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    Interview in the paper and Fury was sounding very respectful, not looking past Pianeta but we all know he is, how can he not. The after fight interview should be good.
  2. Mice!

    squirrel control

    We'll I've recently been taken out by fisheruk and added to the team doing our bit to help the Red squirrels. It's a great location to be when the sun is rising listening to the ducks and geese waking up, last week I almost had a robin sat on my foot and buzzing around my head. Possibly spotted a red last week but it was up in the pines so couldn't be 100% Out this morning before the sun was up, greated by a tawny owl gliding over the lake, applauded by the pigeons as loads of them streamed out of the woods and laughed at by the squirrels, they've been coming to the feeders but this morning a pair and two singles seemed more than happy to stay up high and then simply vanish. I've shot a couple of rats from round the bird tables and there were four more youngsters there this morning without a care in the world, but because of public access they'll have to wait till next week. Then this morning while chatting and counting the rats a Water rail walked out, never seen one before, really beautiful bird, so no squirrels yet there for me but maybe next time they'll come down and see me.
  3. Mice!

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I'll bite, there is ocean all around us which makes us an island, simple.
  4. Mice!

    squirrel control

    No joy today, two squirrels were seen in the tree tops, lost one in the oak leaves, other was near the footpath, feeders largely ignored as there's so much other stuff about. but it was quiet as the sparrow hawks weren't about.
  5. Mice!

    To FAC or not to FAC

    very impressive, both the grouping and shot count, can't imagine my dearest letting me spend a grand on a rifle, but I've yet to read anything bad about FX yet. Sounds like you want a second hand Impact Walker, if such a thing exists.
  6. Mice!

    Corbyn, the Clown that keeps on giving

    He will apologise for being found out, nothing more.
  7. Mice!

    Hearing difficulties with TV

    I have put in a sound bar because i miss bits, but if you watch a really old program or film you won't have any problems, they seem to do things differently these days especially the beeb, trying to make things real when i just say "what did They say" your local curry's or such might be a good start or the Argos catalogue??
  8. Mice!

    Rubbish Rant

    they'll probably be back next week wondering why they can't shoot again!! leave only footprints 👣
  9. Mice!

    To FAC or not to FAC

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we defiantly have him rattled now 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  10. Mice!

    squirrel control

    cut out the middle woman, get your own feeders up so they stop by, I'm still seeing nothing in the garden or wood, BUT fat balls have been vanishing fast so camera is up to check its working and see what's going on. We'll you got 7? Last week didn't you. I'll be happy with 1 in about 2hrs time 🤗
  11. Mice!

    Road kill in Bristol

    Let him go and carry on breeding for next year?
  12. Mice!

    To FAC or not to FAC

    looks very smart.
  13. Mice!

    To FAC or not to FAC

    ha ha i am naughty 🤣🤣 I saw an air arms bull pup for sale a while ago that looked very smart galahad? I'm googling it now.
  14. Mice!

    Gladius - Why is this PCP's action so noisy?

    you should have taken before and after pics, plenty on here love following these kind of threads. I know nothing about the rifle but it sounds like cheap manufacturing so I'm surprised it shoots well, by the sounds of things you'll soon have it purring.
  15. Mice!

    To FAC or not to FAC

    Don't tell him that he loathes that gun, tin hat on. how is the project coming stu?
  16. Mice!

    Stopping drinking

    Probably more like habit, a lot of lads i know think its quite normal having 3 or 4 beers every night, if you can cut it out through the week your having 3-400 calories less every day which adds up to a huge amount. Earlier in the year on Loose Women they were talking about drinking wine, half a bottle every night, a couple at the weekend well they brought on the calorie equivalent in cheese burgers for the week, then the month i think, it really brought it home to them.
  17. Mice!

    Gladius - Why is this PCP's action so noisy?

    how old is your gun? If its still under warranty get it back to the shop, could be the probe isn't sealing correctly so air is escaping from the breach?
  18. Mice!

    PETA pillocks

    while you could say the report makes grim reading its about animals entering the food chain? Yes their not cows or sheep their horses but they can't all make the grade.
  19. Mice!

    Stopping drinking

    So PPP, answer this how often do you drink? If its every night 3 or 4 cans then cut out the week drinking, sounds a but girly but get up and out for a walk in the evening. Find a loop you can do maybe 3 miles, this is going to take you around an hour, wear something decent on your feet and watch the time and your waste line come down, you will sleep better and feel better. it might take you a month before you notice any weight loss but your pants will start feeling better, its more important to loose size than weight a lot of people give up because there weight doesn't shift. I got back off my hols about 98 kilos but nearly 30% fat ( fancy scales) I'm down to 96 kilos but more importantly 25% fat. Food is more my vice but allow yourself a drink at the weekend, buy a 4 pack not a 20.
  20. Mice!

    To FAC or not to FAC

    I was thinking you already have the gun and pump, know its sound, you don't need a large shot count do you? Obviously your going to get less shots because there is more air being used, unless you go down the R10 HW or rapid route, or fancy bullpup From what I've read you need to be careful not to buy something someone has messed about with, power may be good at 22-30 ft/lbs but the rifle may shoot like a blunderbuss. All obvious i know but stu has said before about getting a good scorpion at 12 ft/lbs and convert it, plenty of folk have air arms 410 & 510 in fac but I've no idea of the length of those
  21. Mice!

    To FAC or not to FAC

    you've just reminded me stu, falcon pellets, i recently bought a 3/4 full tin and some Crossman hollow points to try out. A lot of the falcons were slightly damaged on the skirts, I'm thinking this is because there so thin? Have you found this or am i just unlucky? could walkers S200 be converted to fac?
  22. Mice!

    PETA pillocks

    Yep! I've riden two, its a long way down. went to a horse welfare place near Blackpool a bit back from small to enormous with some terrible stories of neglect, still folk could just leave them in a field 😣😣😣
  23. Mice!

    PETA pillocks

    I think everyone's opinion should be heard, its when people listen to Muppets that the problems start. I know very little about horses other than there expensive generally bigger than me and top quality racing stock probably gets looked after better than a lot of humans. This like I said is the problem someone tags you onto something on social media three clicks and you have added a vote to something you know nothing about in 60 seconds.
  24. Mice!

    FX Wildcat conversion to .25 ?

    none available at the moment sorry, he said he has sold some to people with Daystates but not sure which models. Also he said there is a video of a bloke fitting a carbon bottle to a wolverine if you google it.
  25. Mice!

    My wife (yet again)

    No it would be a disaster, it would be all your or our fault and cost you money, decorating or kitchen or holidays well at least she put a nice dinner together for us 😁