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  1. 😁🤣 Great entreprethingies those mags.
  2. £500,000 for one bong, no the wonder Boris is changing his mind. What's wrong with getting a guy, a sledgehammer a set of ladders and a mobile phone. come the allotted time one call and the chap uses his sledgehammer to get a bong and give him £100 notes for his trouble. Simples or am I missing something.
  3. Only experience I've had of dementia was third hand. Friend of a friends mother had it. He was totally unsympathetic. Truth be told he was one of life's most ignorant people I'd ever known. He decided to inflict himself on us for a beer one night. Shortly after joining my mate and myself he announced "I've given her it "Given who what''? I asked. Turns out his elderly mother who has dementia and had been having a rough time so he punched her in the face. How he had the nerve to tell us is beyond me (I did say he was ignorant). Anyhow I blew up and let him have it (verbally) did want to punch him but kept control. The bar was quite full. Did tell him his mother was ill with dementia and she did not ask for it and does not deserve treating that way. Also told him it was hereditry(sic) (its not I believe) and he would get it when he was older. Between that piece of info and the hostile glares of the pub crowd he did a hasty one. Never seen him since. To all the posters above I don't know how you all do what you do it's nothing short of amazing. you have all earned your place in heaven (if you believe such things). And this topic should get a thread of the year award.
  4. Yes seen him on A.M today, what an arrogant ignorant person, bet his wife has a Bosch.
  5. Corporate manslaughter yes but murder, I doubt it. Or more likely a no blame scenario as volcanoes are so 'unpredictable'. We will have to wait for the enquiry outcome which could take months if not years.
  6. Sha Bu Le

    AA S410

    Recently bought myself a used S410 carbine😁 In fair condition a couple of dings that's all and the price was right. Been playing with it in back garden (20 yards) have to say I'm impressed, thought my HW100 would take some beating, this S410 has certainly matched that. Once sighted it was pellet on pellet most of the time. So I think I now have a problem, which gun to take out in the field, nice problem to have.
  7. Whats with his concurrent sentencing garbage? This case shows a badun can commit as many heinous crimes as he/she feels like and still only do the same time under concurrent sentencing. The beak should have made it continuous, he would never have gotten out. As it is he'll only be around 63 (still 'young' enough to be dangerous) if he does the full 30 years. Provided no fluffy bunny type decides he's a reformed person and would make a model citizen in less than 30. (not). Are continuous sentences off the 'books' now, never seen one handed down for I don't know how long. Or have the guide lines changed (to give more space in prisons), rather then build new ones, a few ruined lives or deaths of Joe & Jill public mean nothing to whatever flavour government is in power. They make the right noises but that is all.
  8. Assisted suicide springs to mind, torn sheets to make a rope. Found hanging from the bars of his cell window. Bound to be plenty of guards to give him a bunk up. Jobs a good un.
  9. Woudn't have been an evil bayer by any chance?? No course not whatever do I mean?
  10. judging by the reaction she got on face ache, I suspect nothing. About 300 replies (at my last and only count), not one single comment in her favour. So not going to be news so no support for the poor luvvy. In other words non story; waste of ink so drop it, We'll see.
  11. To all of the diplomatic respondents to this topic. While you are all being considerate towards this person in terms of going and having a quiet word or contacting the council/landlord/DVLA and possibly some I have missed. Think on this. A school full of children expect to go home at the end of classes, one or more may not. Be it to the hospital or morgue under the wheels of this women's car. It is the police' job to enforce the law, report it again and again and again until they do something. From the cop shows; if they can sit in wait for an hour or two to catch a DD suspect they can do something to stop this woman.
  12. Well Island Gun if any vegans find it offensive then tough naughty bits. What a brilliant little girl, will grow up to be a real people and animal person. Well done little Miss.
  13. Have eaten dog in China, bit of an acquired taste. Also live prawns, quite funny when your fighting with your food. Drew the line at frog, not the small frogs legs you get in France but a great big bullfrog of some sort. They don't just eat the legs but the whole lot. Frogs are sitting outside in a mesh bag until invited to supper. My host swore if you ate one a week you would keep all of your hair for ever. Saw him a year before I retired......bald as a cout
  14. Thanks for that MR I shall now spend the rest of the year trying to forget all of that. Although its been a gazillion years since I heard any of the songs quoted/misquoted, was surprised I remembered them at all but I'll do my best to erase my memory banks, beep beep beep.
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