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Tail Bandage

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The finished bandage.


Remember to apply any medications before you start the wrap, and to apply as much padding as needed.


Spray the finished bandage with Bitter Apple or other lick inhibator, to keep the dog from trying to bite the bandage off, you do not want them chewing. This bandage will not tear or pull off..


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Our last Dog, an Irish Water Spaniel, accidentally had an accident with its tail, it was chopped off when it got shut in a door, had it bandaged for months. once after the vet renewed the dressing he stood up shook himself wagged his tail twice and the bandage came flying off. the poor vet was heart broken.




it was very fenny

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On 10/04/2017 at 20:33, 88inch said:

Have a look on google at " dog ends ". It is a plastic mesh that slides over the bandage with an applicator and then taped to the dogs hair

but to an extent are self gripping. Quite effective.

Hopeless without the dog having a cone on as well!

I took extra care and made sure they were used as instructed and it took less than 2 minutes for the Dog to bite it off.

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