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  1. hawkfanz


    i got stung same way,buying from usa,yes po do it cos they can legalised robbery i call it.
  2. hawkfanz

    Crow Decoys

    if they,re that cheap i would go get more,,i use about 20 full body,s plus shells as an when needed.
  3. hawkfanz

    Ditch is at it "again"

    forget the landy idea,,,,,,i think your makin up camo frocks?
  4. hawkfanz

    G Clamps.

    wilko have various sizes in,el cheapo.
  5. hawkfanz


    yes and french letters too🤩
  6. hawkfanz

    PCP Issues.

    im with u on that stu,,,both bsa models are super accurate,the small size of the ultra is great out of car window on squirrels.
  7. hawkfanz

    PCP Issues.

    ive got a mmc ultra 177,its amazingly accurate,also have scorpion se 177,the scorpion being bigger with a bigger shot count than the ultra,both excelent,had hw100 22 total carp on accuracy.
  8. hawkfanz

    Lanber Sporting Delux

    a few on gunstar with 30in barrels.
  9. hawkfanz

    Will Their Bubble Burst?

    i put a post on wanted last week,while crow shootin my a300 threw out its bolt lever never to be seen again,contacted gmk "you need to order via out dealer network",so rang warrinton guns " nope dont do spare parts or gunsmithing" he says so ordered it from beretta in italy on sunday night,it was delivered on tuesday afternoon,now thats service.
  10. hawkfanz

    a300 outlander

    hey swinton i looked at that but its only on back order from usa,thats why i went direct,sunday night ordered delivered tuesday from italy,you cant beat that for service.
  11. hawkfanz

    a300 outlander

    item recieved today direct from italy,,,,,brilliant service from beretta.who needs gmk stockists.
  12. hawkfanz

    a300 outlander

    tried gmk,but they wouldn,t send me one,had to go via one of their dealers,tried one at warrington "i dont do spare parts "he said so went via beretta direct,its on its way,get it this week.so very good service from the maker,not so good from our own network.
  13. hawkfanz

    Removing Winchester SXP stock

    i have a set of hexagon keys to fit my snapon ratchet an bars,had both my lanber stocks off recently,mine were 5mm hex key.
  14. hawkfanz

    Young’s 303

    ive still got a tin,hardly use it,maybe im subconciously hangin on to it for old times sake.
  15. hawkfanz

    a300 outlander

    thanks salmo have just been on site and emailed them ,just hope they,re available.