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  1. If just a few paint brush and round up for deep tap roots.
  2. So sad, thoughts are with you.
  3. I really understand what you're saying and I for one know my own shooting abilities, but have been lucky enough to be in a gun line and pick up for some exceptional shots,that on a very regular basis shot and cleanly kill birds, I wouldn't raise my gun to, so does this mean its not sporting because they have better abilities than myself. Bit like non leauge football team v premier league. So I see nothing wrong with the load its people using a too heavy load for the target or their capability.
  4. Got 2 sets of them all wooden base where yours are metal, didn't know they were worth that?
  5. Konnie


    Dji matric mini know a couple of people that have them good range and non licensed but about £500
  6. Years ago when brother did the same was done on a scale of what it add to property on a sliding scale, 1/8 acre ok 1/4 acre not bad 1 acre unless the property was sufficient it was just land not grounds as in mansion size and so on. A good estate agent would advise
  7. Had long tailed tits visit my feeding station in the garden the last 2 weekends 1st time in the garden, loads around covers.
  8. My dad spotted in opening scenes of Air America ...Mel Gibson film it stated a date onthe screen, he said that barley is too far forward for that date. Typical farmer
  9. There is a version of winter vomiting going about in dogs (norovirus) might be nothing but it's about.
  10. Very good as always. Maybe a title for 3rd pic "take a bough" Incorrect spelling I think sorry.
  11. You can put their pedigree in a kennel club data base and it will tell you a score for breeding
  12. Spotted some on the farm last year, got rid of it as once I knew what it was very invasive.
  13. If you keep a few call birds in a release pen, if needed you can drive French partridge over your boundary, I've seen them return within half hour of the drive being shot if they are happy there.
  14. Have a yaber one for emergencies but have used it to start tractors on the farm in the past.
  15. How true, a good read thanks for your time.
  16. If you get one done stick with it, put a couple up in barns on the farms was ages before they were used but used all the time now. ATB
  17. Harry normal hand saw either side where screws are 1" remove loose wood take wood chisel split bits with screws. Snap or grind proud screws . Replace with new . Minimum tools needed.
  18. Have you thought of a hitch lock
  19. I hear this a lot THE CITY what product does the city produce in my eyes its just open casino if all the city businesses called in their money and paid out whatever they owe how many could do it just legal plate spinning. Fishing farming production keep things running.
  20. 6mm ply ditch but normally on concrete or hard floors latex self-levelling compound.
  21. As above many thanks for letting us view your work. Light just perfect
  22. Have to remove loads of it doing council refits, Ox pro heavy duty bladed scraper 5" and a pack of blades 5ltr pump sprayer 3" Hamilton wallpaper scraper Remove top or as much as possible with heavy duty scraper, wet,wet some more and keep wet then use whichever scraper works 3" scraper for finishing off Fabric conditioner in with the water is supposed to help.
  23. No vehicle details either,
  24. As above I've tried several and anything with straps cuts in the back of my legs. I use a kneeling mat one of those jigsaw foam bits people have in kids play rooms. You could vet these to go in trousers or you can get knee gel pads.
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