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  1. my god i,m glad i,m old,there are some members on here who are so far up their own rear ends in political correctness they cant even see the light of day,who would want to be born now in a country thats not our own any more,when you cant even protect your own property.
  2. ARMSAN semi auto instructions

    dont think so,never bothered with running in my a620,
  3. 20 bore; yes or no

    i got 3 20g,an o/u hushpower,an o/u,and a semi auto,guess you can say its my favorite calibre.
  4. Fiochi cases

    ive still got some winchester an remi rxp 8 point crimp,god knows how many times theyve been loaded,but so long as there not split,will use them again.
  5. IVY

    there is a small wood near where i live,open to everyone,last couple of years weve had some guys come in in springtime,to pull the balsom thats taken over,the rhodydenrons have been cut right back and the ivy has been severed at the base of the trees to protect them,not sure who the people are but its in the care of local council.
  6. BASC free lottery tickets?

    glad you brought it up turbo,was thinking the same myself,so maybe you have to sign up for a specific period to qualify for the free entry,s will wait n see.
  7. Hushpower .410 O/U

    thought about that while looking for a 20g hushy,fancied an investarm o/u 410 that was for sale for £250,thought about gettin in touch to see if they could mod it,but after msgs from a fellow pw,er who had a beretta moded cost didnt seem worth it so just waited an got the 20g.
  8. Parole board away with the fairies

    watched this on the news with my partner,she used to work with the police,she says if it happened to her she would want them locked up forever,but also then said the parole boared did their job,,the judge should have handed out a specific length of jail time to make sure he stayed inside long enough.
  9. Sporting tattoo's

    i only had a 3 on my arms when i was 16,never been embarassed or anything like that,was more embarassed to wear shorts showing off my artificial leg,but now its common place and i wear shorts when its warm,an dont give a stuff if people stare any more.mind you there didnt seem to be many amputees in 1971 when i had mine done.
  10. armsan a620

    anyone got a junior stock,for the above,prefer synthetic,but will consider wood,gt grandson is interested in shootin,so cheaper the better. thanks
  11. One lucky dawg, some lucky, and some very skilled driving

    thats some driving,brilliant
  12. This Is Fun - My Last Gun

    webley 712 was made by zoli,or so i was told when i looked at one at game fair.
  13. Armsan 20 gauge chokes/key

    plenty about they use beretta mobil type,got an armsan a620 so i got xtra chokes from brecon retail,if you buy carlso made ones they come with a stailess steel choke key that fits all calbres i carry one of them on my car keys all the time,,they were only £20 each hf.
  14. Quills

    location please nick,then people can help you out.
  15. Simply rude people!

    yes really even gun pointed to the ground shot could hit a stone an 28g of lead flying around your legs,been shooting 55 years and never had this fault before,rfd didnt hesitate to fone supplier ,they sent a courier to collect it,and when i get it back if it ever happens again,i will get my mate to video the reload sequence in case it goes off again.then there wont be any dispute,,and regards to op post,ive had quite a few light strikes in the 5 years ive owned a beretta outlander,but i wouldn,t go raving at the gunshop.