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  1. hawkfanz

    Pigeon shooting permissions

    depends on were you are,some area,s do have active pigeon groups that you could join and meet other like minded shooters,also wildfowling clubs that also have pigeon/pest control as well for members,you need tto start doing your homework in your area to find them.good luck with your search.
  2. hawkfanz

    Good gunshop

    there tim macavoy at standish and bamfords at ecleston as well
  3. hawkfanz

    What am I hearing?

  4. hawkfanz

    Sign this

    an me
  5. hawkfanz

    What have I been missing

    bout time you saw the light,out of 6 guns i have my fave is my ou 20g,but also got a hushy 20 an a sa 20 as well.
  6. hawkfanz


    omg your shed will look empty when they go.
  7. hawkfanz

    12g reloading press

    pm pinfireman he usuall has something.
  8. hawkfanz

    lanber chokes

    macavoys have full n 3/4 2nd hand.
  9. hawkfanz

    ATA bronze

    the man who makes ata actually sold his previous gunmaking business to beretta,
  10. hawkfanz

    Sillosocks pigeon jackets

    mine are in a poly bag somewere they turned pink.
  11. hawkfanz

    Semi Auto Advise

    the later versions of the beretta 300 models,for 700 you can get a good used beretta a300 outlander,reliable and not too heavy.
  12. i think there underrated i have two game models,12g and 20g,the 20g being my favorite out out of the six guns i have.
  13. heads up anyone reloading this calibre just spotted on gumtree sack of 8g mt shells for £20,got to be a steal for someone,dont say how many tho.
  14. turn your attention to crows as well great fun and the farmers hate them.
  15. i think most of us agree its not just about numbers,like anglers say theres more to fishing than just catching fish,same goes for us.