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  1. I had similar with mine and sent a photo of the bad weld to AI Decoy, who replaced it the very next day. Problems like that do happen, but in my book, providing that they are addressed quickly and apologetically, then I still regard it as good service and a good product. Yours like mine was obviously a bad batch, but since its replacement, I`ve had no problems whatsoever and the replacement certainly appears to be much beefier around the weld. Hopefully yours will be replaced similarly quickly. OB
  2. Yet another cracking video Al. Always an absolute joy to watch. Keep them coming. OB
  3. Similar to MM’s area, quite a bit of rape being grown hereabouts although one poor field has been sprayed off. If reduced amounts being sown in other areas then I would have thought that it would increase the shooting potential due to concentration of birds over a smaller area. Regards linseed, I’ve never had much success over that although I understand that some do. Only ever seen stock doves feeding. There’s been plenty of wheat drilled this last week but I’ve yet to see many down feeding even on the headlands, although the few I shot yesterday some had new wheat and some old.
  4. Did something similar a couple of years back with bits of unusable roe antler, but my carpentry skills are nowhere near yours. OB
  5. Not that many about, you know
  6. I’m a bit like you MM, I wouldn’t know a Rufus Bush Chat from a Lesser Spotted Tweedle Snipe. My duck shooting pal refers to all the little brown jobbies as Frippit birds. OB
  7. I’m in Kent, 7 miles from Canterbury. OB
  8. Me too. Would be ideal for a stick stand (or two) OB
  9. That`s me sorted, I`m off to Aldi OB
  10. That, Sir, is what you call a collection, wonderfully displayed too. I`m very envious of your skill, especially the market sticks/crooks etc. with the angled joints. Superb workmanship as always. Many thanks for posting. OB
  11. Another vote for Dan Bromley. You won’t get a better job. Good guy to deal with. OB
  12. I have taken delivery of a set of hide poles from Paul and I must say that I received excellent service for a good bit of kit at a very good price, so many thanks Paul 👍 OB
  13. Old Boggy

    New drive

    I’d go along with Figgy. I have a block pavior drive and a brine solution once, or sometimes twice a year depending on how much rain falls diluting the solution, keeps all the weeds at bay. I have found that a glyphosate weed killer, whilst it kills the weeds down to their roots, it doesn’t stop new weeds growing, whereas salt in the soil prevents any new growth. Have to be careful that it doesn’t leech out onto flower beds etc. OB
  14. Carpet gripper on top of the fence was suggested to me by the police after I had been burgled. Their words to me were “That way, if it happens again, we will have a blood sample to go on”. I assume that the law has now changed to ‘protect the guilty‘ as this was 20 years ago. OB
  15. Old Boggy


    Thought that being a technophobe, I`d better try it, so here goes ...... ..... and it worked
  16. Another great video. It`s not always about the numbers,although 4 would be good enough for me, it`s about being out there. It`s great to see those dogs working, doing what they clearly enjoy. Thanks again for posting Al. OB
  17. Can anyone remember a cough mixture called Famel Syrup ? Tasted foil, but seemed to do the trick. OB
  18. Was that Malt & Cod Liver Oil and came in a big brown pot ? `orrible stuff if I recall from the 50s. OB
  19. Welcome to the forum. Like Ditchman, I`ve been shooting for more years than I wish to relate and there`s always something new to learn. There`s a wealth of knowledge on here so don`t be afraid to ask the simplest of questions. Believe me, I have in the past. Also be prepared for a good bit of well meant banter. OB
  20. Old Boggy


    Very sad news indeed. RIP Hamid OB
  21. Nigel Brown’s book lists John Price as a gunmaker at 13 Sandgate Road, Folkestone c1913-20. Welcome to pigeon watch. OB
  22. Many thanks for your very concise clarification. Would it be possible for the Mods to pin this to the top of the`Guns & Equipment` section for future reference? OB
  23. Should there not be a comma between `wife` and `Peter`? This old pedant is at it again . As already said, TC is always ready to assist and also with a good comment to make, along with his `Gordon Bennett` trademark. One of the best. Keep up the good work Dave. OB
  24. Thanks for persevering with the photos John. Much appreciated. Bobbie looks pleased with himself. Lovely looking marsh. Keep up with the hunter gathering. You’ll not starve I’m sure 😂 Well done 👍 Chris
  25. Could I please buy the two on the bottom right. PM sent. OB
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