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  1. rovercoupe

    advice on milling...........

    If you change your mind im heading to norwich in a couple of weeks time, could bring it down with me.
  2. rovercoupe

    advice on milling...........

    Yeah think thats the limit, steel would be slow going!
  3. rovercoupe

    Engine ignition wiring old school fire pump

    All gone! New distributor installed, alternator installed and converted to neg ground. Fired up first time and even though its not timed in it runs really sweet. The downside is the heat exchanger has a small hole in the side so need to get that welded up now.
  4. rovercoupe

    advice on milling...........

    Before i got offered the mill I watched one of them videos on the youuutube and a guy used a ryobi pillar drill and cheapo press and it worked better than expected, would not be stupid accurate but for small jobs it might be worth the few quid for a couple of end mills.
  5. rovercoupe

    Early PCP air rifles

    Have a look here be warned you will be sucked in for a hour or so! http://orro.net
  6. rovercoupe


    You might even get a free daaag with it.
  7. rovercoupe

    Scotland Firearms Amnesty

    Pleas dont let it be destroyed, its a classic that will go on forever and sounds like it has good memories and could make some more. Oh and i own a few of them and love them even the creepy trigger!
  8. rovercoupe


    Dyke dipping?
  9. rovercoupe

    Scotland Firearms Amnesty

    give it to someone down south
  10. rovercoupe

    Engine ignition wiring old school fire pump

    Things have gone from bad to worse, the new coil is producing a pathetic spark straight out of the coil so there is something else going on, to top things off the distributor is a factory electronic ignition and the points will not fit so i need a whole new distributor. A evening of research shows its a lucas mg ignition system with a american control unit and a bike charge system, its allmost like it was made from whatever was lying around in the factory! Time to rip everything out and build a system from scratch then I know what's going on and how it works.
  11. rovercoupe

    Engine ignition wiring old school fire pump

    Ahh well not to worry, I have the ignition parts now and hopefully I can at least get it running and then its back to plan A to neg earth it and fit an alternator. If you dont hear from me I have electrocuted my nuts (again)
  12. rovercoupe

    Engine ignition wiring old school fire pump

    applied power to the generator and it spins up so it must be a dynamo. figured out most of the wiring and its some sort of janky bolt on electronic ignition the closest i can find are some american cars from the late 50s, the rectifier is totally gone and if you hook it up it fries the cables. Either black box or swap for alternator is the way forward depending on the ignition outcome. The coil was dead on the secondry winding but no bother I have a spare so tested that and the primary coil is dead so no joy today and will head to the motor factors tomorrow and try and get a new coil and points and will convert it back if the rest of the electrics are shafted. Add this to the another ongoing project pile! It was only supposed to take a couple of hours.......
  13. rovercoupe

    Engine ignition wiring old school fire pump

    Cool will give that a try, it seems in the year its not been running the ignition has gone kaput too so going through that at the moment and the suprise of the day is that its been converted over to electronic ignition at some point.
  14. rovercoupe

    Engine ignition wiring old school fire pump

    Right, got it opened up and its pretty simple, the large rear wire is just a earth lead so it looks like there are just 2 wires coming out of the charge side, is it a alternator or a dynamo???