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  1. They are good for draining batteries, that's about it.
  2. This is a good little comparison of plastic vs metal horns and what a compressed system can do (80psi) it's now at 110 psi and might go higher.
  3. Nothing beats a air tank and compressor, mine is a old co2 fire extinguisher and a suspension compressor off a bmw, has a take off air line too which is actually really handy. The horns are a set of 5 and make a obscene amount of noise!
  4. They deserve 29 years for the rubbish bluing and non chequered grips
  5. To go with the radios I am selling I have a few headsets that are a bit over the top but are a game changer in a loud atmosphere. They are all in working condition but the wire for the signal on the headset is going brittle and the outer is cracking and has been either taped up or glued together, it does not affect performance at all. The headsets can be worn with a helmet and have the push to talk button. I don't know what level the noise reduction is but it's more than a standard set of ear muffs! X2 are all there fully working, these retail for more than the radios but given the condition I would like £40 per set the last set has lost the screw that the boom mic is held onto the headset so this one is £30 buy the lot for £90 will post at cost or collect from pudsey or in the Yorkshire dales in Appletreewick
  6. Got these for site use and then was made redundant so there not needed anymore. I have x4 radios in good used condition with genuine Motorola batteries last charged before Christmas and all powered up today. These are top quality bits of kit and will outlast any of the cheap Chinese rubbish.. I have x2 genuine chargers and power supply's in good used condition also I have x2 chargers but no power supplies but there are easy to get online. I don't know what frequencies they are on as I bought them used. radios are £60 each with a charger but NO power supply of which there are two of radios with a charger and with a power supply are £70 each of which there are two of. take the lot for £220 i can post for extra or you can collect from pudsey just outside of Leeds or if you are in the Yorkshire dales I work in Appletreewick.
  7. Mars den moor is up in flames too apparently it's NT land, any shoots on there ?
  8. Reminds me of that bit in the film hot fuzz when they go to the farm.
  9. Interesting thanks for that, some food for thought there.
  10. Very nice, fancy coming up north and finishin some of my projects off!
  11. From what little I know on these things the longer ported barrel silencer is just to slow the round down to reduce the supersonic crack. The silencer part is about the same length on both. I have always wanted to see what's inside one of the screw on mods so I can make one!
  12. Drove past it this aft as it was underway and looked pretty bad, its on the side where the crags and woodland is and there were a lot of fire engines heading there. I just hope bboim or whatever they call themselfs are happy with the mess.
  13. Did my first pollard like that the other day, worked on rope access stuff loads before and it's the swing when you drop a big branch that gets me, really good fun though.
  14. I am sold on the parachute seal in whatever material you like. I have recently tried delrin, o ring and then settled on a parachute seal conversion for power and feel of the shot cycle. I have been playing with a old webley excel and it was doing about 490fps on its original Ptfe seal so made a new one which went up to 512fps and then just got a parachute seal from Australia and it's doing 560fps so once it's been polished and a couple of other little tweaks it will be really sweet. The merc is currently running a seal from a hydraulic cylinder on a custom head and it's not crazy on power but it shoots so nice I might just leave it with the cut down spring in it! Ths is after playing with the airsporter and trying every type of head and increasing the volume and getting nowhere.
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