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  1. Disgusting

    if i couldn,t use them i wouldn,t shoot them.each to their own.
  2. Flight Shots

    super pics gg
  3. Second hand scopes

    hey mice pm me ive got a nikko mountmaster that might suit.
  4. Armi brescia gardone vt

    is it like this one
  5. Can’t stand this new layout

    works just the same,looks a bit different that all
  6. Armi brescia gardone vt

    i had one many years ago,,,does yours have the silver oval in stock and silver bird in rib,,,if it has the model was called "ideal" if i remember right,very good maker,
  7. Auld *** Needs Techie Help.

    is it ok to use my canon dslr 12g.
  8. 40 in Feb

    im with mat on that one i was 68 last week and could still manage that blonde witha assets.
  9. Someone with a better memory than I

    its now an american company doing assessment for dwp,athos threw the towel in ages ago.
  10. televisions

    check out the humax recorder and free sat via sky dish,you get catch up and utube on it just bin watchin pigeon shootin on the big screen.
  11. 1 this morning. total 1511
  12. Crow decoys

    have a look on utube to make "crow rags" from sticks an black refuse sacks,some people swear by them they,re light to carry an cost nothing,then just stake the dead as u get them.
  13. .177 or .22?

    have come across a few hw100,s in 22 that were carp,loads of flyers everywhere,mine included could get rid fast enough now the 177 size is perfect.
  14. Photo organiser

    my pics are edited in paintshop pro 17 or canon software from my cameras,stored in respective folders,in a seperate 1000 gb hard drive,that way if pc goes down i dont lose my pics,also have selected ones printed via,aldi website,cheap and very good to.
  15. Squirrel repopulation

    i have the feeder box like fisher makes,just a couple of feet away along same fence is wire feeder with peanuts,and next to that fat balls,also have bird table sited in escalonia just a few feet away,so whats wrong?