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  1. Mice!

    Recommend me a Garden hose...

    we bought our last on offer some place? Wouldn't buy now unless you get the above, be paying top whack given the time of year. I've also got two, one on the reel and one layed out in the border, makes it much easier than reeling in loads of hose pipe.
  2. Mice!

    Decorative hanging basket brackets

    Very nice , can i get one of the hares boxing please.
  3. Mice!

    Flower/plant ID please ?

    wife thinks cuckooflower I'm leaning towards shining cranes bill or common milkwort?
  4. Mice!

    Flower/plant ID please ?

    can we have another pic with the leaves please
  5. Mice!

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    I want to know who did the weather forecast for them, because its been grand.
  6. Mice!

    Dirty Grandpa DVD

    watched this a few weeks ago and thought if mum had gone first this is what would have happened, very funny.
  7. Mice!

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    just watched half an hour with my daughter before bed, supposed to be highlights but well? They drove off in a lovely old Jag, Megan looked tidy, Harry had kept his beard, lots of very pc choir singing, some waffling about something? You could play spot the celeb as cameras panned around. There i have saved you from not knowing or watching the highlights, I have another half hour to watch tomorrow, school homework was watch the wedding.
  8. Mice!

    Own Up , Did You Watch It ( Or Some Of It ) ?

    Just got back in day at leggo land, nice and quiet probably because its been so nice out, plus the wedding and FA cup, daughter wants to watch the wedding though as they've been talking about it all week in school and had a big party Friday, with wear red white and blue.
  9. Mice!

    BSA ultra pellets

    cheers, thought they were heavy for a .22 but certainly interesting.
  10. Mice!

    BSA ultra pellets

    Have you tried the extremes in .22 stu? These came up when i was looking at something the other week, wasn't sure if they were a gimick or not? But i liked the look of them. opp, the pellets stu has mentioned have got YouTube videos with them, probably worth a quick look.
  11. I agree you could fix it but i wouldn't, if that goes your gonna end up under a bus, pick up another bike or frame from a car boot or eBay.
  12. Mice!

    Weihrauch HW100S service

    Excellent 👍
  13. Mice!

    Two Classic Gamekeepers Books

    Hi marsh msn, can i have these please. thanks
  14. Mice!

    Corvid control

    its a smelly squirrel, not many rabbits round here, and I'd be eating it not using it for magpie bait, decoys should be here next week so that should help.
  15. Mice!

    Corvid control

    I put out a squirrel today, in came the magpie, had a look then took off, didn't even have a nibble.
  16. Mice!


    There's no problem getting to mine, plenty of it 😁 can't see my toes mind 🤣🤣
  17. Mice!


    I cant get to the bottom?
  18. Mice!

    BSA ultra pellets

    ultra stu always mentions falcon pellets, @13.4 grains.
  19. Mice!

    Recommend me a patio cleaner.

    Used this a bit ago pin a garden sprayer, follow the instructions and it worked really well.
  20. Mice!

    Passport Photo I.D. Rant.

    possibly the tache? We did ours a few weeks ago, the machine was stupid your face has to be in the circle but to see this and that your not smiling, showing teeth or hair is covering your face(not a problem for me 😃) but getting the kids to look at a blank screen when there face is bottom right!!! Lots of fun.
  21. Mice!

    Rabbit numbers

    certainly wouldn't call it scientific but most places aren't seeing many rabbits, so its unlikely your going to get rabbits moving into empty warrens because the population isn't high enough. my question is what are the buzzards eating? See quite a few round my way, but very few bunnies, and the couple of places that does have them are being built on.
  22. Mice!

    Making a priest

    Don't be shy, show us your wood 😇 what happened to the emoji??
  23. Mice!

    Fox caller wanted

    one on the sales just seen it now.
  24. Mice!


    sounds like a good plan, enjoy and get some pics up 👍
  25. Mice!

    Crow decoys

    I ordered 4 flocked magpies off the bay £12 just waiting on them arriving.