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  1. That looks like a spectacular fail, I have seen some old guns that have had the breech cut half way through to turn them into drill guns, could this have been cut and someone welded it up?
  2. Meanwhile in other news from Norfolk https://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2021-02-19/pair-found-without-clothes-on-at-norfolk-beauty-spot-fined-for-breaking-lockdown-rules
  3. Only had one but it’s a old ryobi and it cost me £14 used and been through a few sets of blades and mullered the power cable a few times! Unless you are going to go mad with it then one of the cheaper brands should do everything a more expensive one will do. they are quite aggressive as said before so go steady.
  4. As I thought not much proof of it working, the white spirit idea is intriguing, how or why it would work is a mystery to me! ps I don’t generally need to worry about the snow given I drive a lada.
  5. Was chatting with a old boy the other day about the stuff in a can you spray on tyres when stuck in snow and he claimed that it was a fairly common thing to paint the tyres with neat antifreeze and it gave them extra grip in snowy conditions. I have never herd of this so wondered if there was any truth in it?
  6. It needs to be mounted sticking out of a wall, would certainly be a good conversation piece
  7. I think we just look after our royals like that, I remember when at work in York years ago there was a d list royal I have never herd of coming through town and the whole place was shut down before he was driven through and had a military helicopter over head with a guy hanging out the door with a rather large machine gun. Was quite surreal.
  8. Have a look in the small print, mine is stated as this, E117 EXCLUDING THEFT WHEN NOT GARAGED Theft cover is excluded in the event of the insured vehicle not being kept in a locked garage between the hours of 10pm and 6am whilst parked at your home address as last notified to us.
  9. Just had a google and found a map and it looks like it is Sirius, and if it is aliens I have found a Prosecco cork and shoved it up my back door just to be safe......... 7EDEB1AE-10F4-4BBA-B58B-368377DE4B33.webp
  10. The last 2 nights have been pretty clear and I have been watching this star that looks like it’s flickering between colours and is really bright. At 10pm it’s in the south south east direction and not too high in the sky. I am no astronomy expert so have no idea what I am looking at even though I have a telescope! Any idea as to what I am seeing?
  11. Yeeeaaassss this is the one, thank you so much that’s my entertainment sorted for later on!
  12. It was rifled and single barrel so not a shotgun build, it’s too cold to be building anything so it’s just for entrainment really. The history channel video looks good but it’s not the right one.
  13. I while ago I watched a video on a muzzle loader buying built from scratch in a cabin in the woods all by hand even with a big wooden rifling machine and given all the rubbish on the tv I really want to watch it again but cannot find it. the only other thing I can remember about it was when he proofed it he took it out into the woods and had it on a bit of wood and tied a bit of string round the trigger and fired it. The video was at least half a hour long. anybody seen it and can help?
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