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  1. Just a thought and maybe impractical. As was so rightly pointed out the UV is wrecking them. Flat roof "paints/compounds" are designed to withstand UV so might be worth giving the lids a coating. Might be a little tacky for a while but will eventually "dry out".
  2. Yesterday, pigeons on acorns big time in my "neck of the woods".
  3. "Blasting away" at no pigeons doesn't sound like great value. Pheasant drives are predictable pigeons aren't.
  4. Apologies, you're absolutely right. Gerwyn Jones shooting alongside Mr Pigeon. Doubtless, MrJones helping Mr Pigeon with crop protection duties, hopefully F.O.C. Very magnanimous of Mr Jones to help out and most kind of Mr P to invite Mr J along.
  5. I couldn't make sense of Mr Pigeon's, aka Gerwyn Jones, charging structure either. As for the reviews mmmm....... It would also appear that Mr Pigeon's days are all sold out, so little point in advertising sold out days . If there are idiots willing to pay £1000 a day wouldn't they be better off buying a day's pheasant shoot with guaranteed birds? There's no doubt that the Welsh boyo is a good shot but the whole concept of his pigeon drives is somehow gross.
  6. A truly great post, the Pythagorus approach quite illuminating. People's ideas of distance are notoriously poor. A range finder might provide some clues. On a different tack and just out of interest, I carried out a few basic calculations on the amount of lead required on pigeons, on a horizontal plane, at a distance of 20 yards away and it was surprising. Interestingly, the lead required on subsonics vs supersonics was marginal. Referring to the aerobatics, a possible solution on testing your theory would be a truly silenced gun, or possibly a heavily silenced gun. The calculations/model n
  7. I would think that driving around looking for them would be part of the "experience". Before all of that you would need an extensive briefing on the cartridges to use, how to load a shotgun etc. Then tea and biscuits before being led to a hide. Another idea would be for the organisers to insist that you only use their very own bespoke pigeon cartridges at a special price of course. Maybe a 10% discount could be arranged for Forum members!
  8. Some time ago I spoke to a gamekeeper about these "pigeon drives". From what he told me it's an additional cash cow for whomever owns/runs the shoot. Clearly, there is no guarantee that there will be any birds, unlike a gameshoot. It would be interesting to know if they actually sell any of these days. And what would be the etiquette required for these pigeon shoots? Would it be plus fours, Barbour jacket, flat cap, tumblers of malt etc or army fatigues, paper cups and beer? I presume a decent tip at the end of the pigeon shoot would be de rigueur. On the same tack, I have heard that some fa
  9. There's nothing special about my standard of English and I respect your humility. I appreciate that we all make mistakes but eliminate as many as possible by simply reading through your post before posting. And this is not directly aimed at you: instead of railing against my posts with insults and "smart" ripostes just feel free to disagree with a measured, constructive response.
  10. What is an "ant pigeon"? It's not a species that I'm familiar with. Do enlighten Forum members and maybe add some photos for clarity. Little wonder that shooting days are so expensive with such an unusual quarry.
  11. I'm very sorry to learn that. If your parent's cancer treatment is ongoing "take heart" as modern cancer treatments are very, very effective. A friend of mine with a massive stomach tumour has just about been brought back from death's door to near normality. People's well-being is much more important than pigeon shooting. In difficult times, time to bury the hatchet and move on.
  12. That's it in a nutshell, no pun intended.
  13. I would think long and hard before rubbishing my posts in the future.
  14. A very entertaining and professional video. Seems as though you have a friend for life - smashing pup.
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