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  1. Mmm dry leafs and hot exhaust gasses, what could possibly go wrong.........
  2. It looks like a standard hydraulic quick release socket and plug.
  3. I have a game boy with Tetris in a cupboard somewhere, will that do?
  4. I have only ever had to clean a career 707 barrel as it started shooting all over the place, the muck that came out of it was unreal. After that it shot perfectly and has ever since, I have no idea what the last owner put down the barrel to get it that dirty!
  5. Does anyone have a 4 bore? That looks like a real show stopper.
  6. All the above advise covers most things but I will chime in on a couple of other things to think about. have all your emergency supplies carried in/on your buoyancy aid and have a test whilst in the water that you can access them and use them whilst floating around in the water as these things are of no use strapped to the kayak in a dry bag if you are in the water or the kayak floats off without you on it! having a couple of day and night flares can be really useful for guiding in emergency services given you are such a small target on the sea. normally it’s not you that gets into
  7. Don’t think so the pictures I’m working off don’t look rimmed.
  8. Thanks for the info, I am working off pictures and trying to make them look period correct for the rifle, did a couple of test cuts today with a custom tool to get the curved bullet tip and they came out quite nice, the proper ones will be a lot smoother I really just wanted to try a couple and see if they looked ok. I tried to make a gp90 and a gp90/23 they are aluminium heads as steel would be too much grief to cut!
  9. Should be, if you still cannot find it then you could try asking them for a copy of the map with its location on it, you never know they might give it to you!
  10. Yellow one marked H, it should have 2 numbers on it one is the pipe size the other is the distance from the marker.
  11. Shame there are no carver clamps in there, those things are all you will ever need.
  12. Found a hand reloading kit I bought ages ago but it’s missing the crimp starter so if anyone has a 6 point they are wanting rid of let me know. thanks
  13. If you want it off your hands I will gladly take it. Still waiting for my metal delivery to make up some authentic looking bullets which has given me time to find out that the paper patch can be made from masking tape, It should look right and I have tons of it kicking about.
  14. From what little I know on these things I have never seen one with a marker post, all those are for main service valves and the hydrant, it should be a small about 4-6” cover no doubt well overgrown and without a map showing the pipe run then you might need a metal detector to find it! at work they built a boules court over the stop taps which was helpful.
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