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  1. Hi, I have limited experience with rifles and air rifles. I am rather experienced in the shotgun world but I'm fairly oblivious when it comes to air rifles. I'm looking to get my first proper air rifle. I have a few requirements though: around £350 capable of yard clearance as well as the odd rabbit (I don't know if there is such a thing) Fairly easy to use/not too much hassle. Capable of being put on a Scottish shotgun licence I have no idea if my requirements are feasible any guidance will be much appreciated.
  2. Hi I'm looking at buying a daystate airwolf .177 not the one with the digital screen. It doesn't say a model on it but serial number begins with AW just wondering on the value in mint condition would be roughly. And some more info on it would be good. Thanks for reading, hope some one can help. Cheers
  3. Having given up UK diving I have two 12 litre cylinders for sale. Both are in good condition and full at 200 bars but out of test hence price, £60 each or £100 the two. For obvious reasons this is collection only in Dumfries or I will meet at Gretna near the motorway. I cannot upload photos due to size so pm email address if you are interested and want photos.
  4. Decided to see if I could 3D print a moderator for my non-FAC air-rifle because it was raining and I enjoy the CAD work: It's smaller than a SAK and cost just over £1 to make, took about 6 hours to print in one piece. Because of the plastic I was using to print it with, it looks a little bit like something you'd buy from Ann Summers: The threads were chased out with a tap and it fitted onto the rifle very easily. Seems pretty effective but not sure whether it's as good as a commercial product. My non-scientific pressure tests did indicate that it would cope with a muzzle blast higher than that of an air rifle but I don't think it would be wise (let alone legal) to attach this onto a firearm, unless you have it listed on your ticket.
  5. Hi all, Looking forward to getting involved and getting out and about
  6. Hi All,looking for land permission in the Southampton area. Fully insured BASC member who can help out with vermin troubles using PCP silenced air rifle. I am a very reliable and trustworthy individual who lives locally and would appreciate any help to gain a permission for my hobby, and to be of assistance in reducing any problems you may have with vermin!If I can be of assistance to any farmers/land owners locally in our area please let me know.RegardsDave
  7. Hi all looking for a Diana/ gecado model 22 stock doesn't matter if it's rough as its to cut to to fit my sons air rifle. thanks.
  8. hi guys atm i am using a hatstan striker 1000s it a good air rifle and i really like it but i want to buy a new air rifle just to have another one i guess i was just wondering if anyone could give any good suggestion of a air rifle to get and the rough price of the air rifle if you know thanks
  9. Anyone wanted to shoot outside a Range? New event from Emmett and Stone: http://www.emmettandstone.co.uk/woodland-shoots
  10. Hi guys, thank you for the add, haven't been involved in shooting for about 4 years now, used to own a HW97k but now own the R10mk2 se, looking forward to get back out there and hopefully gain a new permission. Thanks again Thomas.
  11. Cabinet, suitable for air rifles. 2x locks and keys. Could do with a spruce, but does what it needs to! Size: 48" x 8" x 10" Collection only, Rowley Regis, West Midlands £15
  12. Hello i am new to this and don't have great knowledge when it comes to guns. So would highly value anyone opinion. I am looking a Air Arms TX200HC and i live in Northern Ireland so all air Guns have to be applied for and put on license unlike e.g. England where you can buy sub 12ft lbs without a license. I have to get it on the license either way so would it be best while im at it to go FAC? or is 12ft lbs best? I think if the limit was 14ft lbs then not too many would choose 12ft lbs. This all arose as i searched to see what calibre was best .177 or .22 and i discovered that .177 has longer range and less bullet drop but lacks the punch of the .22 when hunting. But the .22 Has less range and more bullet drop. It would be ideal if i could get a .22 in FAC to do similar range and bullet drop as the .177 but still deliver the punch. I heard that some FAC air guns tend to make the bullet spiral which would not be good as i don't want to pay good money for TX200 (one of the most accurate springers available) And then ruin accuracy with pellet spiral. Power is pointless if you can't hit your target! Anyone with experience of any of this would be HUGELY appreciated!
  13. Hello all, I'm new to this site and wanted to say hi. I've been shooting firearms / shotguns for a few years, and an a recent air rifle convert - have just bought a .22 BSA R10 mk 2. It's a beautiful little gun! Look forward to chatting and learning loads more about air rifle shooting... Cheers Craig.
  14. Hi all, As a quick note of introduction - I've been shooting (mainly .22 rim fire, .223 and 12 bore shotguns) in North Yorkshire for the last few years, and have recently relocated can to Maidenhead, Berkshire. I've also bought a BSA R10 mk 2 air rifle and am looking for a permission to go shooting. I enjoy shooting pigeons, crows, squirrels and rabbits etc, and would love to get a fox! My postcode is SL6 9LR and I'm happy anywhere with in an hours drive. I'm a responsible chap and a BASC member - so am fully insured. I can be free all day most weekends and occasionly on a week day. Would be very great full to anyone who can help me out... Thanks, Craig.
  15. Richter Optik 6-24 x 50 AOE IR Rifle Scope. Only used a handful of times due to too much zoom for me! No original packaging but comes with Used mounts and a extra set of New Mounts £40 Posted! ***SOLD***SOLD***SOLD***
  16. 1.H&N Air Rifle Pellets .22 Rabbit Magnum ll (approx 180 not 200! I used a few but rest are In perfect Condition. £6 Posted! Picture shows .177 tin but i am selling .22! I could not get good pic of the .22's! 2.Brand New Sealed Tin of H&N Hornet Air Rifle Pellets .177. £12 Posted! Please check out this video!
  17. Hello everybody! I am trying to decide upon a scope for a TX200HC. With my other guns i always had ALOT of zoom. Probably a stupid amount. For example - on my 22lr i once had a 6-24 x 50 (Prob really stupid i know) Currently on 22lr i have Nikko Stirling 4-12 x 50 and honestly don't think it has much zoom. (Prob enough though) So i was going to get the same for TX but then i seen people on a fixed 4x or 8x zoom? Isn't that very low and hard to hit the target (obviously at close range it's great which is why i want mine variable) But i was thinking about going for a normal air rifle scope this time as i don't want it to look too big! And i don't really want to use high mounts and i definitely don't want to block the breach! or have to move soo far back that the scope is too close! After a little looking i found a Hawke 3-9 x 50 & Hawke 3-9 x 40 & Nikko Stirling 3-9 x 40 Are these scopes good or what other scope is better but not crazy price! Also they come in HD, AO, IR & Nite Eye but i really have no idea what any of these mean Please Help! And i prefer the mildot reticle.
  18. So am out tomorrow with the wolverine b for some woody's and rabbits has anyone got any tips on wood pigeon. hide or stock it's in a dense forest
  19. Hi I am looking for a air rifle for my 9 year old son don't mind if its a co2 of springer but it does need to have a shorter stock some thing like the gammo delta cadet would be great Thanks Royle 11
  20. Hello folks I've been target shooting (0.22LR, NSRA member) for a couple of years now; just before moving to Gravesend from London in December I got myself an Air Arms S410: mainly with the intention of keeping the feral ******** off my sweetpeas and for a bit of rabbit for the pot, given the chance. FAC has 0.22 and a slot for a .308 (both for targets). Will probably get a hunting .223 and a shotgun ticket in a few years. Rumour has it there's a gunsmith somewhere at the end of Thong Lane—anyone heard about that? Could be useful in a couple of years... Anyway, main question: rumour also has it that the farmers off Thong Lane tolerate if not encourage vermin & game shooting. Anyone know them? Just off to check out the BASC too, but you look like smart people cheers
  21. Well ive just come back from a group called WELLIES for sport. they asked us to go down and host a target range for there users with disability's. So off we went and set up a range in a old brick warehouse a farmer offered us to use when we need it. Pitch black donated us 4 new pitch black units and nite site gave us a few ns50 for the event as well as our sponsor andrew huggett of huggett mods. what a day it was there was smiles everywhere and alot of very good shots. it was a pleasure to teach them to shoot on the range and they have now asked us if we can do a 10 week project with them. Just a few pics of the day. This is what the raffle we are hosting is for so that we can do alot more days like these. With out the support we recive from outside sauce's and members of the public this would not be possible
  22. Hi All Prospect Target Club has just launched its website ; www.prospecttargetclub.org.uk Regards
  23. looking to buy a air rifle for around £600 Any recommendations.
  24. New air rifle course now open at mickleyhall shooting school, near nantwich cheshire. Under cover practice area and under cover 20 target competition course. Open from 10am till 2pm every Sunday. New clubhouse serving tea and coffee, homemade cake and soft drinks. Www.mickleyhall.com www.cheshireactivities.com admin@mickleyhall.com 07766252438 ask for Scott or Anne
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