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  1. Eley Max 3's and as I say not one of my finest days, the birds resembled sparrows in size when they were flushed and were an unbelievable speed by the time they reached us. The pickers were a few hundred yards behind; obviously through experience. If it's your thing, your good enough and have a wallet to match extreme pheasant shooting will probably be amazing and a great day but for a working man who wants some sport it's out of reach in more than one way but everyone's different I suppose
  2. I was on high pheasants last year for the 1st time and did ok-ish using 38grms with full chokes ( that's what was recommended to me ) and wouldn't been keen to go back as I thought they were on the extreme range of a shotgun and definitely injured a few
  3. WGC is indeed a straight line, I can't hit clays for toffee and everyone says I'm over the top and have no plans on changing my style as hit birds fine which so very happy to miss out on a day at the clays with the lads
  4. The new phones are governed by the banks to try and combat fraud as our credit/debit cards don't have batteries so can't prevent fraud so a 2 step rule is now pretty much mandatory for any online transaction BUT I feel your pain, try this new phone Nokia 3310 It's a simple as your going to get
  5. triggr – Clay pigeon shooting for groups and individuals This is very close to Scorton ( just behind the BP petrol station / M&S shop ) and is a country mile better, from memory its £27 for 50 cheddite carts and upto 50 clays, unsure the other price structure. Or Blackpool sporting clays ain't that far away either depending which side you approach
  6. I've seen some try and they get close to blowing up, great for sitting on a peg but non-ee-no for an active day
  7. Thanks, a few of us have had some good deals in the past from JN and it used to have a great sale area on the 1st floor but the last time I went it was full of top range dog bedding and fluffy things. . . unsure what they were but will give it a look I was in Malmo for carts the other day but too expensive for a general shirt but great for Xmas pressie Another one I've used for good deals is if you sign up for the email alerts BushWear Online Store | Hunting, Stalking & Shooting UK My pal got a fab Blaser smock at the end of last season which will give the Ridgeline ones a run for their money
  8. Some classic one liners lads, made me laugh and also gave me the critical words to search out the bargains !!!!
  9. Evening all, dunno which section to post this but please move if required. I'm in need of a few new checked flannel shirts for beating/picking so nothing top end but where offers a good selection, quality and value? The last ones I bought from a gamefair but the Lancs show last week was dreadful for retail and that's being polite Thanks in advance
  10. Been thinking about this post since I first saw it and have been laughing today as was on walked up partridges today through fodder beat thinking its a country mile away from shooting in NZ. Don't get me wrong a really enjoyed my day but did consider we are just playing at it; well done again to HP
  11. The problem for me is getting my wallet out to buy steel, got some the other day and will be picking birds to shoot at more carefully. . . . they are up £20 per slab from last year locally
  12. I know a few gents who have had their heirlooms adapted for something like Gamebore Super Steel 32grms/3’s. The old gunsmith I use has been doing the work for them at a minimal charge ( in comparison to an old English gun ). You could also use bismuth if you don't fire it often. In a nutshell anything is do-able but depends on desire vs cost
  13. Just did a quick search for the above and came across this silhouette quiz by the BBC ( for the purpose of this thread please forget you ever saw the bloke on the left ) and scored 4/8 so better than I thought BBC Two - Winterwatch - Test your knowledge on the UK's birds of prey
  14. Thanks, just the kind of education I likes ( RSPB make really good cartridges as I saw a mate the other day ( normally a decent shot ) have a bad day and I was convinced he was using them ) but will look at the Collins guides, cheers
  15. I don't think so, my vet gives me a prescription for 12 months for £8 then I buy online
  16. I'm always seeing birds of prey but never certain which species it is apart from being a raptor, I know some are bigger, more red etc but when you only see a single bird we have nothing to compare it too. . . . so. . . . is there a quick way of ID-ing them or dismissing certain types in order to know what it is?
  17. Bravecto is good to rid ticks/fleas but some possible nasty side effects, saying that; I still use it
  18. I have an old guy who has been shooting for a while ( must be one of the longest running members of BASC ( joined as a young boy and is 84 now )) and he recons they simply follow the grub during the year. He isn't a professional pigeoner like some on this forum but has done abit maybe some members can comment further as I personally find it interesting
  19. As above and find yourself a seagull feather as they are stronger than most birds and hey presto you have a feather duster to get into those hard to reach places to remove debris or add a touch of oil
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