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  1. Has he managed to answer the question he was asked at 7am yet? I really hope Boris comes out and says they have looked at the report and are happy but will be releasing no details, Starmer will throw a proper hissy fit, but then still say effectively nothing. BUT if the report does do enough to get the party( no cheese and wine or birthday cake) to vote Boris out, he goes, someone else steps up and we move on. maybe then they can all get back to doing something useful 😅😅😅
  2. A right good mix and free 👍 But I mean what are the squirrels eating if they aren't coming to the feeders, with the lack of acorns I would have expected the feeders to be getting hammered.
  3. It makes you wonder what there eating, we all expected them to be ravenous with there being so few acorns, but there off eating something somewhere?
  4. Well I'm getting lazy, it was overcast and dull this morning but was suddenly light. I arrived late and bumped one off the feeder again! I sat waiting watching the birds and voles all being very animated expecting the squirrel to come back from the right, my thinking being it can't have been feeding for long? After probably 30mins a squirrel came from Behind me, maybe 6mtrs away, I just kept very still as it went across to the wall and sat up! As this was happening I heard the lid go on the feeder, like buses two had arrived at once, and I'd no idea where the one on the feeder came from!! I was set up facing the feeder, so focused on that one, it took something then sat facing away from me, Pfft Whack, it did the grab then rolled off, but landed funny, then blinked so I gave it another shot, Whack and rolled onto her back, the second squirrel didn't show again. Large female. the whole time I'd been there there had been a heat source off behind the feeder, it didn't seem bright enough to be a squirrel but I went for a look, it got bigger as I got closer and changed angles but was clearly a big bird, I was probably only ten meters away looking straight at it but still couldn't it out, until the Tawny owl flew out 😊 After that I didn't see any other squirrels again, few deer, plenty of small birds in the tree tops but no more squirrels?
  5. It certainly makes a nice change, opposition parties aren't happy that they won't see it before Boris speaks today or won't have enough time to go over it?
  6. Saying on BBC now that the report is finished and could be handed over today. I'm only surprised it hasn't already been leaked.
  7. Nice read, and your right, I don't even try, I'll just look and think wader, that's close enough 😊
  8. I think folk are reading this wrong, I'm reading it as the buzzards (very unlikely to be Goshawk) mean the pigeons stop coming in for you? So do you pack up for the day.
  9. Sadly it doesn't surprise me, probably plenty I went to school with as well? Really? So all of us who do normal jobs earning a wage, paying bills are wrong, but the feckless who refuse to work because they would earn less than they are given are in the situation because the greedy won't pay them properly?? Your having a laugh.
  10. Your not alone in that view, Labour the party for the workers? only seems to benefit those that don't work in my eyes, it's great that those in real need have a safety net, but for many it seems their career choice is to not work. I certainly don't think the Tories are perfect, but they are in my eyes the better choice if you work and have a house.
  11. Three weeks!! Oh dear lord, are you not seeing them, or is your knee still playing up? January is always hard work, I'm convinced they go on holiday.
  12. Quiet on my areas, breeding time, but there out there somewhere
  13. But now there's been a birthday cake!! The horror. I don't know about that, there's oil for them to fight over, but it could get very serious very fast with an enemy that is as well trained and supplied as they are, not sure anybody wants to get involved in that sort of fight. Don't go there, imagine Labour trying to organise the Furlough scheme, people might never have worked again, they can't organise themselves let alone the country.
  14. But there can be only one! Making a brew I caught the news saying USA are preparing 8000 troops?? Fat lot of good that will do if it was to kick off, Russia can fight back!
  15. Well at least you can get set up where you want to be 👍
  16. Wonder if DW will get any pay off? As for AJ, avoiding another beating and being paid £15m I'd take that all day, just good business
  17. Mice!

    ATV Accident

    It was shallow in the picture but could have been raging the previous week, wouldn't have taken much to knock one of those scaffolding poles, quite possibly a tree.
  18. Nice shooting, only one thing on there mind, nuts 🥜🥜🥜😅😅
  19. Well I tell lies, in the back and 8-10 just flew over me, then landed a few gardens down singing away.
  20. I've not seen any since the end of summer, I figured they'd gone somewhere warmer, I had a pair of Greenfinch pop on a few weeks back.
  21. I've got the gen2 as well, I think there great, they can struggle if your sat on the floor when they are splayed wide, but then I put something in place to stop them sliding. For sitting and waiting on squirrels they are fantastic and I wouldn't be without them now.
  22. I saw this earlier and thought I'd share it, not something you see very often a Sparrow hawk killing another Sparrow hawk.
  23. They don't count in the Tory leadership, and so many other ways 😁😁
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