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  1. im with ultra stu,,my push button ultra 177 is the most accurate rifle i have and very consistant,and i also have the scorpion,falcon fn12,aa s410 ultralite,plus a variety of springers.
  2. ok thanks for that have seen a couple of things by that auther,all weird.
  3. i just want to still be here to shoot the cartridges im loading,
  4. hawkfanz

    The Germans

    i had a lightning 22,that was like that,also had a hw100 in 22 that threw flyers all over the place,my most consistant accurate one is my bsa ultra 177,even better than my scorpion se.
  5. ive reloaded 400 25gram 20g upto now,will keep goin till something runs out.never know might need em later in year.
  6. dont bother with the loadall,go straight for the mec and but from usa on ebay,i have 3 machines 12/20/410 two of which i bought from usa,they cost about £150 2nd hand here i got my 2 shipped in for £85 each delivered.
  7. retrictions are creeping in,on the gov.uk site it now states sa with a maximum of 3 shots can be used for taking birds,,,so anyone usein an fac one will be illegal now.
  8. it was on yahoo news on pc,i also have a spare one plus one for water work,swimmin etc,used to use that one launchin boat in summer.
  9. i cant see a problem with sittin in a hide miles away from anyone,,,but as stated maybe basc an co could clarify our position,after all its far more risky goin in shops for supplies.
  10. i will never shoot more than i can use,so no matter how many pigeon there are i will always stop at 50,but quite happy to get 20.
  11. the first one should be humanly despatched.
  12. was it on the folk hour?
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