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  1. Is this not the problem with weihrauch now? **** quality control resulting in poor finishing. now the o rings, how do you size them to the cylinder? The last one I did just chucked one of the three in the pack and got on with it, should it be a tight fit in the cylinder or does a more loose fit and less friction work better?
  2. Are you going for a o ring head? Someone mentioned to me about a "export head" which was like the ally one but shallower and steel for a bit of extra piston weight. Never seen one in the flesh but would like to do one in phosphor bronze if it wasn't so expensive! I have a airsporter with a Diana parachute conversion and it's really nice to shoot but just in the tens on power so thought a bit more volume would bring the project one up a bit but no matter what Spring went in, a std as, ox, and cut down ss one it would not go any further on power it just got worse to shoot so left the cut one in for now. I like the internal polishing, is there a de burring stage to get the nibs off the cocking slot? Had one cut the o ring up badly before.
  3. Those piston cylinders are super hard so if the buffer is gone it must have been a rough shot cycle. Just spent two days on a airsporter going the whole nine yards on it in terms of a longer stroke and parachute seal and it shoots much nicer but refuses to make anything over 10.5 ftlbs. Need to have a go on the merc sometime and take out the o ring head and do it properly.
  4. Could have watched that if it lasted all night, wish they had done a bit on the engraving.
  5. The Netflix documentary is pure gold, they even argue between themselfs about planted agents, it goes well beyond tin hat , this is tinfoil suit brigade.
  6. Honda, they used to make great engines. I have 2 in bits at the moment both gx25 models and they are total **** and a exercise in economising first one has a stripped starter shaft and the second has the engine case cracked in about 3 places and baring failure probably due to it losing oil. I did not do the damage but bought them like that. You will be able to get stihl parts for years to come so would go with one of those with a decent sized engine, there is nothing worse than a underpowered strimmer.
  7. Interesting, so when the handbrake is applied it will lock all 4 wheels or is it on the output shaft to the rear?
  8. Go on enlighten me, why does the transfer box have brake shoes in it?
  9. If it's Bosch it will be a right pain to do but I would go with a bit of heat on the ring and it should come off, you may have to heat the new one to get it on too.
  10. rovercoupe


    Quite a lot of sites don't allow generators these days so hook up is the way to go.
  11. We had one and they even provided a couple of lads to fill it for us and paid well for the steel they filled it with!
  12. Tons of planer shavings works a treat and as much leaf matter as possible worked in too then re seed or turf. Did ours the other year and had to use a ripper on the mini tractor to break up the soil it was that solid before rotovating in stacks of shavings and manure and is not waterlogged even in a storm.
  13. Try Olympic blues, my 1100 used to fire the cases into the next stand they had that much kick to them.
  14. Are they made of depleted uranium?
  15. In the end given how many boxes I had to make up and the time restraint they ended up being made from custom card boxes with tissue type paper lining them, all recycled and could be composted. The only downside is I have had to start clearing half the garden to put in a load of raised beds so she can use the tools! So far the hand hoe has been really useful for digging out all the stones and rocks and getting the plot ready for spring. I really need some **** weather and I can get back to restoring guns.
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