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  1. Some guy in one of the shooting mags (can't recall which one) made a magnet which incorporated a small battery which was charged by a solar panel attached to the magnet itself. He claimed there was enough power from the panel to power the magnet on a sunny day even with intermittent cloud cover.
  2. A disabled chair for sitting in showers or bath works quite well. No back rest but adjustable for height and the tops swivel. They are cheap and can hold some real fatties . Although lightweight they are bulky but no more so than a barrel.
  3. I bought a pair of the hexagonal spikes from the guy on EBay. I really like them and the clamps tighten up on the flats of the spike brilliantly but doesn't seem to have listed anymore.
  4. It's ok especially regulations where to shoot how close to roads etc. But I wouldn't describe it as a must do. It's very basic but you do get a certificate which you can flash around providers of shooting to impress how competent you are.
  5. Excellent video as always, your videos are every bit as good and in my opinion better than the professionals producing videos with all of their back-up. Great shooting too.
  6. Some great ideas, must try some of them. Happened to see some guy selling non rotating spikes on FleaBay Item number: 274396681072, anyone know if these any good?
  7. Many of us seem to suffer with real pigeons or decoys slipping around the central spike on the pigeon magnet. I've broken a few clamps overtightening them to prevent them slipping. It seems as though as soon as I get into the hide one of the pigeons is upside down. Has anyone got and ideas how to fix this?
  8. The problem with "kinder" alternatives is that they are invariably ineffective. You wouldn't use a Yorkshire Terrier as a guard dog! Anyway the crop is spring linseed.
  9. Linseed is becoming more popular with farmers. As most of us know, rape is on the slide with flea beetle slaughtering it - there used to be a spray for flea beetle but good old Barnier and chums put paid to that. Linseed isn't the most popular fodder for pigeons. However, crane fly larvae like linseed roots and can wreck linseed crops with gusto. And guess what, there used to be a spray for crane fly larvae but... you know the rest.
  10. Very. very professional. One of the best shooting videos that I've seen. You show the lead and follow the bird to the ground which gives an idea of range. Excellent.
  11. Easy fix. Get some fishing bait bands, put it over the wing tyne, put the spike through the wing and stretch the band back over the point.
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