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Updated here is what I have left plus a few more 

all from smoke free home 

the now what I call books are all brand new.  Not read

also three Plummer books without dust jackets 

the complete lurcher

nirth and both again 

adventures of an artisan hunter

if you want better pics just let me know


All books that have been paid for have been posted

Should read north and north again

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On 15/01/2021 at 10:06, tiny tim said:

got the cocker man somewhere       will have a search about

Apologies I didn’t see you had replied. 

Did you find the book? :) 

I am also looking for the Mike Smith book - working springers and cockers if anyone has it. 

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5 minutes ago, tiny tim said:

No sorry , I defiantly had it but can’t lay my hands on it .

looking for it I have found boxes full of handbags and shoes and I am the one that hoards stuff

Are they your handbags and shoes though Tim? 😬🤣🤣


If you happen to come across it please keep me in mind 👍🏻

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