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  1. For sale is a tirfor project that I have no time for, it sort of works. I have tested it with a bit of cable and it pulls in but on reverse it only lets out cable a tiny bit at a time so something needs sorting. It was really stiff when I got it so it’s been dosed with oil and now moves better so I thing it’s just something on the inside that needs freeing up to get it working properly. winch only no handle or cable. £35 collected from Pudsey or I think I can post it but it will be around £15 as it’s a right heavy lump.
  2. rovercoupe


    There was a bad batch going around the other year where they were oversized and jamming in barrels, I bought a load in the hope they would work in the older larger bsa barrels and they do work ok in them. I did measure the head and they were quite large. the shop I got them from was selling them off at a couple of quid a tin.
  3. Sounds like a BSP/npt issue, a lot of the Chinese cheap hoses are npt, difficult to tell as I think it’s just the pitch that’s different.
  4. There might be 2 m37 Ithaca’s in the auction, sure I saw more than one listed.
  5. Slight lick of moly grease and thats it.
  6. I can recommend putting a Diana parachute seal on the end of a merc, I have one on the airsporter and it’s the nicest shooting of the lot. I managed to swap out the spring in the Diana for the shortest one and sleeved the piston and there is no twang anymore and it’s sat at 6ftlbs which is perfect for my 10m range. Zero preload and no recoil so should be a good little target gun. The bluing is great and there is still a few marks on the rear but it looks worse in the picture than it actually is. Happy days.
  7. They thought the 5g signal Reduced your immune system and that’s how the virus got into humans. Tin hat time, I prefer a colander myself.
  8. Harder spring just means it will go faster and compress the air quicker, kind of being punched lightly and then punched really hard same mass just moving quicker. Air is obviously compressible but it gets to a point where the pellet like a cork has to go pop and starts on it’s merry way down the barrel. there is a sweet spot between chamber size and spring tension, the Diana 48/52 have a huge chamber and if you fit a really lazy spring it becomes super soft to shoot but feels like a eternity from pulling the trigger to the thing actually firing but it’s quite good once used to it. Think it’s termed as lock time? im no expert but think the above is right?
  9. First place to check is the piston seal, if it’s got the plastic one then a upgrade to a parachute seal will do wonders for it but it might get a bit hot if the spring is good so would be worth checking if you do change it.
  10. Nice shop just outside of Skipton town centre with plenty to browse at. Had one gun from them it was second hand but worked faultless for the time I had it. Good selection of cartridges too. the chippies in Skipton are great, the one by the canal is always busy and has been good every time we have been.
  11. It’s a sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate mix and caustic soda to bring the temp up. It normally works first time and produces really nice results so don’t know why the first dip didn’t take but the end result is good. shame the fun police have put a stop to easily being able to get the chemicals. if this lockdown continues much longer I will run out of projects...... still got a re barrel on a dan Wesson to sort out I want to do a .22 conversion but that’s for another day.
  12. So it’s back together, used the super sport spring which was in pretty good condition and added a tin can guide to to piston as there was still a small amount of play in there. Wiped down and test fired, 560 fps with super domes av so should settle down quite nicely after a tin or two of pellets and the gun shoots so much better and nearly as good as the gold star so job done apart from oiling the stock for the next few weeks! the other result is the bluing looks pretty good and the only patchy bits are on the underlever underside. Last pic of it assembled and looking nice.
  13. Well it did not quite go as planned, first dip nothing happened at all, so swapped out the mix and made 2l with the dregs of chemicals I had left and dropped the lever in and nothing for ages and was about to give up and suddenly it started to work so put the action in and it took ages but it has mostly worked, it’s a bit blotchy in places which I think is down to not re finishing the metal between dips but it will do for a old gun. The parts are currently covered in oil but here is a little taster of the result.
  14. I have the last batch of hot blue Mixed before I run out and since the gov went all mental over chemicals I cannot get any more so may have to go over to rust bluing.
  15. I do have a standard spring I have stolen from a super sport so I’m going to try that first, it has lots of compression and the piston seal looks perfect so with a new spring and possibly a bit of Delrin in there it should not need much more doing to the internals. I have started oiling the stock as it looked stained and then just left so it is a bit flat looking but not too bad and is coming up nice already. the action is now stripped and looking pretty good, a few hours shining it up before giving it a dip and it should be back to original.
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