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dog kennel recommendations

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I have used Duchy Farm Kennels in the past and they were ok but I have rang and emailed several times recently and my experience was that they were unhelpful and unprofessional, maybe they have had some changes or are just to busy


Hence the post to see if there is anyone else

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I've had a look about near me in Lancashire and they definitely vary in price and quality, your probably best off having a google of company's up your way.


Reading old threads folk seem to think its cheaper to buy one than build your own.


Have a search for the old threads they might help you out.

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Look locally at shed manufactures, go and have a look at the quality and get them to build you one to your spec. I drew a picture including run with bars and they built it, this way you get what you want, start looking at kennel manufactures and the money seems to rise.

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Webb 1982 Duchy were fine for my last kennel but I have called and emailed several times and they can't be bothered to get back to me so I won't be using them again and I certainly wouldn't recommend them. Maybe I have been unlucky?


Konnie - I agree with what you say but I want some specific extras that probably only a kennel manufacturer can supply;


1. Onduline roofing

2. Full insulated sleeping area

3. Anti chew pop holes

4. Wipe clean flooring

5. Raft base

6. Sliding hatch for pophole

7. Draught screen

8. 5cm spacing for the galvanised bars

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