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  1. A few of our guns are not renewing this year so we will ask a few who have asked in the past, it will be difficult if we are still in restricted lockdown as we have a couple of over 70s that might not be allowed out and the rest will have to be sensible.
  2. thanks for replies, a few more have said they are in now so 7 now so ive just ordered 2000 birds for first week in august, now just got to decide on cover crop type, we are going to build another pen as we normally have 1200 birds, we have loads of herras fence panels so are going to use them.
  3. Hi all, we have to order our birds now for end of july poults, only a few of our syndicate have given definite yes to this year as we don't usually start collecting money until may, do we just order them and hope. what are others doing? also need to get cover crop planted now what type should we get as in the past few years the farmer grew maize and left blocks in for us but it does not last that well, we are in Essex with clay ground. Neil
  4. I might give the kongs a try, we havnt got any steps.ha ha.
  5. Ranger all day for me, I have had the old model from new never let me down, when I finally get another it will be another one, saying that for shooting and towing my big caravan I have a Toyota Amazon 4.2 td. what a motor best car ive ever owned wish you could buy them new now.
  6. Hi all, getting an 8 week old Lab yellow lab bitch next Sunday, whats the best toy to give while teething, don't want a squeaky one just one that cant be chewed to bits.
  7. Thanks for advise, had our second shoot and much better, lots of birds in all cover crops, bag was 75 but only 6 standing guns and a walking gun. Was a frosty morning as opposed to a wet morning last time, but also changed drives around, so will see if it works next shoot.
  8. Blue smoke is oil burning, probably worn bores, broken/stuck rings or worn valve guides, is it high milage?
  9. A snorkel would not have helped as your air filter was dry, it would be you letting of the throttle and sucking water up the exhaust hence the white smoke, you was indeed lucky as it normally locks the engine solid leading to vent com rods.
  10. Get an old mapped Scooby cheap as chips very fast and sound great.
  11. Hi all, Had our first shoot the other day, first drive was duck mostly wild that flew out nice and high great shooting, next we pushed maize cover back to wood/pen only 2 pheasants in it, there are normally loads there when we feed rides in the afternoons, next drive again maize cover was good amount of birds, is it worth dogging the wood through on shoot morning to push birds out into cover crop.
  12. I went to a driven day and a chap turned up in beige jeans check shirt with red tie, cheap green wellies and a green coat, he looked a bit out of place and there was a bit of banter until he started shooting as he hardly missed a bird all day even silly distances that the guns on either side missed and a memorable high duck that no other gun would look at, and he was only 17 years old but we learned after he shot for GB junior clay team.
  13. All maize finally cut and nice blocks of cover crop left where we asked but left a big block in next to pen that the farmer said he will mow down, we have cut zig zag rides through them and put feeders in front, there are loads of birds in the crop now and will start spin feeding the rides this week so fingers crossed all will be good for our first shoot in middle of nov. They are not eating much wheat now as so much maize about but they seem happy scavenging for it.
  14. Just an update, they are still cutting and the man is trying to do a deal with receivers to buy there share as well if so happy days, and he is using it for cattle feed, last year it was fuel. The main thing is we get our cover crop left so we can start attracting the birds there.
  15. Thanks for all the replies, been offline all weekend. The one man that started cutting is starting again today rain permitting, but the other lot is in the hands of a receiver so can't be touched yet, fingers crossed that it gets sorted soon. Fox control has been a problem as you never see them and they don't go in our traps.
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