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  1. Just an update, they are still cutting and the man is trying to do a deal with receivers to buy there share as well if so happy days, and he is using it for cattle feed, last year it was fuel. The main thing is we get our cover crop left so we can start attracting the birds there.
  2. Thanks for all the replies, been offline all weekend. The one man that started cutting is starting again today rain permitting, but the other lot is in the hands of a receiver so can't be touched yet, fingers crossed that it gets sorted soon. Fox control has been a problem as you never see them and they don't go in our traps.
  3. Hi all, The farm where our shoot is has let out all land, about 1000acres for maize to two different people, they said they will leave cover crop for us, one man started cutting them stopped because of rain, the other has gone bankrupt, leaving g is with the biggest cover crop ever about 800 acres, help what do we do now?. Birds are coming back to lens for now but for now long with all that corn about. Neil.
  4. Thanks for that, will meet the farmer sat to discuss size and position, would you leave cover either side of ditch/hedge or just one side, or in middle of field, also was going to cut feed rides down middle of cover. Neil.
  5. Thanks for repling, I was a gun on the shoot but felt some of the cover worked well but some i thought didnt, ie the strip right next to the wood/pen needed to be further away to make another drive back to wood.Neil
  6. Hi all, My mate and I have taken over an ex small shoot, with 3 lens 2 in woods and 1 next to trees, we put down 1200 poults, all the land around the lens about 1000 acres is all maize about to be cut. The farmer said he would leave strips/blocks in for cover crop, how far from woods/lens should we leave the crop in and how much. Cheers Neil.
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