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  1. that cant happen jd with nppc,once you book out no one else can book same location.
  2. well done jacko,and i havent shot them fields b4.
  3. accepted jacko but i was trying to be helpfull,i may know the ground,but i may not,leet us know how the day goes.
  4. quite right marshman had left leg amputated 47 years ago,am 70 in nov,and allways willing to help anyone,i dont need to poach jackos day,im an avid fan of how nppc works,i have loads of farmers fone no,s to speak direct to them if need be,thats purely because i will go out at short notice on pig/crows and mostly weekdays when others cant cover the job.it was agenuine offer but i wont offer advice again jacko obviously dont need it.
  5. jacko i have no need to do that,i get loads of shooting both local,and on nppc ground,and i have met many of the farmers out there as well.
  6. hi jacko pm me with which field,if its one im familier with might be able to give you some pointers.
  7. check out tjmacavoys they have used 20g hatsans listed,£15 each.
  8. some real eye openers on that series,brilliant,
  9. years ago i had the inland sea to myself,b4 the club came along.
  10. hawkfanz


    well ive been with it for so long i know most places that produce,best is to concentrate on certain area,s you get to know the ground,but as a pointer i can tell u there is land all over yorks,lincoln,stafford derby,northampton,brum,if u get my drift,we all have to travel a certain amount.u get out of it what u put in.pm me if u like.
  11. hawkfanz


    yes there are places not far away,exactly were are you.
  12. hawkfanz


    u wont get locations till u join,wished i lived that close,my trips over there are over 200 miles round trip,was near bedale yesterday.
  13. hawkfanz


    join it and see,ive been with it bout 8 years,have other perms but well worth the money.
  14. hawkfanz

    PCP ID

    titan morphed into fn,i have fn19 in 22,almost identical.
  15. i thought most modern o/u,s hammers etc hung from top strap,certainly nowt like my lanber.
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