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Found 8 results

  1. atyl1972


    Ok chaps n gals, I'm looking at getting my 1st Air Rifle on Saturday so after some advice, I am in a lucky enough position to be able to afford a very decently priced gun, I have looked briefly at: Daystate Wolverine R in Laminate Air Arms ultimate sporter BSA R-10 SE Reason I've shortlisted these above is due to the ability to customise even at least if its just a sling, please share all your thoughts and opinions, or even any different guns that I have missed out then please let me know, ta much!
  2. Hello i am new to this and don't have great knowledge when it comes to guns. So would highly value anyone opinion. I am looking a Air Arms TX200HC and i live in Northern Ireland so all air Guns have to be applied for and put on license unlike e.g. England where you can buy sub 12ft lbs without a license. I have to get it on the license either way so would it be best while im at it to go FAC? or is 12ft lbs best? I think if the limit was 14ft lbs then not too many would choose 12ft lbs. This all arose as i searched to see what calibre was best .177 or .22 and i discovered that .177 has longer r
  3. For sale is my Air Arms original stock. It is beech but has a nice natural colour and grain to it as you can see from the photos. I had to very closely examine this stock to find any imperfections, knocks, scratches on it. I did eventually find 2 tiny dents where a bipod was temporarily fitted over the front stud. There is also a tiny mark at the end of the inletting where the air cylinder would sit. I tried to get these on camera but they just wouldn't show up. It has got sling studs already fitted as shown below. As you can see from the photos this is a great looking stock and i
  4. A few more rats meet their end. Not sure why but im getting dislikes on my videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k-CIzop_Qc Antdg
  5. Hi All Im looking for a Rh stock for an Air Arms S400, would prefer a Walnut or Thumbhole stock, must be in good condition. Cash Waiting Or can possibly swap a Lh like brand new Walnut S400 stock. Thanks Richard
  6. as you can see i used to have a air arms s200 and i am now looking to get back into shooting so i am after another s200 single shot or multi ,, or bsa ultra multishot wanted cash waiting , nottingham area i am willing to travel for the right gun .... thanks
  7. hi just wondering have got a air arms s510 fac version and was wondering if i shot at woodies sitting on a telegraph line and missed and hit the telgraph line, is there any chance i could bring it down, any body hit it before
  8. Unused alloy magazine for the Air Arms 410 rifles. 10 shot, .177. £22.50 inc P&P
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