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50 cal air rifle

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Do a search on Field Sports TV on here, sure they featured a large calibre air rifle sometime last year. Don't recall if it was 50 cal or not. IIRC they were hunting some kind of very large rabbit type animal in Africa.


Edit = Thinking about this some more I don't believe it was FS TV but one of those Team Wild videos, you might find it in you tube.


Edit 2 = It was not a 50 cal it was a Benjamin Bulldog .357

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No, I don't have a .50, but I own a couple of 9mm air rifles: a Fire 201 and a Ultiforce .38 air shotgun, which also takes 9mm slugs. The Fire is quite powerful, doing around the 80 fpe mark with pellets.

What weight slugs and velocities please.

Do you hunt with them?

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i shoot the Daystate Wolverine .,303 @100fpe with 50.15 grain pellets its more than enough

for most legal prey. its devastating on impact its enough power for me.

most of my bunny shooting is done with a daystate airranger .22 at 37 fpe

with air arms heavy pellets at 18 grains its hard hitting and accurate.

accuracy is the most important thing imo #

.atb brian

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Click link for a 50 cal air rifle for sale in UK




230 ft/lbs and requires FAC

could not see a 50 cal in sub 12ftlb being any good,,the pellet would trickle out the end of the barrel, so I think its no wonder it needs to be FAC to push the pellet out,,


did laugh at your post though, so much I nearly spat my tea over the dog sitting at my feet :lol::lol: :lol: :lol:

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