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  1. Hi there are no markings on either the carts or the boxes as to what weight the 16 bore carts are sorry.
  2. Had a clear out today and have these for sale, first is a full slab of 250 hull three crowns in 16 bore still in its original outer case and only opened to check the contents. £60 second is a real mixed box of all sorts, 28, 16 and 20 paper and plastic some really old and some quite new. £50 collection from pudsey just outside Leeds or I will be in Norwich next weekend so could meet up there. sgc holders only. if you want them please state on here followed by a pm to arrange collection.
  3. Can you back this up with evidence? Don’t want anyone getting into hot water, as far as I know it is still illegal to sell or pass on anything other than a current eu deact.
  4. Most people seem to have success with rws superdomes in the older larger bore guns.
  5. Duck hunt is the best and the only game I have played, after that I lost interest in games!
  6. There are a couple of rifle conversions at the wilson55 auction but there already sky high on price
  7. My guess would be that it’s eaten some sheep raddle and that’s the result.
  8. I have never seen greta clungebergs mum but is that her?
  9. Definitely buy one of the ones recommended above, 80 psi will overheat and kill any of the cheap ones, I got a all metal one for under £30 when maplin closed down and it will just about do a 15” 4x4 tyre without getting too hot so anything more and spending the extra will ensure you don’t buy twice. oh and cigar lighter ones will probably blow the fuse so go straight for one that clips onto the battery.
  10. Thanks guys, ordered a pot of it online. Never even herd of the stuff until now, this place is really a wealth of knowledge!
  11. Hi I now have a old antique single barrel percussion gun that I will be mounting on the wall, it’s well pitted and has some rust and I need to stop the rust and give it a long lasting protective finish. What would be best on the metal work, give it a wire wool rub and normal gun oil or is there a better way to protect it.
  12. One of the other half’s friends is a gp and she was bragging about all the lgbt courses and awareness courses she had been on, sounded like she had not seen any patients for months! im actually scared of getting ill enough to need to see someone.
  13. I would of thought some smarty pants would have made a pressure monitor like what they fit in car tyres but higher pressure and have a little monitor that fits onto the outside of the rifle for a accurate pressure reading.
  14. It could be the bottom of the trigger that’s cutting you, baikals are known for this, a few licks with a file on the bottom edge normally sorts it out.
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