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Hi folks bought a 12v 7amp sealed lead for me flapper but been advised to use me 4 am charger on it. Which explained the whistling when I tried. I found this 0CB85AAB-AA1B-4A1E-9A00-853579C92A1A.jpeg.bbdaa88d8c320dec8f065bfcc632d6c2.jpeg

would it be ok to use if I whack couple clips on it? Charges at less than an amp which is what is needed apparently 

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Have exactly the same model charger, came with my Tracer light and battery for my rifle, I have been charging my magnet 12v sealed batteries with it for the last ten years with no problems.

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Some guy in one of the shooting mags (can't recall which one) made a magnet which incorporated a small battery which was charged by a solar panel attached to the magnet itself. He claimed there was enough power from the panel to power the magnet on a sunny day even with intermittent cloud cover.   

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