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Antifreeze on tyres for grip in the snow?

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We've had a bit of snow round here the last week. I run all seasons on my 4x4 and its gone everywhere without issue 82 mile round trips each way across the top of the wolds. 3 days ago it took me up a steep incline with cars pulled over unable to get up, 1 was a range rover and another an m4 along with a fiesta. I nearly didn't see the fiesta as it was white and blended in with the blizzard. Thankfully a 4x4 police car had its rear reds lights going and that gave me a clue. I'm confident that I won't get stuck unless deep snow and then I wouldn't be going out anyway. 

The wife however had summer tyres and takes the 2 kids to nursery on ungritted roads. Its 2 wheel drive. I wasn't happy about that and didn't let her go out in it. 

 I took her car out and at 30mph on a straight road with about 3 inch of compacted snow and ice on it put the brakes on. It went 50m easily before stopping. zero control and no ability to do much other than pray. I could feel the abs pumping away like a drummer boy under my foot.

I promptly changed the tyres for some verdstein quatracs later that day. The new ones. all seasons and 3pmsf rated.

on the way back from the garage and on the same stretch of road as before i did another test at 40mph  I slammed the brakes on. The car stopped easily, a touch longer than normal but easily. The abs didn't complain, wasnt even noticeable on the pedal actualy and I had full control of the car. The road was 3 inch of compacted snow and ice.Iits fair to say I gave it a bit of a "testing" round the lanes in the snow and ice. All ungritted. It was boring. The car handled just fine and stopped when asked. Nothing slid anywhere and I went home for a coffee.

The wife did the nursery run and remarked it was a night and day difference even on the gritted roads. The summer tyres she ran were premium also and in the dry its fair to say here brakes are remarkable. 

Its all down to the rubber. These days I wouldn't be without all seasons. They are not what they used to be. I don't push it much in the summer as my car is not meant to be pushed but mines handled 30.c and high speeds on twisty roads just fine also. 

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On 06/02/2021 at 23:59, figgy said:

If you get stuck use your sodding car mats, shake the snow off and put them back.

Or buy soft easy fit snow chains

How simple you want it 😋

Think that's the best one I've heard since someone told me you can also cut cheese with a bread-knife!


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