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  1. Carlisle and Buckinghamshire ! Now that is a round robin trip 🚗
  2. As posted by LB in another thread. Extract from Diggory Hadoke`s book. OB
  3. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing. OB
  4. Lucky for you that you don`t live near to me. They are my initials also, so could end up in my car..... by mistake OB
  5. Wow, that is a stunning collection. Many thanks John for finding and posting. OB
  6. Bit of an update on this. I finally decided upon getting new hearing aids from a company called ‘Regain Hearing’ which came highly recommended from a good pal and has received very good reviews and must admit that so far, it’s changed my life. The hearing aids are not cheap but are rechargeable and programmable via my phone. When I receive a phone call, I can hear this via the hearing aids not the phone if I so wish. There are various settings cutting out background noise and adjustments for volume, bass and treble etc. This is the programmable stuff I’ve found and used so far and I’m due to go back in a couple of weeks after trying them and for any adjustments and also to find out about further settings, oh and pay for them but only if I’m 100% satisfied. My trials in crowded situations and hard furnishings thus far have been most encouraging. I can now clearly understand all speech when with family and friends, which is something that has sadly been lacking up until now and I can now contribute to the conversations and not just sit there as previously not knowing what’s going on. It really is a life changer for me and I only wish that I’d done it sooner. The only complaint that I got was from the wife who couldn’t hear the TV as I had the volume set too low….. for her. The above company, not only did the normal pressing of the button when subjected to the varying sounds etc, with headphones on, but also a speech test of loads of different sounding words to find out precisely which sounds needed to be enhanced. I was quite impressed by this as it’s something that no other audiologist has ever done. One little setting I’ve found quite useful is, if I leave my phone on the table, say in a pub, a cafe or at home and go to the loo, I can hear what is being said at the table. So far, they haven’t spoken too derogatory of me whilst not there, but give it time once I start adding my two penny worth to the conversations, who knows, I might learn what they really think of me.🤣 OB
  7. Despite what the press/TV report, I think that is the Queen’s own thumbstick. It would have been too short for Prince Phillip. A thumbstick should be about armpit height. Good for her Majesty I say. OB
  8. That would be my holy grail of shotguns. You have good taste Sir. Sadly my pension won’t run to such things, but good luck with your quest. OB
  9. That`s interesting. The only 16 bore steel cartridges that I could find were Clever Mirage and they were HP steel. OB
  10. Snap caps going to Button, Alan123shooting and one other, so now all sold. Many thanks, OB
  11. Very nice and in my favourite bore too. OB
  12. For those of you who appreciate the sweet sixteen, I have a few pairs of Giles Whittome, London snap caps which cannot always be obtained in 16 bore in many gunshops. £10.00 per pair posted. Thanks for looking.
  13. I recall visiting a German Blockhaus on the French coast in about 1970 where all the ammunition had been under water for 25 years. The owner picked up a length of cordite from the water lit it and it flared up as though it was new and dry. Under pressure it would still have been quite dangerous. I therefore have no doubt that the munitions on the Montgomery are still volatile. Just my thoughts. OB
  14. Perhaps Ben Elton stole that from you then. Still a good line whoever first came up with it 👍
  15. Stolen from `Blackadder goes forth` methinks
  16. Bearing in mind he could barely walk and used to hobble about on two sticks, I think he did remarkably well. However, whether he or his wife actually forgot the cartridges I’m not sure so maybe I wrote that incorrectly. This was told to me by Prue Coats at a game fair after Archie’s passing. She was too much of a lady to repeat his precise words. OB
  17. Bit harsh LB. Each to their own I say. OB
  18. I often wonder whether this is the same with maize drilling. There are acres and acres of maize drilled locally for biofuel and it has been treated with a pink dye. There is plenty of the seed on the surface due to poor seed beds, but not a pigeon to be seen. OB
  19. Following on from Archie Coats shooting where his wife used drive him out etc. one time she forgot his cartridges and he had to sit out all day not having a shot. This was of course before mobile phones. I bet the air was blue that day. I also wish Denny all the best and thank him for his contributions over the years and his inventive ‘Deny’s Dippas’. OB
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