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DSC1 'package'? (range + stalk + dsc1)

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    The both of us are looking to get a DSC1, and we'd like to find a 'package' that includes a bit of pre-training on the range, and also possibly a bit of stalking before we go to the DSC -- Does anyone have anything to recommend?


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    I don't know ur experience but the dsc1 shooting test is nothing to worry about, probably the biggest thing might be nerves if not used to shooting in front of folk.


    I'd imagine most competant stalkers/guides could give u some advice when u check the zero at there range or ask for a wee bit of range time before/after a paid stalk.

    Or go out with a guide who is a 'qualified' (if that is the correct term) AW (Accredited Witness for DSC2 styalks) as they will be very familar with the whole dsc criterai and questions.

    But honestly don't worry about the shooting test, its only 2/3 shots in a 4" target, esp prone at 100m, it really doesn't need great accuracy

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    On 12/03/2018 at 21:06, carprover said:

    +2 for Mike 

    Just done dsc1 with him ???

    Your group is the reason I couldn't get some range time for some load development then :lol: wanted to get out the weather for a bit ;) hope you enjoyed it and hope you passed mate 

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