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  1. Hi all, my first post on here so go easy! Firstly to set the scene, I have shot my whole life, having had an extended break for a decade due to lack of money, and recently got back into this wonderful sport and purchased a new ATA O/U 12g which I am very pleased with. Years gone I dabbled in loading my own cartridges just to make basic shells, nothing fancy but did it just because I enjoyed it, so I have very basic experience in reloading. I have recently acquired some really good rabbit/pigeon/crow land which is near horse paddocks. The 12g scares the horses too much,
  2. Lee Dies:- Full length re-size, neck size and bullet seating Dies. 50 x PPU once fired cleaned and primed brass 32 x brand new PPU brass £35 collect in person, Bath Avon area £35 posted to you MINUS the primed brass.
  3. For sale, an excellent set of RCBS dies in 22-250 Includes FL resizer and bullet seater. I'd like £30 for these delivered UK mainland. Advertised elsewhere too. Any questions please ask.
  4. 375 H&H Magnum bullets and dies Selling rifle so some bullets and dies for sale. Please see photograph. 50 rounds Hornady .375 300GR FMJ DGS (Dangerous Game ) in original box. 50 rounds Hornady .375 220GR FP Interlock (ideal for driven wild boar) in original box £50 plus £10 Royal Mail signed for 48hr delivery for all above. 375 Lee Reloading die set very good condition £20 plus £8 Royal Mail signed for 48hr delivery. Buy all 3 articles above save £8 postage. Also 100 PPU and Norma once fired spent 375 cases. PM me for details.
  5. Firstly, Happy Christmas all! Until this weekend I had no idea that 'reloading' was even a thing. Since discovering reloading I've been looking at videos on youtube of the process and wondering whether it could save me money. Some questions: 1.) Is an explosives certificate required and if so how do you complete the form? 'Aquire' only or 'Aquire and keep'. And which powder do you specify? 2.) How economical is it to reload 20g cartridges (for clays)? How much does it work out to be on average? 3.) Are there any local people/clubs I can go and learn from (in or around
  6. 300 x .38/375 bullet heads . rounded blunt point with blue lubricant band. Only £30 178 x Once fired brass , deprimed. £5 Contact me regarding the postage or pick up. I estimate the delivery in UK mainland for the bullets would be around £6 and the brass about £2.90 I can combine the both at a cost of £6 if you wanted the bullets and cases.
  7. Hi all just looking for advice I have a lot of reloading stuff 10bore and would like to know where the best place to sell would be from press to wads and shells 3" also have a box of brand new 3" primed cases every thing you require to reload. All advise please.
  8. Hi Lads, Does anyone out there know where I could get some 12 bore brass 'perfect' type casses to fit my chamberless gun. I am looking for a length of 3 1/2" to 4" Heare's Hoping. fennman2
  9. Hey Guys/Gals quick question Been doing a fair amount of research regarding recipes for shotshells and it would appear that our cousins across the pond make tapered hulls and wads which are much more powder efficient. Question is, do we have a source for AA hulls and wads in the UK or Europe that isn't a complete rip-off?
  10. Wanted once fired 20 gauge cartridges Anything considered
  11. HI ALL up for sale is my in very good perfect working order my MEC 600 JUNIOR with 2 charge bars 1 is 7/8 and the other is 1 /1/8 plus inserts for lead and steel shot also there is an adjustable charge bar as well im in sheffield south yorkshire paypal is fine collection is ok but will post out price is 145 .00 collected or 160.00 posted please tel me 07840944994
  12. Hi does any one, or has anyone had any experience reloading the 28 gauge cartridge thinking off reloading my own but would like some advice if any one has any on the subject im sure it would be possible to make a descent cartridge.
  13. Just spotted this on one of the suppliers websites. FROM THE GUN TRADE ASSOCIATION 24th OCTOBER 2016 TNT have taken the decision, effective from 14th November 2016, to remove the transport of Firearms, weapons and ammunition from the TNT network. This includes firearms, component parts, moderators, ammunition, all powders, primers and missiles. ** Sadly we will be unable to accept orders requiring delivery of powder after Monday the 7th November 2016 **
  14. A quick shout to the lads that have been using this stuff last year where have you settled reloading wise only have a KG so don't want to be sending half of it down to the pattern plate was thinking along the lines of a 42 gram load as the stiff is so costly buffer or no buffer ?? any pointers would be grand
  15. My first attempt from my 'new' Lee Loader, actually looks OK. I do have a query though (actually this'll turn into a few I suspect) of you more experienced 'Loaders: I was working in the garage and the temperature was low - about 5~6c (roller doors don't keep in the heat very well). In *some* instances: After I poured in the powder I tapped the wall then dropped in the head and tapped it down. When I removed the finished round, there was some powder on the outside. In one case so much that I'll only use it to make the rifle go bang (I'll start the hunt for a kinetic extractor soon)
  16. Hi guys, I've got 199, 12 bore, 2 1/2" plastic cases (they have "LYALVALE" stamped in the brass so most likely cheddite but not sure), 5 mm brass head, primed with cx2000 primers. I bought these, tried one and realised they're too short for anything I need. I'm wanting £15 for the lot, not posting them as it's not worth it. So Oxford to pick up or I'm going to be at the shooting show on Friday and can do the deal there.
  17. So I have had it in the back of my mind for a while that it would be nice to get into reloading, but have really been looking for somone who is giving up of the like so I can get a full set up for a reasonable price. So I thaught I would ask PW for advice So I have seen this for sale and have no idea if this will be ok, ie. if it will be up to date, data avalable ect. and also if it is a good price?! (I have abosulutly no idea, but looks like it could get me started) So the ad is as follows: "Redding loader old model but ok ,20kgs shot mainly 6,s 2,000 primers,qty 1oz plswads tin nob
  18. This is a reloading die I made out of scrap over this week end. It's a plug expander die in .308. In the interest of increased accuracy I'm moving away from the traditional ball expanders where the case is squeezed down, then the expander dragged up through the neck to expand it out to the correct size. This plug type of die allows you to resize the case without the expander ball, then expand from the top to the exact dimensions you prefer to give your desired neck tension. I know you can buy "off the peg" expander plugs and I know it adds a couple of stages to the reloading process bu
  19. 12 gauge set used but in v/good condition. Fits all marks of 600 jr, All parts included de prime/size, re prime, shot/powder tube, wad starter, crimp start 6&8 point, crimp finish & base plate. £45 posted. These are £75+p+p from http://clayandgame (wad starter not shown but is included)
  20. RCBS Chargemaster Combo. In excellent condition. As new. Used a handful of items. All packaging and instructions. Very well looked after. A great bit of kit. http://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/product/834b17a5fcefc50667321053/RCBS+ChargeMaster+1500+Scale+and+Powder+Dispenser+Combo/ Priced to sell - £350
  21. As above. Used just the once. As new. £20 posted
  22. For sale. Both items as new. Used once only. All complete with original packaging. £20 each including postage.
  23. I was about to buy a 12 guage roll turn over tool off of the fleabay but would rather give my money to someone off of here.......unless of course one of you is called "Libby Lemons" in which case I'll just get on and buy it! I could also do with card punches in .410 and 12 if you happen to have any. Thanks in advance, H.
  24. Hi Hunters, Before I continue I would like to say I am a complete Novice at this and in no way an EXPERT. My Savage Axis .223 is very bullet fussy and only really like Hornady VMAX out of the box. A friend of mine offered to reload for me and the accuracy increased 10 fold. Unfortunately I am very impatient and didn't enjoy having to wait for someone else to re-load for me especially when you are down to your last 5 rounds so I decided to look into doing it myself. The local gun shop (Sporting Supplied - Bloxwich) were selling the "Lee 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit"
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