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  1. isnt 410 also listed as 36 gauge?
  2. if the 12volt battery only powers the ancillaries how does it manage to power the main drive motor?
  3. lets hope enough people make a complaint,would be nice to see the cops question him.
  4. i was out for 3 hours monday,i have beans standing and stubble but birds wont decoy,so i wait in the wood for em to come rest up,i had 4 shots for 4 woody,coming in high over mature beach trees,gun armsan a620,useing fiocchi 25gram 6,better than i usually do,but them issed a squirrel with all 3 shots,i think its all on the day,sometimes very good sometimes not.
  5. armsan a612 ans a620 proofed for high speed steel.
  6. i would book a couple of places on a charter boat,they hire gear out for the day,skippers are usually very helpfull and have local knowledge of fishing grounds,and they they want you to come back again,its in their interests for you to have a decent day,try an see how he likes it,and you get to eat what you catch,assuming they,re are legal sizes of course.
  7. unlike some of the previous posts,i sold my ou hushy in favour of the mossy 410 modded one,oowee has it now,i just prefer the mossy better handling in my opinion,and range isnt a problem just let em get in closer thats all,gettin good results too,but not useing subs tho,eley and xpress ive tried are very quiet,fiocchi are very loud and dont seem as tho theres a mod on,but homeloads are quiet enough.
  8. which models they struggle with 300 miles?
  9. stick with what you know untill they have batteries that will last 200,000 miles like a diesel engine.
  10. 2 weeks ago i went on a perm i havent been to in over a year,due to constant road works n traffic jams,on arrival i find half afield of bean stubble and half still standing,with swathes of blue all over it,probably a 1000 or so,2 days later half that amount next day out to shoot it,result 10 birds between 2 of us,no way would they come in range,now they,re down to about 50 resident birds,out on friday last,result no woody,one squirrel an two magpies,where have all the pigeon gone?its littered with beans.
  11. primer 209 is what i used,back then for aa and rxp cases.
  12. if they are compresion cases u get many reloads from them,years ago i did aa,s and rxp in 12 g dont know how many times i used them but still have them.
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