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Elderberry Liqueur

Old Boggy

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As I didn`t make any elderflower champagne this year and have a lot elderberries ripening on the trees at the bottom of my garden, I thought that I would try elderberry liqueur for a change.

I did make elderberry wine many years ago which wasn`t too successful as I was totally unaware of the initial and quite vigorous fermentation and the demijohn was left to do its stuff in the airing cupboard. The purple splashes all over the newly washed linen did not make me too popular with the wife, so I now restrict my efforts to the far simpler and quicker liqueurs.

So has anybody made elderberry liqueur and what is best to use, brandy, vodka or whatever?

Many thanks for any suggestions.

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11 hours ago, Yellow Bear said:

In this case vodka is better than gin.

Many thanks for that.

I have been using vodka in preference to gin for bullace, damsons and morello cherries, so will use vodka with the elderberries when they are ripe.


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