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  1. Looks good, I haven't seen a place open 7 days a week before 👍
  2. I'll have to have a look for this, the first book of the Halo series was brilliant but went down hill after that 👍 If you want something that really jumps out at you with great sound and effects I'd recommend Black hawk down, your telly and sound will make you think your there! Bleeding Nora, what have I replied to, you lot have been in the sun to long 😅😅😅
  3. Name the place then 🙄 might help someone else 😁
  4. I don't normally mention the Swallows but they were zipping about Wednesday night.
  5. Some session that, but your mates trigger sticks stole the show 😆😆
  6. That's the annoying thing, if you looked around then put your notice in, that's when they come up with a pay rise, which by then is often too little too late.
  7. Mice!


    I think most Tory voters would be happy with that. I don't see them ever really doing anything, but they will take votes away from one party or the other.
  8. Mice!

    Dusk til Dawn

    Watched it a few weeks ago and laughed lots. If you like Salma and why wouldn't you, watch the hit man's bodyguard, there's three now but she's very funny in it, but be warned she has a filthy mouth.
  9. Mice!

    Why ???

    Is it accurate at 35-40 metres? Not much point upgrading a rifle that's not spot on to start with.
  10. Hope you aren't suggesting the unions want the Tories to look bad 😅😅
  11. They probably go on holiday and rent out their houses to rich folk??
  12. Like I said it all depends on the kind of job you have or had, going back to my twenties £50-100 would have paid for our weeks shop, and put fuel in the car, it's not about having fancy holidays or all the new gear it's about getting by on what you have. If you were getting by and not overdrawn then you were probably quite happy, and not thinking of retirement at 65 years old
  13. That probably depends on the kind of job your in and what your income is, I certainly couldn't have afforded to loose £50-100 a month for a pension years ago, seems like nothing now, but you have different priorities when your younger.
  14. I can agree with that, I'll have been paying in for nearly 30 years and still don't expect there to be a state pension when I stop work, be nice if it was a set time, but it'll be 80 before long.
  15. I've taken this from elsewhere. Looks to me like it's the unions pulling strings as always. Let me explain the basis of this as a 40 year railway man.BR was perfectly efficient. They did after all invent the tilting train and the HST, which still holds the world speed record for diesel traction. However, successive Governments have been pressurised by the road transport lobby into making the railways inefficient, much the same as they're doing to the NHS right now. That way, their mates can invest into a large slice of the pie.Franchises... Well, that's interesting. If you or I wanted to buy a Bargain Booze franchise we'd need a premises and approx £150,000 to hand to Bargain Booze, then we'd be supplied by them, advertised by them and carry their branding. Any profits would be ours minus a small percentage to them.Railway franchises work differently. Beardy Branson and his ilk were paid to take on certain lines. Put it this way, you see the books and it was costing say 700 million quid a year to run the West Coast Main Line. So you go to the Government and offer to run it for less while improving the traveller experience, buying new trains and being nice to people. So the Government give you 600 million quid a year, great, but not exactly a franchise as you're being paid to run it. Then the problems come, after so many years the Government want their money back, so THEY set the fare increases and YOU look bad. Every year they increase fares and blame it on the operator.As for salaries, yes it's good, but how many of you could throw a dart at a clock face and have it land within a minute of a time when one of your shifts start? And I mean Sunday 01.00, Monday 02.48, Tuesday 03.26, Wednesday 00.55, Thursday 04.00, then the next week is just as bad but 12 hours on into the afternoon shifts. Add to that the number of drivers killed on duty, I can count at least 6 in the last few years and it's no job for the feint hearted. I've spent entire weeks wondering what time to go to bed without ruining family life. Then there's the suicides, they increase year on year. 30 years ago if there were 200 train drivers in this town, about 4 of them had hit a jumper, now out of the 64 drivers working under me it's 18 suicides between them.If you can pass the psychometric testing and several interviews, then 18 months training to know exactly where you are and what to do even in pitch black darkness you're welcome to apply. We don't have road signs, so stopping at a station in the middle of nowhere from 125 mph is a skill, not to mention reductions in speed where we could end up in your front room if we don't know where we are.
  16. Love it. Hope you get good folk, great chance for the right people.
  17. You've certainly been busy 😁
  18. Well they can work wonders these days, hopefully you're in and out with no complications and the surgery will give you a new lease of life. Atb
  19. Brilliant. We had a single young Goldfinch this afternoon, just a ball of fluff with gold bars on its wings, along with young Dunnock and robins.
  20. Mice!


    I watched a fair bit of Question time almost by accident on Thursday? Night, they were up in Newcastle and I'd say that the audience were more in favour of Boris than against, say 60/40 He wasn't being blamed for everything and anything and Labour were brought to task on the poor job they've done as the opposition. Seemed like a perfect representation to me.
  21. I'd say leave it in the garage, nothing but time will sort it without serious chemicals.
  22. Our garden is visited by at least 4 cats, I'd get another dog just to keep them out. Sparrow hawk certainly comes through regularly but my feeders are all near to good cover so the birds can pop in and out. Sunflower feeder was empty this morning ( I need better staff 😄) within a minute of me being back in the house there was a young Robin and a blue tit on the feeder 😁
  23. Mice!

    Why ???

    https://www.guntrader.uk/Guns-For-Sale/results/826d-3cbd-006c-8746 This is the other issue, not a lot of choice second hand. But I didn't look at a boinger.
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