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  1. judging by the reaction she got on face ache, I suspect nothing. About 300 replies (at my last and only count), not one single comment in her favour. So not going to be news so no support for the poor luvvy. In other words non story; waste of ink so drop it, We'll see.
  2. To all of the diplomatic respondents to this topic. While you are all being considerate towards this person in terms of going and having a quiet word or contacting the council/landlord/DVLA and possibly some I have missed. Think on this. A school full of children expect to go home at the end of classes, one or more may not. Be it to the hospital or morgue under the wheels of this women's car. It is the police' job to enforce the law, report it again and again and again until they do something. From the cop shows; if they can sit in wait for an hour or two to catch a DD suspect they can do something to stop this woman.
  3. Well Island Gun if any vegans find it offensive then tough naughty bits. What a brilliant little girl, will grow up to be a real people and animal person. Well done little Miss.
  4. Have eaten dog in China, bit of an acquired taste. Also live prawns, quite funny when your fighting with your food. Drew the line at frog, not the small frogs legs you get in France but a great big bullfrog of some sort. They don't just eat the legs but the whole lot. Frogs are sitting outside in a mesh bag until invited to supper. My host swore if you ate one a week you would keep all of your hair for ever. Saw him a year before I retired......bald as a cout
  5. Thanks for that MR I shall now spend the rest of the year trying to forget all of that. Although its been a gazillion years since I heard any of the songs quoted/misquoted, was surprised I remembered them at all but I'll do my best to erase my memory banks, beep beep beep.
  6. All rap 2 old ones which pop up now and again, Honey (not sure of the title but you will all recognise it from the first line, "see the tree how big its grown" It's been responsible for the death of two transistor radios. And Deck of cards by some american nugget and maybe Terry Wogan did a UK version. Remembered another one.............. Think it was Johnny (Vroom vroom) again from the first line " He rode into the night accelerated his motor bike yada yada yada. Surprised the suicide rate among young impressionable girls did not soar.
  7. Sha Bu Le


    yes another place has been set at the devils table. Strange (or is it) how the BBC has only reported only middle of the road things about Mugabe and certainly no bad things this a.m.
  8. Wow no pocket money for the rest of their lives plus a gazillion years. Was going to say wages but highly unlikely any of them will ever look for a job let alone get one.
  9. Watched the report referred to by SE, I believe he is correct in his suspicions. It was so easy to pick holes in this video report. It never showed the BOP entering the trap, in spite of a Go Pro being set up to capture everything else. The 'keeper' shown was never established as an employee of the estate which was not named When he ( 'keeper) entered the ladder trap with a big stick the filming was stopped as being too horrific to show. RSPB then moved on to claim 12 BOP had been killed recently and hidden. Using their 'tracking skills' they found one hidden under the only freshly picked patch of green heather. Did not show the other '11' (if they existed). Neither did they show any fatal injuries on the dead bird caused by either gun or other means. Interaction between 'keeper' was not what you'd expect. No anger or hostility from either party.??? All in all I have seen more believable episodes of the magic round a bout. "Time for bed" said Zebedee
  10. More like scrap companies I suspect.
  11. A civilized night on the grog after a 6N match esp if England win 😁
  12. Hello I'm Harry the hedgehog, just wanted to say thank you to all you PW gents (and ladies) for all of your kind comments. Its nice to know not all drivers are hedgehog killers. Harry
  13. Guns you all use guns and at those distances? How very dare you? I use a 4 bore peashooter but to get the distance it needs to have a long barrel 18" at least. The other things are choice of scope and carlins. Scope not really necessary below 500 yds, as for carlins whatever Florrie down the shop has got cheap. Scope above 500, any flea bay rubbish will do. Now then to improve fire rate stuff yer gob with a good amount, gives the choice of single shot, semi or full auto once you have mastered the tongue technique. Also very eco friendly as if you miss the bunnies/birds get a feed on the carlins. For further information wrt to pea shooter hunting (no license required btw) post card to Dougy's muppet.
  14. It makes sense to carry your license and permission form (or at least copies). If you don't plod can check on radio WRT license but phoning 101 There is divided opinion on PW regarding this. One half says it's not a legal requirement so don't give plod more conditions they can turn into rules (their rules) the other half say it doesn't hurt so do it. Up to you at the end of the day.
  15. what a pile of poo pretty much like WJ Fast forwarded verse by verse until (for the sake of a new telly) I pressed the go away button. For go away substitute every invective phrase you every learned.
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