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  1. hawkfanz

    Hello from st helens

    hi dave another sintelliner,on here,try droppin in to webbers shop at peasley cross,you get friendly chat there.
  2. hawkfanz

    mec 600 bushes

    many thanks to mecman for sending me 2 spare bushes it was much appreciated.
  3. hawkfanz

    NPPC Members??

    thats a nice offer rapid,hope someone local to you takes up your offer.
  4. hawkfanz

    lanber o/u 20g

    does anyone know what size torgue bolt is holding stock on please[latest mode].thnx hf
  5. try a jack pyke neoprene one,i use one on my armsan a620
  6. hawkfanz

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    after 3 trips to feeder with scorpion and none seen decided to take armsan into main wood this morning 3 seen but only 1 accounted for. 1226
  7. hawkfanz

    New car time.

    57 kev,
  8. hawkfanz

    Couple pics of the boy with his new gun

    nice one neil i see u got extentension on lever for him.
  9. hawkfanz

    New car time.

    im on my forth mondeo estate,2ltr diesel,currently on 157k had it 5 years an no plans to change till it dies,gives 52 mpg on my runs to yorkshire.
  10. hawkfanz

    Ex miners or interested in mining.

    i spent a couple of years doing my family history,and i feel priveliged to still be alive,i am 68 now and none of my male ancestors on my dads side ever reached this age the oldest died at 64,my dad.what a horrible place it was for these people.
  11. hawkfanz

    Ex miners or interested in mining.

    another story to bring tears to your eyes,i grew up in haydock there were some bad events here as well,wood pit disater 198 killed an injured i pass the site often,
  12. hawkfanz

    I’m going nuts

    it was back in 1972 so it was a bit b4 all this carp insurance stuff,worked in a glass producing factory.on shifts.
  13. hawkfanz

    3” chambers for fowling?

    years ago i used my sxs my only gun for fowling,it was b4 the lead ban used 1 1/2 onze homeloads all the time without any problems,2 3/4 chamber .
  14. hawkfanz

    Ex miners or interested in mining.

    have a read of the unfortunate colliery,[high brookes] near wigan my great grandad was killed in a roof fall there i tell you will shed buckets reading the harrowing story of that pit.
  15. hawkfanz

    I’m going nuts

    years ago when i had mine done i drove the 12 miles there and straight back after procedure an straight back to work.