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  1. Might be different in Norfolk. But all the posts above are saying the same thing - no pigeons and that includes Leicestershire. I do quite a lot of driving and I can assure you that field after field of all the main pigeon attractants are barren. Believe me.
  2. Isn't that pretty well what I was saying under the Fenland Pigeon topic - no pigeons in Leicestershire and was "shot down". My inexperienced eyes couldn't see them whilst others claiming daily bags of 20-50. Additionally I needed more permissions to find them and need to be travelling about all the time. Well Balotelli might just have got it right. There's none about in my neck of the woods and a lot of other places too by the sound of it. Maybe East Anglia might have them. If so, you're lucky.
  3. That is a superb post, informative and helpful.
  4. During my posts I seem to irked some Forum members. I don't think that I have directed any insults at anyone and "spoken" in generalities. However, I have been on the receiving end of many unnecessary personal jibes. That's fine as I think that it says more about them than me. Slightly at a tangent, I attended Hazel Leys Secondary Modern School in Corby having failed my 11+. So far, so bad. But I was lucky enough to get a job with one of the Utility Companies. I wouldn't say my academic grounding was anything to write home about, quite the opposite. So why is the standard of grammar on the po
  5. Just my personal opinion but I don't find "driving all over" very interesting. I've got lots of things to be doing as I see driving about frustrating, boring and futile. I love pigeon control but dislike the wasted effort not to mention costs and if you wish to be moralistic, pollution. Much better to concentrate your efforts on fields with pigeons. I'm starting to work on intelligence on the ground. I did suggest this previously but was poo pooed. It has worked for me on one of my shoots. Dog walkers are out most days and one phone call can save an awful lot of resources.
  6. My intention is not to offend people. I clearly haven't put some of my thinking across very clearly. The points that I was trying to make are as follows: You must challenge anything in life including pigeon shooting otherwise we shall not progress. Remember the flat earth theory? Some still believe in that. The fact that rotaries / magnets used to be very effective. Not so much now. Have you asked yourselves why? I have my own ideas on this. Relying on experience is fine as long as you build on that and are not dogmatic. "We always did it that way over the last 50 years" is not good
  7. "Eagerness and enthusiasm" Snap, That's it. Point well made Sorry, that you didn't get it. I'll try and make it clearer next time.
  8. Sorry, Jacko, I stand by my comments. To improve in anything you must challenge old established ways of doing things. Listening to experienced rubbish is not the way to improve. This is not aimed at Forum members as I don't think that I have been given any advice. Ironically, what does stick in my craw is some of the patronising comments aimed at you and I don't like it. I'm actually batting on your side which undoubtedly you will reject, more's the pity, but hey ho.
  9. For the reasons that "bone" gave, I invested in one. I agree with stuartyboy's comments and it is better coupled with sub-sonics. It doesn't work with a ported gun. The sound of a shotgun is obviously a red rag to some people. If the sound is changed to something which is not obviously a shotgun then it will in all likelihood be ignored. I need to carry out some further tests with my A-Tec before giving a definitive answer. I'll get back to you on this Forum.
  10. I tend to look after my kit and crazy, I know, even FUDS get washed. Nor do I see the connection between state of decoys and numbers of pigeons shot. Do tell. Incidentally, I don't buy this "experience" thing. It's the thinking shooters who will succeed. In my experience a lot of so called experienced pigeon shooters are as thick as the proverbial. Naturally, Forum members excepted. Thick people can do OK in a limited and narrow way which is true in life including pigeon shooting. But the bright ones will eventually come out on top.
  11. Well at least that's encouraging. I was getting to the point of whether it was questionable going out on fruitless searches? It's strange how these fields can blow hot and cold. We just have no idea on pigeon behaviour. If only we could predict it, would save a lot of time and money.
  12. Very wise words. I wouldn't be so bold as to include myself in the "Experienced Guys" and know my place. Just pragmatic
  13. OK, sound as though you have it sussed. But shooting barren fields isn't much of a learning curve.
  14. Sorry a little bit of the same. I more or less kicked of this post regarding a clot who went out everyday (literally) popping away whether there were pigeons or not. At the moment there are very few pigeons on the stubble. I'm not taking the mick out of Mellors but I suspect the same mantra will be spun by the clot I'm referring to as "Doing a good job". He's deluded, he's doing a rotten job for the following reasons: first up the farmers would prefer the pigeons to clear spilt grain. Secondly, any build up of pigeons is likely to be jeopardised by the constant popping all over the estate. The
  15. Spending time and money on fruitless ventures isn't the ticket. You need some intelligence on the ground.
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