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  1. Have you tried tuning the radio in with the settings icon on the screen.i now you do on the Mokka which is the same screen. you only get sat nav on certain models .but the same screen with all the icons installed by no software . have you tried the dealers they will show you how it works
  2. Sorry sending back to dealer I got it off
  3. https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/bekvaem-step-stool-aspen-10225589/ what about something like this
  4. Hope they give the person who killed him a medal .
  5. The trouble is the phone companies ie virgin .sky etc will not do just internet with out a phone line . you have to have both .but go any were else in Eu you don’t have to have both .i ask virgin once to take the phone out and was told it would cost me £5 extra to take the phone out but still had to pay the rental + £5 extra
  6. Still for sale not sold .i can put pictures on can not figure it out
  7. Any one intrested in the action bar and smart valve .for a hatsan semi £25 pp i believe it’s for a mark 1 .its the one with the bar bush fixed in with the spring sold
  8. Yes it’s a lot .only go as shoot and pay .i would think you would have to go a lot .
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