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  1. Mice!

    falcon .177

    Not local or cheap but Blackpool air guns had one last time I looked.
  2. Mice!

    Hunting pellets

    🤣🤣🤣 have you tried measuring the head size? I'm sure their bigger, something like 5.52, so obviously your barrel doesn't like them.
  3. Mice!

    England vs New Zealand

    I meant with the rules 😉 clear as mud
  4. Mice!

    14 million in poverty

    I think that's probably one of the most honest things I've read Lord Geordie, i would imagine you should be claiming something to make your life a bit easier and you would make the most of it.
  5. Mice!

    England vs New Zealand

    you lost me mate?? Should have kicked the penalty.
  6. Mice!

    England vs New Zealand

    see 50/50 🤣🤣
  7. Mice!

    14 million in poverty

    Its not just that, if you look at something like machining, and there is still a lot around, companies will pay pretty much the same as others nearby so they have no reason to be competitive, the staff will generally stay put thinking better the devil you know. This will likely go for most manual trades as well.
  8. Mice!

    John Wilson

    As soon as i saw the name i thought o no, we also grew up fishing and watching his programs. tight lines.
  9. Mice!

    14 million in poverty

    Found it, i said early on about how much dearer things are but that says it better, a nurse on £30k should have a great lifestyle but then an ordinary house "down south" might well be £300k which to us "Northerners" seems crackers, and that's without childcare costs.
  10. Mice!

    14 million in poverty

    Im not sure i could have managed any more babies, lots of disturbed nights, kids change everything, but most of it is for the better. But a question your asked when you go for the snip is "what would you do if you split up with your partner and a new one wants more kids" you can hardly say how many children someone can have, its how you pay for them that matters.
  11. Mice!

    14 million in poverty

    Someone said to me once, possibly my old fella, if you looked at how much kids cost you would never have them. Do people have to have kids, yes if your healthy and able you do, we stopped at two because we can manage well enough so the kids get nice things. Imagine if people just stopped having children? It's people who have never worked banging out 4,5, 6 and up living off the state that is a massive problem.
  12. Mice!

    14 million in poverty

    well 3 pages behind and wow! I think some of you have completely missed what TT was saying, he hasn't had kids so he or his misses can avoid work, he said that his second partner has had two kids and he now has 4 in total, so he's already paying for two with his ex, he said it wasn't worth his current partner going back to work because of the cost of childcare. I have two kids and we decided the same thing, we didn't look at child care costs before deciding whether to have children who does? But i agree with TT, his misses would like to work but why should she when there is no financial benefit, I'm sure if the government paid half the fee of child care so people could work it would work out better.
  13. Mice!

    Cheep .22 fac springer or help wanted

    there was a fac TX200 for sale a while back, think it was .177
  14. Mice!

    Sharp Innova .22

    No idea on the price fella, possibly just folk like me having a look as i had one years ago.
  15. Mice!

    14 million in poverty

    Well that's been an interesting read, i would certainly say there are levels of poverty about but some of it will be down to how you cut your cloth, if that saying is right? some guys i work with say their skint, but earn exactly the same as me, difference will be in how they live or what debts/ child care their paying etc Then you will have other people who don't work but still want things so they rack up debt, this might well be the same for people on minimum wage. I would say that everything is dearer now a days than when i was a kid 40 years ago, we had to make do and save for things and probably made do with a lot less, my kids are probably spoilt but i can. But their also learning the value of things as they grow.
  16. Mice!

    England vs New Zealand

    changes made, kiwis well up for it after having lost two games, three disallowed tries and the ref letting NZ get away with a lot early on, It was always going to be tough but the score line didn't really reflect the game. and I've still got ten mins to watch 😂😂
  17. Mice!

    England vs New Zealand

    I only saw the highlights and didn't know why the hakka was being sung over, i wouldn't have been happy if i was at Twickenham and didn't hear it, I've just put the rugby league game on, a very respectful start with all players paying their respects and the hakka then given its own respect.
  18. Mice!

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    Looking at that picture it looks like he made an effort to be scruffy, almost a silent protest at being there, my kids asked why i was so smart? Shirt tie pants, normally only weddings and funeral wear for me, i said its about being respectful.
  19. Mice!

    what the...on PW??

    not me, I'm on my phone though??
  20. Mice!

    Sickening attitude to Remembrance

    The three folk around him look as though their giving him some proper daggers, if looks could kill.
  21. Mice!

    England vs New Zealand

    I already new the result and saw bits of the game yesterday, saw a lot of line outs go wrong. Just watched the highlights, looked a good game, should have kicked the penalty but hindsight is wonderful, it probably was offside judging by CL reaction or 50/50 would have been a great end to the game.
  22. Mice!

    Usyk v bellew... Undercard too

    We couldn't get in the pub showing the fighting last night, it was packed out. Sounds like they got a good show.
  23. Mice!


    Yes all of us were out, dismal morning raining but still a good turnout.
  24. Mice!


    Sounds great mate, I'm so glad the schools still get involved and it hasn't been deemed un pc and stopped. We played rugby in York yesterday and had a minutes silence before the game, something I always find very proud, when players and spectators alike respect the silence. This morning we were at the cenotaph in Leyland and there was a great turn out as always.
  25. Mice!

    Persimmon Boss 75 million bonus

    That's the thing, someone signed his contracts, checked them over and was also probably on a lot of money. But how is he going to spend £75 million??? It's not real, so he buys an island sets up his family and their families, he was probably already earning more than most of us could imagine anyway. Role the dice.