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  1. £700 will get u a good a300 outlander,if you want a well known make,,,but why not the armsan a612, you,ll have money left for carts.
  2. hawkfanz

    wanted hushpower

    anyone around north west got a mossy hushpower 410,could trade very latest model of lanber game,o/u 12g mint cased with all paperwork,3in/steel proof.m/c.ioled stock not used in last 3 years.
  3. hawkfanz

    oxygen thief

    like vince get a few a week,,sometimes i play a little game with security questions,but when i get to ask them what my mums maiden name is,they hang up dont no why.lol
  4. taken from another site have a read at this. .https://www.countryside-alliance.org/news/2018/7/chris-packham-takes-cash-for-bbc-access?fbclid=Iw
  5. hawkfanz

    Trousers down..

    i got prostate cancer ad it for bout 7 years now,so av to av regular blood tests and the usual rear inspection,but no problems plumbing in all depts workin just fine.
  6. i havent watched it in years dont intend to.
  7. armsan use mobil chokes,,,if kofs do ur good to go.
  8. retired hgv driver then retired drone to my late wife,,,am rich not in money but in my lifestyle,i do as i please whenever i want.
  9. hello neil,,,,and its still in lancashire!
  10. dont ya just love these topics!
  11. obturator wads are seperate bits if you load these with fibre wads,you can then use recipipe as if it were a plastic wad,see folkstone eng,reloading info.
  12. thanks david for posting on here but allready recieved notice from basc in my emails.but good to spread the word about.
  13. some ones talkin rubbish,i have a beretta outlander 12g and armsan 20g a620 i use fibre wad only and shoot 1000,s yearly,in both guns.
  14. hawkfanz

    35 Dakotas

    what a rare sight to see,i didn,t know there were that many air worthy ones about.
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