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  1. try beretta direct in italy,i got my part in 2 days from them.
  2. went on local perm yesterday,farmer informs me 3 squizz caught in new trap.i will add them for him. total 633
  3. i use google earth for distance,just clik tools at the top for drop down box an select ruler,,,easy.
  4. would any collector require this mt box,have carts too, but will save one n shoot the rest,unless close by an ill give u one.
  5. my mondi allready has a speed limiter,its called cruise control.
  6. why do people ask for info and when you offer it they dont bother to respond?
  7. ive sent mt shells through postal system[for reloading]never had any problems.
  8. ist one this year from my 5 acre wood, total 549
  9. were are u no7 i got skb 100 im not usein.
  10. if u use guntrader just find what u want then ring rfd direct,thats what ive done in the past.
  11. i watch em all fi as well i go to my local track as often as i can,5 meets a year at aintree just 15 mins away from home.but dont want to ride em any more too many my mates pushin up daisies.
  12. get yourself an armsan a612,they come in lefties/wood/camo/black synth,3in an steel proof,for less than £500,u wont be dissapointed.
  13. one just appeared on gunwatch
  14. nppc loads of land around you.you can find it via google.
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