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Recommend a mid week clay ground north Pennines area

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having a family holiday mid August and looking for clay grounds in the Northern Pennines area, that are open midweek.

have found a couple Westlands and "Stevesmith" each about an hours drive.

I am know from posts on this forum some have gone to Westland in the past, but are there any other recommendations of grounds worth a look?

Have also looked at Coniston (gets good reviews), which is the limit I want to drive for the day

thanks for any help 


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There`s Crabtree near Kirby Lonsdale too,usually good but not sure of opening days/times.

Depends where you`re based really.Hth


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Crabtree near K . Lonsdale, a couple of mile off M6 Jct 36. Open Wednesday evenings and all day Saturdays. Some excellent stands. 
Paintmine Woods, near Silverdale? 
Coniston as you’ve said, and Westlands. 
I was talking to a bloke who runs one near Cockermouth, but that was during lockdown and I can’t recall any of its details now. You may find it if you do a search. 

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Was at Paintmine a couple of weeks ago, still a great little ground and very good value at £27/100. No catering at present though. Open Thursday,Friday midweek. Lovely scenic journey from Carnforth direction too. Not been to Conniston Hall for a while. A lot of clays through trees at low level, more of an eyesight test really and the grouse butt is now closed (or it was). Crabtree is Wednesday afternoon and Saturdays. Not a bad ground either.

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just a quick update

was able to get to Westlands for a morning last week. What a lovely ground and facilities. The new gun room is especially appealing with a large selection

20 stands with a variety including compak and a high tower - some more challenging than others. Staff very helpful and hospitable and decent prices for clays (32p)

My son and I had a very nice time, the wife was also happy as the Gretna Green outlet centre is only 10mins away so left her there for a bit of shopping.

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