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  1. The Honda small 4 stroke engines are a exercise in cost cutting, had two failed ones and am still using my old husky 2 stroke strimmer. the biggest advantage is the fumes being better on a 4 stroke but not convinced on a strimmer it’s the way forward.
  2. They never made it to the uk but I would love a roof palomino
  3. It’s a fingerboard, made by metolius and is the simulator 3D model. About £80 new. bargain for anyone local.
  4. If you can stretch to a 125mm grinder Aldi of all places look to have one with a slim 9” type handle for the huge sum of £19.99
  5. Don’t even get me started on this, for the Honda the front discs were on there way so had a look and they were eye watering for a new set so had a look online and got down to just under £100 then cross referenced some part numbers and ended up with a new pair because it had a rover part number first for £32 Even had the Honda part number listed on there. go figure!
  6. .22 Rimfire might be a good fit..................
  7. Last one I used was a live capture cage type rat trap, it was on the ground to get some rats but the squizzers loved going in it.
  8. Just used one the other day, they used to have clear glue and I did have one come apart in one section after a while but the more recent ones I have used have a black coloured glue and it goes off stupid quick and holds up much better.
  9. Coovar suregrip is the best stuff, used quite a lot of it and other brand stuff and always end up back using this stuff, if you get it on you it will take weeks to get it off! just make sure you go to a proper paint supplier and get them to put it in the shaker for a minute before buying it as it saves the elbow work of mixing it by hand.
  10. rovercoupe


    Stayed up to try and see it last night and it was really quite faint to the naked eye, just a blur really but with a 20 second long exposure it came out quite well.
  11. Stick a filled hot water bottle in the freezer the night before work. Where you put it is up to you!
  12. Make them do it in full NBC kit.
  13. Not sad at all if they go, they played the big bully game with suppliers and in the end quite a few brands refused to deal with them mainly because of de valuing there brand and demanding huge trade discounts. having run a outdoor shop for 15 years and having a bigger specialist range than them and still having customers say to my face that they will go to go outdoors as it’s bigger (the building) last time I went for a look it was half empty of stock and some the advertising signs were incorrect or had misleading information on them which shows how much the staff care or simply don’t
  14. So are we changing the name of the forum to mole watch then?
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