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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! Here is my listing for a Hatsan Optima Silver Synthetic 12G Over Under. Only used at clays periodically and still has tight action! Don't see these for sale often so thought someone else may be after one rather than sitting in my cabinet! Reasonably priced at £325 with 5 chokes total. Located in East London. The below is from Hatsan: • 12 gauge, 3” / 76 mm chamber over & under shotgun. • Single selective gold plated trigger. • Auto ejector or extractor system. • Advanced polymer stock with Adjustable Comb and advanced polymer fore-end. • TRIOPAD® butt system for maximum recoil absorption. • Steel receiver with soft engraving and white chrome finish. • Nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel barrels. Outside black hard chrome finish & inside white hard chrome finish. Proof tested for 1200 kg/cm² (17160 lb. per square inch). • Available Barrel lengths: 26” / 66cm, 28” / 71 cm or 30” / 76cm with 7x7 mm ventilated & checkered rib. • Hiviz Spark front sight. • Steel shot suitable multi 5 chokes: F, IM, M, IC, CYL
  2. Hi all, my first post on here so go easy! Firstly to set the scene, I have shot my whole life, having had an extended break for a decade due to lack of money, and recently got back into this wonderful sport and purchased a new ATA O/U 12g which I am very pleased with. Years gone I dabbled in loading my own cartridges just to make basic shells, nothing fancy but did it just because I enjoyed it, so I have very basic experience in reloading. I have recently acquired some really good rabbit/pigeon/crow land which is near horse paddocks. The 12g scares the horses too much, so for fear of loosing the land I am wanting to see which hushpower options were out there. I have ruled out .410 because of the cartridge cost and limited availability, also quite frankly my shooting isn’t good enough in my opinion to operate a .410 to its full effectiveness. Also the load-your-own equipment for .410 would make it cost prohibitive as far as I can see (?). So this leads me on to the larger bores, 12 or 20. The Mossberg offering of both of these is far too heavy, I’ve tried both in gun shops and just felt far too unwieldy. So I guess my question is... Does anybody have any experience or thoughts of a basic pump action (e.g Hatsan), with a Hushpower removable moderator (the one where you send off an extended choke to them, £180 from http://hushpower.co.uk/Gunroom/SG_Hushpower.htm) and then also my ability to produce decent subsonic 12g which actually kills out to a decent enough range but remains at least ‘fairly’ quiet? Thoughts please from anybody with any experience in either reloading subsonic 12’s, or indeed anyone with a larger calibre Hushpower shotgun! Thanks in advance Jim
  3. A reference post because I wish I had been able to find one. I have a Hatsan Junior 20G. If you are considering one of these you might like to know it shoots 21g plastic wad cartridges beautifully. It does not however shoot 21g fibre wad cartridges. Thanks to the awesome Mr @TIGHTCHOKE for sorting that one out for me. For the search engine: IMW A Hatsan Junior semi-automatic will not shoot 21g fibre wad cartridges. If anyone has evidence to the contrary please do post. The Hull fibre pro-ones are jolly good clay cartridges but there may be other brands that work in the semi-auto. Never say never.
  4. Would you swap a Hatsan Edgar Bros Breaker 900x for a Webly and scott premier mk 2 class d ?
  5. I bought this from a very nice fella and decide I wanted to (eventually) remove the mossy oak breakup as it is looking tatty, possibly cerakote it and add some tacticool gucci features because I'm a gear tart and even in the forces I'd always want the fanciest stuff. So far, I ordered the MPA escort stock from edgar brothers through my local shop. For those wondering it's £40 RRP which is what I got it for. You may get it for less or more depending on your shop. If you buy it, you also need the shorter stock bolt which was included in the price. Fitting was a pain because the stock, although it had good access through the 2 cartridge holder thingy hole, the bolt is long through the nut so you need a very deep 13mm socket. I ended up sticking my spare spacers in too as the butt pad on the MPA stock is much slimmer than the one provided with my mark one escort. Next is a 11mm dovetail to picatinny/weaver mount for the receiver and a holographic parallax free red dot to see how this works with my gun, because I think the clay/hunting community is extremely closed off to new things (semi autos for one) and i'd like to see more sighting systems on guns appearing in these settings. And before you say it, I know a bead or rib (or nothing at all) works just as well, but there must be some benefit to point shooting with a floating red dot. Even the yanks are jumping on this with their pistols - I think there must be some advantages. I've also ordered a side saddle 6 cartridge holder for the reciever which bolts through the holes where your normal drift pins sit for your trigger group. This was from knight armory in the US. Next I want the MPA cocking handle as it's way less sharp on my fingers than the normal escort 'comma' style and is knurled which looks nice. This is £10. I also will order the newer fluted end cap for just in front of the foregrip with the swivel attached. I already have a two point bungee sling. Anyway - picture (bear in mind colour is subject to change)
  6. Bought a secondhand Hatsan that needed a good clean. Stripped it right down but can't see how the trigger spring (part 218) and carrier spring part (227) fit back together. Part shown on page 6 here: http://www.hatsan.com.tr/assets/escort_semi_auto_shotgun_gb.pdf . Could anyone send me a photo of how it should look as the diagram is the wrong way round! Thanks! Peter
  7. After going from my Baikal O/U to an Ugartechea SxS in three months I decided to keep my Ugartechea and get something a bit more modern, So I nipped along to Norgas Cartridge Company and purchased myself a Mossberg Maverick 88 in 12 Bore from my good buddy Webber, as always top service with loads of advice and a good natter when purchasing a new gun. What do you chaps think of Pump Action Guns compared to Side By Sides and Over and Unders or Semi Autos.
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