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  1. Hendrix's rifle

    Buying my First Rifle

    I bought a cz 452 American off here a couple of years ago, been a great rifle. Only gripe with the hmr is I can reload the 223 cheaper! Take a look at the 22wmr, as effective as the hmr with ballistics and range, cheaper to run. Wish I never sold my wmr, again, a 452 American
  2. Hendrix's rifle

    Don't trust all vets

    Sounds familiar, that will be on record so the fact that she had a bleed, wasn't very well after with light gums should have been all they needed mate. You know when you heart/lung shoot a deer, they stand and wobble over, that's what mine did that's what gave it away for me. I hope you take this further and make sure you get a copy of the report before it goes missing or the computer wipes it... good luck and I hope your self and your family is ok
  3. Hendrix's rifle

    Don't trust all vets

    You can request from the vets the report of the surgery, might be worth going through that to see what's been said. That's how we found out our girl had an internal bleed and it 'held up the rest of the surgery' that was a proper botch job what he did... I do know where your coming from in regards to sueing, I didn't because of one person's bad job however the rest of the vets sorted it ASAP as in she was having emergency surgery within an hour and a half or so (had to drive half hour to a specialist) and they paid out for everything including going in every day for blood tests and counts. It's definite negligence what they have done to you and unfortunately your girl. They shouldn't have operated in the first place, after that they should have checked your concern about gums and sorted it there and then. Personally, again, not my way but I'd be ******* them over for it and if the same situation arose with myself I wouldn't be playing nicely about it! And my Mrs says the same thing, they might think twice next time. Sorry again
  4. Hendrix's rifle

    Don't trust all vets

    Late on this, sorry for your loss. I had something similar last September, spayed at 2, groggy after but the day after not good. She lost a couple of litres of blood before collapsing as the vet made a comment on the notes, internal bleeding but left her be. Sue them for all there worth
  5. Hendrix's rifle

    Effective Killing Range of Steel Shot

    I've done crows to 60 using steel and had clean kills. Anything up to that is the same
  6. Hendrix's rifle

    Budget tires

    Depending on what nankang they were you could be surprised. I used to use nankangs and they do a couple of patterns and compounds that would out perform any top end tyre, just got to know your tyres to the OP, landsails for me, best budget tyre going. Handle extremely well in all conditions, wear evenly and are cheap. In the colder months the mud and a snow tyres are great aswell. I've had the usual, toyo, Bridgestone, pirelli and the landsails seem to stand up the best
  7. Hendrix's rifle

    Cocking problem. Bettinsolli diamond

    Try a product called plusgas, it's a penetrating fluid that works amazing. That will get everything freed off and with the help of a brush should be relatively clean
  8. Hendrix's rifle

    Honeycomb shades

  9. Hendrix's rifle

    14 million in poverty

    If me and my Mrs packed our jobs in and claimed dole we would have more between us along with the extra time... start spawning kids and we would be rolling in it! Not for me though
  10. Hendrix's rifle

    Imani the Ridgeback

    Sorry for your loss mate, RIP
  11. Hendrix's rifle

    .17 hmr range

    This! The only problem I found after 150 or so the hornady vmax 17g didn't reliably expand. I've been happy enough to take them at 200+ on a few occasions however don't any more because of the expansion issue
  12. Hendrix's rifle

    Defender 2.4TDCi remap

    This! If it's done properly it can transform a car. Better mpg, throttle response and a lot faster!! My uncle had his 110 td5 done to 200hp with a couple of other mods, that went like stink. Shame it had the short ratio box in lol
  13. Hendrix's rifle

    .223 - 40g

    Stick with 53g vmax if your shooting distance, the 40 will drop so much faster after a couple hundred yards
  14. Hendrix's rifle

    VW claim

    I agree with compensation, I know of atleast 6 people who had there cars go back after the recall, came back and started having major issues. Once the issues were sorted (out of there pocket) they were extremely under-powered. You look a car, test drive it and like it. You buy it, then a couple of years later you have to take it back and the performance completely changes. You've now got a car that doesn't perform, costs more to run and repair and with a lower resale value as people know what's going on and won't buy it. If I had one, I'd claim
  15. Hendrix's rifle

    Advice - car died after being serviced and MOTd by KWIK FIT

    You should check fluids and tyre pressures weekly anyway...