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  1. GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    out early b4 dog walkers managed to bag a big male first one this year,just not seeing any about. 605
  2. India got it right

    this thing about the wrong people being executed is not the fault of the death penalty,the fault lies squarley with the court for getting it wrong,we now have the means to be 100% certain with modern technology so mistakes should never occur again,so when found guilty,,,put them to daeth its what they deserve.
  3. i got one of those best thing ive got to keep out the cold wind.
  4. Speed controller fuse?

    yes i found speed control useless,just send it round as quick as possible.
  5. Pigeons in the trees

    sorry didnt mean too
  6. Pigeons in the trees

    i thought it was common knowledge they liked ash buds
  7. silenced shotgun

    i use a modod o/u 20g,but have used a baikel single moded 410 decoyin crows an woodys,,its fine but no 2nd shot available,so borrowed a mossy pump 410 again moded,an it works fine over decoys provided u keep to sensible range,an dont bother with subsonic shells not worth the xtra money.
  8. How far....

    120 miles sometimes,but my local perms,less than half hour.
  9. Hush power silencer

    they can be fitted to anything,but i would imagine a 12g o/u with mod on would be a real beast to handle,i have 20g o/u with mod on,and its quite a lump to chuck about.wouldn,t like a 12g one.
  10. i suppose its up to the individual how the gun points and feels with and without it,short guns are usually better in hides but thats why we use sa,s so u load from below without braking barrels.let the lad try it without and without ext.
  11. Grand National

    im only about 8 miles east of the course and im damn sick of this rain,light rain falling as i type.
  12. it probably is neil,in that kit they even put in a 2inch barrel extension so you can go upto 28inch,just take choke out screw in the 2inch bit an pop the choke in that very clever.
  13. Beretta A300 Outlander 12 gauge

    very good bit of kit had mine about 7 years now,,my favorite crow gun.
  14. my armsan a620 with synth stock weighs in at around 6lb,with28in barrel,find one with a 26in barrel,an he ,ll be sound.
  15. Lord Adonis wants to change history.

    seems the last few years the labour party has been full of dipsticks.