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  1. am looking to get another o/u 20g but with 30 in barrels can anyone tell me how heavy the above mentioned are,have not decided on make yet but weight is an important factor for me,as gettin too old for carryin heavy stuff about.all the ones ive seen advertised not one lists weight,info appreciated.
  2. maybe he,s gettin ready to join a black militia group
  3. thanks for the info and link sb,am certainly able to crawl under and check out this wireing,will look at it,and report back.
  4. gc i no its in the tank was hoping someone knew were to cut floor under seats to get to it,there is no removable cover to do the job,and am too old to take tank off my self,been trying to book a garage but all booked up due to backlog,thanks all.
  5. no tank cover in tail gate either looks like an expensive garage job.
  6. have tried usual searches,but nothing of any use found,no cover under rear seats will take out dog crate n stuff n check there.
  7. anyone replaced the sender unit on one of these,its showing empty despite having half a tank of diesel in,and consequently shutting the engine down.if i need to cut hole in floor where do i cut it?thanks guys.
  8. when i used em on flight ponds,i got just as many duck as 12g users.
  9. thanks for the replies good people.
  10. thanks guys will try the tape method see if that works. just a thought tho,wont the auto safety rod keep putting safe back on tape or not?have thought bout removeing the rod see if that helps.
  11. ok guys looking for help,gun,lanber o/u 20g game,problem is fireing first barrel is putting safety catch back on,spoiling a second shot,so anyone have a clue on how to fix it?thanks all for any info.
  12. i posted about this problem a few weeks ago,ive got about 300 eley loaded shells that wont fit in mossy,will have to breaak em up,but i found even when not reloaded eley cases wont go back in the chamber,but fiocchi cases fired and not even resized will still fit the chamber,reloded ones ok too,remedy is only use hull or fiocchi cases all others need to go in bin.
  13. ive tried my mates lincoln 20,its ok but doesn,t quite balance as well as my lanber game 20,probably down to solid mid rib,were as lanber is vented.
  14. not a lot of pigeon on my grounds normally,its about the day out for me not the numbers,my tally is usually below 20,but 30 an ive ad a brilliant day,i do get big numbers of blacks sometimes tho.
  15. hi jacko can u please pm me your fone no.regards john
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