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  1. rovercoupe

    Mig welder, arc welder and a flat?

    I will sort a price and get back to you.
  2. rovercoupe

    Mig welder, arc welder and a flat?

    I would meet up but I have 2 collections to do allready on the way down and trying to get a third in is going to be too tight. if you want it posting I can but it's quite heavy!
  3. rovercoupe

    Mig welder, arc welder and a flat?

    I Have bought a new welder so my old one is up for sale, it's a enilhell sga145 turbo, this is a good welder before the name was bought out and destroyed with cheap Chinese tat rebranding. It welds really nice but does not like 0.6 wire but works all day on 0.8 wire. I have put a new wire liner, neck liner and put a proper earth clamp on since having it. It also comes with 2 basic regs one for big bottles and one for the little hobby bottles. I took the side door off as it kept opening itself when moving it around and it got on my nerves but it's there if you want to put it back on! Will take 5kg reels and little reels. £70 collected from pudsey I also have what I was told is a engineering flat, not in perfect condition as some clot used it as a backstop when stamping some numbers so it's marked but it will clean up and it's too nice to scrap. this is free if you collect it! i also still have my old arc welder if anyone wants it it's a weld star will no doubt go forever but space is needed so if you want it it's yours for £20 I am heading to Norwich this weekend so could meet up on sat Eve or Monday morning if your in the area.
  4. rovercoupe

    New to welding, Advice please!

    Mig is best with auto darkening but if working long runs on arc then I have gone back to a standard lid, all the auto darkening flicking back and forth really annoyed me! Gat the same results with a standard lid and had more insight into watching the weld pool, it just seemed more clear through a normal lens.
  5. rovercoupe

    12v winch info wanted

    There used to be a winch that was run off a petrol chainsaw and I think it was capstan too, might be worth a Google.
  6. rovercoupe

    Tiring to bring old Diana back to life

    Going to keep going untill it looks right to me!
  7. rovercoupe

    12v winch info wanted

    Cheap Chinese ones will no doubt be rolling load! I have never seen one used as a capstan, the biggest issue might be the fact they are closed spool so you would have to thread the rope round the spool. Im sure I have seen a Land Rover with a capstan winch on the front bumper.
  8. rovercoupe

    Tiring to bring old Diana back to life

    Not much to update on just been oiling the stock and it's going well,it looks nice but still retains some character. started to sand down the metalwork and a lot of the pitting has been removed and will come up good just need about another 2 hours sanding and polishing before it is ready for finishing! Oh and the engine is re sealed and new seals ready to go into the pump so that will be done soon also.
  9. rovercoupe

    CCTV video enhancement

    Yeah that sounds like it's too far gone to get a reg from, depending how much of the reg you have you can have some fun randomly putting in reg numbers on the dvla tax checker site and you might get lucky, it worked for one incident I had to deal with!
  10. rovercoupe

    CCTV video enhancement

    Unless someone has been murdered or the like they probably won't have it or even know about it. Its been a long time since I did it but I think it's a stacking program is the type you need. back when I did it I had to take the video and capture it as stills and then use them in the program to get a better image, hundreds of images don't work you need to capture over a thousand stills and it takes ages! It wont produce a image from thin air you need a basic picture that has some definition between the yellow and black and this program averages them to give a better image, if you have a screen grab I could tell you if it will work or not, if you want to message me feel free to.
  11. rovercoupe

    CCTV video enhancement

    Not quite, there are ways to get a still but it takes a bit of work, the nearest you can get to the soft wear without being a spy is a program that is used in Astro photography. It layers the stills and makes a interpolated image with some computer jiggery pokers to make one still with better definition.It's a long drawn out process but it can be used to get number plates and the like. Depends how much you want the plate.
  12. rovercoupe

    Osmo Hardwax

    We used this stuff on all of our doors and floors and it's holding up to the abuse I give it. https://www.peakoak.co.uk/wood-care/wood-finishes/blanchon-hard-waxoil/
  13. rovercoupe

    Tiring to bring old Diana back to life

    Not much to report today, needed to start work on some water pumps to sell and clear some space and all did not go to plan, the oil was not oil anymore! This is the stock after a second coat of oil. and the spoooge that was oil, main pump shaft seal must be dead and the oil seal on the engine has gone too! The engine was running sweet and only noticed when checking the oil level!
  14. rovercoupe

    I hope he has the right conditions on his licence

    Was that a biakal cartridge?
  15. rovercoupe

    Tiring to bring old Diana back to life

    Yeah it's really quite even throughout I think because it's well diluted it didn't get the chance to soak up too much colour on the end grain parts. Now the week of oiling begins!