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Video camera for glasses


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I am looking for a cheap solution to seeing where my shots are going. (20 bore pigeon shooting).


There are spy glasses on fleabay and Amazon but the effective range, say out to 40 yds, is not stated. Moreover, I wear glasses so an attached camera or clear glasses with one attached would be ideal. Have searched but must be using wrong search words as nothing seems to come up.


Ideas / links would be most helpful. Thanks


PS: I've tried unsuccessfully with a bullet cam but the recoil interrupts the recording.

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I used my go pro on a head strap by putting it over my right eye and putting a empty cart case behind the strap to realign the camera straight forward. Got lined up ok but couldn't see the clays much unless they were close, using a narrow veiw helps.


Was a thread a few years ago on this subject and Beardo used a cheap action cam with good results.

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