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Buying Shotgun abroad and bringing back to the UK

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    Right slightly odd question, but i have friend with SGC whose dad lives abroad in turkey and they are going to visit them over xmas and considering buying a shotgun over there, apparently you just go to the factory and pick one off the rack (or thats the theory) anyway,


    I know lots of Turkish guns get imported but the idea is they can go and pick a nice one from the stock and bring it back.


    I assume you have to take SGC with you but is their any paperwork that needs to be done prior to going (no rush as even if its bought this trip it can stay in turkey until the next time if the paperwork is sorted. Just need to know the procedure and the likely costs to see if it is worth doing.


    One question i have is about proof marks, Turkey aren't CIP so i guess it will need proofing in Brum. But can you get it into the country on your SGC prior to proofing? OF course before you could sell it it would need proofing. Are all Turkish made guns UK proofed (Hatsan, Yildiz etc?)

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    Thanks Blaser, why did i think you might know....

    Bit of conflicting advice:


    8. UK citizens wishing to purchasing firearms abroad

    Any UK citizen holding a valid authority such as a firearm or shotgun certificate may purchase

    a firearm, shotgun or ammunition abroad with the view to bringing it back into the UK

    providing it is not a prohibited weapon as described on page one. You will need your shotgun

    or firearm certificate with you when you re-enter the UK and must declare the firearm and/or

    ammunition to Customs officers who are responsible for entering the guns details onto your


    Be aware that you may be liable to pay tax on new items and you must notify the police force

    who issued your certificate, in writing, of the items acquired within 7 days of Customs

    completing your certificate. BASC cannot advise about foreign laws in relation to purchase and

    it is advised that you talk to the seller in the country you intend to purchase your gun from

    about local gun laws and how to transport guns to your port of embarkation.

    And from the document referenced by BASC

    3.2 Documents required for an accompanied import of a firearm from a non-EU country by UK residents.

    3.2.1 Private individuals

    Private individuals require one of the following documents:

    • UK Firearm Certificate, or

    • Shot Gun Certificate.

    In the case of a newly acquired firearm the importer must have entered details on the Certificate and, in the case of a firearm, the Certificate must be pre-authenticated by the Police giving prior authority to acquire or purchase the type of firearm being imported. The Police Firearms Licensing Manager for the importer’s UK address must be notified of all importations.


    Now as I think Turkey is not EU and not CIP and the gun will have been owned and used in Turkey....you just tell the airline put it in the hold, then turn up at the "RED" channel and declare it? If you wanted to sell it, it would need proofing? but you can continue to use it yourself without it needing to be proofed?

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    It's only an offence to sell a gun that's out of proof, you can use it yourself though, no problem.

    Presumably you cant transfer to another SGC holder without proof, any idea on the cost to proof an imported gun? O/U

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    You will probably have to pay Import Duty and VAT on it as you are buying outside the EC?



    I have looked into that Cat for anyone else who wants to know the classification is:




    3.2% duty and VAT at current rate...

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    Always worth a chat with your FL Office...

    From experience with a S1 (from within the EU) it was all straightforward with the right paperwork.

    Interestingly the UK Act requires that the seller enters in on your licence etc ... so far so good, but if they don't then HMC&R should, but may not .... so check with your FLO .. mine was very helpful.

    Even if you can buy ex-turkish factory, then what paperwork to get it onto the plane and away? And being for export should save Turkish vat?

    Its not a mission if the paperwork is right ... just double check all the steps and collect the paperwork.

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