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  1. Wee trip South for CWD,Muntjac and Fallow.

    Sounds like a trip of a lifetime that, out shooting with your old fella, actually getting what you went for is obviously a massive bonus. great pictures as well, the tusks look like they could be make believe almost. sounds as though you have found a good guide? That's for sure.
  2. squirrel control

    We'll I've recently been taken out by fisheruk and added to the team doing our bit to help the Red squirrels. It's a great location to be when the sun is rising listening to the ducks and geese waking up, last week I almost had a robin sat on my foot and buzzing around my head. Possibly spotted a red last week but it was up in the pines so couldn't be 100% Out this morning before the sun was up, greated by a tawny owl gliding over the lake, applauded by the pigeons as loads of them streamed out of the woods and laughed at by the squirrels, they've been coming to the feeders but this morning a pair and two singles seemed more than happy to stay up high and then simply vanish. I've shot a couple of rats from round the bird tables and there were four more youngsters there this morning without a care in the world, but because of public access they'll have to wait till next week. Then this morning while chatting and counting the rats a Water rail walked out, never seen one before, really beautiful bird, so no squirrels yet there for me but maybe next time they'll come down and see me.
  3. squirrel control

    sounds like a summer of trying out some new .22 pellets, or maybe go fac on one of your air rifles then take body shots? Nothing much survives a bisley magnum but loopy as a rainbow in sub 12.
  4. squirrel control

    Maybe time to try a new pellet mate, go to some sort of hollow point, i always liked bisley superfields but don't think they loaded well out my mag.
  5. Killed a hedgehog.

    just watched the video john, think I've seen them before on here, look great but who picks up rats without gloves yuck!!

    This has made me remember, my Grandad came from a large family think one of his brothers or sisters died when young and there was a conversation at the time as to whether or not they got the doctor round when they were ill due to the cost, so probably died and buried without any idea as to the cause, this would have been pre world war two, totally different times.
  7. Killed a hedgehog.

    I've not no just had a look, the strange thing is they attack the barrel when you go to shoot them, totally different to squirrels. I caught probably the same hedgehog twice last year so stopped using it for a while, going to make the opening smaller this year much as its nice seeing them its hard work getting them out when they ball up.
  8. squirrel control

    Every chance your first shot has taken a. Glancing blow and stunned the squirrel, it does happen, after that probably nerves? Nice to know your back out amongst them. might be worth propping a lid open for a while? Are they still getting food from the pheasant feeders?
  9. Killed a hedgehog.

    And you can catch hedgehogs, they won't carry the fat ball away because there stuck in the trap
  10. Killed a hedgehog.

    Caught them near a river bank, exactly same thing as the squirrels fat ball as bait, seed feeder above but only ever put a small amount of seed in because squirrels rip it open, at least they did not many about lately 😁😁😁
  11. squirrel control

    Out today but another blank, didn't see a thing. Plenty of birds to watch coming and going, robin, blue tits, great tits, gold crest, bull finch, wren, tree creeper, tree sparrow plus the pigeons magpies rooks, no idea what was going on behind me in the lake but something was tunning up for spring. Not even a rat poked out its head, probably because it was damn cold, not helped by sitting still. not to worry feeders topped up for the other lads and i had a nice bacon and egg barm when I got home.
  12. Thieving Scum

    I have read in the papers before of people moving things from church yards because they don't think they should be there, quite often older people. Doesn't make it right but its slightly better than the ides of folk stealing things. Still not sure how or why some one would interfere with a grave they know nothing about.
  13. Killed a hedgehog.

    I got this trap off fisheruk caught a lot of squirrels in it but a good few rats as well, and a hedgehog. the rats go mental when you go to check the trap and dispatch them.

    can quite often be a wake up call if you survive the heart attack, sounds obvious but do as your told and get yourself better. the NHS gets a load of stick but just imagine where we would be without it, it can be a lottery for sure and you need to know you can question decisions. I'm typing this from a hospice where my mum is, the staff have been amazing , not a job i could do.
  15. drill bits

    we do use a lot of carbide and through coolant drills, it would help a lot if you used a pilot drill or centre, that way your drilling into a good hole especially on things like bolts, we do some nasty hard stainless alloys always spot drilled then drilled but generally just 90 degree on cnc. I thought you were just drilling at home, if someone else is paying use carbide instead of HSS.
  16. Killed a hedgehog.

    have a look in sporting pics at "weasel in the coop" don't know how to copy the link in? Fella has made a hinged box out of ply, looks like a great idea to stop friendlies getting into your trap.
  17. Tailor made dog food

    no worries, our old dog went onto raw food when we got our pup and it certainly seemed to improve his general well being in his final few years, the veg slop in the book is really good. hope she improves 👍
  18. welk done sir, hope your gear has dried out now.
  19. Aldi

    wife's just back from Aldi, food obviously and ten metres of rope for a project she's on with, no canoe tho
  20. Lure fishing

    Big flask thermal wellies
  21. Pike Fishing and fish care?

    Given the huge numbers of anglers out there i think you've got no chance, i imagine you still get plenty of people fishing for pike without the right tackle to safely un hook them, probably still lots of folk who don't think they benefit the water by clearing up any sick fish? if your on a private water you could probably have it brought up at your agm or monthly meetings??
  22. A question

    looking at your pictures i would say there for location dowels and bolting work down, as well as being parallels at the same time, you quite often get an entire false machine bed made out of aluminium on milling machines done like that so you can bolt work down or use pull backs so there aren't clamps in the way.
  23. A question

    I'm thinking parallels? Can you do a screen shot of what your seeing?
  24. Bashing Squirrels with added zombies!

    I think rimfire boy has been asleep for three years and is just catching up, wait till he realises he's missed brexit and an election.
  25. Dentists

    This is the problem at my dentist, your in and out so quick for a check up your barely sat down, and the last time I had work done they were trying to drill before the numbness had even kicked in, even though i couldn't feel my face for the next 4hrs