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  1. one of my perms does storage since he retired was £200 per year and most are under cover in barns etc,gates locked at all times one way in /out passed his house.maybe more now.but put location on another pwer might point you to somewhere
  2. maybe cp will buy it,its a step up from stopping bush tucker trials.
  3. last time i got blue dot was from tjmacavoy,if ur drivin up m6 check him out just bout a 1 1/2 miles from j27 m6.
  4. you dont say what calibre vince,,,,i would like a 20g one.
  5. me n my late mrs used to make rose hip wine,5 gallons at a time,great stuff,,,delrosa is made from rose hips,,u can make wine with that too if you cant get wild hips.
  6. theres a few on guntrader,£195 countryman of derby etc.
  7. i used his recipes to the full when wildfowling,,had em all written in a book,sadly lost over time,
  8. google the origins of the reason it was done in the first place,by an australian guy.very interesting reading,only a tiny minority,were successfull.
  9. hawkfanz


    my mate lives in turkey,i have an open invitation to go stay with him anytime,,he says its a brilliant place to live,,,but i have no wish to get on a plane to anywhere,i like it here.and they make ok guns for the money,,good value.
  10. now sorted thanks to rws-89
  11. pm me please with what u have and price.
  12. needed for a shoot buddy,as above anyone got one thats not needed.
  13. newcomers to fowling dont realise what they need to carry,must have kit,,tide charts and know if you got onshore/offshore wind n streanth,torch,compass,whistle,and that b4 u start with shooting kit,something i dont want to do any more.
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