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  1. All insurance companies have to give repeat customers the same deal as a new sign up since 1st Jan so your existing insurer are now easier to manipulate
  2. Thanks for that especially your deduction of 24mths for a hip, which is kind of how I work dog insurance; be careful as possible, fix most things with kennel rest salty water and 1/2 a paracetamol and get my hand in my pocket when needed
  3. Afternoon all I'm hearing of friends facing unbelievable problems facing them to get doctor appointments and horrendous backlogs for even urgent operations in the North West, maybe it's the same the length and breadth of the country but as we are all getting older I'm considering paying for private health care insurance BUT am wary of insurance policies that when it's crunch time the bow out gracefully quoting the small print in their exclusions. I know PW is a fantastic source of knowledge so maybe someone has experiences they could share on the topic, whether its good/bad or value/waste of money so put up with the NHS or simply pay when a problem arises to get quick treatment? All comments greatly received and thanks in advance
  4. It was a great buying opportunity and there has been a few more since, yesterday was a unique day if you take a look at the graphs for the S&P, DJA & Nasdaq the plunge and the rebound was so vast it was impressive by anyone's standards thus it was one of the most historical profitable days for a select few Yes, no-one knows the the top and bottom is until it passes but there are some great value stocks out there for sure
  5. Might be of help, I bought 3 locking opinels and they live in cartridge bag, tackle box and glove box thus never 'on me' which could only be judged by the bloke in the white wig if it all goes wrong. . . . . .but at least I may have one leg to stand on
  6. Hi all Watched a premiership game last night and the ref blew the whistle for off-side. I'm not an avid watcher of the game but do like a decent match so would consider myself as knowing the basics so when the whistle blew for offside I announced with some authority that it wasn't only to e told I was wrong, it happens but not too often and was then told 'O by the way it's changed' yet no-one could explain so found this today BBC SPORT | Football | Laws & Equipment | Think you know your offside? I've read it and simply don't understand. . . . . . I can only imagine how difficult it must be to explain in a foreign language to international players who play in UK or is it simply me being daft; yet again
  7. My mrs has done the same for years, but can't get her to follow the same principle in shoe shops
  8. Sorry to hear that as I have one too. No help to getting your cam sorted but I reckon the bigger picture ( excuse the pun ) is all the electronics we buy are made sooooooooo cheaply whether it's a washing machine, TV or in your case camcorder. It's the world we live in and quality if very hard to find and almost impossible in certain sectors never mind a small retailer in China or an Ebayer neither of which will have enough profit in the job to replace it for you. . . . .please don't shoot the postman
  9. Yeah, or latest one is Sealy and no chance will I be buying another and is was fairy expensive too
  10. I've paid more for dog beds that that. . . . . think you better take and show my Mrs how to shop properly
  11. A good night's sleep is worth a fortune but the mattress options are eye watering and expensive is not always best, the one we have now was expensive and yet not a patch on the previous one and I can't remember the make/model of the old one so perhaps this thread may pull up some PW recommendations with a bit of luck. . . . you have already pulled up a coupe to avoid which is progress
  12. Life changing sir but *** above your doing the right thing, I'm sure one of your mates will still come and pick you up for the day out with the lads, a slice of pork pie and a tot
  13. £350 / 10 years is nowt for a friendship like your dog mate
  14. I'm with Hutton which I think is who your talking about and it was plain sailing and cert arrived 5 weeks prior to expiry but I did start the process a month early
  15. Everyone likes it, don't do anything elaborate just the simple recipe and take the loin back to the butcher for slicing as you suggested. Cheers again. PS have been doing that reverse searing too with the steaks with marvellous success ( wife even impressed )
  16. Honestly this makes things ever so so simple and it's ready to cook in moments of lighting and with the temperature control can cook chicken all the way through with charring the outside while enjoying a cold one
  17. I've never bought any since making my own, I make about a 1lb at a time and give a few slices to my neighbours so never feel over faced but can tell you the waiting around for the next batch when it is nearly ready is certainly a test of any mans willpower
  18. Jonty ( a member on here ) got me started making my own after a similar rant by me. Pretty easy to be honest once you know how if your interested?
  19. A few days ago we were invited to the neighbours for a BBQ, it was windy so thought this is going to be fun as they only had a portable BBQ. Anyhow we gathered in the kitchen for drinks and there seemed to be no rush to get the fire going, anyhow little did I know they had one of these Cookshop Portable BBQ Grill with Bag & Lid with Built In Thermometer 2021 Mode (586299) | Ideal World It was super quick to light ( I dooooo mean quick ), the wind had zero effect on it and the grub cooked fab to boot. . . . . anyone who goes camping or wants a BBQ for up to 4 people this is the kit you need and only uses a handful of coal
  20. Ain't got one but do know a man who does, cheers Did that first but will go going around my more macho/muscle bound friends who like to show off and ask them 🤣
  21. Thanks for that. It swings very easy as only 28" barrels so might just keep them stuck in and keep it for a kicking about gun if the key and chokes are difficult to find
  22. I've just got a Redolfi 12g U/O from an old pal who can't find the choke key ( they seem pretty solid ) the ones that are stuck are 3 and 4 notches. . . . any ideas what chokes would they be, where would I get a a key ( my Browning key don't fit ) and a set of chokes? Cheers lads
  23. On the commodity exchanges wheat and lumber are still the upward trend, oil, gas, etc seem to have eased their stampede
  24. Saw them 2 days ago near Blackpool, as you say about 2 weeks late, the last time they were this late in my diary was 2014
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