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  1. I almost exclusively shoot tree rats with the .25 these days because the pellets are the cheapest and a close ranges it just hits so hard and avoids over penetrating. I have a multi shot .22 that I use when there are a few about and want a quick second or third shot but I always go back to the .25 as it’s just so effective. and it makes me smile
  2. Yep got my email on Friday, won 2 lots!
  3. I’m taking precautions, I will be putting a sun shade on the tractor roll hoop whilst cutting the grass. I may even put some shorts on
  4. Any of these tickle your fancy? springers £60 each Smk 20, kral no1. co2 £60, ultra mmc single shot, it’s been sat a while so Don't really know what it’s worth! all.22 in pudsey so you can come and have a look if you want.
  5. The only tents I don’t see in the bin at work are air beam tents and the outwell ones with big steel poles. vango will do repairs and parts on tents which is nice the rest are mostly disposable it seems these days. I do see people with punctures in airbeam tents from time to time so a repair kit or spare beam would be a worthwhile investment if you get one of those and if all the beams are the same then that would be a bonus if one fails. if you want to go really out there then there are some cool brands like tentipi which will last a lifetime over the nylon types and the bell tent type is huge at the moment but don’t get a Chinese one as the quality can be a bit off. BCT tents make pretty much anything you want but the cost is high but there British made and bomb proof! They bought our relum and still wonder if they have the rights to the air rifles.
  6. Dripping is the best tasting but for home frying peanut oil is the best but expensive. simply cannot beat digging up your own potatoes and have them in the fryer within 30 mins of excavation!
  7. Don’t know if your still looking but there are two in the holts sealed bid auction.
  8. Just fill the tyres with hydrogen sulfide and wait for the reaction when they try and let them down.
  9. This was many many moons ago but I have actually worked with Michaela Strachan and I did make a compliment to a fellow worker about her backside and she overheard me and I got a right roasting for it! those were the days
  10. From what little I know the only thing you can do is get the no claims evidence from the policy you are dropping and when you renew the other one submit the evidence and you will them bump up the remaining policy to whatever the other one was. Not that it makes much difference these days!
  11. You can use a plastic milk bottle cut up into a strip as a temp fix.
  12. I have been running a gys 160a mig for a few years now and it’s had a fair amount of wire through it and I cannot fault it so far, not the cheapest but not silly money and at least they apparently own the Chinese factory and not just outsourcing the work to the lowest bidder for the low to mid range units.
  13. Looking at the quality of the brickwork it will fall down of its own accord soon.
  14. I have a kral n-01 in .22 which I don’t need any more, shortish barrel and decent open sights. Would be a good ratter looking for £60 if your interested.
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