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  1. my nephews mrs is vegan,she dont have problems with me ,"she says if you can kill it an eat it"thats fine with me,but she does feed the dog raw meat only.
  2. i think thats because you see cases along edge of field wereas wads end up in middle and ploughed in.
  3. late 80,s when i aws hgv driver,i did return loads from imi many times i had ammo,on board along with other products within the complex,no added security involved either.
  4. my best tool for squirrel is my sa armsan a620,i do have a mossy 410 hushy,but 20g is better.
  5. the beretta factory in turkey was owned by the the maker of ata guns,read the history of ata.
  6. 16gram xpress are quiet as are eley 18gram carts too.i used fiocchi for the mt cases to reload.the others swell the plastic.
  7. if its all about noise dont use fiocchi 3 in shells,they sound as loud thro my hushy as my unmoderated 20guageseven my mate across the field says so.
  8. its steel proof and while i dont have that model you can shoot 3in 50gram lead load ive used 50gram lead bb on foxes with my oulander.
  9. ive never heard of that one,im only a few miles away and have been shooting for near 60 years,i did shoot southport marsh years ago.
  10. hey op dont rule out the mmc type,they have advantages,ive also got scorpion se,but once loaded u cant uncock it,shoot it or leave it loaded with safe on,now ultra mmc,u can uncock it an just push button back in when needed i find this a better arrangment when after sqiz in the woods.
  11. according to wikipedia,its not listed as a soundtrack,but has been used in a couple of movies.
  12. allways looks good till first shot,then they gone to next county that my luck with early rape.
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