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    Shooting, Stalking, Fishing...anything outdoors...various sports
  1. I have the browning a bolt in 243 as my first fox/deer rifle. secondhand and shoots priv 100gr less than an inch at just over 100m if i do my bit. had the trigger spring changed and a clean and polish by local gunsmith for a tenner and now shoots even better...just need to get out with it and get my homeloads started. I have a friend who swears by the remmington though, as someone else has said, he likes it because of the strong bolt action... My browning with t4 and doctor scope was about £500... atb
  2. happened down here a good few years ago at a local pub. Farmer shot at locals dog that was worrying sheep...local turned up at pub with chainsaw and cut table farmer was sat at in half.... farmer didnt quite get it as he already had plenty of kindling for his fire at home?!! ... no police involved [the good old days...] atb
  3. great result Pete!! and nice little rifle! atb
  4. ...nothing funny here!!! i am positive the guns wouldnt have been insecure here and also that if someone had their guns stolen whilst secure no one would make a fuss.... if anyone had left guns insecure then that would be another matter... dont think i have ever seen a post where someone has been slagged off for having their guns stolen [whether secure or not] but i could be wrong! atb
  5. hope they get them back!!! not what Tim or the staff need there having just moved....
  6. A good day was had by all... http://youtu.be/WBq0xuf5eVs atb
  7. I will say NO he wont get done, unless there is more to it than i have seen off the video regarding the amount of force used and any injury sustained. it may be a technical assault but it may also be justified as Mungler and Bagsy eluded to. atb
  8. Welcome from the west of the county!! atb
  9. Glad to hear Frenchie!!! No sadly George has gone now...he has been rpelaced by someone who has an active knowledge of firearms/shotguns from what i have heard. the feedback so far on the new FEO is very similar to that with George...common sense is applied by the FEO although some decisions still seem very strange as Frenchie has mentioned. the girls in the office have always been great with me too! atb
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