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  1. Well that pheasant feeder won't run out after a few days πŸ‘
  2. Good morning out for you there, the early temperature is certainly dropping now. Cheers, it wasn't showing much, but it was too much πŸ˜‰
  3. Single female this morning, nothing at the feeder for 1.5hrs so I went looking and found her sat up high in an oak, Pfft whack splat.
  4. The thing is, is it legal to have a kill trap open like that??
  5. Didn't realise it worked like that??
  6. Just a bigger box should do it, the squirrels will still go in for the food. @Goldfish uses something similar I think?
  7. Well my morningat Big Wood, going off the amount of feed gone I decided on feeder 1, but I only saw one squirrel, it went past on the floor amongst the bracken and I swear it was zig zaging!! Then shortly after this a Buzzard glided through the trees and perched behind the feeder. I've no idea if Buzz had been there all morning, the small birds and voles were busy, but there all safe and the canopy was alive, even a couple of thrushes about which are always nice to see, so after 2hrs I decided to call it. I wasn't going to go to feeder 2 today, I wanted to be there at first light, but I was a bit nippy, I'd kept my fleece on, it was 7Β°C when I arrived this morning and it was a lovely morning so a walk seemed a good idea ( plus no one likes to blank) Making my way around and up the hill, two F35s went over, they didn't seem to clear the trees by much and the noise was incredible. I made my way up to look over the bank, gun out elbows resting on the ground one knee down, there were a couple of branches bouncing in the canopy so I just waited. It didn't take long, I was trying to watching both areas when a grey came along the broken dry stone wall with an acorn in its mouth, maybe 7mtrs away, I managed to slowly turn as it just watched me, no waiting as soon as the crosshairs were on her head the shot was away knocking her off the wall. Then two were chasing each other through the trees, the lead squirrel stopped looking down at where #1 would be, Pfft whack and crashed to the floor, I watched the chaser head up into the oaks, followed it through the scope but it never gave me a shot. I looked across and there is a squirrel sat on the feeder? No idea where it came from, but it was just sat there eating! Lined her up, Pfft crack and she tumbled off the feeder, 3 in ten minutes. I was just thinking wow nothing for two hours and three in ten minutes when another came along the wall from the opposite direction, it paused then moved along, stopping around 10mtrs away Whack, this one was also knocked off the wall. 4 females in probably 15 minutes, two youngsters and two mature females. I keep looking at new scopes, but days like this make me wonder why, no messing around with focus, just point and shoot.
  8. Brilliant. Busy day with great results, the walnuts certainly draw them in. Everyone is out πŸ‘
  9. So I didn't go out this morning, it was a wet dark morning and raining even though it wasn't forecast so it was off to bed for an early night.Well it was like waking up on a different day this afternoon, so once I'd pulled my finger out I decided to go top up the feeders.I arrived and practically had a conversation with myself, take the gun or not? If I don't then I'll be quicker, probably get both feeders done in an hour, but if I don't take the gun then what's the bets that there will be squirrels sat around barking at me??So I took the gun, the first feeder was almost empty, this holds probably 8kg easy, I'll be honest I was surprised at this but the squirrels are obviously still coming for the feed mix.I topped up and had a look around, something caught my eye in the thermal but was gone, it could have been a weasel or small squirrel.Heading back for the path and I had a scan of the big Yew tree, and something is glowing.So gun out, take a look and it's a squirrel, I load a mag and wait, it's a fair distance and oblivious to me, I moved forward to lean on an oak and waited, then changed sides of the tree because of the angle of the sun, then knelt down to clear some leaves from my view.I probably waited ten minutes, watching on and off through the scope or thermal as it moved around eating berries, nearly always keeping its head out of view, happy it seemed upside down swinging about, all of a sudden it sat the right way up, facing me with a clear shot.It was perfectly relaxed and as the pellet hit just tumbled out the tree. No drama, just dead beneath the tree. Don't forget I'm shooting from below so the pellet will have taken a perfect line.It was one of those shots that just makes you smile, I'd checked my zero the day before, two quick shots taken off the garden table at 22mtrs, both shots were touching the bull on the 5/6 not great for paper punching, but two shots on target then the gun went away.That's what I'm liking about this R10, Simmons scope and the JSB heavies, they just work, nothing fancy but the first pellet hits home each time, absolute confidence in my gear.I then headed back to the car, dropped the young female squirrel and refilled my feed bag, heading back off up the hill.As I got near the feeder I started seeing squirrels in the oaks, but they were high up and busy, I obviously tried to get a line on them but had no joy, I haven't been to these feeders for two week so I was surprised when a squirrel came out from behind the feeder tree and shot off, then another started calling from behind me, I tried to get a shot but it was behind some twigs, another appeared but it was a long shot, I wasn't quite settled and the squirrel was wary so I didn't take it.I turned back and walked toward the feeder for another squirrel to pop up! This one wasn't as clever as the last, it went up but came over the top of me and stopped for a look, it won't make that mistake again. A mature male. The strange thing was the feeders, one was just about empty the other was untouched, I'd filled these with cheap B&M bird seed, its obviously kept the squirrels interested but they haven't hammered them both.I topped up with good stuff and I'll be back probably Thursday morning.So it took me two hours to fill up, because I took the gun, but I managed two squirrels.And I was only nearly late for work, shooting in the evening is dangerous It was a nice evening though, the pictures don't do it justice.
  10. I'm not sure what the trap is your using but you might want to put a box around it if non target species can get in it, there could be anything in it on your return.
  11. If that's for both as per your other add? then yes please.
  12. Definitely sounds like you need to patrol with the .410 Walnuts must draw them from miles around?
  13. I've had 4 now this year and I've done the same.
  14. Looks good, I might have gone a bit wider, but it just needs to keep the rain off, and maybe the pheasants in your case πŸ‘
  15. Its always going to be tricky if you drop them into cover at this time of year and don't have a dog. Another two this morning 2231
  16. Normal service has resumed. Ok it's a different area but two shot with a third in a tree somewhere barking. It had forecast rain and was really muggy so I wanted a short walk, so strip wood it was. It was nearly 7am before it was light enough to see what was what. The funny thing is this feeder only has cheap B&M bird seed in it, but I'd added some good stuff to the log of doom. That only makes 13 from here but its gently ticking over.
  17. https://www.airgunforum.co.uk/community/index.php?threads/carm-magazines.299769/ Have a look at Carm mags mate, there very well thought of.
  18. Mice!

    Rapid 7 mags

    Have a look at Carm magazines mate. https://www.airgunforum.co.uk/community/index.php?threads/carm-magazines.299769/ Very well thought of.
  19. It was a lovely morning, I'm not sure if its better when we see nothing though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ those four today definitely had better plans.
  20. That's how my morning went, I was in the wood for 6:30 first squirrel slid through the canopy at 6:45 and vanished, 15 minutes later another came down a trunk behind the feeder and vanished. One came across the floor, and kept going, didn't even look at the feeder? Then two roe popped up about 8mtrs to my left, how do they move so quietly, they were just suddenly there! About 8am another came across the ground, it did pause on the patch of sunflower casings under the feeder, but then kept going? I went for a look to the right and spotted one in an oak high up on the acorns but it was bouncing around all over the place. I new it was going to be a scorcher today so headed for home, squirrels seen but none shot.
  21. Well it was worthwhile getting out then πŸ‘and I like being in the woods in the evening. I went out about 7pm for a quick look, the feeder is being well used. There were two roe near the feeder which is the first time I've seen them on this side of the fence. Every sunflower case I picked up had been opened and I know it's not mice voles or birds because they grab and run. So that's where I'll be tomorrow morning 😁 And I saw a Barn owl as I was setting off for work.😁😁
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