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  1. Hi, your photos show a very precise profile & uniform increase in barrels diameter on both barrels . This would be the standard manufactured profile to enable the barrels to be machined for screw-in chokes. If there were a problem with the barrels then you wouldn’t get both barrels damaged/ bulged in exactly the same place ; that is to say any bulges would be irregular. So nothing to worry about. Just keep the threads/ bore clean, lubricated and screwed-in firmly as normal practise.
  2. Looks like a Miroku 800S Skeet as it has a silver finish and beaver tail forend. If the rib is about 12mm wide then it’s a 800SW ( W for wide rib) All the Miroku 800 series were very popular in the 70’s as they were very good guns and a good copy of the Browning B25 Belgium hand finished guns , but at fraction of the cost. And the rest is as they say history, Browning bought the business.
  3. That requirement was on the initial GL issued by NE following the challenge by Wild Justice. That has been replaced by the current GL’s issued this year, none of which have that requirement. The new GL’s are issued to , quote. “ Prevent serious damage to crops” so the purpose of the licence is prevention, there is no requirement in the licences to prove that any damage has occurred. I have downloaded and printed a copy of GL 42 for reference , it’s 17 pages long... but most of them refer to specific SSSI’s. In the remote event that anyone seeks to question my activities when shooting
  4. You could create a template to record the farm/ field/ date etc without much trouble; but would you want to ? Keeping records is only a recommendation ( not mandatory) as stated in the GL licence guidance and conditions. It’s a box ticking exercise BUT opens Pandora’s Box if you do keep records! The actions anyone takes under the new GL’s are driven by the circumstances at the time . If you decide to shoot / kill birds as the practical solution then that is what the licences are created for , quote “To prevent serious damage to crops” It’s not open to discussion with the general public
  5. The GL 42 applies “ To prevent serious damage to crops” it doesn’t require that serious damage has already occurred. As long as there are crops liable to serious damage then you can shoot the pigeons. You don’t have to use alternate non lethal methods ( ie scarecrows, & other devices) if they are not practical.
  6. I don’t know how to speed up a single speed magnet. The speed controllers sold as extras only reduce the speed from the normal speed. I used to have a lightweight magnet from Ukshoot Warehouse which was good but burnt out in an accident. I know have two of the AA Decoy magnets, one of which is years old. These have 2 speeds, slow & quick! To change the speed you connect the negative earth lead on the machine to the adjacent terminal. These machines are fairly bomb proof and I only use the fast setting. They faster than the other type.
  7. I was in the same situation last year. My GP practise were not cooperating as they were tied up with the Coronavirus, and the police firearms dept were insisting on a medical report. I contacted BASC and they provided contact details for an independent GP who could assist . I formally requested my medical records which the GP is required to supply under law. These were sent to the independent GP who provided the medical report for the police. Don’t take your guns to the police , that’s a unknown quantity. Take them for storage to a RFD who will give you a receipt to prove they are hel
  8. Hi, I have an MK 60 in 20g which I had bored 1/2 & 1/4 like yours . I haven’t found much in the way of steel loads to suit and would normally switch to a 12g for ducks. What cartridges are you looking at that are HP proof in 20g?
  9. Both guns were very good, but I only used the Maxum sporter for clays . I used the Maxum game model for game and practise on clays. As an all rounder that was the best gun. When you carry a 32” sporter to the stand in a slip, shoot 10 clays the re slip the gun it’s comfortable. When you have to hold that 8lb gun a long time then your enjoyment and accuracy starts to fade in my experience. I would look for a game model to try as the starting point. If that feels right then you have the answer. Straight Powder!
  10. It’s a nice problem to have! And a new gun is always exciting. I have had both the Guerini Maxum in 32 “ 12g Sporter and 32” Game models. Both were lovely guns, the Sporter was 8lbs and the Game gun 7 lb 10 oz . The Game gun also has has a narrow rib compared to the Sporter. So the Game gun would feel similar to the Silver Pigeon. See if you can try one in that specification , you will feel the difference .
  11. The Tilly hats are very good and durable. They can be washed time after time . You can get a good camo bush hat with strap from Military 1st, very cheap . They do a range of sizes
  12. It depends where they are feeding; if they are heavily on a field next to a wood then you may have to set up there. In most cases though you are better of away from the wood in the open. That way they can see the decoys better, and other pigeons on the flight line. And it helps if the wind is blowing across or away from the wood (relative to your hide) so that the shots are muffled . Otherwise you can kill the flightline by blowing up the wood with your shots. If the wood is a long way from the feeding field then the shots will be more muffled, and the pigeons won’t be able to work out where
  13. I have an M2 essential with 28” barely, which is the same as a comfortec but without the stock and case. It’s a great gun to shoot and handles really well. Use it for pigeons and it ticks all the boxes. You won’t be disappointed.
  14. Considering replacing my ageing Freelander1 Deisel with a pickup. Looking at. Nissan Navara or similar, any recommendations?
  15. A long time back in the 70’s I had a BSA 30” boxlock 3” Magnum. Weighed just under 8lbs and was a Wonderfull gun to shoot. The barrels on all the BSA’s were Joseph Whitworth fluid pressed steel, very high quality. If you can find a sleeper then you will have a great gun.
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