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  1. i used it years ago b4 the lead ban fired off 100,s of 1 1/2 oz no,1s,think i crammed it in with a mk3 plaswad.if u pm me i can email scan ofhercules reloaders page for fiocchi cases with blue dot.
  2. i just got one in the mail from office of national statistics,asking to interview everyone in the household,so its just me an the dog,i know my springer is smart but i dont think she will help em any,
  3. when ive gone out for foxes ive used 50gram bb in my beretta auto.
  4. someone thinks you need lookin after kev!
  5. its where they film last of the summer wine.
  6. nice to hear the positive side of basc.
  7. im lucky at 70 and can still tye flies without glasses so seein target is no problem,,but still prefer to use 20g,such a joy to use with its light weight an balance.
  8. what do u mean youve gone to the darkside,,,,,,dont u mean youve seen the light!
  9. seems the case all over,we have woodys on old barley stubble but impossible to decoy,one field of rape is so boggy its impossible to put decoys on,will take ages to dry the land.
  10. 5 this week by my farmer friend in trap, total 134
  11. was offered for sale last year,but time waster never got back to me,,,,so grab a freebie but must collect,bowman 12g reloader with some spare wad guides/bushes in full working order had it some 50 years an loaded many 1000,s of shells,so if your local enough and can collect it it yours,
  12. ive just been on flight radar checking what aircraft are coming into manchester,the site is free and available for anyone to use,it gives aircraft reg/heading/height/ type and to an from destinations,mistakes like this should not happen.
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