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  1. hawkfanz

    Golden plover.

    ive got some spring osr,every time i go theres about 30 lapwings on it.
  2. i dont think theres much difference in the fibre wads,but plastic ones theres loads of different ones,but soon plaswads will dissapear forever.so you should get supplies of lead shot in to use up the no80.
  3. i used to to that recipe myself,or 23 1/2 grains useing plaswad,the primer i used was 209 and is still available.
  4. hawkfanz

    Pilots ,Licence ?

    that last crash when they tried to land a b737 with undercarriage still retracted
  5. nothing wrong with them at all,eley 3in do it on a regular basis,i send em thro a mossy hushy all the time,i just av to trim cases down for reloading,
  6. theres a remmy 1100 on gt in 410
  7. id be banned if i said what i think.
  8. same power unit as mondeo,my estate mondi 07 plate upto 175k miles now ad it for 7 years,my 4th mondi,very reliable,cant really fault it.
  9. some of my reloads do that to the cases.
  10. half of the time u cant give them away never mind sell them,steel shot brings 50p from falconers.ah and i see youve edited the original prices.
  11. should this be in the joke section?
  12. thought id gone blind,with the other thread,rockin horse stuff.
  13. had one of their flappers only lasted a couple of times,
  14. hawkfanz

    cash payment

    no its a free atm,and i would use my local po but it burnt down along with the other occupants,about 20 months ago and still waiting for it to be rebuilt,and this estate has over 1200 dwellings,lots of them for oap,s but this labour council would rather spend money on their salaries than the people,hence ive never voted for them for years.
  15. hawkfanz

    cash payment

    ill probably be dead by then so it wont matter
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