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  1. hawkfanz

    pete shelley

    that was on news a couple days,i got 2 copies of spiral scratch ep.
  2. hawkfanz

    Bruised pigeon breast

    soak em in salt water overnight that,ll clear some of the blood out.
  3. hawkfanz

    Testing Bullet proof glass 1952

    yes me too.
  4. i dont mind fiocchi 25g either,but now reloading 20g and i find 24g is ok for what i need,but wont be buying any 20g in future unless someone has them going cheap,which i doubt,cos my supplier must be cheapest in country,
  5. surprised by your comments on gamebore regal,they,re the quietest game cartridge ive tried when fired through my hushy,also i dont find them harsh through my 6lb lanber either.the punchiest i find are fiocchi,but they are the cheapest as well.
  6. hawkfanz

    A first for me

    a couple of years ago on crows in yorks,2 jackdaws side by side came in to decoys from left to right fired 1 shot both dropped some time later 2 carrion crows came in same direction side by side fired 1 shot both dropped,never done it b4 4 birds 2 shots,and not done it since and thats all i fired the whole session.
  7. hawkfanz

    fine for too much ammo

    if i recall basc announced it in a newsletter that they were informed by merseyside of this.
  8. hawkfanz

    fine for too much ammo

    now thats tough,,but merseyside along with some other forces have stated they intend to do unanounced spot checks on firearms holders.so beware guys.
  9. hawkfanz

    Sling mounts- Semi Auto

    tried loadin pics to pm could do it so here they are,if you need more detail pm me ur mailbox.you need 2 sets of these swivel mounts threaded with nuts on them for plastic stocks.ebey item no 173500009017
  10. hawkfanz

    Sling mounts- Semi Auto

    for op if you require pics of what ive done to my armsan,pm me.
  11. hawkfanz

    Sling mounts- Semi Auto

    yes dead easy thats what i did,cost me a whole £3 plus qd swivels to do it.
  12. hawkfanz

    Swivel seat needed urgently for pigeon shooting

    make your own,when i had my sea hog fishin boat,i used the plastic type stacker chair on a swivel pole bonded to deck,,quite easy to knock one up,,bet ditchie could make one in 2 hours.
  13. hawkfanz

    Sling mounts- Semi Auto

    i did my synthetic armsan myself,bought 2 sets of swivels from china £3 delivered the type threaded with nuts on for plastic stocks,the end caps looks like plastic but is realy alloy,i found so drilled centre ground nut down make it thinner,fitted it to end cap and dot punched thread so not to come undone,,,works a treat.
  14. hawkfanz

    28 bore v 20 bore

    people will allways disagree on this i myself have 3 x12g and 3 x 20g,,i only use 0ne 12 on crows a300 sa,my favorite of all is my lanber o/u 20g,sweet as a nut to shoot,i can hold my own against 12g users,but dont wildfowl these days so no need for big stuff,currently useing homeloaded 24g no6,sold my 28g and replaced it with o/u hushpower 20g,purely for a noise reduction exercise.
  15. hawkfanz

    Chinese inverter welder

    i bought a pic arc oil cooled one,about 1972,only 110 amp but 50/80 volt circuits,240/440 volts amazing bit ot of kit,made loads of trailers etc over the years,came with a 15year waranty,still going strong.