs for them. If anyone wants them they can have the lot for £10 13 shells 3 full body located sheffield junc 31 of the m1
  9. Hi. Id be interested in a yorkshire club. Im in South Yorkshire near Sheffield. I go out on my very good friends permissions whenever i can. Would like to get the opportunity to go when i can.
  10. Hi. Im looking for some beating around south yorkshire / Nottinghamshire/ Derbyshire/ yorkshire area. I live near Sheffield but i will travel within reason. I have been beating before a good few years ago now and would lije to get back into it. I do have a dog shes good with gunfire but hasnt worked flushing for a while although she finds and flushes pheasant regularly by herself. Thanks in advance for any relpies.
  11. Hi im looking for some permission to shoot pigeon and rabbits on near Sheffield or surrounding area. Not looking to pinch anyones permission just want to get back into something i love after raising a family and moving from east yorkshire where i had 3 permissions on farms. Shotgun airgun BASC member
  12. Wish i was closer looking for a permission to shoot on a weekend but 180 miles away is a bit to far. Im in South Yorkshire
  13. Hi does any have a mec supersizer or a case conditioner that they would sell preferebly in 12 gauge ? Thanks
  14. Why not get a universal charge bar and eliminate the need for different bushes.
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