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    st helens and only useing yellow cartridges.
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  1. hawkfanz

    choke wanted

    half choke to fit f a i r/lincoln 20g required,any one got 1.
  2. hi bunny blaster my shoot mate has one,£450 ex condition.
  3. sorry for delay missed ur msge have pm u details.
  4. were in merseyside wa11,but maybe rfd would work,can pm you his fone no if required.
  5. postin this for my shoot buddy,investarm o/u 20g hushpower,very little use lookin for £450.00
  6. my f a i r jubilee comes close to this pow stock 30in barrels 6lb 4oz 20g.
  7. beretta a300 outlander,ex condition owned from new,12g/28in/3in steel proof,5 chokes all original paperwork cased,£560 includes rfd.
  8. my mate still has investarm o/u hushy 20g for sale,
  9. yes i have the game model 20g owned from new it weighs only 5 an 3/4 lb. 3 in steel proof,28in barrel. a true 20g action
  10. ive been shooting all my life despite having my left leg amputated 51 years ago,am now 72 still shooting,but i have given up wading in the mud wildfowling,i do push myself maybe its to prove a point i dont no,but i wont stop till i drop.
  11. yes ian got ur txt,am plannin on shootin tomorow wot time u free.
  12. tell ya what tc,i like to be fair if no one local,its yours will give it a few hours to wait an see.
  13. as above free to anyone that can collect,tried it once its too long it bangs on the bag of my legs,been sat in shed since then.
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