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  1. thats small compared to my 9 year old bitch she weighs in at 36 kg,came from a breeder near breckon.
  2. ive owned a yildiz 28g,and while they are a nice little calibre the 20g beats it easily,my 20 wieghes the same as the 28g,so no advantage weight wise and not all shops stock 28g shells,but a huge range for a 20g.
  3. that sounds interesting for us 410 hushy users.
  4. i did this with my armsan a620,cost 2 quid for swivel
  5. i seem to remember very early diana[the smaller models]some were smooth bore.
  6. not too bad here had a couple of days with much needed rain,
  7. ive just recieved my renewed sgc 1 month early,from merseyside police,theyve really upped their game.
  8. that depends on what and who you buy from,i reload lead an eat all we shoot,but i can buy 24g steel 20g carts for less than 25g lead 20g carts.
  9. yes stu bought 2nd hand bout 10 years ago now,got from a young lady who was giving up target shooting due to baby arrival.but its not used a lot these days my rabbits seem to have disapeared now.
  10. good diagrams stu,yes really wierd whats happened av had the ultra 10 years now,an never ever had any problems before,but happy its workin ok,
  11. update.....after trying allsorts of tinkering with hammer system to no avail,i put the tank back on to it,tto see what pressure it was at,200 bar.then i heard the valve go,tried again an back to normal working condition,havent a clue what was going on except maybe valve got jammed somehow.
  12. no stu have ad bar in the vice to push open the valve,it moves against the spring ok then stops solid,dont know how hard it would be to open against pressure,but i would expect my 121/2 stones to be able to shift it,but no luck as yet also if i cant get air out,i wouldn,t be able to strip it.
  13. yeh stu barrel is clear,sounds like u might av nailed it with too much air,will try n lever valve open it is a 177 also.i was topping it up to loan to a mate,never ad a problem b4,in fact its the most consistant an accurate rifle ive got.
  14. even with chips in,i cant understand why someone pays 100,s of pounds for a dog then they dont keep the chip deatails up to date,its only £15 to update your details.
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