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  1. Not sure what the running total is as posts seem to have gone off kilter a wee bit. Last correctly logged qty was 643 so I'll go from there. 3 Magpies = 646 Perhaps a mod can confirm the correct kill total........thanks muchly
  2. 2 Magpies from the fence of no return 585
  3. Yup defo Auntie Wainwrights Simon, I could spend hours in there just having a sticky beak, and if I had any dosh I would need a van to take the stuff home. Should be more shops like them, shooting & angling especially. Thanks for posting Bri
  4. Producer possibly taking a leak and discovered to his/her horror someone was telling the truth when he returned. Followed by the voice from above to the presenter via the earpiece to close him down. Edit to add:- if news channels cannot/will not present the facts without the opinions of the station/newspaper owner then they should be shut down. Aint going to happen tho'
  5. Sounds like Auntie Wainrights emporium
  6. My understanding of the HK situation is that it was leased from the Chinese on a 100 year(sic) lease. No idea what the terms were but I doubt if the Chinese government did it out of the goodness of their hearts. This being basically a commercial arrangement with China do we have any responsibility to any HK Chinese once the lease expired? I suggest not Tin hat on.
  7. Easy peasy ....send a Gmail (g as in ghostly). 😝 So sorry best I could think of, I'll get me coat
  8. Congratulations Malala very well done here's a big BRAVO
  9. SE I defo favour the shut up view, maybe the producer had a lie in and had to back peddle when he/she turned up for work.
  10. BBC News this a.m. stated not thought to be a terrorist attack and no mention of a Libyan national ???? Go figure !!!
  11. Sha Bu Le


    Had to buy a small shed 6x4 to keep dialysis supplies in. When I get a delivery there's not much space left. (was going to say there's not much room inside but I knew better with the PW wits waiting to pounce).
  12. Sha Bu Le


    We had 2 which used to visit us regularly until the council in their stupidity and without warning cut down the elder trees the woodpeckers used to chip away at. Over the course of a year we had roughly 20 small bird species visit our garden. The elder trees were an ideal refuge from the patrolling spars not any more thanks to council muppets.
  13. 1 Magpie and 1 hoodie Total = 442
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