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  1. as it happens ive got an a300 bought new ten years ago,it cost me £850,the blacking is 3rd rate,the wood resembles a pallet,but its reliable....i also have an a620 armsan,cost £395,it shoots just same as the beretta for half the price,even cheap turkish guns have better finished barrels an wood than the outlander.
  2. have pm,d the size to you.
  3. not sure but quick check with tape gives it 24in tall.will drag it out ltr for full spec
  4. i got a large one in shed,surplus depends on were u are tho.
  5. how about 3 of sand an 1 of cement
  6. hawkfanz


    they keep tryin it on,my latest yesterday txt from royal mail,£1 99 to be paid for delivery i havent sent for,just follow the link,,,,yeh right best link is the delete button
  7. loads of swifts but very few swallows here
  8. as above for sale,1 1/8 charge bar with no 36 bush,some fibre wads an 500 pus nitro cards,also 2.2 kg of lead no1 shot. £130,collected.from st helens merseyside.
  9. this guy is in rainhill village,near st helens,john beswick,he,s not a gunshop but a shooter an just sell ammo in his retirement,he has almost everything in,when i had a 28g he used to say what do u want i got em all from 16gram to 25 gram,you wont get that from an rfd.will pm u his details if you like
  10. i wouldn,t buy 30 gram loads for my 20,s my usual load is 25 gram,at £6 30p a box last time i bought em,i pay £70 aslab for eley 3in 410 as well.
  11. my local rfd less than £7 a box,20g lead or steel.
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