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  1. forgot to say this lady that does the classes also does the game fairs listed under k9200 on the web but you would have to fone to see if gundog classes still available.
  2. gundog training classes are held at asmall hall ormskirk if its of use to you.
  3. i can if someone buys it,but you need eley cases to use surefire primers,they wont fit anything else,not many people will have them now,i havent had usable eley cases in years.pretty much obsolete now.
  4. left your primers by the door yesterday,but still there this morning,no problem i,ll just drop em in the bin.
  5. what about crow rags from bin bags,also what about gun,im ditching 12g in favour of my 20g much lighter also carts i use 20 cart belt holds 36 surprising all these little bits make all the difference,i too am feeling the effects wwith plastic leg an arther in all the joints.
  6. hawkfanz


    mec 12 versamec reloader,good working order,bag fibre wads,bout 1000 nitro cards,£100 or near offer,collect only please.wa11.
  7. re primers,no 07423063764,ad 71 ennerdale avenue,wa117aq,near car mill dam.

    1. hawkfanz


      sorry i missed ur call bud,no fone no left in my log on fone to call u back,will leave primers in bag by front door,,to make sure u dont av a wasted journey,if my mondi estate on front when u call,im in or outback with dog,feel free to give me a knock.regards john.

  8. yes no probs,but got to take my bud to aintree for surgery,will pm my mob no to u, sent u my no and ad by pm.txt me to arrange pick up.
  9. as title 2 tins eley surefire primers,cant post but anyone local that wants em,pm me.
  10. stobarts are recruiting and while based in carlisle they have depots all over the country,may be worth checking them out,im a retired hgv driver an its one of the worst jobs for hassle what with cops,drivers hours, ministry checking weights,bosses wanting you there yesterday,endless traffic ques thats take hours off your driving day.no thanks.
  11. no threads in middle,
  12. as title 12g 1/4 choke for late type lanber,£20 posted
  13. nail on the head walker.
  14. welcome gunner,ive been to usa many times and traveled through atlanta on route from florida to family in ohio,but ive never hunter there either.
  15. the trick is to start with a small lesser company who is prpared togive u a go,the large companys just wont entertain you till you get the experience,i held an hgv for 25 years,now retired.
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